Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Slap Shot - release date 31st Aug 2011

I have now come to the end, almost, of editing Slap Shot, the third in my Hot Ice series, which means writing the inevitable blurb has had to be done. The book is, like the other two Hired and Cross-Checked, written in the first person, from the heroines point of view, therefore the blurb reflects that.

Blurb for Slap Shot

They say a leopard can’t change its spots. They’re wrong, because I did! Now I’m successful and independent and busy heading up my own company. I don’t have time for the complication of a man in my bed—not yet. That plan is years down the line.

Or so I thought. Because when a certain devastatingly sexy hockey captain sets his sights on me my old impulsive self is determined to make up for two years of abstinence. I had to get sweaty, naked and dirty real quick. Heck to the consequences, regardless of the outcome. It’s all about immediate pleasure and intense satisfaction.

Trouble is, best laid plans never run smoothly and before I know it I’m working a pole again and running for my life. Just as well Rick “Ramrod” Lewis lives up to his reputation and his name—big, bad and fortunately playing to win!

Slap Shot will be available from Ellora's Cave on the 31st of August. I am getting very excited about it.

Lily x


  1. I have just finished Slap Shot...all I've got to say is: Damn Woman! Where are you hiding all these hottie hunks? Great read, once again!

    Ok, who's story is next? I can't wait!

  2. @ I Love Bookie Nookie - thanks so much for your kind words about Slap Shot. Where am I hiding all the hot hockey hunks? Mmm, that would be telling :-)

    Next book is in the early stages but it is Raven's story.

    Lily x