Saturday 31 August 2019


Welcome to Saturday Spankings, I'm so thrilled you stopped by. Here's a few from AT HER HUSBAND'S COMMAND which has just become available on Kindle Unlimited!

Someone’s hand stroked over her buttocks. She wasn’t sure whose but it was big and the skin slightly rough. It could have been her master’s as he had calluses on his palms from his physical job, but because she had no idea about Kyle’s it could have been his too.
She moved her hips from left to right and clenched her internal muscles; they were a little twitchy from not having had the chance to orgasm. Maybe, if the breadboard was a severe implement and she took it well, Rupert would sate her needs sooner rather than later.
“Keep still, sub,” Rupert said.
The hand on her arse moved up to her lower back and held her in place, pressing her into the table.
“Go ahead, my friend,” Rupert said. “Give her what she needs.”
Lottie curled her toes on the floor, angling her feet together. This was always a delicious moment, when Rupert allowed another man to dominate her, and she relished it. It was part humiliation, part pleasure at relinquishing herself so utterly to her master. She really and truly was his. He could do as he wished with her and she trusted him entirely.
She was aware of the board searing through the air and held her breath.
It collided with her skin in one huge blast of sharp, hot pain.
She yelped, unable to hold it in.
“Good girl,” Rupert said. He stroked over her arse; she was sure it was him, she wanted it to be him. “That’s the worst one over with.”
He lifted his hand. Within a second another resounding smack spread across both of her buttocks.
Again she cried out. Though the shock of the one wide block of pain wasn’t as surprising this time.
“It’s very pleasing,” Kyle said, “the redness is blooming already.”
Another hard thwack.
Lottie screwed up her eyes and bit on her bottom lip. Crying out would be a reason for more punishment if she wasn’t careful. But damn, that breadboard hurt. Unlike a hand that only connected with a small amount of flesh, this one collided with practically her entire arse.
Again she was hit, this time with a force that jolted her up the table.
Rupert pressed harder against the base of her back, holding her in place.
She employed her usual technique of melting into herself, allowing the endorphins to swirl through her bloodstream and in her brain. She adored the natural high they gave her both during and after a spanking. It had become quite addictive, which was one of the reasons this was their way of life.
“Ah, yeah, that’s good,” Rupert murmured by her ear. “Keep taking it.”

Friday 30 August 2019

Ever had a harem of cops? You can now!

SWAT is available to pre-order now!

Within every large police force there's a group of men and women with elite training, equipment, and skills who get the calls no one else can handle. I’m one of them.

Being a member of SWAT fifty-five is all I’ve ever wanted. Getting here has demanded intense focus, incredible dedication and a talent for firearm handling. And I'm in charge of four men, all with similar skills, strength and passion that takes a special kind of woman to keep them in line—am I the one for the job?

*Previously published in the Duty Bound Anthology (no longer available).

Wednesday 28 August 2019

OUT NOW - His Vampire Harem Book 2

Grab your copy of HIS VAMPIRE HAREM BOOK #2 the hotly anticipated sequel to HIS VAMPIRE HAREM


Okay, so I’m special. I get that now. But will my vampires be able to protect me from the dangers that lurk around every corner of my strange new world?

Having gorgeous, over-protective vampires doting on me is pretty cool. Not least when they’ve pledged to keep me safe and satisfied until the end of time.

But what about the newest member of my harem? A sexy British soldier-turned vampire whose lust for my blood is stratospheric. He’s strong, wild, desperate, and I’m as fascinated by him as he is with me. Trouble is, being within biting distance could be disastrous, for all of us.

Throw in a pack of shifters who want to rid the planet of vampires, a frozen version of Hell, and a dusty cave in Mongolia, and one thing is certain: life is never going to be dull with my bloodsucking companions at my side. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve never felt so alive, so in love, or so high with pleasure.

Tuesday 20 August 2019

AT HER HUSBAND'S COMMAND - New to #KindleUnlimited #BDSM #erotic #romance

In their cottage in the country, thirty-two-year-old submissive Melody and her dominant husband Ivor have the freedom to enjoy intimate gatherings with friends who share their particular interests. But when a new—and very beautiful—young woman makes her first appearance at one of their parties, Melody cannot help growing envious of the attention she receives.

As soon as Ivor learns of his wife’s reaction to this new woman’s presence, he makes it very clear to Melody that their bond is stronger than ever and there will never be room for anyone but her in his heart. But when she persists in letting her unfounded jealousy get the better of her, will Ivor follow through with his promise of a long, hard, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking?

Sunday 18 August 2019

WATCHING HER - Pre-Order Available NOW! #psychological #thriller #stalker #coming soon #KU

I never could have guessed the danger that was stalking me.

Or who was stalking me.

Until the only thing that had ever mattered to me was threatened, and then I had to sit up and smell the roses. Torn between a ghost and a man, I found myself on the run.

Instinct had taken over. She was all that mattered.

I couldn’t fail.

What wouldn’t I do?

*Previously published under the name HARLEM DAE and with different cover art

Friday 16 August 2019

You've SCORED! #football #soccer #erotic #romance #kinkyplayer

After a few years away, SCORED is back on KINDLE UNLIMITED, don't miss Lewis Tate and his awesome ball handling skills!


Okay, so I eat, sleep and breathe football and reporting the beautiful game is my dream career. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a major crush on the England captain, Lewis Tate. The bloke is sex on legs, hot with a capital H. Add in his awe-inspiring talent, his brooding good looks and what’s not to lust after? 

So my excitement is sky-high as I set off with the official press team to cover England’s battle for the European Cup. But when a series of unfortunate, or as it turns out fortunate events, attracts Tate’s attention my way, who am I to say no? 

Add in a misogynistic manager, an over-zealous colleague, two blue silk ties and some incredible ball-handling skills and it becomes clear the road to victory, for me, will be an intensely erotic journey. Determined to savor every moment, I hang onto my sanity as best I can while living the fantasy and wondering if it can ever become reality. Because once Lewis Tate has taken me to heaven and back, its clear no one else will ever compare. 

Wednesday 14 August 2019

TAKING CHARGE - New to #KindleUnlimited #FSOG #erotic #romance #BDSM #KU


Despite her success in the world of politics, Sheena Nichols has grown tired of spending her nights alone, and when her need for a man to take charge in the bedroom becomes too intense to ignore she seeks out a professional. But she gets much more than she bargained for...

While mastering Sheena properly is a challenge Julian Roath is more than happy to accept, he has no need for her money. When he claims her, it is purely for the pleasure of seeing her blush as she's made to kneel naked at his feet, hearing her beg as her bare bottom is soundly spanked, and feeling her writhe in ecstasy as he enjoys her body in any way he pleases.

Before she knows it, Sheena finds the strict control she's always maintained over her life slipping away as Julian shows her what it means to be thoroughly dominated. But is she truly prepared to surrender herself completely to a man who will not hesitate to take what he wants?

Monday 12 August 2019

CASTAWAYS - Only #99c #reverseharem #whychoose #romance

CASTAWAYS is only 99c/99p, what are you waiting for?


Olivia Bailey is up for The Challenge. Why the heck wouldn’t she be? With mariner qualifications piled high, engineering experience to rival someone twice her age, she’s ready to take on the mighty Pacific Ocean and win.

But what about her fellow crew? Five guys, four nationalities. A billionaire’s heir who likes to take charge in every aspect of life, an outback expert with a heart-stopping smile, a Spanish chef with mouthwatering moves and sexy twins who reveal themselves slowly, until it matters, then they act fast.

An adventure was what Olivia wanted, it’s certainly what she gets. Because things at sea happen in a heartbeat, friendships grow, tempers heat and desire flares. But what about when it all upends? When the unexpected happens? Will they pull together, or will fear drag the crew of Temptress apart?

Alternatively, jump straight into THE CHALLENGE boxed set, and if you're a kindle unlimited subscriber find it there!

Saturday 10 August 2019

Saturday Spankings - New to KU HEAD OF HOUSHOLD #SatSpanks #erotic #historical #romance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I'm delighted to report that my publisher has just made HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD available on Kindle Unlimited. Fancy a trip back in time to discover the kinks of a sexy and stern mansion owner...look no further...

“Hurry up.” He clapped a couple of times and the sharp sound rattled around the room. “I won’t tell you again.”
“No, sir. Sorry, sir.” Liz rushed to his side. There was nothing for it but to tip herself up and offer her buttocks for punishing once again.
She didn’t have to navigate downward. He took a hold of her and quickly manoeuvred her over his lap.
Her breasts pressed against his hot thigh. She struggled to keep her toes on the floor and gripped his right calf and the leg of the chair to try to steady herself.
But she didn’t need to worry. He clamped his hand on her back and pulled her up tight, so that her body was flush with his.
“You took it well yesterday,” he said, tugging her skirt upward in short sharp jerks.
“Yes, sir.” She closed her eyes as cool air washed over the back of her thighs and the tight material of her skirt was rucked around her waist.
“But today will be harder to bear.”
“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Damn it. The previous day’s spanking had pushed her far enough.
“It is too late for apologies. You should have thought of that before you took the twins outside instead of schooling them by the blackboard. It is clear to me that you are disobedient, disrespectful of my rules and, I must say, you are also out of control.”
“If that’s what you think, sir.” When had she ever been spoken to like this? She wanted to argue, wanted to tell him what she thought of his ideas about education. But in this position, tipped over his hard thighs, she couldn’t summon the words.
“It is what I think.” He ran his hand over her ass cheeks, first the right and then the left. “Exactly what I think.” His voice quieted as he smoothed over her knickers then onto her lower back and down to her thighs. “You are a very bad girl and must submit to your punishment.”
Any second now the first spank would arrive. Her belly trembled and her throat tightened.
But there was no slap. Instead she was jolted as he yanked at her knickers, pulling them down to her thighs.
“Oh...” She attempted to sit. “Really...I...”
A spank was all well and good. But on naked buttocks? And oh, God... he’d be able to see the damp patch that gave away her arousal.
“Keep still, Miss Moray.” His voice was firm as he pressed his palm over her ass cheeks, trapping her to him. “You brought this on yourself.”
Suddenly a lick of fire travelled over her ass as he swiped first the left cheek and then the right.
She gasped and wriggled. “Ouch!”
“That’s just the start,” he said. “And I do not wish to have to battle with you.” He gripped her tighter, pulling her closer.
Several more spanks rained down.
She jolted with each one, her clit rubbing against his leg.
“Oh, God,” she groaned, keeping her eyes closed.
He continued to smack her. Hard. Switching between buttocks. With each strike she rubbed herself against him. A familiar pressure was building. The need to come. The want for more. It was as if every nerve was on fire, every erogenous zone in her body awake and demanding stimulation.
His attention.
“I want your obedience,” he said without pausing in her punishment.
“Yes, sir,” she gasped.
“And I want you to remember the feel of my hand here, later, tonight when you are in bed.”
He paused and stroked her burning skin.
She groaned and writhed against him. Pushing her butt upward for his caress, then pulling away as the sting ebbed and flowed. Damn it, she was almost at her limit again.
And she didn’t want to reach that limit without getting what should come next. A good fuck, the way she had in the past after a spanking.
His caress skimmed the under curves of her ass, feathering dangerously near her intimate parts.
She held her breath and pressed her mound against him. It wouldn’t take much. A few rubs, rotations, and she’d be there.
“Mmm...” she moaned, pressing into his body. A solid length of flesh dug into her waist— his erection.
She flicked her eyes open and stared at the floor.
So she wasn’t the only one thinking of fucking.
Suddenly she was on her feet again. Her head spun, her skirt stayed lodged around her waist.
He stooped and grabbed her knickers, dragged them back into place.
The waistband scratched her sensitive ass and she wobbled as a dizzy sensation threatened to over balance her.
He held her steady, his breaths coming hard and fast and washing over her cheek. “Lord Radley,” she gasped, pulling in air and willing the light-headedness to recede. After a few moments and a deep breath, it did.
“Elizabeth,” he said, his voice as tight as hers.
She looked into his eyes. Their dark depths were on fire, lust ablaze within them. And that was what she just felt too, lustful.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

FIREWORKS - OUT NOW! #sexy #romance #kindleunlimited #99c

On Kindle Unlimited for the First Time

Need a hot little coffee break read? Don't miss FIREWORKS, a tale of injecting heat back into the bedroom.

*Previously published in the Sinful Pleasures Anthology. 

Monday 5 August 2019

HIS VAMPIRE HAREM BOOK 2 - Available for pre-order now!

Pre-Order your copy of HIS VAMPIRE HAREM BOOK 2 and find out how Darius copes with newly turned British soldier, Patrick!

And if you missed HIS VAMPIRE HAREM BOOK 1, get up to date today!

Saturday 3 August 2019

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #vikings #ku #99c #hotromance #satspanks

Greetings! This week a few from STEINN, my super sexy spanking story in the hottest new boxed set around -  VIKINGS

Setting her hands on his thigh farthest from her, she lowered until her breasts squashed onto his legs. She curled her toes and dropped her head.
“Mmm, nearly, but not quite. You’ll learn.” He scooped her up, tipping her head much nearer to the ground. Her feet lifted, as did her arse which really was the highest part of her body now.
“Good.” He dragged her against his torso and set his palm over her buttocks. “That is where I need you.”
She bit on her bottom lip and closed her eyes. Blood rushed to her head and face. Her pulse pounded in her ears.
“Haps you wonder how many strikes you should have.”
“I’m sure you will administer what you believe is right.”
“You are learning.” He traced the cleft between her buttocks, then the curve where they met her thighs. Slipping upwards, he stroked her pussy lips, dragging a shiver of desire from her.
She curled her hands into fists and tensed.
He chuckled. “Never fear, you will not be left wanting. That is not the kind of husband I am.”
“Ouch!” She jerked forward as the first slap landed. Square, hard, and fast on her right buttock. It was quickly followed by another on her left buttock.
Then he was stroking over the sting, as if brushing it away.
Gladys clenched her cunny. Wetness was growing; she didn’t know why. It wasn’t as if she liked the spanking.
But I do like his hands on me.
“It would be wise to hold on to something,” he said. “My leg, the chair, because now it begins.”
She did as he’d suggested, holding the chair leg with one hand and bunching his trousers into her fist with the other.
Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap.
He delivered the spanking with swift, accurate strokes.
She bit her bottom lip to stop from crying out.
Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap.
“Oh, Steinn, it hurts…”
“As it is supposed to so you learn your lesson.”
He carried on spanking her, his big hand heating her skin to boiling point.

Friday 2 August 2019

Men of Summer - Get Your #FREE copy NOW! #reverseharem #whychoose #romance

That's right, it's totally FREE, go grab your copy of this summer's hottest reverse harem beach read, MEN OF SUMMER, and indulge in many stories, including my rock star adventure MOON AND BACK.

Thursday 1 August 2019

HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD - New to #KindleUnlimited #kinky #victorianromance #ku

While visiting the Yorkshire Dales, Elizabeth Moray decides to explore the historic home of Lord Radley Fairbank. She ignores a sign prohibiting entry, but her curiosity turns to shock when she steps through a door within the abandoned estate and is transported back to the Victorian era.

It quickly becomes apparent that in this version of the past, she is the governess for Lord Radley's two young nephews. Seeing no obvious way back home, she decides to make the best of things, but she soon discovers that her employer believes in strict discipline for his staff.

It isn't long before her stubbornness earns her a thorough, humiliating spanking, but in spite of her embarrassment the stern chastisement leaves her intensely aroused. As time passes she finds herself yearning more and more for Lord Radley to take her in his arms and claim her properly, but will he ever see her as anything more than a disobedient servant in need of correction?