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Welcome to my Library!

Here you can find a list of all my books divided into novels and novellas (short stories) with their pairings next to them. 

m/f = male female relationship
f/f = female female relationship
m/m = male male relationship
m/f/m = menage relationship with female in middle
m/m/f = menage with males into each other too
harem - one person, lots of lovers

RENEGADE BIKER - coming soon


The Ranger's Rules - m/f
Muscling In - m/m/f 
Desk Job - m/f/m
A Fighter's Love - m/m/f 
Scored - m/f
The Glass Knot  - m/m/f

Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse - m/f
Thief - m/f
The Silk Tie - m/m/f

Breathe You In - m/f 
Dark Warrior - m/m
Rule Breaker - m/f 
Accelerated Passion - m/f 
Her Dominant Billionaire - m/f
Cold Nights, Hot Bodies - m/f
Shared - m/f/m
Shared Too -m/f/m
Bite Mark - m/f/m
Claw Mark m/m/f
Stockholm Surrender - m/f 
Master Of Her World - m/f - sci-fi
Reckless - mmf - sic-fi
Head of Household - m/f - time travel
Taking Charge - m/f
The Mobster's Girl - m/f
Chains of Command - m/f
The Viking's Captive - m/f
Owned by the Highlanders - m/f/m
Claimed by the Clan Chief - m/f
Darkest Night - paranormal boxed set. Mixture of pairings
Shared by the Vikings - reverse harem
The Duke's Pet - m/f
Hard Lessons - m/f
Obeying Her Vikings - reverse harem
Feral - mm omegaverse m-preg
Taming Her - mf BDSM
Abducted for Pleasure - mf BDSM sci-fi
Cocky Biker - mf MC
Renegade Biker - coming soon

Reverse Harem Series - available on KU

The Challenge is a complete reverse harem series (one lucky girl, lots of hot guys), available as individual books or a boxed set. Also now available THE BOYS, a spin-off novel told entirely from the men in Olivia's harem's point of view.

More Reverse Harem 

Moon and Back 
Candy Canes and Coal Dust 
Obeying Her Vikings
Shared by the Vikings
Craved by Them


Hockey Series - available on KU

HOT ICE - each fine as a standalone read. Book #1 HIRED is FREE if you sign up to my newsletter. Complete series Boxed Set now available.


Rock Starz

Mattress Music m/f
Mirror Music m/f
Menage a Music m/f/m

Shifter Series

6 books - m/f, m/m/m, m/mf


One Night in Cape Town m/f
Toy Boy m/f cougar
The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita m/f and m/f/m BDSM
Escape to the Country m/f/m m/m f/f f/m/f…
Orchestrating Manoeuvres m/f/m m/m
Candy Canes and Coal Dust m/f/m/m
Who Dares Wins m/m/m
Stories for When the Sun Goes Down - a collection of my m/f work

Going Up - m/f/f
Heat of the Day - m/m/f 
Spicing it Up - m/f BDSM 
Dessert m/f told from male POV
The Chase - m/m/m
Kangorilla - m/m/m
Dangerous to Know - m/f
Bad Idea - m/m
Cuffed -  m/f/m
At Her Husband's Command - m/f and m/f/m
Take Me - m/f paranormal
X-Rated - m/f
Confession - m/m 
Undercover - m/m 
In Safe Hands - m/f BDSM
Fireworks - m/f
Mistletoe Menage - MMM

Co-Authored Novels with Natalie Dae

Sexy as Hell Trilogy m/f 
That Filthy Book m/f 
Anything for Him m/f and m/f/m
Good Cop, Bad Cop m/f/m
Kink  m/f

Watching Her - m/f thriller (non-erotic)


Many more short stories feature in anthologies, you can find out more about these on my website, though a good collection of them are now in the ebook Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, listed above. 

Please note I write full time to pay the bills, please help myself, and other authors, continue to entertain you by purchasing books from reputable sites - thank you x

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