Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Slap Shot is available today from Ellora's Cave. Go grab a copy, settle down and read, then let me know what you think!

And the previous book Cross-Checked is up for Book of the Month at Miz Love Loves Books - if you enjoyed it/like the look of it feel free to vote. As always the support is greatly appreciated.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

One Day to Go!

I am really excited about the release of Slap Shot tomorrow. It was such a fun and naughty novel to write and as the name suggests this hot hockey captain uses those talented hands for more than just smacking pucks into the back of the net.

To get us in the mood check out my webpage dedicated to those bad boys of the ice by clicking on the badge below.

And if you want some reading material here is Chapter One from the first book in my Hot Ice series, Hired, which won the D Renne Bagby's reader's choice award last December for Best First Chapter and Best Cover.

As always, do let me know what you think...

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Friday, 26 August 2011

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies

I just can't stop staring at my lovely new cover for 
Cold Nights, Hot Bodies......Phew!!!!!


Head over to When One Is Not Enough where I am chatting about Alone Time.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Excerpt from Slap Shot

Slap Shot, out on 31st Aug, now has an excerpt available - 

Rick was larger than life, his presence all-consuming in my office. It was as though he took up every square inch of physical space simply with his existence. I tried to remember my reasons for not agreeing to a date, for ever having started this damn celibacy thing, but the memories and the knowledge escaped me and in their place a carnal need grew—hungry and desperate, greedy and demanding.

“Dana,” he whispered, his voice like silk over sandpaper. “Just one date, how hard can it be?” His voice dropped lower. “I promise I’ll be a good boy and I won’t sully your pristine reputation.”

I shook my head, confusion running through my brain. Pristine reputation? Old Dana’s reputation was far from pristine, but she hadn’t been around for years.

He reached out and looped a thick finger into a dark curl hanging over my collarbone. When he gently tugged the roots, my scalp screamed for more sensation. It had been so long, too long since a man had touched me in even this small way.

Suddenly something deep inside me snapped. Blood rushed to my face and seared through my body. My hands reached for biceps nearly as wide as my waist and I pushed myself up to meet his dipped head. “Rick,” I murmured, my lips a hairsbreadth from his. “Stop talking about damn dates and pristine reputations and kiss me.”

He didn’t need asking twice.

I gasped as he crushed his lips to mine and slipped his tongue between my teeth with a challenging, ravenous urgency. I gripped the material of his shirt, parting my lips, my tongue chasing for his, tasting him, drawing in the sweet, malty, masculine flavor of his mouth.

He groaned and the sound vibrated from his chest into mine. We were pressed against each other, our bodies touching from our lips to our toes. The taste and feel of him was exquisite, like drowning in dark, forbidden sin. I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. Why the hell had I been resisting all this time? Or maybe I hadn’t, maybe I had just been waiting for him.

God, I wanted this man. I barely knew him but the need was like an all-powerful magnet, a gravitational force. Straining to get closer, to deepen the kiss, I reached high and locked my hands at his nape, pulled him nearer.

“Ah fuck, you taste divine. I knew you would,” he murmured, his lips leaving mine to explore my neck. “And you feel it too.” He slid his big hands down the silken material of my blouse, following the shape of my spine before cupping my rear. He tightened his hold, squeezing me up against the hard wedge of his erection—hot and thick, a solid weight of arousal beneath his suit pants thrusting into my stomach.

I gasped. His cock was so damn huge, so damn solid.

He tore his mouth from my neck. “You better tell me to leave right this fucking instant,” he said in a heavy, warning voice, “if you’re still adamant about not mixing business with pleasure, tell me to get the hell out of here…now.”

“Don’t you dare leave.” I grabbed for the side of his face, kissed him, bit at his bottom lip and tugged. It stretched toward me then I sank in my teeth, just a little.

The sharp nip seemed to send him beyond a point of control. He made a harsh growling sound and plunged his tongue back into my mouth as his fingers worked at my skirt, rucking the tight material upward until it was a band around my waist.

I began tearing at his shirt, fumbling fingers dragging the studs through the holes. My hunger, my impatience was wild and desperate and I didn’t know if it would ever be sated. But I was going to have a damn good try.

He shoved his thigh between my legs and the damp gusset of my panties made contact with his solid leg muscle. My hips began to grind, my desperate clit crying out for stimulation.

“Jeez, you’re a wild thing,” he said, finally ridding himself of his shirt.

I planted my hands on his hot chest. Coarse, dark hairs filled the gaps between my fingers. His lips slanted over mine again and there was a clatter as my clipboard, a pile of pencils and my mobile fell to the floor.

“Wait,” I said, fearing for my laptop.

For the briefest of moments his body left mine to move my laptop to the safety of the floor. I whimpered at the loss of our connection. I’d long since forgotten why I was supposed to be resisting, I was just going to take what I damn well could.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Last month I contracted a Christmas novel called 

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies 

with Ellora's Cave. They have just sent me the cover, and phew, I am all in a fluster. The hero is exactly as I imagined him and his armpits are just divine. I am so jealous of little Ashley who gets her hands on him.

Let me know what you think...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Slap Shot - release date 31st Aug 2011

I have now come to the end, almost, of editing Slap Shot, the third in my Hot Ice series, which means writing the inevitable blurb has had to be done. The book is, like the other two Hired and Cross-Checked, written in the first person, from the heroines point of view, therefore the blurb reflects that.

Blurb for Slap Shot

They say a leopard can’t change its spots. They’re wrong, because I did! Now I’m successful and independent and busy heading up my own company. I don’t have time for the complication of a man in my bed—not yet. That plan is years down the line.

Or so I thought. Because when a certain devastatingly sexy hockey captain sets his sights on me my old impulsive self is determined to make up for two years of abstinence. I had to get sweaty, naked and dirty real quick. Heck to the consequences, regardless of the outcome. It’s all about immediate pleasure and intense satisfaction.

Trouble is, best laid plans never run smoothly and before I know it I’m working a pole again and running for my life. Just as well Rick “Ramrod” Lewis lives up to his reputation and his name—big, bad and fortunately playing to win!

Slap Shot will be available from Ellora's Cave on the 31st of August. I am getting very excited about it.

Lily x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Info for fellow authors!

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Monday, 15 August 2011


Today I am in the mood for bums - oh yum, yum!!

If you have time today, make sure you pop over to When One Is Not Enough where I am blogging about female ejaculation.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

TOP PICK review for Cross-Checked

The second in my Hot Ice series has just received a wonderful Top Pick review from Miz Love Loves Books - check it out...

Review by Miz Management

Brick has the perfect name. It suits his actions on the ice—hard and unforgiving—but it also brings to mind that if he’s treated right, under good conditions, he can last a lifetime. Don’t be fooled by his gruffness, his couldn’t-care-less attitude, because he does care—a lot. He’s been misunderstood in the past and just needed to find the right woman.

Enter Carly, an Olympic athlete, a cyclist who is determined to not only keep up her training and be the best at what she does, but also to have Brick in her bed. This isn’t just a fantasy where she has him for one night and that’s that, but a lifelong commitment—if she can have it. She’s watched him a long time, on TV, in the newspapers, and her lust for him grows every day.

When herself and Brick, among other sports stars, join together for charity, Carly finds herself in Brick’s life a lot faster than she could ever have hoped. He likes to call the shots in bed, that much is certain, but Carly wants to show the man that a woman can be just as dominant. Their sexual exploits are hot, very steamy, and you won’t be disappointed.

Just as you think someone else will steal Brick away, when you think the book is winding down, a curveball comes along that makes Brick and Carly realise that they aren’t playing any kind of game anymore. It’s serious. Both want the other for keeps. With Carly’s fear of flying, and Brick accommodating that by driving for miles, that man was firmly cemented (I couldn’t resist the pun!) in my heart.

I turned sharply and came face to chest with Brick. (Whoa! You get to see here just how big he is.)

“Yeah, but don’t you just wish you were full…”

My fingers were so small in comparison to his big knuckles and wide bones.

I want to be that froth.


“It’s an abuse of muscle, that’s what it is.”

Also, the studio scene. Very funny yet at the same time I could imagine their mortification.

A great read where you see even the rich and famous fall in love exactly the same way we do. They hope, they fear, they wish, have insecurities, pasts to get over, things to get through, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading Cross-Checked.

I am completely thrilled with this review as it comes hot on the heels of a great write up from Joyfully Reviewed yesterday

Review by Lisa

Inner strength and the will to succeed, as well as a hell of a lot of hard work gave Carly Flannigan her own Olympic gold in endurance cycling.  Currently she’s got a window of a few months before kicking her workouts in high gear for another season of races.
For a while now Carly’s had a secret crush on Orlando Viper hockey star ‘The Brick’.  Ironically she’s signed up to work with a charity called Promises Foundation during the off season and it seems that Brick is also on board.  Carly, Brick, and a slew of other athletes are asked to do a CD and then promote it.
Carly meets the man of her lusty desires when they all get together for a promotional photo.  From the moment their eyes make contact Carly feels the heat and it seems that Brick is affected as well.   Once they start talking she knows that Brick is going to be a lot to handle.  Carly may get burned trying to control the hot hockey player.  Now she has to decide if Brick is worth the chance of getting scorched or should she just stick to staying cool and cycling.
Told in first person point of view by a hot little dominant lady, Cross-Checked is spicy entertainment.  Fast pacing and wicked dialogue movesCross-Checked along quickly.  Both main characters want to be in charge, particularly in the bedroom.  As with most couples it is miscommunication that causes their problems as well as figuring out who’s on top.  Cross-Checked is a sexy, saucy bit of fun.

Reviews like this mean so much, it makes all the hours of hard work worth it and the satisfaction that comes from having done the characters justice is really great. And all this has come as I am immersed in final edits of Slap Shot the next installment of the Vipers!

Have a wonderful day.

Lily x

Monday, 8 August 2011


Talented erotica author Scarlet French has a limited number of her fabulous handmade books still available.

Scarlett's Allsorts: The Complete Works 2004-2010 is a collection of Ms French's entire erotic works plus three unique stories which can't be found anywhere else. Not only is the book incredibly beautiful to look at and to hold but the content is sure to hit all the right spots!

Find out more here.

Lily x