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FREE podcast.

Have you ever wondered about what really went on after Mr. and Mrs. Darcy waved goodbye to their wedding party and the carriage slipped from view? 

I did!

To hear what my imagination came up with why not spend half an hour listening to the FREE podcast of my story, 'A Classic Wedding Night'? It is beautifully read by Love Honey's Alice and was enormous fun to write.

Or if you prefer the old fashioned way, here's the e-book for you to indulge in. It's all FREE so grab a coffee and a chocolate biscuit and settle down for some good old fashioned sexy romance.

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The Menagarie

Please swing by The Menagerie today where I am being made to feel very welcome by The Wild Women and The Cabana Boys!!!

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Cindy Jacks - "Waking Maggie"

Check out this great new release from the fabulous Cindy Jacks!


Maggie’s just decided she’s been stood up when she bumps into hard-bodied guitarist Calvin—literally. Once the shock of their abrupt meeting wears off, Calvin asks Maggie out for a drink and she figures, why not? She’s all dressed up for a date…just not this one.

She enjoys his company, even if he’s only twenty-seven and she’s forty…something. And while witty conversation’s all good, they’re just as compatible in bed. One drink turns into multiple romps between the sheets. He’s old enough to know how to make love to a woman and young enough to look damn fine doing it…and doing it. He even manages to convince Maggie she’s still pretty hot herself.
Now if he would just stop serenading her with that infernal Rod Stewart song.
The sound of a gently strummed guitar roused Maggie from sleep. Eyelids flickering open, she saw Calvin sitting in the tufted chair next to the bed, his acoustic guitar on his lap. A lazy smile tugged at her lips.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Good morning, babe.” He shifted his grip on the fretboard to strike a chord and then slid his fingers back to another. “I’m serenading you…obviously.”
“Is it after ten?” Maggie sat up, stretched.
“Of course. And there’s coffee on your nightstand.”
With delight, she picked up the steaming mug and inhaled—Viennese roast, her favorite. The first sip slid down her throat, smooth as velvet.
He turned his attention to the guitar again and started singing under his breath.
She rolled her eyes. “You know I hate that song.”
Calvin chuckled, a boyish gleam in his hazel eyes. “But I’m sure Rod Stewart wrote it for you.”
“Contrary to popular belief, I am not that old.”
Continuing to strum the melody, he shook his head. “That’s not what I meant.”
As Maggie’s gaze roamed over the young man’s taut, muscular body, she noticed he was sitting there stark naked, the guitar covering some of his most admirable attributes.
Her eye grew wide. “What have I done to deserve a morning serenade with you au naturel?”
“You don’t remember?” he asked, plucking individual notes.
A gust of wind outside the bedroom window drew her attention. The great oak out back danced, shaking loose a few vermillion leaves.
“Of course I remember,” she murmured, setting down her cup and rising from the bed. Smoothing her silk nightie over her ample curves, she padded across the shag carpet and kissed his soft cheek. “Happy anniversary, baby.”
He stopped playing and set aside the guitar, revealing a red ribbon around his cock. “Are you ready for your present?”
Clapping a hand over her mouth, Maggie let out a yelp of amusement. “You’re certifiable, you know that?”
She caught a glimpse of herself in the dresser mirror. Messy blonde curls cascaded down to her shoulders and her eyes looked a little puffy from sleep. Skin not quite as fresh and tight as his—maybe the morning sun really did show her age, as the song stated. Still, not bad for a women of forty-something.
Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her onto his lap. She twined her fingers through his longish bronze hair. A hungry smirk on his face, he brushed his lips over hers. She felt his cock twitch against her thigh.
“We should unwrap you before you cut off your circulation,” she said, pulling one end of the ribbon.

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TWO great new reviews!!!

Two new reviews have popped up this week and both are fabulous -

Here is what Sizzling Hot Books say about Ménage à Music

Being attracted to people you work with can cause problems. Having two people you work with show an interest in you may be flattering, but will lead to trouble. It gets even worse if they are brothers…and in the music industry, we are not talking about regular egos either. But if they can work something out, this just might turn into a Ménage à Music.

Sylvia is the artist relations manager (that’s British for public relations) for the band Manic Machines. It has been six months since her break-up with her boyfriend Nick. Feeling over it and ready to move on, she gives herself a make-over, including a stylish new haircut and some sexy cloths. The results of the make-over are more then she is expecting...she catches the eye(s) of not just one guy, but two. And they are both band members, and brothers, she manages. Not only could picking one over the other cause problems between brothers and band members, but she has her job to consider as well.

Tim and Dean Coltrane are close brothers and band member of Manic Machines. Tim is the drummer and Dean is the bass guitarist. They both had noticed Sylvia before her make-over but were waiting for her to ‘recover’ from her break-up before making a move. They have also shared women in the past. Once, “long ago,” they both fell for a woman that ended up going back and forth between them unknown to either of them. When they did find out she was dating both or playing them, whichever, they fought over her before realizing she wasn’t worth it. After that, they agreed whenever they both liked the same girl to share her ‘just like Mom use to make them share toys as children.’ This is exactly what they suggest to Sylvia for Christmas Eve. But after a super hot night together, where does that leave everyone? Can they still work together? Will they want more? Will Silvia be able to cope with it if they do? And these guys are in the spotlight, so what happens then?

Ménage à Music is the 3rd in the Mattress Music Trilogy. We do meet the characters from the first two stories and might have understood the interplay there better for having read those. ButMénage à Music works great as a stand alone and I didn’t miss any background from only reading this one (I do worry about missing previous books sometimes). As part of Ellora’s Cave Quickies®, this is a fast read that gets to the point (scorching scenes between the main characters) very quickly. This does have a romantic element, but remains graphic for all that. Also the blurb gives the impression that this is written to the reader, but Ménage à Music is in standard first person-point-of-view writing (easier to read in my opinion).
Ménage à Music has one aspect that is kind of fun for me. As an American, the little British words or phrases that are used throughout (just like the slang I often use) add a little extra fun for me. Not important or enough to pull me out of the story, but can cause me to smile at words I don’t use or hear often.
Ménage à Music is able to jump us right in the middle of the scenario since these characters already have a working, and somewhat of a friend-bade, relationship. Sylvia being the band’s public relation manager means she has gotten to know everyone fairly well, and they her. The brother’s obviously feel they know her well enough to be safe with both flirting with her. And when she seems interested in both of them, they feel safe enough to approach her about a ménage. Of course, being a short erotic, most of the story is focused around the evening spent together…

This is my first Lily Harlem book. If Ménage à Music is a good example of her other work, I am looking forward to reading more, especially ones like this. Ménage à Music doesn’t leave anything out…the background is quickly but nicely established, the characters interact well and have a bond together, the sex is searing hot, and I was happy with the ending. Very nice for a “read in one sitting” (well, with how fast I read anyway).

Vicky gave Ménage à Music 4 love hearts which interprets as -

Great!! Move it up your TBR pile!

Hired also got a late review through from the wonderful Blackraven review site

Dark Divas Reviews

Here is what they say........

If you’ve come to expect a lot of hot loving’ in your romance books these days, you’ll be impressed with Hired. It doesn’t take Logan and Brooke too long to warm up to each other and things progress quickly throughout the book. I like that Ms. Harlem keeps the story moving along at a steady clip so things don’t get boring.

Logan and Brooke get along very well until a misunderstanding drives them apart. Logan finally comes to his senses, shows up at her work, and that’s when things really get romantic. It’s so very sexy, you’re gonna love it!

Hired has an abundant sexual content that keeps Logan and Brooke all but devouring each other at any given moment. I enjoyed the story so much, I just may have to read it again!

Ashley gave Hired an awesome 4 Ravens -

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Shoshanna Evers – Hot Heroes and Heroines with Secrets

Please welcome the fabulous Shoshanna Evers to my blog - 

Thanks for having me on your blog, Lily!

By the way, I read your book Hired recently and *loved* it! And the fact that your hero in Hired is an NHL player and famous adds a whole new level of fun to the story.

Mark Cannon, the movie star action-hero in my new erotic romance Hollywood Spank is also famous. As you know, movie stars and tabloid reporters don’t mix. Or do they?

In Hollywood Spank, Andrea has to keep her true motives as a reporter a secret. A hot famous hero and a heroine with a huge secret J But when both of them have the hots for each other, well, you know the sparks are gonna fly!

Here’s the blurb and excerpt for Hollywood Spank:

When the studio heads for Mark Cannon’s new action movie discover that their leading man likes to spank his personal assistants, they insist Mark hire a professional submissive who won’t run to the tabloids with his kinky secret.
Andrea Landley may be a wonderful assistant, but she lied through her teeth about being a BDSM pro to get the job—and now her real career as an undercover tabloid reporter has gotten very interesting.
Andrea is willing to do whatever it takes to get the dirt for her scathing exposé—even if it means learning how to take a spanking from a movie star. She doesn’t realize until it’s too late that Mark Cannon has a lot more in store for her than just a simple spanking.


Copyright © SHOSHANNA EVERS, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Mark stepped quietly into his trailer and placed his script on the little desk. The sight of the slender, beautiful young woman lying on his cot caught him off guard and he swallowed a gasp of surprise. His new personal assistant.
Despite how busy they’d had him in the last couple of hours, Mark had been unable to get Andrea off his mind. He had almost flubbed a line, since his thoughts kept wandering back to his trailer and that amazing ass of hers.
And now, to find her sprawled out on his cot, looking so sweet and…inviting, he could see why she had proved to be so distracting.
His gaze lingered over her long, shapely legs, clad in tight denim jeans, then traveled up her fitted long-sleeve blouse, its deep V-neck revealing just a hint of the swell of her perfect breasts.
He could stare at Andrea like this for hours and never get bored. Mark wanted to pull those tight jeans off her gorgeous legs and ravish her right then and there. His cock thickened at the very thought of having sex with Andrea. Too bad he promised her he wasn’t there to fuck her…and too bad she agreed there would be no fucking.
Andrea crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at him.
“Uncross your arms,” he said. “I want to see your breasts.”
Andrea slowly uncrossed her arms and actually blushed as she did so, even though she was fully dressed.
“You aren’t really experienced as a submissive, are you.” It was a statement, not a question. She had lied. It was obvious now that this was all very new to her.
Andrea gasped and shook her head. “I’m sorry, Sir. I just really, really wanted this job.”

“Enough to let me actually spank you?” he asked, surprised.
“I may have lied about my BDSM experience to get the job, Sir, but I wasn’t lying about my skill as an assistant, and you saw for yourself that…what you did turned me on.”
Mark looked at her thoughtfully. “That’s true. So let me get this straight. You’re a very good assistant and you’re fully willing to explore the idea of me spanking you.”
“Because it turns you on.”
Andrea blushed again. Man, that was cute. “Yes,” she said softly.
“So even though I said no sex before, if all this really turns you on, are you willing to get a little sexual?” He sat on the edge of the cot next to her and held her chin in his hand, forcing her to meet his eyes.
“I just met you, Sir, and I don’t usually have sex with men I just met,” she said. “I mean, I never do. So, can we get a little sexual without actually having sex, for right now?”
Mark grinned. “Absolutely.”
“So I can stay?”
“Say, ‘Sir, may I stay?’” Mark said.
Andrea didn’t hesitate. “Sir, may I stay?”
“Yeah, you can stay. But I want you over my knee right now for lying to me.”
“Thank you, Sir. For the job, I mean,” Andrea said as she nervously draped herself over his lap.
He locked his legs around hers to keep her from escaping her punishment and raised his hand, relishing that moment right before he brought it down on her ass. “Say thank you for the spanking too.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“My pleasure,” Mark said. “And hopefully, it will be your pleasure as well.”

- WOW!!! Shoshanna Holywood Spank sounds like my sort of read and I can't wait to dive right into it!! Thanks for stopping by today and giving us all the super juicy details.

Lily x

Find more about Shoshanna and her hot stories at...

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Ménage à Music

Ménage à Music is finally out at Ellora's Cave. Its the final in a set of three short stories focussing on the sexy London rock and roll scene. Watch out - its hot with a capital H!


Most women would think themselves eternally lucky to have a hot, sinfully sexy rock star giving them the serious come-on—so imagine how I felt to find not one but two giving me the eye! Phew! I was turning somersaults.

But of course this led to a massive and, quite honestly, unenviable dilemma. How the heck do you choose between two rock gods who want nothing more than to give you pleasure of the extremely intense variety?

Lucky for me these global superstars were brothers who knew just how to share the same toy—sorry, I mean woman. That left me free to take a break from managing the band and let their experienced, talented hands manage me.


I hung out in the green room with Nina and Jenny, watching the interview on a flat screen. Robbie did the majority of the chatting and after a few minutes announced his engagement to Jenny. The result was a scream of excitement and wild clapping from the live audience.

When the frenzy calmed, Claudia folded her arms. “So,” she said, stretching her ruby-red lips wide. “If that’s two members of the hottest band on the planet taken, girls will be worrying about their chances of bagging a Manic Machine. Tell me, Dean, Tim, is there anyone special in your lives?”

Tim sat with his ankle over his knee and his arm stretched along the back of the couch behind Dean. “Might be,” he said with a grin. It was the first time he’d spoken.

“Go on,” Claudia said, leaning forward with encouraging eyes.

“You’ll just have to watch this space,” he said with a slow bob of his head, tugging his bottom lip with his teeth.

“Oh, very coy.” Claudia laughed. “And Dean, what about you?”

Dean looked at Tim. His eyes narrowed and a muscle flexed in his stubbled cheek. “Mmm,” he said, his focus not leaving his brother’s face. “Yeah, there’s someone I have my eye on too.”

“Tell us more,” Claudia said, raising her perfectly arched brows.

“Well, obviously I can’t go in to detail.” He poked at a cigarette packet shoved up the hacked-off arm of his t-shirt. “But I will say Tim and I have amazingly similar taste in women.”

Tim cocked a dark brow at Dean.

There was a moment of heavy silence.

“Oh, goody,” Claudia said, rubbing her hands together and bouncing up and down on her seat. “A battle of the brothers, who will get the girl? And I must say…” She swiped the back of her hand across her forehead in a dramatic swoon. “She’s the luckiest girl on the planet.”

My heart fluttered and a flush of heat spread across my chest and up my neck. Oh my god, were they talking about me? They’d just announced on national prime time TV that they both liked the same girl. Unless my antenna for spotting serious flirting was well off track, that girl had to be me.

I caught Jenny and Nina swapping meaningful looks.

“What?” I asked, swallowing down a lump the size of Santa’s sack.

“You don’t stand a chance,” Jenny said with a twitch of her brows.

“No,” Nina agreed. “You have two of the most determined guys in the world after you. It’sgonna get real messy.”

Don't miss the first two in the set. Mattress Music

Is it possible to lose one’s ability to orgasm? Nina has. Lately, her fun weekend hook-ups have been more ho-hum than hot damn!It doesn’t help that she has three flatmates and is forced to play loud music to mask the sounds of her lovemaking. Talk about distracting! Of course, there’s another reason Nina’s less than satisfied these days…she’s just having a hard time admitting it.
It’s a good thing she’s met Ian, then. Not content to be a weekend hook-up, Ian is set on giving Nina what she’s been missing while making her admit what she needs. His talented fingers—and other body parts—are up to the task. But Ian’s not admitting a few things himself. Turns out his fingers can do more than make Nina’s body sing.
When she discovers his secret, it’s time for both of them to face the music.

And Mirror Music

As Robbie Harding belts out hit song Jenny to a packed Wembley Stadium, my heart tears, my mind fudges and my insides heat to a lusty, pulsing boiling point.
Why me more than the other 90,000 screaming fans?
Because I’m Jenny—he’s singing about me.
The guy is sex on legs with a voice to match and has starred in all my hot dreams since the day boys became interesting. For three precious years, it was more than hot dreams. Turns out he wants me back in his life and his bed. How can I resist?
So with lots of naked, sweaty and downright dirty time to make up for, I wield my backstage pass, hunt him down and refuse to be starstruck by the boy next door. Seems Robbie agrees, as he insists on tuning in to my needs and rediscovering our rhythm before we even reach a bedroom.

Mattress Music was voted book of the week by Whipped Cream Readers.