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Whipped Cream - 4th Birthday Bash

Join me and up to twenty other authors over at Whipped Cream's Blog where there is so much going on today. Tons of blog posts, excerpts and great give aways.

See you there!!

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Friday, 29 July 2011


A four cherry Whipped Cream review has just come in for Cross-Checked and I am over the moon with it. Carly and Brick were so much fun to write about and their story is a fraught and very sexy one, I'm thrilled the reviewer enjoyed it so much.

The first novel in my HOT ICE series Hired was reviewed by Whipped Cream earlier in the year, here is what they said –

“Ms. Harlem has now given me a newfound appreciation for hockey. Reading this story leaves little doubt that Ms. Harlem is a fan of the sport and now I am too! Readers should expect to be immediately drawn into the story and not allowed to leave until the last page. The dialogue and scenes flowed effortlessly.

Having a major focus on Brooke and Logan allows the reader to really connect and experience everything with them. It made for some intense emotional reading. The intimacy scenes between Brooke and Logan are exquisitely erotic with a dominating edge that will leave the reader breathless after reading each one.
Looking for a fantastic story with sun, sand, surf, and sizzling sex? Look no further! This new series is sure to please.”

And the review for the second book in the series Cross-Checked.

“After reading the first book in the Hot Ice series, I was very unimpressed with Brick's character. His short role in Phoenix and Brooke's story, left me with the feeling that this wouldn't be the last that we see of him and I was anticipating the challenge that his character would no doubt bring in his own story. Therefore, I was completely surprised to see that much of the challenge and frustration didn't so much come from Brick, but from Carly herself. 

Of course, there are good reasons for her actions and with the story told from Carly's point-of-view, it allows the reader to experience all the surprising layers that make-up Brick.

The stories I've read by Ms. Harlem have always been entertainingly sizzling reads and Cross-Checked is no exception. The sexual tension is thick and the pacing perfectly matched for connections to form with the characters. Ms. Harlem provided a surprising epilogue, which only leaves me wanting more of the Orlando Vipers and what will no doubt be another scorching read with my favorite fictional hockey team.”

The third in the series will be out soon, Slap Shot stars Rick 'Ramrod' Lewis, the captain of The Vipers hockey team, and he certainly goes after what he wants.

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A Spankingly Good Time!!

Join me today over at Hitting The Hot Spot where I've sourced some spanking pics and I'm having a natter about why we seem to enjoy reading and writing about a good, swift swat on a bare cheek!!

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Head over to When One Is Not Enough where I am holding a contest.

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Sexy Hockey Players

If you've enjoyed my HOT ICE series, all about those sinfully delicious boys of the ice, then make sure you check out my hot hockey player page and see the real thing.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Doing good while being bad!!

Coming Together as One was a project I was involved in last year. Its a collection of ménage stories edited by the lovely Alessia Brio and all profits go to the charity One.

Authors donated stories and Alessia compiled them into one delicious paperback/e-book, however, several of the longer stories, including mine, The Actress, have been made into individual e-books and are available from All Romance E-Books for the fabulous price of $0.99 - again all profits go to charity.

Here is the blurb for The Actress.

Sapphire Makepeace has lived her red carpet life of champagne, caviar and glittering Oscars to the fullest. But she's also used her celebrity to raise money for charity, one such endeavor included a daring expedition to the summit of mount Everest in which the world feared her early demise when she became trapped by a furious storm

It was this storm that resulted in the queen of cinema, Hollywood's angel, having a secret shared with only two men. Andy and Lee Driver, brothers, English, mountaineering adrenaline junkies.Fifty four years later their names still roll around her tongue a hundred times a day, because an encounter that extreme, that intense is one that lasts an entire lifetime.


I pulled at my helmet and yanked my gloves off with my teeth. My fingers were white, my nail beds blue. I tried to blow on the chilled flesh but my clouding breath stuttered and missed its target. I gave up and attempted to unzip my jacket. My unfeeling fingers refused to work. They just wouldn't do as I asked. I scrabbled twice and missed, unable to feel the small piece of metal I was searching for.

Lee saw my uncoordinated struggle. "Here," he said, reaching with a now gloveless hand and undoing the zip. He took hold of my left cuff and tugged the sleeve off my arm, then repeated the action with my left, freeing me from my damp jacket and revealing my black thermal top.

"Jeez, have you seen her fingers?" Andy said, grabbing for my wrist. "They're hypo."

Lee frowned, dropped his goggles around his neck, and then looked deep into my eyes. "Why didn't you tell us you were so cold?" His voice sounded both worried and annoyed.

"I… I didn't want you to think I was being all pathetic," I managed. "And besides, you two were coping all right. You're…you're not too cold."

"We've done it before, remember? Plus, we've got a bit more bloody meat on our bones than you."

Lee swept his eyes over my petite frame, and despite my painfully frozen thoughts, I noticed he lingered on the swell of my breasts. "Well, I s—s—stopped feeling so cold whilst you were doing the… the tent."

"Shit, Sapphire, one of the symptoms of hypothermia is to stop feeling cold." He reached out and popped open my waterproof trousers. "There's only one thing for it. Get these off, now."

"Why?" I said with a weak attempt at being indignant.

"Because, if we don't get your core temperature up a few degrees, the only role you'll be good for when you get back to Hollywood is playing a bloody corpse."

Lee worked on my boots, freed my feet, then grabbed the hem of my trousers and literally tipped me out of them. Andy fiddled noisily with the zips on the sleeping bags. "In," he instructed holding up the opening of the now one big sleeping bag. "Quick, before your hypothermia becomes irreversible."

I did as I was told and shoved my frozen legs into the silky insides of the bag. It felt smooth and soft against my thermal trousers, and I could hear the swish of the synthetic material as I moved, but it was still cold, my feet were still numb. I didn't have enough heat in my body to warm the space.

Next thing I knew, Lee was rooting in beside me in just his thermals, his big body hulking all the way down the sleeping bag and touching the entire length of mine.

"What are you doing?" I said on a shiver, unable to curl into a foetal position because of the way he was dominating the bag.

"Saving your life," he said. "Again." He turned on his right side and in a scooping movement pulled me tight against his broad chest. My breasts mashed against his pecs, and I bent my arms up into the cradle he created for me. His legs entwined with mine to create maximum surface area connection.

The heat pouring from his body was intoxicating; like a glass of water to someone dying of thirst or a cylinder of oxygen to a suffocating man. I whimpered pathetically and snuggled deeper into him. I closed my eyes and got a dose of his raw, male pheromones seeping though his thermal top. It didn't smell like Dean's sharp, citrus cologne. It was musky and natural, unfamiliar but delicious. It did strange things to my erratically circulating blood which began to pool pleasurably in my belly, creating a new type of heat that was inappropriate for the seriousness of the situation.

"Budge over a bit," Andy husked from behind my shoulder.

Lee shuffled me even closer, and I felt the long hard length of his penis pressing into my thigh.

I hope you have time to check out my naughty story, and if you do, be sure to let me know what you think, and while you're reading, remember you're doing good while being bad :-)

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Get yourself over to When One Is Not Enough and check out Jenika Snow's very informative, and very saucy, blog post. Leave her a comment to be in with a chance of winning one of her latest releases.

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Mirror Music Review

This morning after my tea and toast I flicked on the computer to find a lovely You Gotta Read review for the second in my Mattress Music series.

This is a set of three short stories from Ellora's Cave which features rock band The Manic Machines. The first book - Mattress Music - won book of the week at Long and Short Reviews back in February and I love it when the other books are also well received. I have a particular thing for the guy on the cover of Mirror Music, he looks so rockstarish, no wonder she is clinging to him - I would, and having him naked in a room full of mirrors - YUM!!

Review -

Childhood sweethearts Jenny Calahan and Robbie Harding were once as close as two people in love can be, but misconceptions and jealously tore them apart. Now that Robbie has reached rock star status as the lead singer of Manic Machines, he's discovered what's really important in his life. He wants his Jenny back.

After years of avoiding Robbie and her broken heart, Jenny has reached her own goals. Night after night tickets and backstage passes appear along with a request from Robbie to attend his concert. She finally attends the concert and the two reminiscence and rekindle their relationship. Mirror Music is the second book in this series. Although the book length and story time-frame is short, Ms. Harlem keeps the scenario believable with vivid compelling characters. From the beginning you hope they get back together. There is plenty of heat (true to this author's style) but with an underlying sweetness that's often missing from erotic romance. Mirror Music is a lovely reunion of hearts and a story you've gotta read.


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If you have a spare fifteen minutes then read, for FREE, my steamy short story Unhealthy Obsession.

Be sure to let me know what you think, and have a great weekend.

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New Cover!

Today I am showing off the beautiful new cover I've just received from Total-E-Bound for my up-coming release Orchestrating Manoeuvres. It was designed by TEB's talented Art Director Emmy Ellis and I am sooo in love with it.

This London based story features in the Treble Anthology but will be available as a single title on Audio in September. 

OM is a ménage a trois and features Tiffany O'Dell, a heartbroken supermodel, and two deliciously talented Italian pianists who book her to star in their racy new video. Naturally with people this gorgeous and with such highly strung personalities, the tale soon takes on a very sexy twist and sparks fly on and off camera.

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REVIEWS - Can you help?

Hi readers, I've heard on the grapevine that Miz Love Loves Books is looking for reviewers.

So if you like reading and want some free books head over to the manager's blog for all the details of how to get involved.

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There is lots going on at the moment, today is my very first chat on the great new blog When One Is Not Enough, where I am nattering about all the things you ladies need to consider if you are going to get down and dirty with two guys at the same time. 

Click below to head on over and snare these handy hints...


Also the Romance Reviews is holding its Sizzling Summer Read Event and there are so many goodies to win its unbelievable.

I am featuring in the event this week, check out the contest to see the weekly and monthly prizes and make sure you answer my question about Brick and Carly from Cross-Checked. One thing to note, to see/answer the questions you need to be logged in (create an account if you are not already a member, it only takes a second). And tomorrow - 13th - I am going to be hanging out in The Romance Reviews Erotic Lounge if anyone wants to join me for more gossip about sexy fiction.

Good luck with the contest and hope to catch up with you soon.

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunday, 10 July 2011

STRIP DOWN by Tess MacKall

Check out the hot new release from the very lovely and very talented Tess MacKall - phew, its hot stuff!!

What’s a topless dancer to do when a cop tells her to “spread ’em”? Cooperate, of course. Which is exactly what Jazzmyn Monroe does when her big-city dreams land her in a world of trouble and the arms of sexy detective Ryder Muldoon. Jazzmyn is no angel, but she doesn’t expect the rip-roaring, passion-filled rollercoaster ride given by one of L.A.’s finest.

An honest cop with a target painted on his back, Ryder is forced to go rogue if he wants to stay alive, and the hottest woman he’s ever laid eyes on is the key to his plan. It’s supposed to be just business with a side of sex. If only it were that simple. Jazzmyn’s sinful curves and aptitude for red-hot loving ramp up his libido…and a whole lot more.

Excerpt - here

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Whipped Cream's great review for SHARED TOO - "A new and enthralling plot"

Blurb for Shared Too -

Ten years on I’m still convinced I’m the luckiest woman on earth. Two devastatingly gorgeous husbands committed to my satisfaction—phew!—life doesn’t get much better or much sexier.

But as though the mere concept of a perfect existence was created to be shattered, one day Quinn turned to me and said, “Shared too. I want to be shared too.” Add in the monster that haunted my nightmares and I was struggling to keep a grip on my sanity.

I soon realized the path Quinn wanted us to travel would stretch not only his experience of giving and taking, but also mine and Liam’s. In a whirlwind of desperate emotions, dark desires and erotic fantasy, we were all so distant but also so sublimely close. Sharing had never been as sweet as it was bitter, or as depraved as it was heavenly.

“ Ten years after answering an add in the paper listed as “Girl to share” Ariane soon realizes that the two men who posted the add wanted to share her as much as living space. Now married to both men with twin girls, she thinks everything is good in her world until she realizes that one of her husbands is lusting after a co-worker.

A sequel to Shared. Shared Too takes on a drastic turn from the first book where I was left with the feeling that Ariane, Quinn, and Liam would live happily ever after. I even formed an attraction to both Quinn and Liam and thought they were the perfect male specimens. However, my feeling for Quinn took a nosedive in this book and I did not know if I hated him or loved him for the first half of the story. Thank God for Liam as he was pretty much the glue that kept everything from falling apart between the three even though he had a lot of stress and fear that he hid from the others.

This story is high on the emotional scale and kept me anxious and on the brink of tears a time or two with fear that their perfect world would come to an end from one calamity or another. Truly, this story has a new and enthralling plot with a number of unique twists that added a lot of sparks in the sex scenes and left me fanning my face a few times. I even got my first taste of F/F sex, which I found quite a delightful experience, and it definitely added a new level of excitement to the storyline.

One thing is certain, I will not forget this book any time soon and may even read it again in the future. I would recommend reading the first book, Shared, to get a better view of each of the characters personalities and how they met, however, it is not necessary in order to follow and enjoy Shared Too.

I will be keeping an eye out for more books by Ms. Harlem in the future. "

I am thrilled with this four star review. It proves to me the book gave the emotional twists and turns I intended it too. Also Quinn's character was a challenge, he annoyed the hell out of me a few times as I wrote it, but like life, fiction has to show people not always behaving as they should, and ultimately we know he's one of the good guys. I am pleased the reviewer found her first F/F literary experience a pleasureable one, and the fact that she says she will read Shared Too again in the future is a real compliment.

Lily x

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New Release - A Gentleman's Harlot by Natalie Dae

Check out this great new novel from the fabulous Natalie Dae.

Blurb - 
Pearl feels trapped by society’s rules and longs to let out the wanton woman inside her. Her friend, Frances, secures them a night of work in a gentleman’s club in Whitechapel, London, where Pearl must act like a harlot and wait tables. With the threat of Jack the Ripper too close for comfort, Pearl meets Seth, who makes her feel all kinds of sexual longings.
Seth has heard rumours of Pearl hating him, but he vows to make her love him. He tells her his name is James, and when she arrives at his club to begin work, he knows he will make her his. As he teaches her the act of lovemaking, he’s also hiding two secrets. One, that he is the man she is supposed to hate, and two, that he knows who Jack the Ripper is…
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism, spanking and a whole lot of sauciness!


Pearl Lewis looked up from her sewing, needle poised above the small square of white fabric. “What did you just say?” She stared at Frances, one of two childhood friends who had come for afternoon tea, taking in her flushed cheeks and devilish smile. Frances’s words had held such a hint of daring, of non-conformation, that Pearl wanted her to repeat them just so she could revel in them again.
Sitting on Pearl’s left, Frances smiled and shook her riot of blonde curls back from her face, the corn colour enhanced by the sunlight streaming through the two windows behind their wing chairs. “I said, would you not just love to visit the new men’s club and become one of their women?”
Pearl tried to hide a smile. Frances’s shocking statements never failed to amuse her. She dropped her needle to her lap and covered her mouth with one hand. Her cheeks flushed at the thoughts Frances’s suggestion brought, and she closed her eyes for a moment to sift through the images. Men fondling women—Oh God, how…naughty!—women touching men there, and several people at once, all naked, all having…sex.
Pearl opened her eyes to find her other friend’s face directly in front of hers, Elizabeth’s black hair hanging rod straight as she hunkered down and placed her hands on her knees. Her dark blue eyes were hooded due to the unsightly frown she wore, and Pearl started, slapping her hand over her heart.
“Oh, you scared me, Beth! I did not expect to see you there like that.”
Elizabeth leaned closer, head tilted, the ornately carved mahogany mantelpiece behind her framing her as though she were a painting. Elizabeth regarded her with such scrutiny Pearl grew uncomfortable.
“What did you see just then?” Elizabeth asked, her voice quiet, a hint of reproach in her tone. The case clock beside the crackling fire ticked for several seconds, and her mouth formed a tight pink line that did not become her. She whispered, “With your eyes closed. What did you see?”
Pearl cleared her throat and looked away from Elizabeth to Frances, who smothered a giggle behind her long, slender fingers. Pearl tried to convey that she needed help by widening her eyes, but
Frances made much ado about continuing with her sewing, pursing her lips in concentration.
“I…I really do not think,” Pearl turned back to Elizabeth, “it is proper for me to say.”
Elizabeth widened her eyes and reared back, as though in shock that Pearl had refused to share her thoughts.
Pearl rushed on. “Oh, it is not because I do not want to share. I do, but you are so…sensitive about certain things that I would hate for you to leave here somewhat…disturbed.”
“Disturbed?” Elizabeth stood abruptly and paced up and down the cream and blue patterned rug before the fireplace, her dark green dress swishing with each step. “Whatever do you mean?” She paused, staring first at Frances and then at Pearl. “Oh! You were not thinking…you did not…?”
Pearl clamped her lips closed, nodded and looked down at her lap, picking up her sewing. “I thought things I perhaps should not have, Beth.” She jabbed the needle through the material—a handkerchief she was embroidering on each corner—and pricked her finger. “Ouch!” She jumped up, placed her sewing on the chair seat and popped her finger into her mouth. The taste of copper flooded her tongue.
“Really, Pearl! You are almost as bad as Frances.” Elizabeth paced again, throwing an appalled glance at the blonde. “I wish you two would hurry along and get married like me. Then perhaps you would not wish to discuss such a thing as being a gentleman’s harlot. Pearl, your mother and father would spin in their graves if they heard even a snippet of the conversations you two have, and it is a blessing your aunt is old and easily fooled. If she were to walk past this door she would never let you leave this house!”
Pearl chanced a peek at Frances, who eyed her from beneath lowered lashes, her lack of control obvious as her cheeks reddened and her mouth curved. Frances released a peal of laughter, throwing her head back.
Pearl giggled, unable to remain chastised. “Oh, Beth, please! Surely you know Frances was only talking. It is not as though she intends to do such a thing.” Pearl looked at Elizabeth.
She stalked back to her seat and sat with dignity and grace. “One never knows with Frances,” she muttered, lifting her reticule on to her lap and dropping her sewing inside. “And, much as I love you both, I really do not feel I can visit for afternoon tea once a week if the conversation is going to revolve around things like…that. The gentleman’s club of which you speak is situated in a terrible part of the city, so I heard. Frances, how you could even contemplate visiting such an establishment, even if it were in a respectable part of London, is beyond me.” She glared at Frances, then stood and hung her bag over her forearm. “And to think only an hour ago we were discussing the terrible murders that have been occurring,” she paused for her usual dramatic effect, “in the very same area!” Sharp lines marred her forehead. “I shall wait out in the foyer. Gerald will be here shortly to collect me.” She flounced from the room, shutting the door loudly behind her.
Pearl stared at the door, her mouth hanging slightly open. Frances’s laughter filled the room again, and Pearl turned to look at her, ready to admonish the young woman, but she failed. Her own laughter spilled, loud and hearty, and tears welled in her eyes.
“Oh, we should not laugh at her, Frances.”
Frances composed herself and adjusted the neckline of her rose-pink dress, patting it once satisfied it lay in place. “She has become so priggish since she married Gerald that I cannot stand it. I say these things to rile her, you know.”
“I am well aware of that.” Pearl smiled. She took her sewing from her seat and put it on the round occasional table between their chairs. She glanced out the window at the front lawn, spying Gerald’s coach trundling up the curved driveway. “He is here. Should I see her out?”
Frances snorted. “Oh, leave Mrs Prissy to see herself out. If she sets eyes on us any more today she is likely to explode. Besides, your aunt might have waylaid her. I hear someone talking.”

Buy Link

Natalie loves to hear from readers - check her out here - you won't be disappointed :-)

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I am thrilled to be involved in The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Event.

July 1st until the 29th is Erotic and GLBT. There's loads of contests and chats. Be sure to create an account and log in so you can see all the questions which will lead you to the prizes. On the 12th I will be giving away a copy of Cross-Checked, the second in my Hot Ice series, and on the 13th I will be chatting in The Lounge.

Hope to see you there :-)

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