Friday, 31 May 2019

OUT NOW - THE BOYS - spin-off from THE CHALLENGE #reverseharem #whychoose #KU

🍾🍾🍾🍾 PARTY with THE BOYS - it's out today!!!

The hotly anticipated spin-off novel, THE BOYS, hits the shelves today. If you've read THE CHALLENGE you will not want to miss this!

This spin-off novel to THE CHALLENGE series is told entirely from the guy's point of view and set five years on from where BREAKAWAYS leaves warned, it's hotter than ever!


And if you haven't read THE CHALLENGE, get a free copy of CASTAWAYS, book #1 HERE.

Or dive straight into the boxed set - also on KU

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Whet Your Appetite for THE BOYS!


If you read THE CHALLENGE and fell in love with Harry, Evan, Lucas, Mason and Raul, here's your chance to hear the story (5 years on) from them! THE BOYS hits the shelves later this month but you gorgeous lot can grab a FREE PREVIEW told from Raul's point of view right now. 

And if you haven't read THE CHALLENGE, grab the boxed set now (Also on KU) 

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Out now on Audible, TEARAWAYS, book #2 THE CHALLENGE.

I'm very excited to announce that the awesome Rebecca McKernan has beautifully narrated TEARAWAYS and it's available now.

And if you missed Book #1 CASTAWAYS, grab it here. Book #3, RUNAWAYS is currently in production.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Romantic Porn Story

I was super excited recently to be asked to write for FROLICME.COM which is an awesome site for us girlies (and guys too of course) that enjoy a bit of porn in their life. Run by Anna, it's got a tasteful, classy edge to it - yeah, I know, this is porn right - and I for one enjoy taking in the sights. Did I mention the male models are hot, hot, hot? Phew...

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Hot Vampires & Sexy Shifters RULE! #sale #99c #pnr #boxedset DARKEST NIGHT

Prepare for high drama and intense heat!

When nights are long and the shadows crawl, be seduced by souls from other worlds. Allow vampires into your dreams, dare to run with shifters, and fall in love with creatures whose charm and desires know no bounds.

DARKEST NIGHT is a collection of my paranormal stories that will keep you reading way past your bedtime.

Contains BITE MARK (MFM) and CLAW MARK (MMF) a suspenseful ménage a trois duo with vampires and shifters, HIS VAMPIRE HAREM an all-male harem story which will transport you to Paris and London, TAKE ME (MF), who will be the hero--vampire or shifter? And KANGORILLA (MM), part of a set of four stories to whet your appetite for SPLICED, a shifter experimental program with far-reaching consequences.

*Please note all of these books are available to read as individual titles on Amazon. Also on Kindle Unlimited.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Can You Handle The Heat?

Grab this bundle and enjoy the entire 7 novel HOT ICE series. You'll be swept off your feet by hunky hockey players, gasp at their daring on the ice, and swoon as they romance the women in their lives.


Slap Shot
Russian Heat


All books (except for book #1 HIRED - free copy here) are available as individual titles, enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and fine as standalone reads, though if you read them in order you'll meet the hero of the next book as you go along and enjoy numerous cameos. Don't miss the two spin-off stories, ROOKIE RULES and RED-HOT TROUBLE.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Free Preview THE BOYS

Grab yourself a FREE preview of THE BOYS my hotly anticipated spin-off novel from THE CHALLENGE.

Told from Raul's point of view you'll hear how life is for him in Olivia's harem. Read the entire novel (THE BOYS has a release date 31st May) and get the low down from Harry, Evan, Mason and Lucas too!

And if you've haven't read THE CHALLENGE, dive right into the boxed set, available on Kindle Unlimited. Be warned, it's HOT!

Alternatively, just go ahead and pre-order THE BOYS now!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Grab Yourself a TOY BOY - Now On Kindle Unlimited

TOY BOY is a super sexy cougar story set in beautiful Greece. It's on Kindle Unlimited for the first time ever. Grab your copy here and be seduced by a gorgeous young hunk who knows exactly what he wants!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Make Sure You're Up To Date! #reverseharem #romance #KindleUnlimited

THE BOYS is coming soon (available to pre-order here) so make sure you've read THE CHALLENGE series,  you don't want to miss out on hearing what Harry, Raul, Evan, Mason and Lucas have to say, do you!

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Saturday Spankings #free #ebook #BDSM #SatSpanks

Welcome Spankers! It's great to see you here, so great in fact I'm giving you all a FREE ebook. Grab book one - THE NOVICE - of the critically acclaimed SEXY AS HELL trilogy right now and dive into the dark world of Victor and Zara. Be warned, it's hot and it's boundary pushing.

My fucking arse felt hot already standing as I was in front of the damn fire. And soon it would be blistering and emblazoned with Victor’s initials. Jesus, where the bloody hell had he got that idea from? Had he spent the afternoon trawling the internet for spanking forums? I wouldn’t put it past him. One thing I knew about Victor was that if he was going to do something he did it properly and he liked to do his research.
“I swear to God, Zara, if I have to ask you to get over my knee again I’ll spank you for a whole two hours before I even let you think about coming. Don’t believe I can’t or wouldn’t do that.”
Hurriedly I dropped over his wide thighs. The thing about Victor was because he was tall and lean it was easy to mistake him as slender. He wasn’t, he was big-man size with muscles in all the right places. He just looked neat and proportioned in his thousand-pound suits and in his large, sprawling apartment.
I felt the solidness of his legs as my breasts settled on his left thigh, was aware of the denseness of his body and the jutting of his cock against my side.
“Not like that,” he all but growled, the sound going straight to my pussy.
Suddenly I was tipped, head down. I gasped and flailed my arms, reaching to the floor with one hand and gripping his ankle with the other. As my world upended my arse rose, so did one knee. But not for long. He shifted and trapped my legs with one of his, meaning I was squashed between his thighs and bent over just one leg, my buttocks the highest part of my body.
Blood rushed to my head, singing in my ears and flushing my cheeks. I screwed my eyes shut and beat down a wave of mortification as he pressed a hand on my back, keeping me pinned tight. In all my thoughts of being spanked I hadn’t expected this completely vulnerable, trapped pose. I’d imagined Victor to be much more gentlemanly about it, allowing me to elegantly drape rather than be folded over him. Maybe on the sofa so I could rest my cheek on a cushion, my legs supported rather than wedged.
“Keep still,” he said, smoothing his hand over my buttocks in big, sweeping movements.
I hadn’t realised I’d been wriggling, but I followed his instruction and forced myself still. Concentrated on his adoring touch.

Or dive straight into the SEXY AS HELL BOXED SET, available on Kindle Unlimited and comes with three bonus stories about the secondary characters.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

GRAND SLAM now on Kindle Unlimited!

Need a kinky, talented tennis star in your life? Of course you do, don't miss GRAND SLAM, now available on Kindle Unlimited.