Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Snog

Hello and welcome to Sunday Snog. This week a bit of man love from Caught on Camera Part Two which was released on Friday. If you missed Part One (FREE) grab your copy here.

“We’re good together. You know damn well we are.” Cade paused. “But tell me, Reece. What is it you’re angry about?”
“The video. It’s not exactly...normal to do that, is it?”
“What? Fuck? Yeah, that’s normal.” He laughed.
“No, you know what I mean—record someone without them knowing.”
“I’m sorry. I should have told you.” Cade shrugged in a way that made Reece think he wasn’t sorry in the least.
“Yes, you should have.” He tutted.
“But if I had, would you have agreed to it?”
Reece was silent.
“Probably not,” Cade said, “and that would have been a shame because we wouldn’t have that wonderful memento of our first shag.”
Reece huffed and turned to Cade. He studied the way his black eyelashes fanned over his dark eyes. There was something so sinful and delicious about his eyes and Reece wanted nothing more than to stare into them the way he had yesterday when he’d been sucking Cade’s cock.
“Reece,” Cade said quietly. “You do like the video, don’t you?”
Reece swallowed, his palate suddenly dry as he looked at Cade’s mouth. It was such a kissable mouth, fleshy and soft and beneath was a chin he knew scratched against his when they tangled tongues. “Yes, I like the video,” he managed.
Cade reached out and cupped Reece’s cheek in his palm. “So do I, but not as much as I like you.” He leaned forward.
Reece could feel Cade’s breaths on his face. “I like you, but I’m still mad at being filmed without knowing.”
“How about I promise to tell you next time? I’ll have someone shout action, shall I?”
Reece could feel himself melting. He couldn’t be angry with Cade. He was too damn gorgeous and he wanted more fun with him as soon as possible.
Cade kissed him and slid his tongue between Reece’s teeth.
Reece opened up and groaned, his cock surged and his heart romped up a notch. He was glad he hadn’t started painting yet. He’d be worried about getting magnolia on those posh trousers of Cade’s.
“Fuck, I want you again—now,” Cade said, pulling back. He was a little breathless. “I didn’t sleep last night for thinking about you—of bending you over and fucking you and you shoving me to my knees and making me suck your cock. I want that, all of it.”
“I know the feeling,” Reece said. He pressed his index finger over Cade’s cheek, at the point he knew dimpled when he smiled.
“It’s good to hear you say that. I was so worried you’d never speak to me again.”
“It was a shock but...”
“But it’s a good little film and you look fucking amazing.” There was urgency in Cade’s voice. He seemed desperate for Reece to agree with him.
“You’re not so bad looking in it yourself.” Reece grinned.
Cade smiled and Reece’s fingertip pressed into the dimple.
“So we’re okay?” Cade asked.
“Yeah, we’re okay.” Reece paused. “But what was that proposition you wanted to ask me about? About me becoming a rich man?”
“Ah, yeah, that.” Cade pressed his lips together and nodded. “I think, and I hope with all my heart, that you’ll like it.” He threaded his fingers with Reece’s and tugged. “Come on, this way.”

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