Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - new out is Accelerated Passion my erotic romance set around the sexy sport of Formula One, so here's a sexy smooch between Frankie and Dean.

“But...” Frankie said.
“No buts. We’re all alone.” Dean pulled her top over her head then dropped it onto the floor.
She reached for his T-shirt, did the same with it as he’d done to hers. The sight of his broad, hair-sprinkled chest rising and falling because of his fast, excited breaths threw any last thoughts of not fucking out of the window.
She’d held herself back all day, been turned on by him since this morning. Now was the time to satisfy her urges.
She reached for the top button on his jeans and popped it open.
He reached around her back and released her bra. As it loosened, his gaze drifted to her breasts.
She let the bra fall to the floor then resumed her work on his pants.
“For the record, you have the best tits ever,” he said, tweaking her nipples then cupping the undersides in his palms.
She smiled. Dean made her feel beautiful and desired, and she wasn’t going to argue with that.
“And you have a very cute cock.” She shoved at his jeans, and they landed around his thighs.
“Cute?” He raised his eyebrows. “That’s not quite the description I was hoping to hear.”
She giggled and delved her hand past the waistband of his boxers. She gripped his dick and, at the same time, ran her hand to the back of his neck. “How about big, hard, and ready to go?” she said onto his lips.
“Yeah.” He stared down at her. A muscle flexed in his cheek. “Add on unleashed.”
“Unleashed. I like that.” She kissed him.
But the kiss only lasted a second before he took her hand from his boxers and steered her to the end of the car. “Dean?”
“This is where I want you.” He stooped, pushed at his shoes then removed his jeans. He shoved at his boxers and took his cock in his hand. Standing straight, tall, and naked, he set his attention on her. The same wicked glint that had crossed his eyes in the car, when he’d asked her if she had the keys, was back.
Frankie tore her gaze from his cock, the way he was working it with his hand—so fucking hot—and looked at the car sitting low at her side. “I’m not sure.”
“Strip,” he said, “then bend the hell over. I want you to hold the wheel, the wing, whatever is handy, but just don’t break it.”
Bloody hell.
“I have a good memory when it comes to you,” he said. “And you mentioned a filthy little fantasy about getting fucked over an F1 car.” He looked down at his cock and tensed his abs. “Fantasy coming up.”
Frankie thought her heart was going to speed into overdrive. Adrenaline pumped around her system. Get fucked over the car they all worshipped and spent their days perfecting. It was worth millions.
“Don’t make me rip your clothes off because you’ll have nothing to go back to the house in by the time I’ve torn them at the seams.”
“Yes, okay.” Quickly, she undid her jeans and pushed them down. She stepped on them, pulling them off with her feet, her breasts jiggling as she did so.
“Panties,” he said, nodding at the small white lace knickers she wore. “Now.”
Hurriedly, she rolled them down her legs, kicked them aside.
Now they were both naked and seriously turned on in the place they were normally in work mode; busy, concentrating, amongst colleagues.
“Woman, your fantasy has turned into my fantasy.” He stepped closer.
The heat from his body poured onto hers, and the scent of his faded aftershave and sun lotion filled her nose.
“Can you take it...all of it...?” He glanced at his cock, still in his hand.
“You know I can.”
He slipped his hand over her head and gripped the base of her ponytail. He yanked it.
She gasped, the stitch of discomfort in her scalp adding to the tingling sensation that trembled over her skin. “What I mean is...” His lips were a whisper from hers. “Can you take if I just unleash my need for you?” As he spoke, he twisted her hair into his fist. “Dean?”
“Sometimes a man likes to fuck, really fuck, hard. Can you handle that? I need to know.”
“I can handle anything you want to give me.” And she could. She wanted it all. To have Dean lose control. Surrender to desire, give in to passion—she could think of nothing sexier.

Back Cover Information

When speed and seduction combine, sparks are sure to fly.

Some girls enjoy makeup, low-cut dresses, and bedding famous men. Not me. I’m happiest in my oily overalls, with my hands in an engine, chatting with the guys on my team about aerodynamics and wing position.

So when infamous Formula One champion, Dean Cudditch, comes into my life, I’m content to leave him to his lothario ways. Dean seems on top of the world when draped with adoring female fans, and I refuse to be another of the champ’s conquests.

However, as I get to know the real Dean Cudditch, I begin to see a softer side to him that makes him all the sexier. My resolve crumbles when he admits that it’s my mechanical mind and engineering know-how that turn him on. Before I know it, I’m racing down the fast lane of seduction, passion, and lust. One thing is for sure: when Dean is behind the wheel, it’s going to be one hot ride.

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