Monday, 27 April 2015

Dark Warrior Reviews

I'm completely thrilled that Dark Warrior has been getting awesome 5* reviews including this one from industry review site GGR-Review.

Scott’s Review:

This isn’t your typical romance, the setting is different, the culture is different, and the characters are different. The setting is the Village of Cagaha Buurta in remote Kenya. The Culture is something I’ve only seen on the television, where multi generations of families live is huts, where meals are made over open fire and the water supply is from a well. The characters; Leo is a Doctor from London who works with Medics on Hand and has come to Kenya for a Month to work in the village clinic and Malik is from the Village having returned after 10 years away in Nairobi where he was trained as a Nurse. Leo and Malik are also Bi Racial, and I appreciated the diversity.

The story is diverse in it’s story as it is with it’s characters. The author did an exceptional job of using the beauty of the area alongside the ruggedness of life. It made me appreciate a culture that doesn’t have the conveniences that so many of us take for granted, yet these people were truly happy. I still cannot get over how the words used by Lily entrenched me so much in the story, it was as if I was able to feel the ruddiness of the environment and smell the decaying chicken (part of the story). I didn’t need to picture in my head what I thought it was like, all I had to do was read the words and the story did it for me. Absolutely Brilliant!

Leo and Malik are so good together, they fit. The chemistry between them is unmistakable as they struggle to be together but not. In a time and place where you could be stoned in the village square for lying with another man Leo and Malik must take those snippets in time to show how they feel. Their coming together was amazing. It was so damn realistic it was 2 mature men getting together, the sex was great.  Something I felt so important, even though they were lovers I got the feeling that they were also friends. It was through how comfortable they were with each other when left to relax and be themselves, unencumbered by villagers and just left to be themselves.

I cannot recommend this book enough, Lily Harlem continues to amaze me with her writing style and stories.

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