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Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #eroticromance #BDSM #spankingromance


Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few from THE BAD GUY a dark, suspenseful BDSM romance I've written with Felicity Brandon.

Filthy rich, seductively charming and absurdly handsome.

Dimitri Henderson.

I fell in love with a virtual stranger, the sweet talk and the fast cars, so when he invited me to Dubai, how could I refuse?

But he was nothing like he seemed.

Our twisted affair an illusion.

He filled my head with fantasy,

Then turned my whole world upside down.

Can I do the right thing, or will the bad guy win?

Publisher's note: The Bad Guy was previously released as Twisted.

“In London, you, I mean I…”
“It was different? Yes, it was.” He kissed the back of her head, and the tip of his cock nudged her entrance. “That was our first time together, I didn’t want to scare you with my kinks.”
“Kinks don’t scare me.”
“That pleases me to hear.” He slipped in, only an inch. “Oh, but Jesus Christ, not as much as your tight, wet cunt pleases me. Hell yeah, I’m going to give it to you so good, Jenny. You’ll never forget this first time in Dubai with me fucking you.”
The dirty words spilling from his mouth had her belly clenching and her clit throbbing. The burn from the slaps he’d delivered was glowing in her pelvis, ramping up her lust. She wanted more of everything he could give her.
“Fuck me.” She stared at a painting on the wall above the bed, not seeing the picture, just feeling the need in her body.
“Sir. Fuck me, Sir,” he snapped.
“Fuck me, Sir,” she said, the words running like cream from her lips. They were meant to be there, to be uttered for him, only him. “Fuck me, Sir.”
“Good girl,” he said, then thrust forward, plunging his cock balls deep.
She cried out and fisted the sheets. The filling was fast and hard, stretching her and mixing a delicious stitch of pain with the blissful density of his shaft.
“Ah yeah,” he said. “This is it. You’re going to get what you really need now, Jenny.”
“Give it to me.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure.”
“Good.” He gripped her hips tighter.
There’d be bruises tomorrow. She didn’t care. She braced her spine and locked her elbows.
It was just as well she had, because Dimitri pounded in and out of her at a wild, rampant pace. Their flesh slapped with each near-violent drive to full depth.
Her G-spot was being ridden over, building a deep pressure in her pussy. It was so animalistic, their joining. For a brief moment she imagined what they looked like, rutting on the bed, naked, sweat-soaked skin, their gasps and cries swirling around the opulence.
“Yeah, hug my cock like that,” he said, releasing her hip.
She clenched her internal muscles, squeezing him.
“Ah yes, yes, like that.” He slapped her buttock again, a swift swipe of his palm. “Do it more, like that.”
She cried out and clenched—it was impossible not to as once again he spanked her. Each stinging connection of his palm on her ass contracted her pussy around him.
“Oh fuck, come with me, Jenny, come with me…”
She was already coming. The heat and pain combined with the need and desire had sent her spiralling into bliss.
“Oh yes…I am.” She was throbbing, ecstasy filling her veins. She closed her eyes and wailed.
He continued to barge over her G-spot.
The orgasm extended, and she trembled and hung her head, glad he had hold of her and was taking what he wanted. She was at his mercy, impaled on him, her pleasure stealing her breath and her thoughts.
“Yes, oh God, I’m filling you up.”
He came, his cock pulsing as he ground out his release. A long, low, guttural groan filled her ears, a sound she knew she’d never forget. It was so feral, so unapologetic and so free.
“You’re…amazing.” He pulled almost out then rammed back in. “Oh yes, there’s more… I’m still…”
Her pussy spasmed, and she arched her back, pushing her chest forward.
He moaned, his breath tickling over her spine. “Jenny…so good.”
She was panting. Her toes had curled on the sheets.
“You’re so damn good to be inside.” He tipped forward again and spoke against her ear. “I don’t think I’ll ever want to be anywhere except in you.”

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Reluctant Bride #romance #eroticromance #anthology #coming soon


I'm thrilled to be part of an exciting new anthology from EVERNIGHT PUBLISHING titled RELUCTANT BRIDE.

My story HIGHLAND FLING features a hot billionaire in a kilt, a castle being ravaged by a wild storm, and a heroine on the run from danger.

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OUT NOW - THE BAD GUY - #eroticromance #BDSM #romanticsuspense #romance


Filthy rich, seductively charming and absurdly handsome.

Dimitri Henderson.

I fell in love with a virtual stranger, the sweet talk and the fast cars, so when he invited me to Dubai, how could I refuse?

But he was nothing like he seemed.

Our twisted affair an illusion.

He filled my head with fantasy,

Then turned my whole world upside down.

Can I do the right thing, or will the bad guy win?

Publisher's note: The Bad Guy was previously released as Twisted.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

THE BAD GUY - Coming Soon #erotic #eroticromance #BDSM #FSOG #twinromance


Filthy rich, seductively charming and absurdly handsome.

Dimitri Henderson.

I fell in love with a virtual stranger, the sweet talk and the fast cars, so when he invited me to Dubai, how could I refuse?

But he was nothing as he seemed.

Our twisted affair an illusion.

He filled my head with fantasy,

Then turned my whole world upside down.

Can I do the right thing, or will the bad guy win?

*Previously published with the title TWISTED and a different cover.

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OUT NOW—Magnificent Manlove by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #mm #gay #erotica #eroticromance


If you enjoy testosterone-filled tales of men getting it on, then check out this collection from the pen of award-winning author Lucy Felthouse.

From stranded soldiers to submissive virgins, sexy firemen and second chances to shifters, and even some unexpected ménage, this book has variety galore. There’s something for everyone, and will have you eager to turn just one more page.

Enjoy six steamy stories, over 46,000 words of magnificent manlove.

Please note: The stories in this anthology have been previously published.


Nathan closed his book with a very final slap and put it on the coffee table in front of him, then leaned back in his chair. Stretching languidly, he said, “Bloody good, that was. Though, admittedly, I thought it’d last me all week. Wasn’t expecting to get through it on day one.”

Raising an eyebrow, Lee shot Nathan an amused glance. “Not far off myself. Fucking storm. Stupid us, eh, going on holiday in the UK in summertime—not like you can guarantee the sodding weather, is it? Should’ve gone to the Canaries.”

“No, we can’t guarantee the weather, but…” Nathan gave the window a sidelong glance, “I do have some good news.”


“Yeah. The torrential downpour has stopped.”

“Seriously?” Lee slammed his own book closed and scurried over to the window. “Oh, wow, it’s cleared right up, and I can see a rainbow. Wanna head out? Just a little wander down to that pond we saw on the way here, maybe? Get some fresh air. We’ve got loads of daylight left, haven’t we?”

Nathan checked his watch. “Plenty. Especially if we’re only nipping to the pond. It’s probably only a fifteen-minute walk.”

“Fantastic. I was going a bit stir crazy in here. I’ll grab our coats and shoes.”

Lee had disappeared into the hallway of their rented holiday cottage before Nathan had the chance to reply. Shaking his head with a smile, Nathan collected their empty mugs from the coffee table and took them into the kitchen, then got a bottle of water from the fridge. He doubted they’d need a drink during their short trek along the road, but he could just shove the bottle in his coat pocket and forget about it. At least it’d be there if they wanted it.

When he returned to the living room, Lee was just about to tie up his laces.

“I got water,” Nathan said, brandishing the bottle.

“Cool. Shoes are there.” He nodded to the chair Nathan had been sitting in. Sure enough, his trail shoes were waiting on the floor in front of it.


Within a few minutes, they were headed out of the door. Nathan locked up, pocketed the key, then checked the handle. He doubted very much the place would get broken into—they were in the middle of nowhere, after all. There were farms nearby, but the closest village was about a mile and a half away. So any thieves would have to make a considerable effort to get to the cottage in the first place, never mind attempt to break into it. Rolling his eyes at his own paranoia, he turned and followed Lee, who’d already started ambling along the road in the direction of the pond.

After falling into step beside Lee, Nathan pulled in some deep breaths, enjoying the fresh air after being cooped up in the cottage. It was beautiful, and cosy, but it was supposed to be a base for them to go walking—somewhere for them to eat, sleep and shower, not to be stuck in for hours on end, staring at the walls. Or climbing them.

He admired the rainbow as they walked, its vivid colours painted across the watery sky. It seemed the clouds had literally exhausted themselves—only occasional wispy streaks of white now interrupted the never-ending blue. The sun beamed down, heating up the ground and beginning to evaporate the huge puddles. It would take some doing—one such puddle stretched across the width of the road, and they had to skirt around its edge to avoid getting wet feet.

Nathan smiled. Though the storm itself had been grim, the washed-out aftermath made everything feel fresh, clean somehow.

“You look thoughtful,” Lee said, breaking into his reverie. “A penny for them?”

“Mmm. It’s one of those things that sounds better in your head than said out loud.”

“Try me.”

Shrugging, Nathan replied, “Nothing major. Just admiring the rainbow, the sky, the clouds… thinking how everything looks so fresh and clean after a good storm. Like it’s been purified or something… Ugh, it’s stupid.”

Lee stopped and reached for Nathan’s hand. His green eyes were wide and filled with wonder. “No, it isn’t. Not at all—I was thinking something similar myself. It’s kinda romantic, isn’t it? Purification, rebirth, and all that.”

“In a roundabout way, maybe. I dunno.” He shrugged again.

Lee’s eyes narrowed, and his lips curved into a wicked grin. “We could make it romantic.”

“How so?”

“Come here and I’ll show you.” Still gripping Nathan’s hand, Lee tugged him close and moved in for a kiss. Nathan went into the embrace willingly, the smile on his face soon smothered by Lee’s hot lips.

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award), The Persecution of the Wolves, Hiding in Plain Sight, and The Heiress’s Harem and The Dreadnoughts series. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 170 publications to her name. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Join her Facebook group for exclusive cover reveals, sneak peeks and more! Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter here.


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A Valentine's Day Gift For You! #valentinesday #valentines #free #ebook #romance


Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day, I hope you're getting some of what she's having!

And when you've finished, here's a super sexy FREE story to get you in the mood for more fun...

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Find Your Next Hot Alpha Bookboyfriend! #eroticromance #romance #KindleUnlimited #KU



If you're a KINDLE UNLIMITED subscriber I have LOTS of steamy romances for you to choose from. 

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #historicalromance #kinkyvikings #kindleunlimited


Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Time for some Viking fun with SHARED BY THE VIKINGS...

“And I’d say a good red ass might remind this new woman of ours not to lie again.” Gunnvar’s voice was every bit as low and rough as Erik’s had been.
Ingrid glanced at him. His eyes reflected the flames and he sat forward, elbows on his knees, hands dangling between them as if eager for the show to start.The show of her having her bottom reddened. “You can’t do this to me. My father will have your entrails. Leave me be.”
“King Baardsen isn’t here.” Quick as a flash Erik whipped out his arm, encircled her waist, and dragged her over his knee.
Suddenly Ingrid’s world turned upside down. She flailed for purchase, managing to grab his leg with one hand and bury her fingers in the sand with the other. His thick pants were coarse on her naked flesh, scratching over her stomach. “Get off me!” 
“Keep still, woman, you’ll only make this harder on yourself.” He clamped one hand over her back, while trapping her legs with the other. Ensnaring her to him with all the strength of a wolf’s jaw.
He shifted his knees and she dipped further forward, letting out a gasp as she realized her rump was now the highest part of her body and was offered up and vulnerable. “Erik! I swear I will have you—”
“What? You’ll have me what.” He dragged her closer, so the side of her body molded up against his belly.
“I’ll have you... I’ll have you.” The blood had rushed to her head. Her scalp wound throbbed. She writhed and bucked.
“I mean it. Be still or I’ll have you spanked every day we are here. And Tali and Gunnvar can each have a go at this pale ass. Let’s see how you like it then, three of us reddening your rump.” 
“You wouldn’t dare...” She twisted and out of the corner of her eye she spotted Tali. Like Gunnvar he was leaning forward, anticipation etched on his face, his lips slightly parted.
They’d both spank me... happily. Tali and Gunnvar.
“You, I...!” She kicked up her heels, sending a spray of sand up to her ass. “Stop it.”
A resounding slap landed across both her buttocks.
She yelped and jerked, trying to get away from the pain searing over her skin. But she could go nowhere. Erik had her trapped against him.
“Sweet little ass,” Gunnvar said then chuckled. “Cute when it wobbles.”
Humiliation swarmed over her. She knew what she’d done was wrong, disgraceful even but this... to be spanked over the knee of Jarl Erik with two of the crew watching on... watching on and enjoying her disgrace.
Another biting spank landed on her ass. Again she jolted forward, her body seeming of its own volition trying to escape the punishment.
Her ass was heating, reddening, but so was her face. Warmth bloomed there as she imagined what she looked like to the other two Vikings. Placed over Erik’s lap like a naughty child, and his hand coming down on her. She didn’t know what was worse, to be slapped or to be watched.
Another slap, then another.
She cried out and struggled to no avail.
“Be still.” Erik’s voice was gruff and commanding.
Also his palm was shockingly large, and it came down with breathtaking force and precision. The speed of it took her breath away, the sound of flesh on flesh screamed through her ears.
She bucked and fought, then found her face against his calf. She opened her mouth and sank her teeth through the material. She tasted suede and the salt of the ocean, also a satisfying wedge of hard flesh.
“Ah, wench!” He grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. “No more biting.”
“No!” she cried, staring wide-eyed at the shelter. “No more spanking.”
“I will say when I stop. And you just earned yourself more of this.” He thwacked the flat of his palm down; before the pain had bloomed, another searing slap landed over the last. On and on he went.
She cried out, her voice toppling into the forest. Tears of shame streaked from her eyes, flicking this way and that as she twisted her head within his grip on her hair.
Indignation roared through her. How dare Erik do this? She was treasured in Ravndal, the daughter of a powerful king. Food and wine brought to her. A servant to plait her hair and wash her clothes. Yet here she was, upended and being soundly spanked like an urchin child caught stealing apples.
“She’s a feisty one,” Gunnvar commented.
“Ja,” Tali said, as though he were watching a fish struggling in a net. “She is giving you a challenge, Erik.”
Their words made Ingrid fight harder. She would challenge this monster who was striking her ass. But her struggling was futile. Although she put muscle and energy into escaping she could go nowhere. Erik had her well and truly ensnared. He was simply too strong, and there was too much muscle for her to escape from.
And he wasn’t letting up.



Thursday, 4 February 2021

Completely Yours by Isabelle Lauren @RomanticIsa #Erotica #EroticaRomance #Bi-sexualRomance

Caroline is on top of her game. Black Goddess, her company, is opening a store in New York, and a week away from the office is just what Caroline needs. In Toronto, she has to play the role of the prim, successful business woman, romantically linked with her business partner Daniel. But in New York she can be sexually free. It doesn’t hurt that this time, her attractive project manager Alisha is coming with them.

Alisha is attracted to both her bosses, but she is determined not to jeopardise her career.  This determination is shaken when Caroline proposes a no-strings attached sexual relationship for the duration of the business trip. Unable to deny her feelings Alisha embarks upon a scorching sexual journey with Caroline.

Daniel is in love with Caroline. Knowing that their romantic relationship is nothing more than a facade with no chance of ever becoming a reality, Daniel decides to quit his job as Caroline’s business partner in an effort to protect his heart. All he has to do is survive the week in New York. But can he continue to deny his feelings, especially when Caroline needs him?

When the media makes details of Caroline’s sexual excesses public, Caroline, Alisha and Daniel must work together to save the future of Black Goddess—and their hearts. 






There was a knock on the door. Caroline frowned. If that was Daniel, she’d tell him to go away. She didn’t need any sympathy from him.

It wasn’t Daniel. It was Alisha, looking sexy—and upset. 

“Hey, come in.” She stood aside to let Alisha in, inhaling her fresh scent. Her body flushed with heat, but she pushed her feelings away. She didn’t know why Alisha had come, but she needed to apologize to her employee first. 

She turned to face her. “I need to say something.”

Alisha held up her hand. “Please, I’d like to say something first.”


Alisha bit her lip. “I’m sorry I rejected your proposal.”

Caroline gaped at her. That was the last thing she’d expected. She didn’t know what to say.

Alisha cleared her throat. “There was something you needed to say?”

She looked so anxious, Caroline wanted to comfort her. In two steps she was with Alisha and pulled her into her arms. As her lips found Alisha’s, Alisha sighed and melted into her. 

The kiss was just as intense as the one they’d shared in the shop. Caroline wanted to ex-plore every inch of Alisha’s skin, tracing her beautiful body with her tongue. It had been too long since she’d been with someone—and the weeks of working closely with this gorgeous woman had taken their toll. She marveled at how well Alisha’s body fit against hers, how right it felt to have her in her arms.

Alisha’s hands caressed Caroline’s back, and she moaned with delight. The prospect of a week of delight with this incredible woman flooded her with joy. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d spent an extended period with another person. Not wanting commitment would do that. Not that she actively sought one-night stands, but they were easier to deal with. But Alisha would be different. They’d be able to spend each night together, feasting on each other’s bodies, pushing each other over the edge time and time again. 

Heat pooled at Caroline’s core. Overwhelmed with the strength of her feelings for Alisha, she broke her embrace and took a step back.

Alisha looked flushed and dazed—a gorgeous combination. “Wow.”

Caroline felt breathless. She took Alisha’s hand, and they sat down on the edge of the bed. “Are you sure about this?”

“Do you still need to ask after that kiss?”

Caroline chuckled. “No, I guess not. What made you change your mind?”

Alisha played with the hem of her skirt. “I regretted saying no almost right away. I’m sorry, I guess I just panicked. I didn’t want to be a bad employee.”

“Then that would mean I’m a terrible boss, as I was the one who suggested it.”

“I know. I feel silly.”

Caroline took Alisha’s hand. “Don’t feel silly. I’m glad you changed your mind.”

“It was actually Daniel who pushed me to come talk to you.”

“Daniel?” Why had he felt the need to meddle? 

“I think he worried about tension between us. He didn’t want that to get in the way of everything we have to do this week.”

Yes, that made more sense. For Daniel, the company always came first. Still, she was surprised he actively encouraged Alisha to change her mind.

“He’s right.” Caroline kissed Alisha. “We don’t want any unresolved sexual tension.” She trailed kisses along Alisha’s neck down to the V of her shirt. Alisha gasped when Caroline kissed the tops of her breasts.

“So, just sex this week?” Alisha sounded like she was out of breath.

With difficulty, Caroline sat up. “Yes. Whatever this is—” she gestured between her and Alisha “—we need to get it out of our system. This week is the perfect opportunity.”

Alisha clamped her hands in her lap. “I just want to make it clear that I’m not looking for a relationship.”

Caroline smiled. “Neither am I. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not exactly relationship material myself.”

“Well, in that case, we should have a lot of fun.”

“Exactly.” With a grin, Caroline claimed Alisha’s mouth again. This time, she gently pushed Alisha down onto the bed. Alisha’s breath hitched when Caroline slipped her hand underneath her shirt and cupped her breast. Caroline undid Alisha’s bra and freed her breasts from their confines. Breaking their kiss, she moved down to take the pebbled nipples into her mouth, first sucking one, then the other between her lips.

Alisha’s gasps of delight fueled Caroline’s desire. She’d forgotten how amazing it was to hear a lover react to the things she did to them. It was almost better to give pleasure than to receive it. She loved the power she had over Alisha—seeing her squirm under her hands and tongue, hearing her whiny gasps of need. It flooded her with desire, making her ache deep in her core.

Alisha grabbed the back of Caroline’s head, trying to guide her lower. Caroline chuckled and stopped her licking. “You want more?”

“Please.” It was more a gasp than a question.

“Very well.” Caroline unzipped Alisha’s skirt and pulled it down. She pushed Alisha’s legs apart. The delicate lace of her panties were completely soaked, and Caroline gasped at the evidence of Alisha’s arousal. “Oh, you’re ready for this, aren’t you?”

In response, Alisha moaned. She lifted her hips in an obvious invitation for Caroline to get started. Caroline chuckled and kissed the inside of Alisha’s thigh. Alisha’s moans became needier, flooding Caroline’s panties with desire. She loved this.

The urgent ring of her mobile phone tore through the mood. Alisha groaned as Caroline moved off the bed to check the display. She was expecting a call, but fervently hoped this wasn’t it. She didn’t want to stop her delicious game with Alisha. 

Unfortunately, the caller ID showed that it was her supplier calling her back. She turned to Alisha. “I’m so sorry. I need to get this. Shall we continue this tonight?”

Alisha’s face fell and for a moment, Caroline was tempted to let the call go to voicemail. But the company came first, and sex during the day was the height of decadence. She wanted to take her time with Alisha, and tonight was their best chance of carrying on un-interrupted. 

She turned her back to Alisha and connected the call. “Tom, so nice of you to call me back.”

Behind her, she could hear Alisha get off the bed and get dressed. Her pulse raced from the interaction and her body screamed at her to continue playing with Alisha, but she fought her impulses. The wait would make tonight far more spectacular. 

As she started discussing the supplies with Tom, she could hear the door lock click be-hind her. Ignoring the throb between her legs, she focused her mind on business.

About the author

Isabelle has been writing ever since she can remember. She's tried her hand at pretty much any genre, but being an incurable romantic with a filthy mind, she made erotic ro-mance her genre. Her books combine searing sex scenes with deep emotional connec-tions. She loves making her readers hot with her words and is always happy to hear how her books have affected them.




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Billionaires Do It Better! #bdsm #eroticromance #romance #FSOG #audible


My popular M/F BDSM novel HER DOMINANT BILLIONAIRE is now available as an audio book. Get stuck in and meet Kane Ward, you'll never be the same again!

Listen for FREE when you subscribe to Amazon Audible

When a wealthy client of her company requests to have lunch with her to discuss a new business venture, Imogen White doesn’t expect to end up answering questions about her most intimate desires. But Kane Ward is no ordinary client. He’s a man who gets what he wants, every time, and it doesn’t take long for Imogen to realize that what he wants is her. 

Imogen accompanies Kane to New York City to learn more about his new investment, and with the handsome billionaire’s charm and confidence leaving her breathless things quickly heat up between them. But Kane has very particular tastes, and Imogen soon finds herself kneeling naked at his feet as he teaches her what it means to submit to a dominant man. 

The pleasure of yielding to Kane’s masterful lovemaking is more intense than anything she’s experienced before, but Imogen is far from used to giving up control to anyone. Will Kane’s demands drive Imogen from his arms before she can come to terms with her own needs? 

Also available as an ebook and paperback. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

FREE spin-off story for you!

Grab a FREE copy of IN SAFE HANDS and meet Taylor Ward, Kane's equally kinky brother!

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HIS VAMPIRE HAREM - ON SALE 0.99 #MM #paranormal #erotic #romance #menage


HIS VAMPIRE HAREM is currently on sale at just 0.99 (US and UK only) so if you haven't met Darius and his sexy vampires, grab yourself a bargain and prepare to get hot, hot, hot!