Friday, 19 July 2019

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Thursday, 18 July 2019


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Dare to enter our world

A horde of battle-hardened, ferocious Nordic warriors. 
A Pictish village at the mercy of its enemies. 
A harrowing bargain struck for nine fearful and reluctant brides. 

Delivered into Viking hands, claimed and conquered, each bride must accept that she belongs to her new master. 
But, as wedding nights bring surrender to duty, will fierce lovers also surrender their hearts?

The Highland wilderness is savage, life is perilous, and the future uncertain, but each Viking has sworn protection, and there are no lengths to which a man will not go to safeguard the woman he loves. 

Nine tales of suspense, seduction and adventure, told against the forbidding backdrop of medieval Scotland. 

Journey together with indomitable heroes and intrepid heroines, as they discover that the raging storms of fear and passion can transform into enduring devotion. 

Heat level: volcanic
Filled with action and suspense, these intensely passionate Viking historical romance stories feature scorching scenes of sexy sizzle.

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Monday, 15 July 2019

THE DUKE'S PET - Out Now #historicalromance #kinky #duke #spanking #erotic


Penniless and with no prospects for marriage, twenty-one-year-old orphan Jemima Cooper has no choice but to take any work she can find, no matter how shameful. When she is sent by her employer to serve the Duke of Hillcrest, however, Jemima is surprised to discover that the handsome, eccentric nobleman intends to make her not merely his concubine but also his pet.

Within moments of her arrival at the duke's home, Jemima finds herself purring like a kitten as a collar is placed around her neck, and it isn't long before she is blushing crimson and trying to hide her helpless arousal as she is led through her new master's estate wearing nothing but a tail.

Though the duke soon proves more than ready to bare his beautiful pet's bottom and spank her firmly for any disobedience, his stern dominance only increases Jemima's need for him, and when he takes her in his arms and claims her properly it is better than she could have ever imagined. But will she always be just the duke's pet, or will he one day make her his bride?

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Let the Vikings Whet Your Appetite #free #ebook #Vikings #historicalromance #99c

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Exciting news!

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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #erotic #romance #BDSM

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. This week a few from TWISTED my hot and heavy erotic romantic suspense novel co-authored with the amazing Felicity Brandon!


Dimitri Henderson—the identical twin I never knew.
He’s a man with everything: education, wealth, and all the best contacts.
A man anyone would envy, but one I’m determined to bring down.
I don’t just want his lifestyle. I’ll take his woman, too.

Marius Barnett had it all worked out. A plan to seize his twin brother’s money and assets, and even a scheme to get rid of Dimitri himself, but there was one thing Marius hadn’t bargained on—and that was Dimitri’s woman. Jenny Nixon was everything he’d ever wanted. She was smart, beautiful, and a natural submissive in the bedroom, and Marius was thrilled to take her as part of the deal.
But Marius was unprepared for what would happen next.
He never reckoned on falling in love.

Marius started slow, raising the flogger above Jenny's ass cheeks and trailing the soft strands down the skin of her back, past the curve of her glorious buttocks and over the plug, still wedged temptingly into her snug anus. He pulled in a breath as he contemplated just how entirely Jenny was at his mercy.
“You like?” he asked, tilting his head to catch Jenny’s eyes fluttering closed.
She sighed around the gag and nodded.
“Words, Jenny,” he demanded. “If I ask you a question directly, then I still expect you to reply.”
Her eyes flew open at that, desperate blue orbs blinking at him in panic. He arched an eyebrow at her, daring her to defy him.
Jenny dragged in air and tried to reply. Of course, Marius knew precisely what she was trying to say, but the way her consonants blurred around the plastic ball sent a burst of arousal shooting through his body. There was something about hearing a gagged woman trying to articulate that gave him a rock-solid erection, and he grinned at the way her brow furrowed in response to her mumbled attempt.
“Perfect,” he praised her. “Like that, gorgeous. Every time I ask you.”
She nodded, her arm trembling and her head leaning against it for support.
Marius gave her a moment then he lifted the flogger again, but this time he brought it crashing down hard, connecting with the curve of her exposed ass.
Jenny screeched into the plastic, her chin lifting as the pain registered.
Marius smiled. It had been a hard swat, but the way she’d settled almost at once suggested it was the shock of the impact that had startled her more than the intensity of the pain. Jenny had a higher pain threshold than either of them had anticipated. 
And Marius intended to make the most of it.
He drew the tresses of the flogger across her sensitized skin again before whipping it away and bringing it back down onto her tensed behind.
Jenny panted in reply, but only a groan escaped her mouth this time. There was no doubt she could take the pain, and Marius was willing to bet on what effect it was having on her cunt.
He slipped his fingers past the plug shoved in her ass, easing gently around the back of her sex.
“Holy fuck, Jenny,” he growled into her ear. “You’re absolutely drenched.”
She moaned in response, resting her head against his temple for a moment.
“You like your Master’s flogger, don’t you?”
Marius knew the answer, and he reckoned Jenny was more than aware of it, too. She completely freaking loved it.
“Yes, Sir,” she breathed, or, at least, she tried to, although the words came out in the usual humiliating way around the ball gag.


Friday, 12 July 2019

Kinky Duke anyone?

COMING SOON, my hot new Regency novel featuring one seriously kinky Duke and his hired companion!

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Thursday, 11 July 2019

So What Are Tennis Aces Like In Bed? #grandslam #tennis #Wimbledon #hot #romance

I'll confess, sexy tennis players do it for me!

And if you want your own hottie in white shorts...

Grab a copy of GRAND SLAM and find out what happens when all that testosterone and talent hits the bedroom! Be warned, it's kinky!