Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week a smooch from my new billionaire BDSM novel In Expert Hands.

She’d take the chance. For the sake of her sanity, she’d offer him what she thought he wanted, hoped he needed. Even if it meant her ass cheeks got a beating—which didn’t sound like a wholly unpleasant option, even if it was a bit scary.
She tugged and the ribbon slid free.
Kane shut his eyes. His lashes cast shadows on his cheeks.
For a few seconds she thought he would stay that way but then he opened his eyes and stared straight at her. He tipped his chin upward. His expression was stern.
Her heart rate skittered, but Imogen continued to pull the lace, threading it through the eyelets. The dress relaxed around her breasts, and air washed over her cleavage as it was revealed.
“Imogen,” Kane said breathily, with a slight frown marring his brow.
“What?” she asked. Damn, was she reading this all wrong? Well, it was too late now, the dress was coming off. Another few tugs and the straps would slip down her arms and it would pool at the floor around her feet.
“I want you,” he said hoarsely.
He did. Thank God.
“And I want you.” She paused. “And if you need to bend me over, tie me up, hit my backside to get off then I’m willing to try it.” She would, right now, for him. If it was what he needed.
He reached for her face, his fingers gentle on her cheeks. “Baby,” he whispered, his lips hovering over hers. “I have my kinks, no doubt about that, but not tonight. Not this first time with you.”
She held onto his forearms.
He was tense, the muscles and tendons taut and sinewy.
“But I thought—” she started.
“You thought wrong.” He touched his mouth to hers. It was a gentle, respectful kiss, no tongues, just lips pressing together. He pulled back a fraction and stared into her eyes.
“I did.” She curled her toes on the carpet and was aware of the dress slipping until the straps caught halfway down her upper arms. “I thought wrong?”
“Yes. Because sometimes…” He glanced downward, at her breasts partly exposed now by the gape in her outfit.
“Because what?”
“Because sometimes vanilla is the best flavor.” He slid his touch from her face to her shoulders then to her arms. “Sometimes vanilla is the only flavor that will do, Imogen.”
“No spanking, no bondage. Just us.”
She let out a breath she hadn’t known had trapped itself in her throat. “Okay.” She could handle that. Maybe it would be for the best. This time at least.
She released his arms and allowed the straps to fall. The entire dress landed on the floor. She kicked it aside, aware of her naked breasts swaying as she moved.
He rubbed the tip of his finger over his left eyebrow and stared down at her. He pressed his teeth into his bottom lip.
Imogen forced herself still. All the times she’d fantasized about Kane she’d never envisioned this moment. Wearing nothing but a pair of tiny black knickers in a top-class suite in New York hadn’t entered her imagination. Nor had the thought that he’d be into bondage and floggers.
Yet now it couldn’t be more perfect.
“You’re beautiful,” he said. “Even more so than I thought possible.”
Her nipples were tight, hard peaks and the tiny hairs on her arms prickled. A warmth went through her at his words—he thought she was beautiful.
“Turn around,” he said.
She did as he’d asked. Her line of sight settled on a huge bunch of lilac and cream flowers on a dresser.
“So perfect,” he said quietly. “Your skin. It’s flawless.” He cupped her buttocks. His hands were big and hot and his fingertips sank into the lower curve.
He came closer, his chest touching her back as he drifted his hands over the waistband of her knickers. “Give me strength,” he murmured against the angle of her neck.
“For what?” she asked, reaching up and resting her hand on his stubbled cheek.
“To not take you to the edge tonight.”
“Do whatever you want to me, Kane.” Had she really just said that? To a Master from Sub Space. Was she insane?
“I think you should retract that offer immediately.” He kissed her neck then gave it a sharp bite.
“Ow.” She jumped within his arms.
“Shh, just be careful what you say to me. I’m a mere mortal after all.”

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  1. Wonderful excerpt. Sometimes we all like a little different flavors with our love.