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Available now from Amazon, The Chase, a super-sexy M/M/M novella set in Cardiff.

Please note, The Chase was previously published as part of the Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set.

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Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company.

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot.

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Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. I'm excited to announce that The Chase will be released on Amazon tomorrow and is available for pre-order NOW!

Back Cover Information

Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company. 

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot. 

Please note The Chase was previously published in the Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set. 

Steve went with him into a large bathroom. The furniture was white, but like the room it was decorated in rich, jewel shades and the towels were black and thick.
“What are you doing?” Robert asked, walking in after them then looking around at the huge corner bath and the massive walk-in shower cubicle. “Fuck, it’s nice in here.”
“Yeah, and we can get it hot and steamy too. Warm this pretty boy of yours up.”
Robert raised his eyebrows. “Sounds good.”
“Yeah.” Carrick smiled and reached for the base of Steve’s hoodie.
Steve raised his hands.
“Hang on,” Robert said, gripping Carrick’s right wrist.
“What?” Carrick frowned and stilled.
“Few ground rules first.”
“I’m all ears.” Carrick tipped his chin.
“He’s my sub but I’m happy to share, tonight only.”
“That’s all I want, one night.”
“And I get to say when he shoots his load, that’s my prerogative as his Master.”
“If you insist.”
“And if I’m not happy with anything you do to him, you stop, instantly.”
“He’ll love everything I’m going to do to him.”
Steve thought he might come, right there and then in his boxers. He’d gone from semi to full-blown erection in a nanosecond. The sight of Robert and Carrick squaring off and then discussing him as though he was just a plaything, a vessel for pleasure, was seriously erotic.
“I think you might enjoy the things I want to do to you, too, Robert,” Carrick said quietly, releasing Steve’s hoodie. He stepped up close to Robert.
Robert’s face softened, his eyelids drooped. He still held Carrick’s wrist. “I’d be interested in discussing that.” His voice was low and sexy.
“You ever subbed?” Carrick asked.
“Nah, and not about to, but I don’t mind bottoming.”
“Good to know.” Carrick reached out and cupped Robert’s face. He drew their lips together in a slow but hungry kiss.
Steve watched, mesmerised by the sight of their tongues, glistening and pink, stroking in and out of each other’s mouths. He pressed his hand over his cock and willed himself to stay calm. But it was damn hard when he was watching the two Doms he lusted after connecting like that.
He hoped to hell they’d fuck later. He’d sell his soul to witness that.

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A Sexy Paranormal Love ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS130

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week we're going paranormal, though I'm flirting with sci-fi as my new MMM novella is set in Cardiff (out on Monday), near the spooky Dr Who exhibition.

Steve opened up and let Robert’s tongue sweep between his lips. A blizzard of remembered sensations blustered through this mind. The taste of Robert—beer, heat and raw maleness—the texture of his mouth, the determination of his tongue. It all sent Steve crazy with want.
Robert released his face and wrapped Steve into his arms.
Steve sagged into him, glad of the support and feeling like he’d come home.
Why the hell had they been denying themselves this?
Robert broke the kiss. “Fuck,” he said, grinning.
“Fuck exactly.” Steve pushed his pelvis against Robert’s crotch. His erection scraped and dragged on his clothing and the pressure made him groan. “Oh…damn…”
“Ah…” Robert said, raising his eyebrows. “I still have the magic touch.”
“I had a semi before you kissed me,” Steve said, running one hand up to the back of Robert’s head. He curled his fingers into his overlong strands and felt the warmth of his scalp.
“Mmm, but that isn’t a semi, Steve. That is a full-blown hard-on.”
“Tell me about it,” Steve said then moaned. “I’ll have to sort it out later.”
“No you won’t.”
“You offering?” Steve said, then tipped his head and batted his eyelashes a couple of times.
“Fuck yeah, but not later.”
Steve pouted. What was all this for then? “When?”
“Now,” Robert said. He suddenly released Steve and took his hand. “This way, quickly.”

Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company. 

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot. 

Please note The Chase was previously published in the Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set. 

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Out Now – Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #lesfic #erotica #romance #lesbian

Virginia Miller is an up-and-coming tennis star. She’s gone from a ratty tennis court in a park in south London, England, to the world’s top training facility—Los Carlos Tennis Academy in California. In awe of the talent around her, Virginia is all the more determined to make the most of the opportunity and show that she’s worthy of her place there. Her mentor, Nadia Gorlando, has every faith in her.
But Virginia finds herself distracted—Nadia, as well as being a top-notch tennis player, is seriously sexy, and Virginia’s mind keeps wandering where it shouldn’t. Will her crush get in the way of her career, or can she find a way to push the other woman out of her mind before it’s too late?

Please note: This is a re-released title with a new cover—the book content hasn’t changed.


Nadia Gorlando and I had just gotten off the exercise bikes in the gym when one of the academy’s coaches, Peter Ross, headed over to us, all smiles.
“Hey, Nadia,” he said, his all-American grin widening and his blond hair flopping down over his forehead, “I need a huge favor.”
I flicked my gaze to Nadia. She raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows and waited for him to continue. He did.
“I totally lost track of time just now and I have an appointment with Travis Connolly. Would you mind wiping down my machine for me? Or maybe stick a note on it saying it’s out of order? I don’t want to leave it all sweaty for someone else. You’ll be doing me a real solid. I’ll owe you.”
My jaw almost hit the floor.
Now Nadia rolled her eyes, looked over at the offending machine, then back at Peter. “Sure, I understand,” she said, as cool as ice. “The world’s number one can’t wait. Go right ahead—I’ll fix it for you.”
He babbled a load of thanks, then jogged out of the gym.
I gaped at her. “You’re not going to do it, are you?”
Nadia chuckled. “Of course not. He may be coaching Travis Connolly and Rufus Lampani for the US Open, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to clean up his mess.” She pointed with her chin over to the machine Peter had just vacated. “Come on, V, I’ll show you how I’m going to deal with this.”
I followed her, grinning. Her tone told me that it was going to be something fun. Well, for us, anyway. Probably not for Peter.
Sure enough, when she returned from the room off the side of the gym, she had a pad of paper and a pen in her hands. Deliberately shielding the pad from my view, she wrote something down, then pulled off the top sheet. Folding it, she then propped it on the sweat-slicked seat so the writing was on view to anyone who happened past.
When I’d read and absorbed the words, I turned to Nadia, impressed. Her smile lit up her face, showing dimples in each cheek, and her brown eyes gleamed with amusement.
It was in that moment that I decided I had the serious hots for Nadia Gorlando.
The sign read,

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller) and Eyes Wide Open (an Amazon bestseller). Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 140 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter and Facebook. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at:

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Out on 29th February, THE CHASE, an MMM novella set in Cardiff. Please note this story was previously published in the boxed set Brit Boys: On Boys.

Cover design by Lola Divine

Pre-Order you copy of THE CHASE now!

Back Cover Information

Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company.

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot.

Please note The Chase was previously published in the Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set.

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Best Seller

Accelerated Passion is a Best Seller at All Romance eBooks. Grab your copy of this steamy MF erotic romance and spend your day immersed in the fast paced sport of seduction and Formula One.

Also available on Amazon and from all other good ebook retailers.

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Special Guest - Queenie Black

On managing more than one project at a time- or not!

I,” says my mother in law, “have never not finished a project. I have never started one thing while I have another unfinished.”
That put me in my place because I have always been a person who has lots of different projects on the go at once. For example I have two novellas at different stages of completion (one which needs editing and one which is about a third along). I have several ideas for novels written down. I have two novels finished but not going anywhere or doing anything and another fully planned and half written.
I also do crafty things- crochet, cross stitch and tapestry. I had three on the go at once (one started in 2004 and still unfinished- see picture) and have only recently finished two of them. I am at the beginning of a knitted throw and have everything in place to knit a pair of socks which remain unstarted.

So is there something wrong with me? I have a low boredom threshold, true, but that doesn’t completely explain it.
The truth is that I like to have more than one project on the go at any one time because I like to have options. It means that at the moment when a project sticks I can turn to another and while I’m doing that my brain goes tick tick tick tick and works on the first behind the scenes sorting out the problems until it’s ready to go back to. In an ideal world this means that time is never wasted and it gives my brain a focus so that my subconscious can iron out hiccups.
Or at least that is what I tell myself.
Sadly sometimes a project won’t be ready to go back to, not even years later. So perhaps the truth is that fundamentally I have no commitment and that as soon as a project sticks I don’t have the discipline to take it through the tough stages and work out solutions. That’s what my mother-in-law believes at any rate; that I use a new project as an excuse to give up on the first. 
The fact that I still have a craft project unfinished from 2004 indicates that my mother-in-law may be right. The fact that I have successfully completed my Love Bites collection, and two other major craft projects indicates that actually she may be wrong and I am capable of finishing a project.
I know which one I like to believe!
What about you? Do you like to have more than one project on the go at once? Do you have to finish a project before you start another one?

Here is an excerpt from my new collection of short erotic stories Lovebites.


“You know what? You can take your job and stick it.” Mad as hell I grabbed my purse and stomped out of the little cubicle I called my office. I was done here and I was never coming back and fuck the giving notice part.
The elevator always took ages to creak its way between floors and I could feel the stabbing pressure of what felt like a thousand eyes in my back. Of course they were all watching. They’d been waiting for something like this to happen for twenty months. Just then melodic chimes signaled the arrival of the executive elevator. The one that normal people like me are forbidden to ride in, the one for the exalted rich and the bosses who live in the penthouse. I wanted to escape the avid looks that were directed my way and, what the hell, what could they do anyway? Sack me?
So I stepped into it.
I turned and, just before the doors closed, got a good view of open mouths, staring eyes and was that…envy? It certainly looked like it from where I was standing. As the doors slid silently shut, I raised my hand and gave a little finger wave.

The car was bigger than my bedroom, and a thousand times more luxurious but I hardly noticed the mirrored walls and the thick-as-a-mattress carpet. My attention was caught and held by the two guys already in there, one on my left and one on my right.
My gaze darted between the two of them and I felt guilty colour sting my cheeks. I hadn’t expected company but I wasn’t objecting. These guys were fit and built. One dark-haired and smoooooth, the other blonde and just-got-in-out-of-the-wild rough.
And I knew them. Brandon Shaw and Mitchell Graham owned the company I work – ooops, scratch that – the company I used to work for. I’d met them at work events, like the Christmas party and the Halloween party and the Employee of the Year party. I’d seen them a couple of times from a distance. They always had a flock of female employees around them.
I’d heard people described as chick magnets but only realised exactly what it meant when I saw these two. I used to feel their magic pull yet always stayed away because initially I was in a relationship, and then afterwards was suffering from a broken heart and struggling to cope with a job where my ex was screwing a colleague. Pity my ex didn’t take a leaf out of these guys’ books – there was never any suggestion that they had slept with anyone from the company. Which meant in the end that there was a gentle rumor that they were a) gay, or b) didn’t like vanilla and went for the more exotic, with their tastes catered for elsewhere.
I positioned myself with my back to the wall and let my gaze slide over them. To my right was Brandon. He’d taken off his suit jacket and had it hooked over one shoulder. Beneath the fine fabric of his shirt I could see the hard muscle of a broad chest, arrowing down to a pair of narrow hips and a huge bulge... Oh man.
I licked my lips and dragged my reluctant gaze away to focus on his face. He was watching me scope him out. There was a hard predatory glint in his eyes. Heat speared through me from my cheekbones to my pussy, part embarrassment and part desire. I squeezed my thighs together to stop the growing ache.
I quickly glanced away and found myself checking out Mitchell on my left. He was slightly shorter than his partner, and seemed kinder and less predatory too. His eyes were a softer green, more jade than emerald. But his shoulders were as wide and he sported an identical erection. Were they lovers? A pity for womankind if they were gay. What a loss.
I shouldn’t be in the elevator with them in the first place but the new militant me with nothing to lose didn’t care. So instead of fixing my gaze on the floor and fighting the temptation to look again, I enjoyed the view. They put my slimeball ex to shame and my panties grew damp while they silently watched me. I wished that I was wearing something a little less conservative when the elevator jerked to a sudden halt.
Not a nice, slow, we’ve arrived kind of halt but the scary kind.
The lights went out.
Panic dug its claws into me, not letting go even when the emergency lighting kicked in.
“What’s happening?” I didn’t even try and keep the terrified squeak out of my tone.
“Hey,” Brandon said softly, “it’s going to be alright. They’ll have it fixed in no time.”
“It’s broken?” I hated the idea of being shut in closed spaces, and the car, despite its size and luxury, suddenly felt very small. I couldn’t bear to spend hours locked in here hanging over all that empty space. The walls closed in, my hands and feet went cold, and I struggled to breath.
“Now you’ve done it, Brandon.”
“Easy.” When had they got so close to me? I was crowded by two warm male bodies that smelt good. Having them so close, almost touching me, took my mind off the elevator.
“Rub her hands, Mitchell. Get some warmth into them, she’s freezing.”
Mitchell sandwiched my hands between his palms and rubbed hard. The movement distracted me, not because he was making my hands warmer, which he was, but because he kept bumping my breasts.  Awareness rushed through me and my nipples went hard as cherry stones and poked at my blouse. Brandon’s hands rested lightly on my hips but they might as well have been brands. I could feel every finger as if there were no clothing between us. Woodsy cologne, mingled with clean male musk, swirled around me. My pussy creamed and I couldn’t help it; my wayward body leant back until I was pressed hard against Brandon.
His cock, huge and promising, seared my lower back. I couldn’t prevent a small sound escaping. I felt my cheeks go hot. What must they think of me?
Mitchell’s expression was rich with satisfaction in the dim light.
“Shall we carry on distracting you, baby?”
I shivered, my panties drenched as my body answered the question for them.  Brandon nuzzled the sensitive spot beneath my ear. His voice rumbled right through my body as he asked, “Ever been double-fucked before?”
The crude honesty of his question embarrassed me and I couldn’t answer. Then I forgot what he asked because Mitchell dropped to his knees in front of me. His hands stroked slowly up the back of my thighs. They smoothed over stockings, and then paused when they reached my lacy garters.

Elevator Magic 

A steamy encounter in a lift makes Cass the center of attention for two sexy men. Is it just hot sex for them or will Cass have to make some life-changing choices? 

Immortal Longings 

Not one, but two Greek gods in her bed. How’s a girl to choose? Must Zoe’s sensual holiday romance end in farewell, or will she try to make her own heaven on earth with two demigods? 

Eleanor’s Choice 

Eleanor explores the shadowy world of submission – her marriage depends on it. Will the Master give her an experience she can use to please her husband, or is it time to walk away? 

Love Bites 

Lonely Ella is mesmerised by the owner of a chocolate shop. Drawn into Lang’s rich, seductive web, she grows to fear as well as desire him. What is the secret he is hiding from her? 

* * *

These four short stories contain too-hot-to-handle Greek gods, a sexy Vampire who might just turn out to be a killer, a Master who can wield a crop with artistry, and two delicious CEOs who know how to keep a woman happy. Oh, and chocolate, BDSM, MFM Mènage and sex in an elevator. 

This collection of 4 stories contains explicit language and graphic erotic sexual content. It is intended for mature audiences 18 years of age or older. 

Lovebites is available on Amazon.

About Queen Black:  I’ve been writing pretty much since I was able to read. I juggle fundraising for charities, family life and writing with varying success. My children have mostly flown the nest and I live in a small village in North Yorkshire, England with my husband and some chickens. I write in an old caravan in the garden where I can’t be tempted to procrastinate on the internet.

Twitter: @queenieblackwr1


Make sure to follow the whole tour—the more posts you visit throughout, the more chances you’ll get to enter the giveaway. The tour dates are here: 

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SPLICED Blog Tour Day 5

Welcome to the SPLICED blog tour! Spliced is a hot new M/M shifter serial with a difference and it's just hit the virtual shelves. Keep reading to find out more from the authors - including me! - of these 4 sexy books that will keep you reading late into the night. What's more, for this week only the books are only 99c/99p - grab them quick!

The theme of the Spliced books seems to be accepting yourself if you’re different—learning to love yourself no matter what. Is that the message you wanted to convey?

Sarah – Most definitely. I’ve said this before in interviews, but society really does boil my doodars. I wish people could just be left alone to live their life in peace, none of this “you must do this, you must look like that” business. Our shifters are so different—and they know it, bless them—so to come out of a compound they’ve been stuck in all their lives into the real world…they’re going to encounter some mean folks. As it happened, all of our men found their mates straight away (insta-love for the win!), so they didn’t have to suffer with standing out from the crowd for very long.

Lavinia - Absolutely! It’s a theme that almost everyone can relate to in some form or another. Most people want to fit in with their peers, and unfortunately life can be harsh sometimes for people who stand out from the crowd. Doesn’t everyone have something about themselves that they are unhappy about? Whether you think your nose is too big or you’re carrying a few extra pounds. Then, of course, there are minority groups who face prejudice every day for things that they can’t change about themselves, like the color of their skin or their sexuality. In these instances it’s paramount to our health and well-being that we learn to accept ourselves for who and what we are. The shifters in Spliced have always had each other inside the compound, but when they face the prospect of life outside the compound’s walls, they have so much anxiety about what strangers will think of them. Ultimately, they have to learn to accept themselves regardless of what other people think.

Lily - Absolutely. We all have issues about being different, not conforming, and Spliced hits that head-on. At the end of the day, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same, and as they say, there is someone for everyone.

Jambrea - Yes. Totally. It seems people can be a bit judgmental in our society and more people need to be accepting. These stories, while paranormal, can help with that.

How many more Spliced books do you intend to write?

Sarah – As many as my imagination will give me. I love that world and the men in it so far, so look forward to seeing who else lives in the town. Or indeed the rest of the world. We made it clear in the first four books that there were splicer compounds all over the world; in fact, Joey from Kangorilla came from Australia. So with the compounds closing, the shifters have to go somewhere—if they can escape, that is. I won’t give anything away, but there is an underlying threat to these shifters, and escaping is the only option… Also, because we all know each other’s stories well, we can confidently mention established characters as we go along. I’m excited about all of the new Spliced books that can come out of the original four. I’m looking forward to Lavinia’s next one! Bearorilla!

Lavinia - I wouldn’t want to put a figure on it. As with all things I write, I’ll continue working on the stories for as long as I’m still enjoying writing them and for as long as I have new story ideas. It can be difficult to write even on the best of days with all the distractions of daily life, but it’s almost impossible to work on something that is no longer fun. Writing becomes a chore then, and that is something it should never be. So who knows? There’ll definitely be at least a couple more, and I hope the other authors feel the same way.

Lily - As many as I can!

Jambrea - Oh my. I have no idea, but it can be something that goes on for a long time.

Here are the blurbs!

Spliced Series:

When scientists mess with the most primitive elements of a man’s core, the results are bound to be explosive.

Living a loveless existence is hard for any shifter, but having DNA spliced with creatures who stand out from the crowd is damn near impossible. Which is why four experimented-on souls decide to break free from the chains that hold them, climb the fences that circle them, and go in search of adventure, passion and most of all, their mates.

But nothing worth having is ever easy, and for Sharkorilla, Pugorilla, Kangorilla and Elephorilla, this is definitely the case. They’ve come to the end of one very long, hard and frustrating road, but now, with the help of men who have big hearts, they must shed their fears, accept their bodies, and be true to the desires that burn within them. The only problem is, will they get away with it?

Please note, Spliced can be enjoyed as individual stories, but reading in order enhances the pleasure as you get to see the progression of the shifter's sexy adventures.

Sharkorilla – Mason has been tasked with the job of helping his fellow shifters escape from the compound. Two techs need his help to ensure the breakout goes smoothly. One of those techs, Brennan, has a thing for Mason—and Mason has a thing for Brennan too.

Once Mason and his three friends are out of the compound, running for their lives across the expanse of the Yorkshire Moors, Mason wonders whether they’ll manage to be free for more than the time it takes to speed farther than a few feet. Freedom—the feeling of it is addictive, and Mason wants more of it. He isn’t prepared to give it up without a fight.

With Brennan by his side, Mason knows he can accomplish anything. There is one burning question, though. Can Mason really accept who he is? Can he learn to love himself as half shark, half gorilla? If he doesn’t, he has a feeling life won’t be all roses, despite being free of the compound.

So, he’ll just have to give his new life his best shot, won’t he?

Pugorilla - After being created in a lab, his DNA spliced with both canine and primate genes, Dex has spent his entire life locked up. He has always longed to see the outside world and to find lasting love with that one special person—dreams he never thought would come to fruition. Yet when he and his friends discover a plot to kill them all, they have no choice but to plan an escape. A life outside the walls of their compound is everything that Dex has ever hoped for, but there’s only one problem—James, a lab technician who Dex can’t seem to get out of his heart or head.

Kangorilla – Joey has it tough. Not only has he been spliced with a kangaroo and a gorilla, he’s also been brought to the other side of the world. Feeling exploited, desperate and wishing he had love, companionship and acceptance, he takes the risk of leaving the compound in the search of happiness. But will he find it? Or has the person he’s drawn to got other ideas? It certainly seems that way as the temperature goes from boiling hot to downright frosty.

Elephorilla - George hates change, but when his only two options are death or escape, he runs away with his friends into the unknown. Will he be able to find not only a new life, but a new love?

Great review for SPLICED plus leave a comment to enter the gift card contest!