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Good Cop, Bad Cop - Sunday Snog!

Good Cop, Bad Cop was so much fun to write with Natalie. Here is a steamy excerpt from about half way through the book...

I sucked in a breath and frowned. “Get these off,” I said again, this time snapping my wrists apart and straining the cuffs.
“Jose had no right to remove them.” Dillon shrugged. “He broke the rule.”
“What rule?”
“He who cuffs, uncuffs.”
“Oh, for crying out loud. This is just pathetic.” A wave of intense irritation surged through me and I stood from the lounger, adrenaline spurting into my system and requiring me to move. “I insist that you take these off right this instant, and not only that, I insist that you go and radio in that you’ve found me so I can get picked up by the coastguard.”
Dillon stood, his big body generating a shadow that engulfed me. “Really?”
Damn it, do I really mean that?
“Because,” he said, “I thought you were worried someone on your team is involved in these hate notes and death threats.”
“So what if they are? I would rather cope with that than be here with you.”
“With me?”
“Yes, you!”
“But not Jose. You two are all cozy now. You like being with him.”
I stepped away, moved to the edge of the boat. Looked down at the rippling dark water below. “You have no idea what I do and don’t like.”
“Oh, but I think I do.”
He chuckled and the sound made me want to slap his face so hard it would leave a red handprint on the side of his stubbled cheek.
“I know you like Jose touching your pussy,” Dillon went on, “and that you like it when he fucks you with his hand and makes you shout yes, yes, yes.” He’d put on a silly, high voice for the last few words.
“Oh, grow up, Dillon. What’s the matter with you?” I turned to face him. “Are you jealous of the fact Jose was the one to touch me and not you or...” I purposefully allowed my gaze to drop down his body as though studying him, seeing into him. I lingered on his hair-­coated chest, his ripped abs and the way his orange swim shorts sat low on his hips, exposing the indentation of his oblique muscles. Damn the guy was hot. If only he wasn’t such a number one asshole. “Maybe it’s because you want Jose all to yourself," I said, "is that it, Dillon? Are you two an item and this was meant to be your lover’s break away and I’ve turned two into three and made it a crowd?”
In a single stride he was in front of me, his face creased with anger. “You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.” He gripped my upper arm and held me tight, jerked me to him. “So shut the fuck up.”
I tried to wrench away but jostled both of our stances and bumped my thigh on the tight wire rope that stretched along this outer section of the boat. “Your reaction speaks for itself,” I said. “You have feelings for Jose and you don’t want me to distract him from whatever your intentions are with him.”
“Of course I have feelings for him, the guy has been my partner for the last five years and we’ve been through a pile of shit together.” He lowered his face to mine and the heat of his body radiated onto my chest. I could smell his skin and breath; raw male, fresh sweat and a hint of coffee.
“But,” he said, “those feelings are not what you’re suggesting, got it?”
I pursed my lips and narrowed my eyes. Gave a small shrug and made my voice purposefully light. “Whatever you say.”
He grunted and released me at the same time as I yanked my arm away from him. Suddenly my balance was gone and the wire that had been against my leg was no more. My footing was free of the deck. My body light in the air, tipping and spinning.
I was falling toward the water. “Argh,” I cried, alarm racing through me as I looked up at Dillon’s shocked face.
His mouth was parted and his eyes wide. He’d outstretched his arms and splayed his fingers as though trying to catch me.
It was no good.
The sound of my body hitting the ocean was deafening, a sonic boom. Ice-­cold folded around me. My world went dark and the hiss of bubbles eerily replaced the bang. It was so cold, like a thousand bee stings. I kicked out, strained to keep the breath in my lungs and struggled toward the surface. I could see wavy sunlight shining like a distant, fog-­swamped beacon.
But swimming was hard—no, make that impossible. My cuffed wrists hindered my arm movements and injected terror into my soul. Frantically I flailed and thrashed, but the surface seemed to be drifting away rather than closer.
My lungs were screaming for air now. Blackness was seeping into my peripheral vision. I wanted to open my mouth and suck in, hopefully oxygen. Panic welled within me, a panic only associated with not being able to breathe; primeval, instinctual, a basic, undeniable knowledge that soon death would be knocking at the door.
Suddenly a strong surge captured me around my waist and I was thrust upward. My head burst through the surface and out into the air. I gulped wildly, greedily sucking in breaths.
Dillon was holding my back against his chest, secure and strong, kicking for both of us, keeping me afloat.
I spluttered and tried to twist, frantically attempting to latch onto him; if he let me go I knew for definite I would drown.
“It’s okay, I’ve got you,” he said breathlessly into my ear and holding me firm. “Don’t struggle and I’ll get us to the swim-­deck.”
“Oh, God, please, don’t let me go,” I said, blinking water from my eyes and focusing on the boat that was about twenty feet from where we were bobbing.
“I won’t, I promise, but for fuck’s sake quit the squirming.”
“Please, just hurry.” I was still wriggling. I couldn’t help it.
He turned us and began to move toward the boat with powerful kicks and one arm swooping through the water as I stared up at the cloudless sky and prayed he wouldn’t release me.
Finally we reached the solidity of the boat. I hooked my elbows over it, almost ready to kiss the bumpy surface of the metal step. “Oh, my God,” I said, “That was awful.”
Dillon didn’t reply. Instead, he cupped my ass and shoved me onto the hard, hot swim deck.
I landed in a heap, my dress clingy and tight around my body and my panties on display. “Hey,” I said, scrabbling to my feet.
He hauled himself out of the water and stood. The sunlight caught on the drips in his hair and on his body, making him look like a goddamn Roman warrior, all caramel tan, brooding gaze and a few dinks and imperfections from past battles.
“Watch it,” he said, eyeing my chest. “You don’t want to fall in again.”
I tore my gaze from a silvery scar on the right side of his abdomen and glanced down at myself.
My nipples were like two bullets pressing against the sopping material and the left side of my dress was dislodged, showing more cleavage than normal. Hastily I trapped my arms over my breasts and turned from him. Stepped up onto the main deck and searched for a towel.
There wasn’t one, not anywhere. My eyes began to moisten, but to hell with it, I wouldn’t cry, not in front of Dillon. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.
“So are going to say thank you to me for saving your life?” he asked breathlessly.
I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of that either. “If you think about it, Officer,” I said stiffly and spinning to face him. “If you hadn’t insisted on cuffing me and then pushing me into the ocean I wouldn’t have needed you to save me at all.”
He dropped his mouth open. “I did not push you.”
“You might as well have. You grabbed me and then let me go.”
He stepped closer. “I grabbed you because you were talking shit.”
I stared up into his eyes. They were wild, the icy blue bases deep vats of fury.
So what, I'm furious too.
“But your stupid insistence on cuffing me,” I said, “just about caused me to drown, even you have to admit that. So why the hell should I say thank you? You only did what you had to otherwise you would be a murderer.”
A small muscle twitched in his cheek and he swallowed. He was silent. The tension crackling off him sizzled in the air between us.
“Dillon,” I said eventually, my heart rate increasing rather than settling. Something about the way he was looking at me had turned him from just plain dangerous to downright dangerously sexy.
“I am not a murderer.” His right nostril twitched, pulling his lips and balling his cheek.
“I never said you were. I said you would have been.” Oh God, why did he have to be so damn gorgeous when he was mad? Now my nipples were tight and tingling not just from the cold but our proximity. What the hell was the matter with me? Years without sex and now it was all I could think about, even though I was shaking with anger and had just had a near-­death experience.
Maybe that was why. Perhaps it was some weird reaction to facing my maker.
His gaze dropped from my eyes, down the channel of my neck onto my chest. I could see him inhaling and exhaling rapidly, his breaths matching the pace of mine.
“Dillon?” I whispered.
“You should get out of that wet dress.” He spoke through gritted teeth, moving his lips but not his jaw.
“Yes,” I said, dropping my arms from their protective position over my chest.
“You want some help with that?”
He still looked mad as hell but now he also looked like he wanted to eat me alive or something.
Or something.
“Yes,” I said, “I reckon I do need help.” The cuffs, how could I get undressed with the cuffs still on?
Dillon reached forward, poked his fingers into the top of my dress, either side of my cleavage, and yanked—hard.
A ripping sound accompanied the freeing of my breasts. Cool breeze washed over my skin and my nipples hardened further until they were tight twists. I gasped and steadied my stance on the deck to recover from the abrupt tug.
“Fucking hell, you’re beautiful,” he said on a heavily exhaled breath.
I was exposed but all I could think of was pressing my breasts to his chest, feeling that wiry body hair scratching my flesh and the heat of him penetrating my skin. “Dillon, I—”
My words were cut short when he dipped his head and sucked my left nipple into his hot mouth. I buckled my knees and swayed again, only to find he’d pressed his palm into the small of my back and was holding me steady.
Damn, he was good with his tongue; hot, stiff licks and powerful sucks. My breasts felt so heavy, engorged with blood and greedy for more.
“I want you,” he groaned, switching to the other nipple and treating it to the same wonderful treatment.
“Yes,” I gasped.
He stood, loomed over me again and dragged my body up against his. The solid length of his cock dug into my stomach, rigid, vital and demanding. “And I want to show you that I like women just fine.”
I caught my breath. It was the second time in a day I’d become acquainted with a cock this way. I wasn’t complaining.
What have I become?
“I can tell that you do,” I said breathlessly. “Very much so.”
That cocky smile he’d perfected danced across his face, but only for a second, because then he turned all serious and business-­like.
A shiver of anticipation tapped up my spine.
“You know you’re going to get it good, don’t you?” he said, sliding his hands around the rips in my dress. “Probably better than you’ve ever had it before.”
I swallowed, felt my pussy quiver and a delicious heat pool in my belly. “Okay... good.”
The muscles on his shoulders contracted and once again he ripped at the dress, this time severing it completely in half and breaking the straps. It fell to the floor forgotten, a pathetically tiny piece of soggy material that had once graced a Parisian catwalk.
“Dillon, I—”
He hit his mouth down on mine. Claiming me, owning me with his fervor and passion. I gave as good as I got, met him kiss for kiss, winding my tongue with his wild thrusting one.
He held me close, trapping my arms between our bodies. Squeezed me so tight it was hard to catch my breath. “Oh, God, what are we doing?” I gasped.
“Something that has to be done,” he said, steering me toward the long, padded bench at the stern end of the deck. “And the only thing that can happen if we’re going to stay sane while we’re on this boat.” He urged me down, all the time keeping our bodies closely connected and kissing me hungrily.
I fed off him, absorbed his delicious flavor that was so darkly enticing I wondered if I’d ever get enough of it.
“Like this,” he said gruffly, breaking the kiss and grabbing my wrists. “I want you like this.” He yanked my arms above my head and I heard the sound of metal on metal.
I twisted to see what he was doing.
He’d looped the central part of the cuffs over one of the rope hooks, wedging it in tight so that my arms were held aloft and there was nothing I could do about it.
I tugged and pulled, looked at his face, shadowed by the bimini overhead. The glint in his eyes and the slackness of his jaw told me something new about Dillon, something I really should have guessed—the damn cuffs got him off.
Conniving bastard.
“You have too much on,” he said, looping his fingers into the waistband of my tiny panties and dragging them down.
I bowed my back, arched and wriggled, kicked the panties away. How could I stay mad at him when he looked like a perfect package of sinful delights all raring to go? Jesus, when had I last fucked? I could hardly remember. But what I did remember was I hadn’t felt a hundred shades of excitement just before I was penetrated. In fact, I couldn’t remember ever feeling so high on anticipation over anything, so drugged on the thought of what was coming next.
Oh my. That is coming next!
Dillon had shoved his trunks down and off, allowing his cock to jut free.
I stared at the sheer size of it, the domed head and the thick girth. His slit was already moist as were his jet-­black pubes, still wet and heavy with sea water.
“Dillon, oh my God, you know it’s been a while for me and...”
“Shh.” He nudged my thighs apart and settled over me, his lusty gaze drifting up to my trapped hands. “Just relax and let me work my magic.”
“But.” I stretched my legs wider, allowed the head of his cock to nudge my moist entrance.
“I’m clean, I promise, department health checks and all that, and I won’t come inside you.”
“Oh, but...ah...”
He pushed in, just the head of his cock. I was clean too and I also had birth control covered since a pregnancy scare several years ago.
“Oh, Dillon, please, I...” I didn’t know if I wanted him to just ram it home or take it slow. The nip of pain was so erotic, so delicious that it was hard to think coherently.
He edged in some more, palming my left breast as he did so. “Ah, baby, you’re so tight,” he said, “relax more, let me in.”
“Oh, God, yes, please, just give it to me.”
His gaze caught mine.
I held my breath, allowed my whole being to be at his mercy. I knew he would keep his promise of giving it to me good. Dillon was undoubtedly the sexiest, most gorgeous, maddening man I’d ever allowed to fuck me.
“Okay. Get ready,” he said.
I strained against the cuffs, pressed my chest to his and bit down on my lower lip.
He forged in, right to the hilt.
I cried out, locked my legs around the backs of his thighs and squeezed my eyes shut. He’d filled me so absolutely, brutally but blissfully. I harnessed all the wild sensations bombarding my pussy and combined them with the wonderful pressure his pubis had applied to my clit.
“Ah, it’s never felt so fucking good,” Dillon groaned, his lips touching mine as he spoke. “Fuck, you feel amazing.”
“Oh, so do you, I—” My words trailed off as he began to move. “But I’m still mad at you for putting the cuffs back on.” I said, struggling to catch my breath.
“Yeah, well, maybe if I hadn’t we wouldn’t be fucking right now.”
“True.” I tugged my arms—I was truly trapped beneath him.
He groaned, as though enjoying my brief struggle with the cuffs, then, “Ah, yes, take all of me, see how much I like fucking pussy.”
“I think...I can...tell.” My words were staccato from his pumping hips knocking the wind from my lungs with each pound.
He was catching my clit perfectly, and each time he withdrew and plunged back in the domed head of his cock gave my G-­spot a deep and satisfying stroke. The pressure was building—soon it would over-­spill.
I closed my eyes, concentrated on the wonderful climax that was about to ravage my body. He was kissing me again and whispering hot, rude words of adoration.
“Fuck, so hot and wet. You’ve made me so hard for you, so fucking hard.”
I couldn’t kiss him back and his voice was like listening underwater. I was in a buzzy, desperate place where only sensation existed. Lost to the heated weight of his body and the hairs on his chest scratching against my nipples. The way his bone-­hard cock was thrusting into me, relentlessly, indomitably, overtook my thoughts.
Suddenly it was there, the point of no return.
“Oh, yes, yes, don’t stop,” I cried, harnessing the bliss that was about to erupt.
“Fuck, let it go already,” he said, nipping at my neck, biting, sucking.
The added stimulus, the pain of his teeth and the suction he was creating toppled me into a free-­fall of ecstasy. I spasmed and contracted around his cock, savoring every moment of coming with such a wonderful, satisfying intensity. He didn’t let up, continued to give me what I needed, just where I needed it, right until the waves of pleasure allowed me to breathe again.
“You done?” he panted.
“Oh, that was so—”
“Thank fuck for that.” He pulled out of my pussy, reached down and fisted his shiny, slick shaft.
I watched, mesmerized, as his slit widened and pearly cum shot onto my stomach, flooding my navel
“Argh, yeah,” he groaned, jerking his shaft with violent force and releasing more semen. “God, I needed that.” He sucked in a breath, squeezed out another blast of liquid then tipped his head back and groaned. A low, belly-­sound that vibrated from his body into mine.
I gasped and writhed, still turned on and desperate to touch the milkyness basting my body.
Dillon sat back between my legs, shoved his hand through his ocean-­and-­sweat-­damp hair and looked down at me.
“Now that is a sight to feed a man’s soul with.” He curled his lips into a smile and my heart flipped. It was the first genuine smile I’d ever seen him produce.
“Well I’m glad you two have sorted out your differences.”
I turned at the sound of Jose’s voice, and a dense weight crashed in my guts.
Jose was sitting on the lounger staring at us. He was naked and had a hold of his cock, jacking it up and down with a lazy fist.
“Jose. I, what...?” I was already hot, but a blistering flush seared over my skin. I tugged my wrists and tried to clamp my legs shut, succeeding only in locking them against Dillon.
Oh, God, what must Jose think of me? Earlier on I was putting out for him and now here I was with his partner.
I pressed my face into my arm, screwed my eyes closed. A knot of shame twisted around my heart and I wished Dillon would release me once and for all so I could curl into a ball and hide in a corner somewhere. Wait until all of this toe-­curling embarrassment had gone away.
“Hey, hey, sweetie.” Jose’s voice, soft and soothing. “I’m not being sarcastic. I’m genuinely pleased you and Dillon have got it together. It makes things so much simpler.”
I opened one eye, looked at him as Dillon rubbed a hand up my leg, the callouses on his palm scratching my thigh.
“You are?” I asked hesitantly. “It does?”
He stood and walked under the shade of the bimini. Pulled at his cock and smoothed his thumb over the head. “Sure, Dillon and I are partners, what goes for me goes for him and vice versa.”
“Yeah, we both like you,” Dillon said, dropping a kiss onto the rise of my hipbone. “And luckily it seems you like both of us.”
I do. But what does that say about me?
Jose suddenly released his cock and rested a hand over his eyes like a makeshift visor. He stared out to sea. “Ah, fuck. Looks like we’ve got more company.”

I hope you enjoyed that excerpt! If you want to read the whole of Good Cop, Bad Cop, click here.

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Shared was my first novel published at Ellora's Cave and released as an ebook in June 2010. Today this steamy menage hits the stands as a print book, which I just can't help but be excited about!!


Struggling artist Ariane Arlington flees the Welsh valleys after exposing her corrupt boss. But when the sun rises she finds herself jobless and homeless in Cardiff city with barely a penny to her name.

She responds to an advert in the local paper—Room to let, wanted, girl to share. What she doesn’t realize is that the two insanely gorgeous guys who live in the penthouse apartment really do want a girl to share, in every sense of the word. Fortunately for Ariane, rent is the last thing on their minds.

She discovers the men are bound together by a turbulent past. Liam, a computer whiz, keeps a painful secret hidden beneath his buff exterior, whilst Quinn, a pioneering neurosurgeon, wonders if he’ll ever meet a woman who can live with his controlling ways. They admit the one thing missing from their lives is a woman just like Ariane, who can handle them both in and out of the bedroom and who, together, they can keep satisfied, loved and most of all, safe.


Suddenly I was there. I exploded and shouted out his name. My body jerked and my spine arched. Quinn wrapped his free hand around my shoulders, held me tight as he continued to drive into me, eking out every last tremor of my glorious release.
I felt another surge of wetness as my internal muscles pumped around his wickedly expert hand, and then I was panting, desperate for air and looking up at his face silhouetted by the bright ceiling light.
He was staring at me, not smiling, just wide-eyed. “Stunning,” he said. “You’re so responsive, so delectably reactive I can hardly believe it.”
“It’s been quite a while,” I confessed, dragging in lungfuls of oxygen and becoming aware once more of my surroundings. The marble really was hard and very cold on my naked behind.
Suddenly another deep, male voice ricocheted around the kitchen and invaded our private moment. “Glad you two are getting on so well.”
I looked around Quinn’s shoulder at the kitchen doorway. Liam stood, arms folded, feet apart, as he surveyed us draped over the marble island he’d designed.
“Hey,” Quinn said, turning but making no move to take his fingers from inside me.
My heart leapt and I pushed frantically against him. Prickles of mortification swept through the very core of my being as I squirmed and finally rid myself of his invasion. I slid ungracefully from the island and tugged up my jeans. I heard a whimper of embarrassment escape my lips, squeezed shut my eyes and prepared to take flight.
“Hey,” Quinn said, reaching for me. “Ariane.”
“No.” I shrugged him off and sidestepped.
But it was no good. He was too strong and too quick. He scooped me against his chest and bent his head to my ear. “Ariane,” he said again, curling his arms around me in a vise-like grip. “It’s okay, really.”
“I have to go.” I twisted my neck away from where Liam stood. My heart was threatening to burst right out of my chest. He would think I was a tart, a whore, a slut. I’d been giving off serious signals of interest to him only hours ago and now he’d come out of his office to discover me sprawled wantonly over his breakfast counter being hand-fucked by his flatmate. “I can’t stay, not now, please, let me go. I have to go.”
I pushed against Quinn with all my strength and shoved backward, but something caught me. Not something, someone. Liam. Suddenly I was trapped between two rock-hard chests and surrounded by four determined arms.
“Don’t go,” Liam said into my ear. “I’m not mad at you.” He spoke with such softness that instantly my eyes filled with emotion. “I want you to stay.”
We want you to stay,” Quinn added.
I felt a drip of shame spill over my lower lid.
“Why are you sad?” Quinn asked, tipping my chin. “I thought I just made you fly.”
“You did, but…” I dropped my head into the palms of my hands. “But I’m so embarrassed, you’ve been so kind, so helpful and you don’t even know me, somewhere to stay, clothes, food.” A juddering sob broke free. “And I’ve repaid you by behaving like a whore.”
Liam sucked in a breath behind me. “Don’t you ever say that about yourself again, Ariane.” He spun me to face him instead of Quinn. “I won’t stand for it and neither will Quinn.”
“Absolutely not,” Quinn confirmed. “What you just did made us both very happy and we won’t have you corrupting it.”
My mind was reeling. What on earth were they on about? I had just made them ”both” very happy with my terrible display of sluttiness? “I behave like a loose-moraled tart and that makes you happy?” I asked, stunned, taking my hands from my shame-stained cheeks.
“If you say that again, or anything like that,” Quinn said in a decidedly dangerous growl by my ear, “I will put you over my knee and spank that sexy little ass of yours, Ariane.”
My mouth dropped open in shock as my body trembled at the kinky suggestion.
Liam took full advantage of my open mouth and suddenly he was kissing me, gently and slowly but with a harnessed passion that had me opening for more in spite of my confusing predicament. He cranked up the heat, our teeth touched briefly and then he delved his tongue into my mouth and began devouring me like a starving man. He tasted different to Quinn’s dark, chocolate heat. He was lighter, fresher, like he’d not long since brushed his teeth. But he was equally delicious, equally sexy, equally hot.
Quinn brushed my hair to one side and began to rain kisses onto the supersensitive part of my neck, just below my ear. I groaned in appreciation and curled my fingers into Liam’s t-shirt to hang on. Two pairs of hands began to roam my body, dipping into my waist, smoothing over my butt and thighs, reaching for my breasts.
Quinn’s erection prodded at the small of my back at the same time Liam’s hit my stomach.
I snapped my mouth away. What was I doing? What the hell was going on? My sudden movement caught them both off guard and I was able to slip free.
“No,” I said, retreating at speed. “I don’t know what’s going on here but no…how can you both…?”
“Shh, it’s okay,” Liam said, taking a step toward me.
I backed away, throwing up my hands defensively. “No…” I said breathlessly. “I have to go.”
“But where?” Quinn said, shaking his head. “You can’t go back.”
“I don’t know,” I said, aware my voice sounded shaky.
A sudden manic beeping filled the kitchen. Loud and insistent it echoed like the shrill ring of a phone in an empty hall. “Shit,” Quinn muttered. “Worst timing ever.” He reached down to his pocket.
Liam raised his eyebrows at him. “Isn’t it always?”
“What, what’s that?” I asked as I pushed a damp strand of hair from my face.
“My pager,” Quinn said, narrowing his eyes at the small flashing screen. “I have to go.” He walked toward me. I backtracked and hit the kitchen wall. “Liam will deal with you,” he said through tight lips. “Anything he says goes for me too.” He looked across at Liam who’d folded his arms and tipped his head. “I feel the same way he does,” Quinn said.
“Don’t stop this,” Quinn interrupted. “Don’t stop this before it’s even begun, Ariane, please… I beg you.”
And then he was gone. His expensive leather shoes tapped over the wooden floor of the living room and then the front door slammed with a thud.
I wrung my hands together and rested my back against the wall. What had just happened? I’d kissed Liam with the same enthusiasm I had Quinn only moments before. How could I have generated so much passion inside my soul for one man and within seconds convert it to another? I’d always been faithful, I’d never cheated on Geraint, never even been tempted. Yet here I was getting mashed between two very aroused men and, I had to admit, enjoying it immensely. Thank goodness I’d come to my senses and stopped before anything else had happened.
“Ariane,” Liam said quietly, “you’re thinking about this way too much.”
I touched my fingertips to my lips, still tingling from where he’d just kissed me into oblivion. “What do you mean ‘this’?” I managed.
“Us, me and Quinn.” He paused. “And you.”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s not to understand?” He stepped closer. “I like you, Quinn’s clearly into you, and from what I just saw and felt—you, Ariane, are into both of us.”
There, he’d said it, the disastrous truth. I was into both of them. How could I not be? Both were devastatingly gorgeous and both had an air of irresistible sex appeal. It was a different nature of sexiness—whilst Liam’s felt gentle, seductive, beautiful and to a certain extent nurturing, there was something about Quinn that felt fast and furious, perhaps even dangerous. There was an element of bad boy unpredictability about him. How could a girl choose?
There was only one option—I would have to leave and not have either of them.
“I have to go,” I said again. “Really, I’m sorry, I can’t stay.”
“No.” Liam frowned, creating a neat horizontal line between his brows. “Leave in the morning if you want, but not in the dark, and…” He had a distinctly sharper edge to his tone. “Leave because you don’t want us, not because you do.”

Reviews for Shared

Whipped Cream

"Ms. Harlem has written some truly fantastic characters... Shared is well-written and fast moving with a suspenseful back story that keeps you reading until the end."

Sexy Reads

This was a book I raced through and really enjoyed. It’s a stunning exploration of the joys of alternative lifestyles and should be on everyones read soon list!

Night Owl Romance

"From the first paragraph I knew I would enjoy reading Shared by Lily Harlem. Harlem's prose and phrasing is artfully wrought and shocker..."

The Romance Readers Connection

"SHARED, by Lily Harlem takes an interesting fresh turn in the land of erotica and ménages. I highly recommend SHARED."

Siren Book Reviews

"Please let me have a Quinn and Liam. 

Ms. Harlem has a winner here in her characters. I was drawn into the story and felt the horror, the love and the heat between them all. Liam with his surprise in the middle made me cry and root for him, Quinn, the quintessential overworked Dr. made me angry enough to want to shake him, until the end. Ariane was fabulous. 

I wanted to help her and be her friend. Shared is a book that you won’t want to miss from its passion and heat to its wonderful characters. I will read this one over and over."

The Romance Studio

Author Lily Harlem sets the stage for a romantic adventure that captures the spirit and heart of a grown up fairytale – filling the reader with the same joy and expectancy that will steal the reader's heart in a wondrous way. Shared is vibrantly refreshing and sizzling with sensuality and a depth of emotions that can't help but take the reader's breath away. The abundantly steamy sexual escapades in this enchanting tale keeps things popping along with a style that is sure to heat some fires. 

Ms. Harlem seems to have the knack for depicting the events and her characters experiences in a way that captures the reader's imagination making them seem real. Ariane, Liam and Quinn are wonderfully portrayed that are engaging, appealing, complex and believable each complete with their own flaws that makes them readily come to life. 

Ms. Harlem reaches into the heart of a relationship with this stunning tale. 

You Gotta Read

Sultry love scenes that breathe off the page make 'Shared' a You Gotta Read for fans of the genre and those who may be looking to read something out of their comfort zone.

The Book Binge

This really is a lovely romantic tale and while the setting and some of the language is uniquely European, the themes and the points it makes are about the universal qualities which an open, caring, giving and receiving love can bring into all our relationships.

Miz Love Loves Books

As well as being an entertaining story, Shared has the potential to make you sit and think. I suspect this is a trait of Ms. Harlem’s. She doesn’t just write a book. She writes What Ifs that prod the mind long after the book has ended.

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Shared is a nicely rounded out story, not just an erotica, but a full romance. Liam and Quinn have an established history but Ariane is needed and needs them for everyone to be complete. The dynamics play out well and Shared ends up being a people story in the end. This proves that Lily Harlem can take a fantasy concept and give it enough reality for us to get into the story and enjoy the ride! I have the say that I loved the ending as well.

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If you enjoy Shared, check out the sequel, Shared Too!

Have a great day :-)

Lily x

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FREE erotica over at KD Grace's today including 
Body Temperature and Rising for not just your  Kindle  but also iTunes 


 Go check out Autumn Heat and see what else you can grab or add to you TBR list or your diary...

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Shared - print edition

Coming to print on the 27th of September  - Shared.

Blurb for Shared

Struggling artist Ariane Arlington flees the Welsh valleys after exposing her corrupt boss. But when the sun rises she finds herself jobless and homeless in Cardiff city with barely a penny to her name.She responds to an advert in the local paper—Room to let, wanted, girl to share.

What she doesn’t realize is that the two insanely gorgeous guys who live in the penthouse apartment really do want a girl to share, in every sense of the word. Fortunately for Ariane, rent is the last thing on their minds.

She discovers the men are bound together by a turbulent past. Liam, a computer whiz, keeps a painful secret hidden beneath his buff exterior, whilst Quinn, a pioneering neurosurgeon, wonders if he’ll ever meet a woman who can live with his controlling ways. They admit the one thing missing from their lives is a woman just like Ariane, who can handle them both in and out of the bedroom and who, together, they can keep satisfied, loved and most of all, safe.

Of course you will still be able to buy it as a ebook.

Ellora's Cave

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And if you enjoy Shared, be sure to look out for Shared Too, also coming soon to print but always available in ebook.

You can read the 5* reviews for Shared and Shared Too HERE.

Have a great day.

Lily x

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Another great review for Cross-Checked

I was thrilled to find another great review for the 2nd book in my HOT ICE series :-)

The Romance Reviews

Snagging a gold medal in the Olympics for long-distance cycling was a piece of cake for Carly. Taming the bad-boy hockey player, Brick, another story entirely. Or is it? 

CROSS-CHECKED is told from Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Flannigan's point of view, so we get a really good sense of how she is feeling about being the object of Brick's desires. I would have expected Carly to be super confident, but she proves that even world-class Olympians succumb to the occasional case of self-doubt when members of the other sex are involved. 

Brick brings every bit of the alpha-maleness you would expect from a hot and sexy hockey player. Honestly, I almost skipped this book because I hated him in Hired (Hot Ice #1), but I sure am glad I didn't! He is bossy in that kinky, bad-boy way that lets you know he is dirty to the core…dirty talker…dirty sex…dirty HOT! 

Lily Harlem brought exactly what I have come to expect from her – a great cast of characters and a deliciously erotic romance. If that's what you are looking for, then CROSS-CHECKED just might be the book for you!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

All Romance eBooks

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Sunday Snog

Stockholm Surrender.

Welcome to another Sunday Snog. This week's super steamy smooch is from Stockholm Surrender, the full length novel to accompany Stockholm Seduction - a free short read I wrote a couple of years ago and was published by Ellora's Cave.

So many readers requested the rest of Ty and Penny's dangerous, sexy story that I got my head down and let them talk to me again, the result is Stockholm Surrender. These guys are some of my favourite characters of all time and I adored the international adventure they went on to be together. Just as a side note, the prequel to Stockholm Surrender (Stockholm Seduction), is re-printed in the novel so there is no missing out on the beginning of the story if you just buy Stockholm Surrender.


Penny is the daughter of a British politician, this extract comes from midway through the book when she's in Bangkok and just been safely delivered to her room by Phil, her bodyguard. After having been snatched and held to ransom by Ty on previous occasions her father isn't taking any risks with her safety - much to her annoyance!

I went in, shut and locked the door, then heard Phil fiddle for several seconds on the other side before walking away. Irritation swarmed over me. If that door opened it wouldn’t be just Phil appearing. Hotel security would no doubt be on full alert too and come racing to the rescue.
I glanced at the huge queen-sized bed. It was draped in a beautifully embroidered cream-and-gold eiderdown and stacked high with pillows. The brass slatted headboard was against a wall painted the color of sapphires and the tall bedside lampshades reminded me of emeralds. It was a fantastic room. Spacious and lavish, with a separate seating and dressing area. It would have been perfect for entertaining company—hot, male company.
Sighing, I kicked off my shoes, threw my purse on the bed and wandered to the window. I wasn’t even tired after my afternoon sleep. My body clock was all over the place.
The thick gold-weaved curtains were drawn and I pulled the left one back to stare out at the rain-splattered Bangkok skyline. I needed something to distract me from my fractious state.
“Don’t scream.”
I registered sparkling blue eyes a split second before hungry lips hit down on mine. Oh my god, Ty!
I grabbed the front of his t-shirt as his arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. His kiss was intense and frantic. I stared at his closed eyes and long lashes and rejoiced in the heady wave of excitement, relief and lust spiraling through my system.
Ty was already in my room.
“Oh Penny. I can’t believe what you’ve done,” he whispered breathlessly, sliding his hands up my spine and cupping the back of my skull. “You really got your father to Thailand, a meeting set up and a new lawyer.”
“Yes, of course.” I felt as if I would burst with joy. Ty was here. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
“How did you get in my room?” I asked breathlessly.
He kissed my cheek, trailed his warm, soft mouth to my ear. “I just told a cleaner my girlfriend was downstairs in the bar and had the key to our room in her handbag.” He gave a naughty smirk. “She let me in.”
“So much for Phil’s security.”
“Dad’s bodyguard.”
Ty pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Shit, there was no one else with you at dinner.”
“He was sitting a few tables away.” The look of panic on Ty’s face tugged at my heartstrings and I touched his cheek.
“Where is he now?” he asked.
“Next door. It’s okay.”
Ty glanced at the wall behind the bed. “You expecting to see him again tonight?”
I stroked down to his jawline and grinned. “Absolutely not.”
Ty drew the curtain shut, hiding us from the world and gave a sexy grin. “Good. Then you’ll have no objections to me giving you what you’re owed.”
In one swift movement, he hoisted me upward and began kissing me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. My dress slid up my thighs as my ankles crossed in the small of his back. This was what I’d been dreaming about, what I’d been crying out for. I could hardly believe it was really happening.
“I’m gonna settle every one of my debts,” he murmured between kisses, stepping toward the dressing table just behind me.
“Too right you are,” I whispered, pulling his t-shirt from the waistband of his jeans. His smell, his taste, the heat pouring from him was driving me wild. There was something about Ty that was drug-like to me. My hormones went crazy whenever he was near and my body cried out for his. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before with any of my previous boyfriends—although who the hell was I kidding? Ty was hardly a boyfriend. He was a crazy, kidnapping adrenaline junkie who I craved with every fiber of my being.
He backed me against the wall to the left of the dresser. It was cool on my bare shoulders but I hardly noticed. I was too intent on getting to Ty’s flesh. Yanking and tugging, I dragged off his t-shirt. Smoothed my hands over the wide planes of his shoulders, whimpering in appreciation at the acres of perfect, tanned skin. I wrapped my hand around the vibrant dragon tattoo on his right biceps and hung on.
He palmed my breast through my thin dress. “I love your outfit. You looked so damn sexy in the restaurant I nearly followed you into the restroom and fucked you there.”
“Seriously?” I threaded my fingertips into his hair and held him tight.
“Yes, seriously, and I’ve been so damn hard ever since.” He slipped his fingers down the neckline of my dress and found my nipple. Tweaked and twisted it to a hard point.
“So do something about it,” I managed. “But tell me now if you can’t finish what you’re about to start, because I don’t think I can take what you did to me last time. Make me crazy with lust, just about to come and then leave. That was just plain cruel.”
“I’m so sorry, baby.” He treated my other nipple to the same luscious attention. “But it worked, you’re here, and now I can do what I really wanted to do that night in your bedroom.” He glanced at the door.
I pressed my fingertips to his cheek and turned his head back to mine. “No one is coming in. It’s locked and bolted.”
He swallowed and pulled his brows low. “Sure?”
I nodded.
“Then lord help us, Penny, ‘cause I am going to fuck you so hard and so good you’ll not only forget your damn name you’ll forget what fucking planet you live on.”
If I’d thought I couldn’t be any more turned-on or any more excited, I was wrong. His words and the way he said them in his sexy, murmuring Australian accent spread lust like an electric current to my clit. It twitched and tingled and all I could think of was getting him inside me, fucking me hard and good. Making me forget my name and which planet I lived on.
Our mouths connected and I tangled and twisted my tongue with his. We both groaned at the relief of finally being able to give in to our primitive, desperate urges. Still pressed up against the wall with my legs wrapped around him, I fumbled with his fly buttons. I managed to shove my hand into his pants and cup his erection through his boxers. It strained against my palm, hot and hard and gloriously thick.
He found the gusset of my knickers, pulled it to one side and probed into my pussy. My slick entrance welcomed him and I clamped around his finger, thrusting my hips for more. He added another finger and shoved in higher.
But it wasn’t enough. I needed his cock in me—now.
“You got a condom this time?” I asked breathlessly, thinking of the secret stash I had in my washbag.
“Already dressed for action, baby.”
I struggled and shoved at his pants and boxers. When his cock got caught on the fabric, he grunted in frustration. Finally though, his shaft sprang forward into my hand and sure enough, his was already wearing a condom.
Pulling back, I looked into his face. There was a flush of red on his cheeks and his eyes flashed wildly.
“Presumptuous,” I said.
“Baby, there was only one thing gonna happen tonight between us and that’s this.” He tugged aside my knickers, released his cock fully and positioned the head at my pussy. “Of course it makes a change not to have you tied up.”
I locked both my hands around his neck and tightened my ankles in the small of his back. He felt so big, holding me, surrounding me, about to thrust into me. “Maybe later,” I managed.
For a split second he looked as if he might grin, but then his expression turned to one of agonized concentration.
He pushed into me.
I gasped and balled my fists. Damn, I’d forgotten how fucking big his cock was.
“Oh, sweet Jesus,” he groaned, withdrawing slightly then pushing in some more. “You feel amazing.”
He kissed down my neck and shifted me in his embrace. I fluttered my eyes shut and tilted my pelvis, willing my pussy to relax for him. He gained more entry.
“Oh god, Ty,” I said. The pain-pleasure was the sweetest torture. “Please, just...”
“Just what?” He tightened his hold, held my trapped body between his chest and the wall. I couldn’t move. I was pinned. “Is this what you want, Penny?” He thrust right the way in, hard, and I had no choice but to take all of his formidable length—every last inch.
“Argh—” I started, then he caught my surprised, bliss-infused cry in his mouth. He kissed me hotly, hungrily, absorbing all my moans and groans. I returned his passion, met him kiss for kiss.
He explored my thighs and my butt, then squeezed his fingers between our bodies, pulling at the flesh beneath my pubic hair. He tugged it upward, exposing my raw, distended clit to his pelvic bone then set up a jackhammer pace. The pressure was so concentrated I felt possessed, owned by him, and handed myself over to the pleasure I knew he could give me.
He didn’t stop kissing me as he rammed into me, over and over, harder and harder. Fleetingly, I was grateful we weren’t fucking against the wall between my and Phil’s rooms. But the thought lingered for only the smallest amount of time, because an almighty orgasm was blooming. I was so wet now, slick around his cock. His thrusts were smooth and filled me to capacity. Each time our pelvic bones met his hardness connected with my clit in a wonderfully intense way, spinning me toward a state of ecstasy .
“Oh yes, yes,” I gasped into his mouth. I couldn’t move much but my hands were all over him. Touching every part I could reach—grabbing, scratching, pulling.
“Fuck it, Penny. I’m in heaven when I’m in you. It’s even better than I remembered.” With a feral growl, he lowered his head to my neck and his burning, panting breaths blew across my skin.
I stared at a sparkling chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, pressing my pelvis down to meet each of his thrusts, savoring the final steps to my climax. I was coming. It was almost there. Ty, the man my heart was beating for, was taking me to the pinnacle of sensation.
“Oh yes, Ty,” I gasped, trembling in his arms. Desperation for release had taken hold. “That’s it, that’s it...” Pleasure detonated inside me, exploding in my pussy and clit and radiating outward in near-violent blasts. My limbs turned to granite, locking around him, pinning him to me.
“Ah fuck,” he said, pulling his head from my neck and staring at me. “You’re gonna finish me off with all that pussy-squeezing stuff.” He bared his teeth and hissed in a breath.
I opened my mouth on a silent exclamation as he shunted in higher than ever, his cock a steely rod. Then, as my body pulsed through the aftershocks of my own climax, I watched his beautiful face contort with ecstasy. He squeezed his eyes shut, the bridge of his nose wrinkled and his lips pulled back in a tight grimace.
He froze, buried as deep as he could go for the longest, sweetest of moments, then he was pulsing inside me. Spurting into the condom.
He pulled halfway out and rammed back in one last time. “Ah, yes, fuck it, yes, Penny,” he gasped. The muscles around his mouth and nose relaxed and he opened his eyes. “Ah baby, that was worth the wait. You’re fucking awesome.”
Cupping his cheeks, I held his face near mine. “So are you,” I panted.
His eyes softened as a tremble attacked his body, the vibrations shivering into mine. For a second he looked vulnerable, tired, and instead of seeing the loose-cannon kidnapper I saw the man who loved and needed to be loved in return.
In that moment I realized that I was completely, irrevocably, totally in love with Ty Winters, and not only that, I’d fallen for him with all the grace with which a brick hits the bottom of a puddle—hard and fast.
“I’ve got to go,” Ty said, slipping from me and untangling my limbs from his body. “Just in case someone comes in.”
My feet dropped to the floor and my dress settled around my knees. As he stepped from my embrace I felt cold and empty. I wrapped my arms around my waist and hugged myself tight.
He snapped off the condom and tucked himself in. “I’ll just get rid of this.”
I stood pressed against the wall as he walked into the bathroom. Water ran and the toilet flushed.
He appeared in the room again, tipped his head and studied me. “You okay?”
My heart was still pounding. I could still taste him on my lips and feel him inside me. He was leaving. Was I okay? Hell no. “Yes, I’m fine.”
“Good.” He scooped up his t-shirt and slipped it on. “Because I’ll be seeing you again real soon, okay?”
“Ty, don’t go, stay a while.”
He moved before me and furrowed his brow. “Oh baby, it’s too risky. I struggle to think straight when I’m with you.”
I reached for his hand. Brought it to my cheek and flattened my palm over it. Each time he left me was more painful than the last. I didn’t think I could cope with it, not while I was still buzzing from my orgasm and could still feel him holding me. Not when I’d just acknowledged the depths of my feelings for him.
He sighed and his shoulders sagged. He pressed a kiss to my stubbled patch of hair. “I need to think straight. I need to be on the ball. Believe it or not this is my first experience of kidnap, holding someone to ransom and threatening a senior member of Cabinet. I’m not an expert at it. If my brain isn’t in gear then I might end up joining James in a cell.”
I gazed up into his eyes. They were full of indecision. He was trying to be strong and rational, but there was an internal battle going on between his head and his heart. He wanted to stay—I could tell.
“I so want to stay,” he said. “Getting in that bed with you, making love to you, slowly, indulgently would be the sweetest thing in the world to do right now, and then, afterwards, I’d hold you close all night and wake up with you in my arms.” He swallowed tightly. “Baby, please believe me, that’s what I really want to do, not go back to my dingy hostel room and sleep on a lonely, hard bed.”
Tears rose in my eyes. That was what I wanted too. After all this time. All these weeks and months of wanting, I needed more than a quick fuck against a wall. I needed him in me, to become part of me. I needed our souls to connect. But I didn’t want to become another battle in the war he had with himself. Wasn’t that what love was all about? Putting the other person first. I nodded and managed a hint of a smile. “Of course I believe you. Go.”
He blinked long and slow, touched the tip of his nose to mine. “There’s only you in my life, you know.”
“There is?”
“Yeah, those girls on Facebook, they’re not around anymore. And anyway, you knock the socks off all of them. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you and would never have risked so much as getting a splinter for them, but you,” he motioned around the room, “I’ve risked fucking everything to be with you just for a few minutes.”
“And James, you’ve risked everything for James too.”
“That’s true, I’ve risked a long time in prison for my best mate. But here, now, I don’t need to be in this room with your father and a no-doubt-armed bodyguard breathing down my neck. I’m here for you, because I want—no, make that need—you.” He brushed his lips over mine. “And make no mistake, there’s no way that’s changing, certainly not in the near future anyway. The need is simply too great and every moment I’m with you it just damn well grows.”
I sagged into him as he slanted his head and took possession of my mouth. His words warmed the very core of my being, but I knew it was the last kiss before he left because although it was soft and lingering it held a note of finality. When he broke it and stepped away I suppressed a sob of disappointment.
He didn’t catch my eye again and I watched his long, lean body move beneath his loose-fitting jeans and t-shirt as he walked away. The muscles and tendons of his back were outlined beneath his top and already a couple of spots of sweat had marked the material between his shoulder blades—sweat produced from our frantic lovemaking.
He reached the door, undid the chain, turned to me and paused.
I wondered if he was about to say something or change his mind and stay.
“Stop!” Suddenly I remembered the damn alarm. “Don’t open the door.” I rushed forward.
Confusion etched across his face. “Seriously. Don’t open it, it’s alarmed.”
“It’s alarmed. Shit, how could I forget?”
“Alarmed, what are you on about?”
I covered my face with my hands, horrified at how my forgetfulness had nearly gotten Ty caught. “Phil’s attached sensor alarms. If the door is opened it will scream the hotel down. He’ll come running, so will security.”
Ty widened his eyes and let go of the door handle. Held up his hands and looked at it as though it might bite. “Shit!”
Quickly I scooted past him and reattached the chain. I shook my head. “Bloody hell, that was close.”
“Shit,” he said again, glancing at the window. “At eight stories up I’m well and truly trapped.” He shoved his hand through his hair and frowned. “What the fuck am I going to do?”
“I’m sorry.” Again, fear on his face. I couldn’t bear it.
“Shit.” He balled his fists at his sides. “Shit, shit, shit.”

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Switching the Control by Victoria Blisse

New onto the shelves at Total-E-Bound comes Switching the Control from the ever fabulous and always smuttily entertaining, Victoria Blisse. Make sure you grab your copy!


Melissa is smart, confident and head strong. She has her dream career and is a step away from becoming a partner at Grimly and Vimes. Richard ruins her perfect plan when he uncovers a serious indiscretion in her past and forces her to be his office sex slave for a week in return for his silence.

But Melissa finds out that she enjoys being told what to do. She craves punishment and adores to be put in her place and Richard does it so perfectly. It was not in her plan to fall in love but how will she cope when it happens anyway?

Reader Advisory:This story contains black mail, forced acts of submission and elements of dubious consent


I've always loved to be in control. Some people called it OCD, other people thought that I had a stick up my arse, but really it was all about not being vulnerable. I'd had enough of that to last me a lifetime. So I kept everything cool, calculated and distanced, especially in my work life.

I'd climbed up the corporate ladder, rung by rung by working hard and partying little. I'd made a lot of progress, but there was a guy above me in thecompany and he was just about to retire. I wanted his position as partner and head investment banker at Grimly and Vimes. So I still had a lot to prove and many hours to work to be assured that I could get that job. I wouldn't let any kind of psychological warfare trip me up.

I tried not to let people know how much it hurt me when they called me 'the big bitch' and I tried to wear the nickname proudly. I hated it, though. I know it is only human nature to pick on the obvious differences of an opponent then use that as a hurtful label, but I couldn't help but feel the sting of it from time to time. It still hurts to be called fat when you're thirty. In fact it can be more painful than it was when you were only a child.

It's the one thing I could say for Richard—the guy hadn't stooped to calling me names. He might have been a hard—hearted bastard who drove me up the wall with his arrogance and his driving need to be right, but at least he treated me like an equal, which was more than I could say for some of the sexist pigs in the office. I just didn't like that we were equally matched and I was worried that he'd get the promotion ahead of me.

I knew I was good at what I did and I wouldn't be beaten. I took risks when I needed to and worked all damn day if it was what it took to get a new client. There was only one slight chink in my armour and I had been sure to hide it from detection. I was confident that whatever Richard could do I could do better.

"Melissa, could I have a word with you in my office?" Richard's voice rang through my thoughts. I looked up from my hastily poured coffee.

"Sure, is now okay? I've just taken two minutes to grab a coffee but I really need to get back to the Cobden pitch."

"Now is fine, thanks."

I followed him down the corridor from the communal kitchen and wondered what on earth he could want me for. We didn't work on the same jobs, we were both given the top clients and it took a lot of work to keep up with them. I wondered if he was just trying to work out what kind of competition he had for the position that we both wanted.

He stood back from the door and waved me in. Normally I would have made a fuss—he wouldn't do the same for a man and I didn't like being treated differently just because I was a woman. Not in my work life, not in day—to—day doings and not in my sex life, either. Not that I had a sex life. I hadn't fucked anyone but myself in over a year.

I shook my head and focused back on the task in hand. Not that I wanted to fuck Richard, oh, definitely not. Although he did have a he didn't have a perfect arse shaped like two juicy plums ripe for the tasting. I mean on the surface he was pretty decent in the looks department. With his wide shoulders and pouty lips that appeared like they'd take a good nibbling. Those deep emerald eyes of his just seemed to drag you in.

But I knew he was simply not my type. He was too dominant—he wanted to be top dog and we couldn't both be on top, whichever way you thought about it.

Richard shut the door behind him and sat down behind his sleek, black desk.

"Take a seat, Melissa," he said and waved at the seat opposite him.

"Well, I don't know if I have time—"

"Sit down, Melissa," he repeated the phrase with grit in his voice.

"Fine, but I really can't stay long."

"This won't take long." He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a sheet of paper.

"As you know, I want this partnership and I'm determined to get it so I've been working really hard to secure that position."

I nodded and hid a yawn behind my hand. It was just a really lame attempt at psyching me out. I'd give him a few more minutes but if nothing interesting was forthcoming I decided that I'd just leave. I didn't have time to waste on exchanging idle threats.

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Find out more about Victoria Blisse and all her wonderful books on her website.