Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWrWa - Misconduct by Lily Harlem (NEW HOT ICE RELEASE)

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, here's 8 from my latest Hot Ice release, Misconduct. Gina, the new owner of the Vipers, is giving the team a pre-game pep talk in the locker room, but it's not going quite how she planned…

“Keep your eye on the game, right.”

“As opposed to keeping my eye on what?” Dustin asked, gnawing at his gum. He grinned slow and lazy, and dipped his gaze down my body, lingering on my breasts, the flare of my hips, my wickedly high stilettos.

The barefaced nerve of him! Didn’t he get that I was paying his wages now? I wasn’t some rink bunny here for him to ogle.

“Are you gonna be out there?” he asked, shifting some of the enormous padding in his groin area.

I tilted my chin. “Of course.”

He grinned, showing his teeth, the right incisor was chipped. “Then I’m gonna have a hard time keeping my eye on the puck, sweet cheeks.”

Sweet cheeks!


  1. Sweet cheeks indeed! I'm not liking his lack of respect at the moment but she probably does! Nice writing.

  2. Oh yes, hot. It'll be interesting to see how these two connect, great snippet!

  3. Great character interaction. Can't wait to see how things develop.

  4. He better redeem himself somehow if he wants to get paid! LOL Great snippet!

  5. At least he didn't call her "sugar tits."