Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday Snog - Burning Rubber

Hello and welcome to the first Sunday Snog of 2015. Happy New Year!
 This week a smooch from my new biker story Burning Rubber.


When trouble rides into town, what girl can resist the ultimate bad boy?

Handling men isn’t an issue for me. I’m not a girly girl and my best friends are the machines I spend my days fixing, tweaking and servicing. So when the Wild Angels roll onto my forecourt and need my help, I’m happy to be of assistance.

But I’ve always been a magnet for trouble and when the leader of the pack, Gid, questions my ability, I can’t help the sassy backchat. Seems it doesn’t bother him too much and before I know it,  I’m climbing onto his beast and hanging on for the ride.

Bad ass guys like him don’t come without baggage, though, and it seems he wants to get rid of mine. Who am I to complain when it means revenge is hot, his body is hotter and we leave a trail of burning rubber as we head into the sunset? Biker girl, me? I guess it’s in the blood.

“Oh, yeah, harder, more, don’t stop.” I groaned.
“Not stopping...till we reach...the destination.” He fisted my hair and yanked my head to the side so he could spread kisses on my neck. It quickly became more than kisses. He bit and nipped, sucked and marked my skin.
The bruising pain slid down my body to my pussy. I wanted it all. I wanted him. I wanted him to claim me in the most basic way a man could take a woman.
And what a man. I was on fire with need. My desire had never been lit so fast. The orgasms, two—clit and G-spot—were reaching crescendo.
I gasped and dragged my nails down his back to his ass, pinched the skin there and let the bliss explode within me.
I writhed beneath him but his weight kept me pinned. The feelings were exquisite. There was nothing controlled about them. I just let them rip through me. I knew he had me, would catch me, hold me together.
“So...good,” I managed. His cock was rubbing my insides just right and extending the pleasure. “Oh...yeah...”
“I’m more than good,” he said hotly into my ear.

To carry on reading Sandra and Gid's story please purchase Burning Rubber.

Available from the publisher Totally Bound at SALE price and all other good ebook retailers. Go grab your copy and hang on for the ride!


  1. I'm up to Chapter 4 in this book and loving it. Gid is seriously hot!!!

    1. Oh, la la - thank you Karen. I adored writing Gid's character. I think there will be more from him in the future.

  2. Niiiice :D phew! *scurries off for a bit*