Thursday 30 April 2015

Toy Boy - 1st May Early Download #cougar #newrelease #eroticromance #ebook #sexy

My new short novel, Toy Boy, is available for early download from 1st of May from the publisher Totally Bound. General release 2nd June.

Getting something unexpected can be a shock, but it can also be a wonderful treat, if you allow yourself to indulge, that is.

Kay is bubbling with excitement. She’s booked a sailing holiday of a lifetime in Greece with a man she’s fallen for hook, line and sinker. They met on the Internet. She’s from Oxford, he’s from Washington State. She’s a business lecturer, he runs his own successful business.

They’re perfect for each other, and she can’t wait to meet him and spend time in and out of his bed, allowing him to seduce her for real and not just with softly spoken words over the telephone.
But when she arrives in the idyllic port of Fiscardo, she’s in for a shock. There’s a reason Sullivan’s photographs were grainy, and it’s not because he’s sporting a potbelly or balding as she’d suspected. It’s because he’s over a decade younger than her and could rival any Greek god in the looks department. What’s more, his sex appeal and lust for her is off the scale.

Should Kay take what she can with her ‘toy boy’ and have some fun in the sun or hop on the first plane back to England? It’s a tricky decision for a woman who believed she couldn’t be surprised by life anymore. 

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Hot Ice

My Hot Ice series now has it's own handy Amazon series page so you can find out all the gossip about my bad ass Viper boys and one click the stories about the women who tame them!

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Stockholm Surrender - IN PRINT

Stockholm Surrender is now available in print as well as ebook!

Also on Amazon/ Amazon UK

Back cover information

By popular reader request, the full-length story of what happens after Stockholm Seduction (included as the prologue).

My soul was in turmoil. Ty Winters had not only kidnapped me in Oz, my heartstoppingly gorgeous surfer had also stoked my darkest desires, bringing all my fantasies to the surface. So Oxford wasn’t going well. Until, that is, he creeped from the shadows—desperate, sexy, dangerous and wanting a piece of me, literally!

He teased me with a taste of his carnal skills, leaving me burning with frustration then forced to stand by as he fought for his beliefs using my lust-addled body as his most powerful weapon.

Oh, my kidnapper knew just how to get what he wanted, giving me just what I needed, while hiding our relationship from the British foreign minister and police. Because sometimes two people are meant to be, even in the most unconventional circumstances and twisted situations. We could fight the world, but we couldn’t fight our passion.

And to celebrate I'm giving away a paperback copy of Stockholm Surrender on my personal Facebook page - click here - and if you want to 'friend me' feel free to send a request :-) 

Monday 27 April 2015

Dark Warrior Reviews

I'm completely thrilled that Dark Warrior has been getting awesome 5* reviews including this one from industry review site GGR-Review.

Scott’s Review:

This isn’t your typical romance, the setting is different, the culture is different, and the characters are different. The setting is the Village of Cagaha Buurta in remote Kenya. The Culture is something I’ve only seen on the television, where multi generations of families live is huts, where meals are made over open fire and the water supply is from a well. The characters; Leo is a Doctor from London who works with Medics on Hand and has come to Kenya for a Month to work in the village clinic and Malik is from the Village having returned after 10 years away in Nairobi where he was trained as a Nurse. Leo and Malik are also Bi Racial, and I appreciated the diversity.

The story is diverse in it’s story as it is with it’s characters. The author did an exceptional job of using the beauty of the area alongside the ruggedness of life. It made me appreciate a culture that doesn’t have the conveniences that so many of us take for granted, yet these people were truly happy. I still cannot get over how the words used by Lily entrenched me so much in the story, it was as if I was able to feel the ruddiness of the environment and smell the decaying chicken (part of the story). I didn’t need to picture in my head what I thought it was like, all I had to do was read the words and the story did it for me. Absolutely Brilliant!

Leo and Malik are so good together, they fit. The chemistry between them is unmistakable as they struggle to be together but not. In a time and place where you could be stoned in the village square for lying with another man Leo and Malik must take those snippets in time to show how they feel. Their coming together was amazing. It was so damn realistic it was 2 mature men getting together, the sex was great.  Something I felt so important, even though they were lovers I got the feeling that they were also friends. It was through how comfortable they were with each other when left to relax and be themselves, unencumbered by villagers and just left to be themselves.

I cannot recommend this book enough, Lily Harlem continues to amaze me with her writing style and stories.

Buy your copy from Totally Bound and get a bonus sexy scene. Also available from all other good book retailers in both ebook and paperback.

Want all the juicy Dark Warrior details - check out my exclusive interview.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week a smooch from my new billionaire BDSM novel In Expert Hands.

She’d take the chance. For the sake of her sanity, she’d offer him what she thought he wanted, hoped he needed. Even if it meant her ass cheeks got a beating—which didn’t sound like a wholly unpleasant option, even if it was a bit scary.
She tugged and the ribbon slid free.
Kane shut his eyes. His lashes cast shadows on his cheeks.
For a few seconds she thought he would stay that way but then he opened his eyes and stared straight at her. He tipped his chin upward. His expression was stern.
Her heart rate skittered, but Imogen continued to pull the lace, threading it through the eyelets. The dress relaxed around her breasts, and air washed over her cleavage as it was revealed.
“Imogen,” Kane said breathily, with a slight frown marring his brow.
“What?” she asked. Damn, was she reading this all wrong? Well, it was too late now, the dress was coming off. Another few tugs and the straps would slip down her arms and it would pool at the floor around her feet.
“I want you,” he said hoarsely.
He did. Thank God.
“And I want you.” She paused. “And if you need to bend me over, tie me up, hit my backside to get off then I’m willing to try it.” She would, right now, for him. If it was what he needed.
He reached for her face, his fingers gentle on her cheeks. “Baby,” he whispered, his lips hovering over hers. “I have my kinks, no doubt about that, but not tonight. Not this first time with you.”
She held onto his forearms.
He was tense, the muscles and tendons taut and sinewy.
“But I thought—” she started.
“You thought wrong.” He touched his mouth to hers. It was a gentle, respectful kiss, no tongues, just lips pressing together. He pulled back a fraction and stared into her eyes.
“I did.” She curled her toes on the carpet and was aware of the dress slipping until the straps caught halfway down her upper arms. “I thought wrong?”
“Yes. Because sometimes…” He glanced downward, at her breasts partly exposed now by the gape in her outfit.
“Because what?”
“Because sometimes vanilla is the best flavor.” He slid his touch from her face to her shoulders then to her arms. “Sometimes vanilla is the only flavor that will do, Imogen.”
“No spanking, no bondage. Just us.”
She let out a breath she hadn’t known had trapped itself in her throat. “Okay.” She could handle that. Maybe it would be for the best. This time at least.
She released his arms and allowed the straps to fall. The entire dress landed on the floor. She kicked it aside, aware of her naked breasts swaying as she moved.
He rubbed the tip of his finger over his left eyebrow and stared down at her. He pressed his teeth into his bottom lip.
Imogen forced herself still. All the times she’d fantasized about Kane she’d never envisioned this moment. Wearing nothing but a pair of tiny black knickers in a top-class suite in New York hadn’t entered her imagination. Nor had the thought that he’d be into bondage and floggers.
Yet now it couldn’t be more perfect.
“You’re beautiful,” he said. “Even more so than I thought possible.”
Her nipples were tight, hard peaks and the tiny hairs on her arms prickled. A warmth went through her at his words—he thought she was beautiful.
“Turn around,” he said.
She did as he’d asked. Her line of sight settled on a huge bunch of lilac and cream flowers on a dresser.
“So perfect,” he said quietly. “Your skin. It’s flawless.” He cupped her buttocks. His hands were big and hot and his fingertips sank into the lower curve.
He came closer, his chest touching her back as he drifted his hands over the waistband of her knickers. “Give me strength,” he murmured against the angle of her neck.
“For what?” she asked, reaching up and resting her hand on his stubbled cheek.
“To not take you to the edge tonight.”
“Do whatever you want to me, Kane.” Had she really just said that? To a Master from Sub Space. Was she insane?
“I think you should retract that offer immediately.” He kissed her neck then gave it a sharp bite.
“Ow.” She jumped within his arms.
“Shh, just be careful what you say to me. I’m a mere mortal after all.”

Grab your copy of In Expert Hands from Amazon/Amazon UK. And if you want to meet Kane's sexy brother, Taylor Ward, you'll find his story nestled within the pages of the Brit Babes anthology, Sexy Just Got Rich.

Saturday 25 April 2015

Making Them Wait by Kay Jaybee

Making Them Wait...

A huge thank you to my lovely friend, Lily, for inviting me over to share a little of my work with you today.

Call me a control freak if you like- but I just love making my readers wait to discover what is going to happen in my books. I try to keep my plotlines as un-guessable as possible- sometimes I manage it, sometimes not- but I always try to be at least a little unpredictable.

This principle was particularly strong when I wrote the erotic romance, Making Him Wait. In this novel, it wasn’t just my 
readers I kept guessing...


Maddie Templeton has always been an unconventional artist. Themes of submission and domination pulse through her erotic artwork, and she’s happily explored these lustful themes both on and off the canvas.
But, when Theo Hunter enters her life, she is presented with a new challenge. Maddie sets out to test his resolve as she teases, torments and toys with him. But, as Maddie drives Theo to breaking point, she soon becomes unsure whether her own resolve will hold out!
At the same time, Maddie must put on the exhibition of a lifetime. As the hottest gallery in town clamours for her best work, Maddie pushes her models harder and higher until they are physically, sexually and emotionally exhausted. Will Maddie’s models continue to submit to her, or will she push them too far? And will she be ready for the exhibition in time? The only way to find out is to wait and see…and the waiting only makes it sweeter!

I’d been toying with the idea of setting an erotic novel around an artist’s studio for some time, but I hadn’t felt the trigger that would set me off on the right track. Then a few years ago I was at the Eroticon Conference in Bristol, and while looking through a collection of beautiful erotic photographs, my eye fell on a one of a woman bound to a trolley. The second I saw that picture my imagination went into overdrive. I could suddenly see it in a studio, covered in artist’s equipment and tools, right up until it was needed for other reasons…

My novels, prior to writing Making Him Wait, had been of the heavy BDSM variety, with occasional hints of affection rather than romance. This time, as well as my trade mark bondage and submission scenes- there is lust fuelled erotic romance as well. Dare I say- it is actually a love story- just a KJB style love story!!


Ignoring the buzz of her mobile phone, Maddie placed the worn stub of charcoal to the side of her easel and took a step back from the girl before her.
Maddie nodded with approval as her newest model – a petite blonde – flexed the muscles she’d been keeping stock still for the previous half hour.
“Control, Freya – at least the appearance of control – is everything.” The artist reached out an affectionate hand to her muse.
Freya rocked a little on her bare feet as Maddie touched her lightly freckled cheek. “No need to look so worried, honey. You are doing brilliantly. It’s a difficult pose to hold for so long.”
“Thank you.” Blushing an endearing shade of pink, Freya lowered the hands she’d nervously clenched before her, giving her employer another chance to see the neat triangle of her semi-shaved pussy.
Maddie, her jeans and t-shirt smeared and spattered with all the mediums of her trade, did not feel the need to mention to Freya that her own knickers were sodden, nor that beneath her holster bra, her nipples were rock hard.
A further buzz from her mobile alerted Maddie to the arrival of another text message. In fact a steady string of muffled noises from her mobile, coming from the pit of her handbag, had been announcing the arrival of texts every ten minutes or so throughout the morning.
Smiling to herself, Maddie continued to disregard her phone and considered the exquisite outline of her companion’s porcelain frame. Most people came to Maddie to be drawn or painted, sometimes as a commission for a lover, husband or wife. Some, however, like Freya, came to the studio as a way of improving their self-confidence. Despite her generally shy demeanour, Freya had proved to be very good at posing as Maddie required and the artist had offered her an occasional job as a life model.
Sometimes Maddie felt she was more therapist than artist – specifically a sex therapist – as men and women alike shared their most intimate secrets while standing on the other side of her easel. Maddie’s studio certainly had the air of an erotic fantasy confessional about it. She wasn’t complaining, however. No other life would do for her now. The job satisfaction Maddie achieved from listening to the dreams and fantasies of others while she recreated them onto canvas, went hand in glove with the personal physical gratification it gave her.
Money being either plentiful or non-existent, depending on the current success of her commissions and sales, Maddie had been forced to develop an alternative form of payment for her models – a reward system for good work. Maddie could tell from the rise and fall of Freya’s chest and the glistening damp skin at the top of her thighs, that she was more than ready to be paid for today’s session.
Closing in on her model, Maddie simultaneously cupped Freya’s slick pussy and left breast with her charcoal-blackened hands, causing an involuntary shiver to ripple through the younger woman’s body.
“Your progress really is outstanding, honey. Few of my models can stay as motionless as you can.” Congratulating Freya on her skill, Maddie left two dark palm prints on the girl’s tits and tapped at the inside of her legs. “Open up. I think you have deserved a treat after all your hard work.”
Gliding her palm over Freya’s mound, Maddie slipped a gentle finger into the slippery canal of the model’s frantically clutching sex, enjoying the murmured mew of contentment that escaped from her lipstick-free mouth.
Pumping gently, the artist brought Freya close to orgasm with steady increases and decreases of pressure – her own mind straying to her mobile. Maddie wondered where Theo was and what he was doing. She knew what he was thinking about. She always knew that. Theo thought about her.
Pushing her happily sex-drugged model onto an armchair, Maddie’s own arousal kicked up a notch as she bent to lick Freya’s nub, swiftly bringing her to the dawn of a shuddering release.
While continuing to take pleasure in the sweet taste of another woman on her lips, Maddie considered how she’d phrase her responses to all the messages Theo had sent and how she’d tell him precisely what and who had held up her replies.
Inhaling Freya’s climactic scent, Maddie’s hands roamed up and over the small, orgasm-jacked body, her thoughts still with Theo. His work-calloused right hand was probably on his dick at that very moment. A heady hit of power consumed Maddie – a power as intense as the climax of the woman panting hard in the chair before her.
Maddie loved making him wait...


I hope you enjoyed that!

If you’d like to buy Making Him Wait, it is available as both and E-book and a paperback from all good book retailers including-


Many thanks again Lily,
Happy reading,
Kay xx

Kay Jaybee was nominated as the Best Erotica Writer of 2013 and 2014 by the ETO.
Kay wrote the The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (Xcite, 2011-14), Making Him Wait, (Sweetmeats Press, 2012), The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), as well as the novellas, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (2nd ed. 1001 NightsPress, 2013), Digging Deep (Xcite, 2013), A Sticky Situation, (Xcite, 2012), and The Circus, (Sweetmeats Press). She has also written the anthologies The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012 & 2008), The Best of Kay Jaybee (Xcite, 2012), Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, (All Romance, 2012), Yes Ma’am (Xcite e-books, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). Kay has had over 70 short stories published by Cleis Press, Black Lace, Mammoth, Xcite, Penguin, Seal, and Sweetmeats Press.
Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at

You can follow Kay on Twitter  @kay_jaybee,
Kay also writes contemporary romance as Jenny Kane – 

Friday 24 April 2015

Kacey Hammell - Guarding Midnight

Please welcome Kacey Hammel to my blog today with her new novel Guarding Midnight...

Guarding Midnight by Kacey Hammell

Canadian Muscle 1

Now available with Evernight Publishing

Five Fave Passages/Lines from Guarding Midnight

Thanks for having me today, Lily, on this last day of the Guarding Midnight Tour.

Buck ass naked and glorious, his body sculpted so fine and beautifully, she wanted to jump him all over again.

Good God almighty. He was going to hell. She was his one-way ticket there.

What a waste of clothing. This was one man that all women should get to see walk around as free as the day he was born.

“Don’t try to get me all worked up, not when you’ve been an ass by ordering me around. And you’re still angry.”
“Yes, I am.” He nodded and moved around the end of the bed. “Ever had angry sex?”
Shree gasped. “What are you talking about?”
He shrugged and smoothed her hair back. “Never heard of angry sex then?”
She shoved at the boulders he had for shoulders. “I’m not having sex with you right now. Forget it. Besides, what the hell is angry sex? I don’t like it rough, if that’s what you mean.” Taking a step back, she glared at him when he followed.
“I figured it’d be a nicer and more polite way to tell you I wanted you, now—right now—rather than come out and simply say I want to fuck the shit out of you.”

She glanced to the right.
Men came in all shapes and sizes with various builds, physiques, and widths, and she understood that. But this man, whom she was sure could barely fit through the doorway, was one unlike anything she’d ever seen before.
Tall, at least six-six. Herculean shoulders, biceps that the short sleeves of his white t-shirt had no hope of getting over, and hard thighs that were easy to determine even beneath the sweats he wore, which probably got their workout from just carrying this man around every day. Hell, even her long arms wouldn’t be able to get around his midsection.
Damn if she didn’t want to try, though.
But it was her most favorite feature on a man that captured her attention completely.
His head—bald, tanned—she had a weakness for his kind. To her there was a wildness, a stronger soul to a man who kept things clean and crisp.


“This is a book that will consume you. From that sensual first kiss through terrifying suspense filled moments, Hammell's writing will pull you in.” ~ 5 Stars from S.J. Maylee, author of the Love Projects Series

“…doesn’t disappoint…characters, plot and storyline was amazing, overall this was an easy contemporary romance that will have some enjoying on how the story unfolds.” ~ 5 Stars from Beckey, In the Pages of a Good Book

“… an amazing book…background story was amazing and the main character and background characters, I fell in love with them right away. I couldn't put this book down.” ~ 5 Stars from Stephanie, Goodreads

“…very well written with amazing plot and storyline.” 5 Stars from Chantale, Canadian Book Addict

Canadian Muscle … 
When Desires Need Protecting.

No one knows sacrifice better than former Army Sergeant Gavin Bennett. He’s witnessed firsthand the emotional, physical and mental toll of being caught in the crossfire. Being a bouncer-slash-bodyguard may not be Gavin’s dream job, but he’s willing to do just about anything to help out family. When Gavin reports for his first day of work, he quickly discovers a woman who threatens to crack his legendary cool.

Shree Walker is on the run from a dark past she tried to shut away. Battered and broken, a happily ever after doesn’t exist for her. Ready to start fresh with a new life in a new city, she is happy dancing at the Vixen Club. She’d be even happier without the presence of the prickly new bouncer who won’t let anyone or anything get past his carefully guarded defenses. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need. And a temptation she can’t resist.  

When Shree is kidnapped by the criminal mastermind hell-bent on taking the club at any cost, Gavin has to make a decision. Hold tight and continue to keep Shree at arm’s length. Or break down his walls and take a chance on something more powerful than them both: Love.

 Amazon – US / Canada / UK 

Watch the Guarding Midnight Book Trailer : 

Book Trailer Credits to: Beckey at In the Pages of a Good Book

Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…

Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters.  These days, as a multi-published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes. 

A mom of three, Kacey has made certain each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right. She lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada, and is a true romantic at heart.

Connect with Kacey…