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Special Guest - Tamsin Flowers


First I'd like to thank Lily for letting my zombies hijack her blog for our Zombie Erotoclypse tour - so far, everyone's been very welcoming, if a little nervous at the prospect of a visit from the walking dead!
Did you know that the word 'zombie' derives from the African word 'nzambi', which means 'god'? The cult of zombies travelled from West Africa, via Haiti, to Hollywood, where George A Romero, the father of the modern zombie, immortalized the undead on celluloid - and the rest, as they say, is history. Hollywood, TV and the internet is now in the grip of zombie mania…
However, the reason I'm here today is to tell you about my new short story collection, Zombie Erotoclypse, a hot and steamy concoction of zombie erotica in which everyone's favourite monsters have designs on your body rather than your brain! Forget the zombie apocalypse - this is a red hot erotoclypse!

Here's the blurb:

If you're missing The Walking Dead, if you're the slightest bit fond of zombies or if you think they're smarter than we give them credit for, this is the book for you - in Zombie Erotoclypse the zombies have one thing on their mind and it ain't about eating your brain!

Have you ever wondered whether zombies have sex? Fall in love? Lust after humans? The five stories in this red hot collection of zombie erotica will answer all these questions and more. If you thought it was tough being a teenage virgin, try it zombie style or why not take a visit to the club where humans get to have their wicked way with hot young zombies - for a price... Meet the Peeping Zom, who develops an obsession with a hot human blonde. Who looks after new zombies and teaches them the art of zombie love-making? And how would you react if the love of your life came home one evening with a zombie bite?

There are five stories in total and today's excerpt is from the first story, Red Hot Zombie Cock

Marsha has enough to contend with - a whole city full of zombies at the end of the pier where she's taken refuge - without having to put up with the antics of her cousin Skylar. So when he persuades her to visit a zombie sex club to celebrate her birthday, she knows from the get go it's a bad idea. 

Two muzzled zombies are cuffed up to St Andrew's crosses and the club hostess calls on a member of the audience to come up on stage with them…

Mack steps forward and from where we're standing, slightly to one side, I can see that he's rubbing against the groin of his jeans with one hand.  I can hardly believe what I'm watching and I almost forget to breath.  After a couple of thrusts against his hand, the boy unzips his pants and wrestles his cock out through the slit, tangling with it until it's standing proud outside the denim.  He makes a half turn to let the crowd see his impressive erection, a wide grin on his face.
"Jesus," I say and Skylar puts an arm round my waist.  I'm not sure I want to see this.
"Fuck her!" yells a guy.
The kid turns back to the cross and puts a hand out to touch the zombie.  He brushes it, quite softly it looks, across her breasts, making the zombie grunt and strain against her restraints.  The grin has gone from his face and he looks completely fascinated.  He runs his fingers down her torso, slowly, exploring the texture of her rough, grey skin.  Under his touch, she bucks and the grunt becomes a moan that steadily increases in volume the further down he ventures.  On the next cross, the male zombie seems to sense what's happening and starts baying as he, too, struggles to get free.
"Apparently zombies have an epic sex drive," whispers Skylar in my ear and I feel his hot breath on my neck.
"No way!"
"True," he says.  "Just watch."
Mack spits on his index and middle finger and pushes them down between the zombie's splayed legs.  It has an instantaneous effect, as if a jolt of electricity has been passed through her body.   Her back arches and her head whips from side to side as she releases full-blooded zombie scream.  In the enclosed space, it tears the air and reverberates in ears and chests.  Mack looks back over the shoulder at the baying audience, his grin back in place.  Then he takes his cock in one hand and uses his other hand to find a pathway into the zombie's pussy.  He strokes his swollen head up and down between her lips and then I see his hips surge forward as he pushes himself inside.  She screams again and the male zombie roars with her.  When I look at him, I realize his cock's even larger now and he's pulling harder against the bindings at his wrists and ankles. 
The crowd goes wild with catcalls and whistles as Mack pumps in and out of her.  And despite my revulsion for what I'm seeing, I realize that between my legs I'm wet.  Skylar pulls me back against his body and I can hear that his breathing has quickened.  He grinds his hips against my ass and I feel the bulge of a nascent erection.

And if you want to find out what happens, it's only 99c or 77p for all five stories!
See you at our next stop!
Tamsin xxx

To find out whom else the zombies will be visiting over the next couple of weeks check out the schedule on Tamsin's Superotica.

Author bio: Tamsin Flowers
Tamsin Flowers loves to write light-hearted erotica, often with a twist in the tail/tale and a sense of fun.  In the words of one reviewer, 'Ms Flowers has a way of describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body.' Her stories have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and she is now graduating to novellas with the intention to pen her magnum opus in the very near future.  In the meantime, like most erotica writers, she finds herself working on at least ten stories at once: while she figures out whose leg belongs in which story, you can find out more about her at Tamsin's Superotica or Tamsin Flowers. Follow her on Twitter @TamsinFlowers or on Facebook Tamsin Flowers.

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Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. While deciding which of the hundreds of snogs I've written to feature this week I received an email from a reader telling me she'd adored Scored (which was free last week in honour of the 100th Sunday Snog) and that she was just starting on Stockholm Surrender and looking forward to it very much. It was wonderful of her to take the time to contact me :-)

Her kind words reminded me of how much I loved writing Stockholm Surrender. To be honest it hasn't been a best seller of mine which is one of the baffling things about writing,  you just never know. Because I think it really is one of my best plot lines and it's damn sexy to boot! So, with Ty and Penny on my mind, here's a sample from Stockholm Surrender.

Slipping my netbook into my rucksack, I heaved three thick criminal law books against my chest and went through the small archway leading into the enormous library. My footsteps were loud and echoed around the tall wooden rows of shelving. There was no one else around this late. My new mates were partying tonight. They’d asked me to go with them. “Let’s find some fit guys!” they’d said. But I hadn’t been up for it. I knew they were thinking they’d been dumped with a stick-in-the-mud as the fourth member of the gang in our halls of residence, but I couldn’t help it. My mind and body were stuck on Ty. Thoughts of Ty, images of Ty, memories of Ty. The fact that he was thousands of miles away didn’t seem to make any difference to my lust-addled body or my damn obsessive brain.
It was crazy. It wasn’t as though I was in love with him or anything.
I shoved the first heavy book into place between volumes one and three of Judicial Sentencing and recalled his last words. “This isn’t over... When you least expect it, Penny, when you are all alone, in the shadows, I’ll come for you and I’ll take you...again.”
I wished he would bloody well get on with it.
Heading deeper into the library past Juvenile Crime and European Union Law, I was enveloped in the room’s heavy silence. The shelves were tall, easily twice my height, and ladders had to be used to reach the top. The whole place had a timeless quality to it, the acres of pages and billions of words revered by all, including, it seemed, the atmosphere.
Reaching aisle twenty-three, I reached to slip in my last two books, side by side.
A small piece of paper caught my eye. It sat in the space between editions three and six of Tort Law. In scrawling black writing it read simply, Soon.
I spun around, belly clenching. There was no one there.
The books on the opposite shelf loomed over me. I glanced left and right. The blank white walls at either end pressed in, amplifying my aloneness.
Who had written the note?
Ty? Could it be?
Hastily I pocketed the scrap of paper, shoved the books away then stepped toward the end of the aisle. Much as I wanted to see him, there was something menacing about the way this note was written and hidden. The silence and stillness of the library suddenly seemed scary.
I’d made it three steps back toward the reading room before a gloved hand clamped over my mouth and I was pulled back against a solid chest.
“Mmph!” I managed, fear and anticipation reaching dizzying heights. I’d been grabbed like this before. Then, I’d been terrified, certain that death was about to claim me. Now terror was mixed with a perverse excitement I certainly wasn’t proud of.
“Keep it quiet,” a familiar Australian voice whispered hotly in my ear. “I’ve got more of that sleepy stuff if you want me to knock you out again.”
Instinctively I tried to shove free.
It was no good. He had me in a viselike grip.
His voice deepened. “Keep the hell still, I need to cut off a piece of you.” Cut off a piece of me! Oh fuck!
I squirmed and wriggled, terror overriding excitement and both fight and flight kicking in. Hell, I’d seen what he could do with a knife—that snake hadn’t stood a chance and I suspected neither would I.
“Shit, keep still,” he said, his voice tight and strained. “I won’t hurt you, I promise. Penny, it’s not what you think, calm down.”
I was pacified a fraction and stopped my writhing. His tight hold didn’t let up. He had one thickly corded forearm wrapped around my waist and the other held my head in the groove of his shoulder. His gloved palm was tight over my mouth and his fingertips pressed into my cheek.
The thud of his heart vibrated into my back, its speed matching my own. His chest heaved and his rapid breaths blew like a storm in my ear. Despite myself, a tremble of lust shook up my spine. I’d been thinking of him, of being in his arms, of having him take me for so many weeks and now, finally, it was happening. My traitorous body stopped fighting as desire diluted the adrenaline.
“Are you gonna keep quiet if I take my hand off your mouth?” he asked. I nodded.
I nodded again and stilled completely.
The pressure lifted. I knew I should scream and shout for help. Shit, he wanted to cut off a piece of me. This was the man who’d kidnapped me and here he was again, grabbing me.
There were at least three people in the reading room—surely they would hear a panicked yelp. Security would come running, police would be called. He would be hauled off to prison, especially when I confirmed it was he who’d taken me in Australia too.
“Penny,” he said, spinning me to face him at the same time backing me up against the opposite bookshelf. “I’m sorry that I have to do this to you.” His big hands pressed on the balls of my shoulders.
I stared into his handsome face, his full lips even more kissable than I remembered, his eyes an even denser shade of cobalt blue. He’d shaved off the fuzzy soul patch that had been beneath his bottom lip last time I’d seen him. “Do what, Ty?”
He widened his eyes. “You know my name?”
“Of course, it wasn’t hard to find you on Facebook.” He lowered his thick blond brows. “Shit!”
“I just went through all the James Hills. His profile picture is of you two together on a beach somewhere.” I paused. “And after our last encounter, you were easy to spot even with clothes on.”
“Ah, crap.” He shifted his feet and looked left and right, as if deciding which way to take off. “I didn’t even think of Facebook.”
I didn’t want him to take off anywhere. Having him pressed against me, having his body heat and divine, fresh-from-the-shower smell cocoon me was what I’d been dreaming of for so long. “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter,” I said quickly. “Only I saw you back in Oz so I gave a different description to the police. I haven’t told anyone that I know who you really are.”
“Seriously?” He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head. His flopping blond fringe shifted over his brows. “You really did that?”
“Yes, I didn’t think you would be much use to James if you were locked up too.”
Or much use to me.
“Blimey, thanks.” He flicked his head and his hair shifted again.
I placed my hands on his chest. He wore a dark-gray t-shirt under a red-checked fleecy shirt. The t-shirt material was thin and I could make out the shape of his pectoral muscles beneath. “I thought you were still in Australia anyway.”
He slid a hand up the back of my neck, feathering his fingers through the short hair at my nape. “I had to come to England. Your father’s position as foreign secretary still makes him, and you, my best hope for getting James out.” He lowered his voice. “You are my bargaining tool, Penny, so if you’re in England it’s where I need to be.”
I swallowed as a tickle of sensation radiated from his touch, pricking the skin on my scalp and down my spine. He’d followed me to England, to Oxford. He was a serious as ever about getting James out. He was as serious as ever about me being the key.
“And I am sorry I have to do this.” He pressed his body into mine and, between one heartbeat and the next, he harnessed both my wrists in just one of his big hands, locking them down at my stomach.
A bolt of fear shot through me as he whipped out a lethal-looking knife from his back pocket. The handle appeared to be crocodile skin and the sharp blade was curved like a macabre smile. He held it up between our faces.
“Oh god, no, please, Ty,” I squeaked through the tight channel of my throat. “I want to help. You said you wouldn’t hurt me.”
His intense gaze captured mine. “I won’t hurt you, Penny, if you keep quiet and still. Really still.”
Shit. Why hadn’t I screamed a few minutes ago when I’d had the chance? He was crazy. A madman. I should have known. Oh, why had I been having all these delusional fantasies about him coming back for me? I was a fool, a hopeless, romantic, sex-starved fool and now I was going to die for it.
A whimper of fear escaped my lips.
“Penny,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you. I just need a lock of your hair.”
My eyes were filling. “ hair?”
“Yes, if I was a real bad guy I would take a finger or a toe to send to your father, but a lock of hair will do.” He clenched his jaw. “Now keep the hell still.”
He released my wrists and fisted a chunk of my fringe.
“Ty,” I whispered, my feet nailed to the spot.
“Shh, don’t move.” His long, lean legs trapped my thighs and his pelvis knocked into my hipbones. The shelves behind me dug into my back and the crown of my head was squashed against book spines.
I gulped as the knife slanted and glinted over my forehead. The roots of my hair complained as he tugged his fistful of fringe and sliced, unnervingly near to the roots, with the sinfully sharp blade.
“That should do,” he said, showing me a big clump of my pale-blonde hair. “And he’ll definitely know it’s your hair when he sees that.” He nodded at my head.
I raised my hand to my hairline. There was at least a two-inch square patch of soft stubble. “Oh crap,” I said with a frown.
He poked the lock of hair into a small, clear plastic bag and shoved it in his front jean pocket, then re-sheathed the knife before tucking it away. All the time his body kept pressed into mine, and as much as I was monumentally pissed about having a bald patch, the feel of him, his closeness, the sound of his breathing and the scent of his skin were like a drug to me—all I could feel was lust.
Am I crazy?
“So what now?” I asked.
His gaze harnessed mine and he cupped my cheek with his gloved palms, the wool scratchy against my skin. “Now I send that to your father, just to let him know I can still get to his precious little girl even on the other side of the world. He needs to listen to me. He needs to give James’ case attention, soon.”
“How is James?”
He frowned. “I stopped over on my way here and after a lot of paperwork and hanging around I saw him. He’s thin, thin and scared, but typical James he’s trying to be positive. Although how he’s managing it I don’t know. The place is hell on earth.”
“It must be awful.”
Ty narrowed his eyes and nibbled at his full bottom lip. “Yeah, it is. I’ve got to get him out, there’s going to be a retrial but it could go against him, there’s talk of the death sentence.”
“Shit, really? God, that’s awful. I want to help.”
He tipped his head a little nearer to mine and I traced my fingertips over the rise of his collarbones to the hollow of his throat.
“Do you really?” he asked.
“Yes, of course. I’ve brought it up with my father several times.”
“So bring it up again.” His voice was steely.
“I will, I have. Trouble is, he’s so pissed that you kidnapped me back in Oz that he flips into a blind rage whenever the subject is raised.”
“Well, he’s going to have to get over that. Maybe when he gets the message that you’re going to be taken again he’ll come to his senses.”
“Aren’t you taking me now?” He shook his head.
I shifted against him.
He didn’t budge.
“So when are you going to let me go?”
He curled his lips into a devilish smile. “In a minute.”
I swallowed and wondered what it was about that smile that sent hot fiery fingers of need speeding to every erogenous zone in my body.
“Right after I’ve done this,” he murmured.
In a sudden rush, he claimed my mouth in a hot, hungry kiss. I opened up and let him in, releasing a small moan of pleasure as his arms circled my body and pulled me close. Damn, the man could kiss. His mouth communicated desire and strength, passion and danger and I lapped it up like the starving, reckless woman I was.
He chased for my tongue and we began a wild, slippery tango. As if we couldn’t get enough of each other.
I slotted my fingers into his thick hair and urged him closer.
“Ah, fuck, Penny,” he gasped, trailing supercharged kisses over my cheek. “If only...”
I tipped my neck as he explored behind my ear with his mouth, making me shiver in bliss. “If only what?” I asked breathlessly, barely controlling the delicious shudders rippling up my spine.
“If only circumstances were different.” He was exploring with his hands too, the thin material of the gloves sliding beneath my sweater, over the base of my ribs to my breasts.
I trembled as he cupped me through my bra and tweaked my nipple. “Different?” I managed. My brain was struggling to work. He did this to me, Ty, made me forget everything and all sense.
“Yeah, if only we’d met like two ordinary people.” His voice was low and husky. “Instead of this crazy situation. We could have been so hot together.”
“We are hot together.”
“Fuck, I know, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”
He was spooning my other breast now, holding it in his palm. The urge to pull off my top and let him have full access was overwhelming. “We did something about it last time.”
“I know, and I still feel terrible about it.”
I pushed at his shoulders and captured his gaze. “Don’t feel terrible, it was amazing.”
He stared down at me. “But it was wrong. I was holding you captive, against your will, and I ended up fucking you.”
“Only because I asked. It was hardly rape, was it?” Sweeping my hands over his shoulders, I pulled him closer again. Beneath my sweater he smoothed his hands around my back. Suddenly I was aware of a hardness jabbing into my belly—a long, thick hardness that I remembered only too well.
His nostrils flared and he sucked in a breath. He ground his erection forward.
“It was sexy and steamy,” I whispered onto his lips. “And bloody hell, I had one incredible orgasm.”
His eyes sparkled. “Yeah, I remember the cute little squeal you made when you came.” He poked out his tongue and traced the seam of my lips. “I’d quite like to hear it again sometime.”
“Here?” I curled my leg around one of his and trapped him to me, shifted against his cock. “Now?”
“Tempting, but no, not here, not now.”
“When, where?”
He mashed his lips to mine, hard and fretful. Shoved his steely length into my belly even more firmly.
I whimpered, a combination of lust and shock. Being pinned in his embrace sent my heart rate to dangerous levels and my head went giddy. I loved the way he kissed me. No man had ever kissed me with such desperation, such urgent intensity.
“Soon,” he said, pulling away and forcing me to unfurl my limbs from his body. “Soon, Penny, but I’ve got to get some results from your father first.”
He stepped back and I stared up at him. I was panting and my skin prickled with a heated flush that had turned me feverish.
He was breathing fast too. His fists were balled at his sides, his lips shiny from our kisses. The package in his jeans was impressive and I was more than a little irritated that I wasn’t about to get up close and personal with it again.
“I’ll do my best to persuade my father,” I said breathlessly.
“Do more than your best. Make it happen, or I will be forced to take drastic action, baby .”
Then, as fast as he’d appeared he was gone, slipping around the end of the aisle so quickly I could almost have believed he’d evaporated.
My heart knocked and my pussy buzzed. The feel of his arms around me and his hard cock had reawakened so many emotions and desires. My gut clenched and my body felt weak. I clutched the side of the shelf for support and fought the urge to crumple into a heap on the floor.
Ty was the worst man in the world for me to want. He was dangerous, unpredictable and desperate. Skilled in a whole host of things that could get me into very deep trouble, not just with the law but in the broken-heart department too.
But one thing was for sure.
I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything else in my life.

As you can imagine from that snippet taken from chapter one, things get pretty damn steamy between Ty and Penny and he continually takes her to the edge of what she can handle. It's hot, it's different and the characters combust from the page. Here's a few reviews for Stockholm Surrender...

Oysters and Chocolate

There is something about a bad boy. Especially a bad boy with a cause. Ty Winters is that sort of boy.

If you like your bit of rough with heart- then this story is for you!

The premise is inspired, and one of the most unusual takes on the theme of kidnap within erotica that I’ve come across.

Sizzling Book Reviews

Stockholm Surrender really illustrates how a plan can take an unexpected twist that will change your life forever if you accept it. While the topic may be difficult for some readers, Lily Harlem presents a well-developed plot and characters that will steal your heart. Penny and Ty are a wonderful combination of two strong willed characters that are willing to fight for what they want. Stockholm Surrender is recommended if you are looking for a story that is a little taboo, has a lot of emotion, and will keep you thoroughly engrossed.

Romancing The Book

This is one of the best books I have read in quite a while. I gave it a rating of 5 out of 5, and would have given it more if I could. I was completely hooked from the very beginning. Since I didn’t get the opportunity to read this one in one sitting, that meant I have to put it down a couple of times for sleep and work. When I wasn’t reading it, I was constantly thinking about it, and dying to get back to it.

This is a follow-up to Ms. Harlem’s short story, Stockholm Seduction, which is included as the prologue to this story, in case you have not read it. I loved Penny and Ty, and was tied in knots over their emotional roller coaster. The suspense is really intense and there were times that I actually gasped out loud. The writing is superb and the characters stole my heart.

N Blackthorne

I couldn’t devour this story quickly enough. Then I read it again, more slowly, and savored every word. I am probably going to read it a third time. It is one hot lusty temptation of a novel. But it is more than just a sexy story. The characters touched me deeply. Her Mom, her Dad, James, the security guards, everyone just come to life. It is like watching a movie unfold. Ty is sexy, dangerous, sweet, tender all at once. The blurb is correct. Penny is one lucky girl. It’s very erotic, yes, but it is also touchingly romantic in a natural way. I felt every moment, every heartbeat of their attraction and growing affection. And the ending was perfect. I LOVED it!

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Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Greetings fans of Saturday Spankings! This week we're hopping forward to book 3 of the Sexy as Hell Trilogy, The Vixen. All three BDSM novels are at a bargain price for a few weeks only so if floggers, cat-o-ninetails and personalised branding paddles are your thing, go grab your copies right now!

“Amanda!” Victor shouted, back arching, head lolling. “Fucking hell. Amanda.”
I stopped immediately at his safe word, dropping the cat and stepping up onto the stage, covering the back of his body with the front of mine. I grasped his cock and built up a fast up-and-down motion to take his focus from the pain flaring in his arse to the pleasure I was creating in his dick.
“Come for me,” I said. “Fucking come harder than you have before. Let it all melt away, every bit of this room. Go inside yourself and just imagine me and you like this, the only people on the planet, the only ones who matter. I’m going to make myself come at the same time as you, because, Victor, I’m so damn wet for you, so ready to go over the edge.”
“I know. I know…Come. Go on, come.”

Reviews are racing in for this seriously sexy series that pushes all the boundaries. Read reviews here.

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Release Date for Joy Ride

Naughty and sexy Joy Ride is coming to you on the 18th of October, here's the back page details...

Kimberly is desperate—muffling gasps of pleasure under the covers is just not doing it for her. She loves and desires her husband, but she needs more.

Could the Spice Rack picked up at a girly, wine-infused party be the solution? Anticipation floods her body as she opens the first “task”. What the…? How is “love on the move” going to spice up her sex life? It’s impossible, or so she thinks, because when a sudden sinful idea pops into her head she has to act, much to Nate’s delight.

Until they’re spotted, pulled over, hauled out and cuffed, and not in fluffy pink. They’re in for it, but the glint in Nate’s eye tells Kimberly he’s finally got her exactly where he wants her. It might feel like hell, but before she knows it she’s catapulted to a heavenly place she’s been longing to revisit. As long as they can they get away with it.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Game

Out now from Natalie Dae. I've already had the pleasure of reading this dark and twisted BDSM love story based in Oxford and I just know it's going to be as big a hit as The Contract

The Game, part of The Masters of Oxford Series.


Stretton is a Master—and also a gangster in a firm handed down to him by his father. He’s done bad things, things most people would find appalling. But Stretton isn’t wicked right down to his marrow. He wants love, a good life, but the woman he’s fallen in love with is from the opposite side of life. Someone he shouldn’t adore but does. Someone who can put him in jail with the click of finger against thumb.

Violet is a submissive—and also policewoman, working undercover as a prostitute in order to get close to Stretton. She’s on the game and also playing a dangerous one. She knows his bad side, his faults, yet she loves him still. Her morals tell her she shouldn’t be with him, but her heart says otherwise. How can she continue to spy on him, knowing that she could be the one who has to slap the cuffs on his wrists and read him his rights?

As the time for one of Stretton’s dodgy dealings draws closer, when the police cast their net to catch him, Violet has to extricate herself from his life. She can’t bring herself to do it and acknowledges that in order to be with him, she may well have to turn bad too. Do things she’d said she’d never do, breaking the very law she’d promised to uphold. But love is a strong emotion, one she cannot deny, and being with him becomes her sole purpose. 

Stretton must learn to love, to give up his way of life for his woman. Violet must learn to trust, to give up her way of life for her man. Two hearts, two very different people, but with the same goal in their future. And they intend to score it. No matter what.

Find out more about Natalie and her awesome books on her website.

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Get ready for the Hockey Hotties Blog Hop!

Coming next week, the Hockey Hotties Blog Hop! Make sure you stop by between the 1-8 Oct to enjoy some perfectly honed bodies and guys with talents that extend beyond the ice!

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Lily Harlem Newsletter

Want to curl up in bed and... read? My newsletter is out now!

Scored is STILL FREE!

That's right, my sexy soccer novel SCORED is FREE for a limited time on Amazon and not only that, it's perched at the #1 spot!

 Quick, go, run, grab your copy and let Lewis Tate heat up your ereader! And if you enjoy it please leave a review on Goodreads/Amazon and tell all of your friends.

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100th Sunday Snog!

A great big welcome to the 100th Sunday Snog and a massive congratulations to Victoria Blisse for organising such a mammoth snog! I haven't participated in every snog but I've certainly hung around long enough to get that just-kissed look going on my lips!

So here is my snog, from my sexy romance Breathe You In available on Amazon. I've been getting all 5* reviews for this book and I'm incredibly proud of it. Not as kinky as some of my other work, but it's high on the emotion and the hot and sweaty scenes are full of tension and poignancy.


Soul-aching desire was just the beginning!

If the road to Heaven starts in Hell then I was ready to start climbing my way out and Ruben Strong was the man to accompany me. With his devastating good looks, seductively sexy charm and lust for adrenaline he was sure to make it a sensual and erotic experience as well as one to re-awake the passionate, throw-caution-to-the-wind woman I’d once been.

I’d given Ruben something, though, without him realizing, and that gift had come from the man I’d loved before. But I couldn’t tell Ruben. I had to keep that a tight secret even as our naked bodies wound together, sought out pleasure and hit the dizzy heights of ecstasy as one. Because Ruben had my husband’s heart, literally, and that heart was still in love with me, so it seemed, and now I was in love with Ruben. 

Emotions tangled with bliss, and fears were locked away as I surrendered to the touch of Ruben’s hands, the taste of his skin and the sounds of his pleasure. I couldn’t deny that Ruben had brought me back to life the same way I had him and there was no way I was giving up that feeling, not for anyone.


He leaned forward and touched his lips to mine. “You have no idea how gorgeous you are, do you?” he said with a smile.
“I’m not gorgeous, not really.”
He jerked his head. “Why would you say that?”
“Well, the women you must have had, you know, when you and Dean Cudditch were out together, swanning around glamorous places.”
“That was just fun. Messing about, there was never anyone serious. I was too busy traveling the world, being part of the winning team.”
“But weren’t they…?”
“They weren’t you. Katie. Matt must have told you all the time how beautiful you are. I get the impression from you that he was a great bloke, a wonderful husband who made you feel special and treasured.”
I nodded. “He was, he did, but…” I glanced downward, kept that delicate balance of mine on the straight and narrow. “But now, well, I’m a bit thinner than I was and smiles don’t come so easy.”
“I’ve seen you smile plenty since I met you, and each one has gone into my happy memory bank.”
His words made me smile again.
“See, beautiful,” he said.
“Thank you. It’s nice to hear someone say that.”
“It’s nice to have a sexy woman sitting on my lap.” He kissed me, softly, and stroked his fingers through my hair.
I broke the kiss and touched his hair too. I loved the longish strands and the way they flowed through my fingers like fluid silk.
He slid his hands down the column of my neck and reached for the first button on my work blouse. As he undid it, his smile slipped, and his eyebrows hung heavy in concentration.
My heart tripped. My nipples tightened. The dark look in his eyes was so sexy it went straight to my head, like a shot of alcohol.
He undid the next button, and the next, his jaw seeming to get tenser with each twist of his fingers.
I sat absolutely still, the tops of his thighs pressing into the backs of mine. Watching his face, each blink, each slight twitch of his cheek and the way he dampened his lower lip with the tip of his tongue. It was all making me want to grab him for a kiss but equally kept me frozen, fascinated.
When all the buttons were undone, he looked up at my face. It was a silent question.
I glanced out of the window—nothing but treetops.
I nodded.
Carefully, he slid the blouse off my shoulders, revealing my white lacy bra. It had a small daisy in the center of the cups and one at the base of each strap.
“That’s so much better than my dream,” he whispered, his breath like a caress on my chest. “And you are perfect.”
Words danced on my tongue. Words that wanted to explain that I used to be a cup size bigger and filled out my bra better. That maybe I would again one day. But I held them in, swallowed them down. They had no place in this moment with Ruben. Besides, he looked happy with what he saw.
I reached behind myself, unclipped the hook of my bra, let it fall open, but then held it in place with one arm across my chest.
“Katie, if you want to wait…?”
“No, this is fine. More than fine, I want this.” I let the straps slide off my arms and tossed the bra to the floor. “It feels right with you.”
And it did. I’d worried that I’d feel like an adulterous woman being with another man. But with Ruben, well, it was different. Matt was part of it. Part of Ruben. Part of us.
Ruben collected the slight weight of the undersides of my breasts in his hands. Watching his own movements, he parted his lips and his features softened.
His touch was electric and sent a plethora of forgotten sensations blasting through my chest, spiking my nipples and making my flesh feel heavy and engorged.
I pressed into him, just a little, needing more but not wanting to appear greedy. Fearing if I did that, I’d push myself into a wall and cause the bubble to shatter.
He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples. They were tiny stalks, erect and tight. I stuttered in a breath, the stimulation arousing and wonderful.
He glanced up at me. “Are you okay?”
I nodded. “Yes, I like you touching me.”
“I like touching you.” The left side of his mouth rose into a languid half grin.
He moved his right hand to the center of my back. Held me firm as he leaned forward and took my left nipple into his mouth.
I gasped and ran my hands into his hair, held him close and arched my spine. Damn, it had been so long since I’d enjoyed this feeling. It was heavenly.
Releasing a breath, I watched as the huff of air from my lungs shifted the hair on the top of his head. He moved to the other breast, feeding my nipple into his mouth and tweaking it with his tongue. He massaged and gently squeezed the now damp breast he’d just given attention to.
A type of fever was growing in me. But it was fever of the good kind. Between my legs felt heavy, needy. I had the urge to move just a fraction farther forward in Ruben’s lap and see if the erection I suspected was there was as hard as it had been yesterday.
I stayed still.
Ruben kissed up my sternum, my neck, and found my mouth. He was still fondling my right breast as he kissed me, wetly, hungrily and with a little less control than yesterday.
Running my hand down his chest and over his belly, I found his groin. The folds of denim could do nothing to hide the swell of his hard cock. I itched to hold it, release it. Learn the shape and weight of him the way he’d just done to me. I popped the top button, but as I did so, he grabbed my wrist, pulled back from our kiss.
“Katie,” he said slightly breathlessly.
“What’s wrong?” I stilled.
He looked away.
“We can be ourselves together,” I said gently. “Tell me.”
“I like that.” He gently pinched my chin with his fingers and thumb. 
“That there is a ‘we’. Us together.”
“Me too.” I grazed my lips over his. “So tell me.”
He nodded and released my wrist. “It’s just, well, I want you to do whatever it is you want to do, but…”

* * * *

Mmm, so what is it Ruben is worried about and will he be able to let himself go? You can buy Breathe You In only from Amazon and here are the links. While you're there check out the great reviews and feel free to tell your friends if you enjoy Ruben and Katie's story. 

* * * * *

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWrWa

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week a snippet from SCORED a sexy soccer romance that is FREE on Amazon for the next few days only!!!

Fleetingly I wondered if I should ask him another question about formation, or maybe something more personal like if he was looking forward to the first game. But my brain barely registered these thoughts, because as the elevator started moving, a low buzzing noise hummed around the small space.
The sensation of my guts pooling in my abdomen had nothing to do with the elevator taking off. Unfortunately the mechanics lifting us upward were smooth and silent and all that could be heard was an eager whirring coming from my holdall.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
The bump into the elevator must have jostled Big Ben. I wanted to be sick, let mortification eat me alive, fall through the floor, hell to the consequences. Where was a damn black-hole when you needed one?
Lewis was looking straight at me, his eyebrows raised and his lips slightly parted, as though about to speak. But he didn’t say anything, instead, he glanced down at my holdall and stared at it, as if he could see right into it. 


Okay, so I eat, sleep and breathe football and reporting the beautiful game is my dream career. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a major crush on the England captain, Lewis Tate. The bloke is sex on legs, hot with a capital H. Add in his awe-inspiring talent, his brooding good looks and what’s not to lust after?

So my excitement is sky-high as I set off with the official press team to cover England’s battle for the European Cup. But when a series of unfortunate, or as it turns out fortunate events, attracts Tate’s attention my way, who am I to say no?

Add in a misogynistic manager, an over-zealous colleague, two blue silk ties and some incredible ball-handling skills and it becomes clear the road to victory, for me, will be an intensely erotic journey. Determined to savor every moment, I hang onto my sanity as best I can while living the fantasy and wondering if it can ever become reality. Because once Lewis Tate has taken me to heaven and back, its clear no one else will ever compare.

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