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I'm so excited about the release of Teamwork at Ellora's Cave today. This is the fourth book in my Hot Ice series - though they don't need to be read in order - and I can't wait for Todd, Fiona and Raven to be unleashed on the world.


What I know about hockey could fit on the back of a stamp. So my latest patient may be one of the NHL’s hottest defensemen, but I’m not exactly blown away by his stardom. Add in the fact that he’s a surly, growling grump, and I’m more than happy to work my magic on his battered body and then hot-foot to my date with his teammate, Todd “Pretty” Carty. 

Todd is sex on a stick, a slice of man heaven and I want a bit of the action, preferably of the bedroom variety. But when Raven emerges from his bad mood and throws his energy into blowing my mind with just one kiss, I find my head spinning and my libido raging. 

What I didn’t bargain on is these hard-training, hard-playing hockey players working as efficiently off the ice as on it when it comes to getting results. But who am I to complain when satisfaction is their ultimate goal? 

Reader Advisory: Contains m/f/m. Go on, you know you want to indulge!


I slept fitfully, my head full of dreams of the two men who’d kissed me the night before. When I awoke, I was hot and naked, my fingers fragrant from fretting my clit. Masturbating hadn’t served me well. Several short, sharp orgasms had done nothing to take the edge off the lust Raven’s kiss had ignited or dampen the desire at the thought of being in bed with Todd.
What the hell was I doing? I’d never been attracted to two men before. I was a one-man girl.
But there was something about both of them that had set a fire in my belly that refused to be dulled, even in the light of day. And as I set about having a shower and washing my hair, applying a little makeup, I had no damn idea what I was going to do about it.
The small kitchen that was part of my area was out of coffee, so I headed downstairs in my underwear and robe. Raven had a stash of the good stuff in his cupboard.
After putting the coffee on, I stared out of the window. It was another sunny, blue-skied day in Orlando. Not a wisp of cloud to be seen. I thought of my parents in rainy Wales. I ought to give them a call later and check on how they were.
The house was quiet despite it being nearly ten. I guessed Raven was sleeping in after the late night. I wondered if he’d relieved himself the way I had, and if so, had it been any more fulfilling? The thought of him touching himself, jerking off with images of me in his head did something strange to my stomach.
What was it about this intriguing man that had my libido so riled? His Native American history, his steely determination and brooding manner had clearly clicked some switch in my Welsh genetic makeup. He couldn’t be any more different to me, physically and emotionally. The way he preferred to fold in on himself was so opposed to my love of talking through problems.
It was the age-old conundrum of opposites attracting, good girl goes for bad boy, not to mention the thrill of knowing someone wanted me enough to back me up against a wall and kiss me until I couldn’t breathe. There was no doubt about it, that had been the hottest kiss of my life.
I sighed and thought of lovely, perfect, polite Todd. He would be here in a couple of hours. I was looking forward to spending the day with him. Perhaps I’d get to see his place tonight and if so, bed action with him might shake this ridiculous attraction I felt for Raven. And it would hardly be a chore, jumping into Todd’s bed. The guy was a slice of man heaven just waiting to be devoured, or was that let him devour me?
A noise behind me jolted me from my sexy daydream.
Turning, my breath caught and my head went fuzzy. Standing just inside the doorway of the kitchen were Todd and Raven.
Their shoulders were almost touching, each as tall as the other, but that was were any similarity ended.
Todd looked suave and sophisticated. His blond hair was carefully tousled, he wore smart navy pants, a white shirt and pale-blue tie. He held a pink gift bag decorated with an enormous bow and he was grinning broadly.
Raven once again wore just his sweats. His skin, the color of a perfect, just-baked loaf, appeared shower damp and his hair was scraped back. He topped off his look with the usual scowl and drawn-down brows.
Todd walked over to the table, his shiny leather shoes clacking on the floor, and set down the gift. “Morning, sugar, how did you sleep?”
“Well, I…not too good actually.”
“I’m sorry about that.” He stepped up to me, slotted his hand into my hair and gave me a soft kiss, right in the center of my lips.
I couldn’t help but melt, and had to curl my hand around his forearm to keep my balance. Damn it, he was good. He smelled and felt marvelous, his cologne a combination of lemon and green apples, and his just-shaved chin as smooth as silk against mine. If I hadn’t been holding on, I would have pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
“Sorry, I’m early. I guess I was just looking forward to seeing you,” he said quietly against my mouth.
“That’s fine, but I’m not quite ready and I just need to…” I glanced around his shoulder at Raven. “I just need to do ten minutes of acupuncture on Raven before we go.”
“Ah, the silent acupuncture treatment.” Todd dropped his hand from my hair and turned to face Raven.
Raven’s fists clenched and his shoulders lifted toward his ears. Somewhere in my subconscious I took that as a good sign, but I was more worried about the stormy expression flitting across his face—the tight set of his jaw and the way his lips had thinned —none of it boded well.
He hasn’t calmed down from last night then.
“I’ve heard all about your arrangement,” Todd said to Raven with a laugh. “How you two can’t bear to speak to one another. You’re a fool. I keep telling you, lighten up.”
Raven’s nose twitched and he took several ground-eating paces across the kitchen until he was face-to-face with Todd.
“Fiona and I communicate just fine,” he said, narrowing his eyes. “You’d do well to remember that.”
Todd raised his eyebrows. Amusement sparkled in the depths of his blue irises. He didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered by the murderous intent oozing from Raven.
Hell, I am.
If they were going to kick off I had no intention of getting in the middle of all that brawn. And if Todd kept smirking at Raven then fireworks were really going to explode. Spectacularly.
I stepped away but a sudden arm around my waist stopped me moving far.
“Hey,” I gasped, staring up at Raven. “Let me—”
Suddenly he was kissing me with the same extreme passion he had the night before. I murmured a weak, pitiful complaint and, to my shame, allowed him to take total possession. I was helpless, too far gone. Raven’s particular brand of kissing was addictive and completely irresistible.
His tongue probed deep and he tipped me backward, dipping me to the floor at the same time as pulling me up against his warm skin and holding me secure in his arms.
As suddenly as it started the kiss stopped. He pulled me up and looked deep into my eyes. I was breathless, breathless and turned-on and about to become a quivering mass of helpless need on the kitchen tiles.
Jesus, what girl wouldn’t be?
My robe had slipped open and I could feel the cool air-conditioning blowing down on my cleavage, my belly and the tops of my thighs. I welcomed it, I was feverish.
“You see, Todd, no problem,” Raven said, gently pulling me completely upright but doing nothing about my exposed body. “Communication is not an issue at all. We’ve got a great system.”
A seed of sense returned and hurriedly I covered myself—words, apologies, excuses tripping through my brain. “Todd, I-I’m sorry, he… I…”
Todd tipped back his head and laughed. A great big guffaw. “Don’t worry about it.” He held his palms up to Raven. “I’m just glad you haven’t completely ducked out of the land of the living, buddy. I was worried about you there.”
“I’m fine.”
“Yeah, I can see that.” Todd pulled in a deep breath, looked at me then back to Raven. His face fell serious. “Only thing is, you’ve just kissed my date.” He lifted his eyebrows. “And I’m not sure what to do about that.”
Raven folded his arms. “Your date?”
“Yeah, its Phoenix and Brooke’s little one’s christening. You did get an invite. I saw it on your desk.” He paused. “But Fiona is coming with me.”
Raven grunted.
Todd reached out and traced the chenille collar of my robe. “If you still want to, that is?”
“Yes, yes of course.” More than anything I didn’t want to ruin my chances with Todd, but it was also clear I was as trustworthy as an ice cube in the desert when it came to Raven.
I glanced at Raven and he pressed his palm to my cheek, as though absorbing the blush burning there. “It’s okay,” he said in as soft a voice as I’d ever heard him use. “Don’t worry about it. Go with Todd.”
My heart swelled. I didn’t want to leave him out or hurt him. “Why don’t you come too? With us.”
“He will,” Todd said quickly. “He can catch up with everyone. Show them all he’s still alive and kicking.”
“Will you?” I asked.
“Yeah.” He leaned forward. “If you want me to.”
His breath breezed across my cheek, or was it Todd’s? He was right next to me too, stroking down my neck, across to my shoulder. His aftershave was mixing with the raw, male smell of Raven—black pepper, soap and sex.
A white-hot shiver ran through my body. They were both so close, circling me, surrounding me. Far from fireworks of the fisticuff type, there seemed to be sparks of arousal flashing all over the place. And it wasn’t just me.
Raven’s mouth was by my ear now, his tongue just touching my lobe, his stubbled cheek against mine.
“Well, since we both want you,” Todd said, brushing his lips over my mouth, “why don’t we both have you?”

If you fancy checking out the other books I've written that star those deliciously bad boys of the ice, click on the covers below. And if you want to feast on some eye candy then hit the sexy hockey player groupie button and enjoy my Pinterest page featuring the real thing!! Oh, la, la...

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I'm hanging out with Cerise DeLand

After all the fun of having Cerise on my blog yesterday, today I'm visiting hers - please come and join us, we'd love to see you there plus I'm sharing a seriously steamy voyeur snippet from The Glass Knot!!!!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Please welcome Cerise DeLand

A Picture is Worth 30,000 words…or more!
By Cerise DeLand
All pictures property of Cerise DeLand, no use without permission.

I go everywhere and take my camera… and my author’s imagination! Here with a few of my own pix, I'll give you a tidbit I learned about the place, the photo or how I used it in a story!

Classical sculpture, trip to Greece with hubbie in 2009: This came from the museum at Olympia where the games were held. Also here was a training ground for Olympiads with a description of their rigorous diet and exercise. What did I take away? That being an athlete, even then, required an enormous commitment of time and energy. For me? Not so much. I used to do 5K races. Now I work out in a gym! And do hip hop class! Enuf already!

Fresh Fish and Jambon from La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain: This was a real treat! Notice the prices on the ham. YIKES! This ham is special coming from pigs who are fed acorns. Very pricey. What did I get out of this? Look for #4 in Desiree Holt and my NEMESIS series, UNTIL NOON, romantic thrillers that are selling like MAD!

From the same trip come the pix of SAGRADA FAMILIA, Sacred Family Cathedral. Note the “dripping architecture” of the East Door, or Door of Birth, and the contrast of the West Door, Door of  Death/Crucifixion which is very stark and rigid.

I give you the very dolorous and ironic sculpture of Judas Kissing Christ.

In UNTIL NOON, we set a murder in the nearby town of Montserrat on a cliff near a famous 1000 year old monastery.

Doge’s Palace, Venice: What a marvelous place Venice is! I long to return. From this trip, I got the background of CARRIED AWAY, my romantic suspense set there in that wonderful city. I’ve done a lot of travel in Mexico, too, where LAID BARE is set, the first in the Irresistible Forces series along with CARRIED AWAY.

I love to cook and my husband is my terrific sommelier. We go to Napa often and this pix of the Mondavi Wine cellar is one of my faves! Wine and champagne make big appearances in my books. Prosecco, anyone? Yum.
For a taste of my own cooking, wine and love for Italy and Italian men, try MIA Dolce!

The Street Scene of Pompeii makes my mouth water to return. When I did my master’s degree, I took quite a few courses in ancient civilizations. This pix makes me wish there were 48 hours in a day so that I could write romances set in Pompeii!

The door in Mykonos is only one of approximately two dozen pictures of colorful doors on that beautiful island. I like it better than Santorini for peace and quiet, the sound of the surf on the beach. Sigh. I have a story set here but have not finished it yet. What’s it about? A young woman who studied Greek here as a teen returns and finds her old friend who becomes her lover!

And the picture of the Texas Cypress trees is dear to me. I live here in the Hill Country and these beauties are a joy to see surviving, especially in a very dry climate. My new series for EC, Knights in Black Leather, begins with ROPE ME IN and TIE ME DOWN, then continues with STEAL ME AWAY, a historical about the Comanche who stole white women from their families. This is due out soon.

And where am I going next? My big trip this year will be to Paris (again!) and eastern France. What will I do there? Drink champagne. Eat truffles. And research chateaux and the French Revolution! If that floats your boat, do try my Regency which is free everywhere, LADY STARLING’s STOCKINGS.

Come visit me for all my books at

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Karen Stivali

My very lovely friend and fellow Ellora's Cave author, Karen Stivali, has two super new romantic novels out.


Sometimes you’re already committed to the wrong person when fate finally brings you the right one.

When NYU professor Daniel Gardner’s career-obsessed wife convinces him to move to the suburbs, he hopes it’s a first step toward starting the family he longs to have. Instead of domestic bliss he finds his neighbor, Marienne Valeti. She loves her freelance design job, but must contend with a growing sense of isolation created by her husband’s indifference. A penchant for good books, bad movies, and Marienne’s to-die-for brownies sparks a powerful bond between them. Passion simmers, but they resist its lure, surrendering only in the seclusion of their minds. Their friendship helps them weather every hardship, from divorce to widowhood, leaving them both secretly wondering if it can survive a first kiss.


When you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, the hard part is Holding On.

British NYU professor Daniel Gardner thinks life can’t get better than the day his three-year-old stepdaughter, Ella, calls him Daddy for the first time. Then his wife Marienne tells him she’s pregnant. Daniel is thrilled, but worried about Marienne’s health. Not wanting to cause her stress he turns to writing to calm his nerves. He pens a screenplay, thinking it’s nothing more than a mental health exercise, but when a colleague reads it and hands it to a producer, it turns into a production contract. Daniel accepts the offer and transfers to a teaching position at Dartmouth, hoping that small town living and a shorter commute will simplify his life.

As he attempts to juggle his new responsibilities he gets an unexpected letter from Roger, the father he never knew. For the first time since they met, Daniel and Marienne are at odds; she wants him to give Roger a chance but Daniel wants nothing to do with the man he thinks abandoned his mother. As Daniel and Marienne struggle they must contend with interference from Daniel’s sexy ex-wife, who appears to want him back, and a handsome, all-too-helpful single dad who desires Marienne as more than a play-date pal. They must both confront deep-seated issues with trust and acceptance if they’re going to find a way to make their marriage work and hold on to the love they share.

Find out more about Karen and her work HERE.

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Its snowing!

Beginning December 1st it’ll be snowing over at Silver Publishing!

Silver Publishing is giving readers more than 60 chances to win either a free Holiday Story from their 25 Days of Christmas Releases or a lucky random five 20% off codes! And if you are really dedicated there is a Word Scramble included that will provide a discount for titles purchased during the last week of December!

So, how does it work?

Find all the snowflakes every day, email silver publishing with the author name/date for each snowflake you find, check their blog daily to see if you won and then use the pertinent snowflakes to spell out an additional discount code to use at the end of the month.

Find out more HERE and be sure to come back here, to my blog, on the 21st December to find my snowflake!

Available from Silver Publishing - Berets and Bras

Blood, sweat and hard work has given me everything I want, except that is, the dangerous mercenary I'm in love and lust with. Until, one night, when my secrets are exposed, I discover, in the sweetest possible way that he's sinfully talented at handling more than just his armed weapon.

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Thanks for reading, have a great day,

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Sunday Snog - Enchanted Submission

Sunday Snog time again, and this week a steamy smooch from my fantasy novella Enchanted Submission.


It’s the night before Cinderella’s wedding and the girls are out on the town looking for some serious fun - especially Rapunzel.

Tired of being a dominatrix to her wall skimming prince she’s hoping to surrender control to the broodingly gorgeous, newly divorced Beast, but she mustn’t forget about her naive friend Cinderella who’s in desperate need of an eye opener before she gets hitched to the fast and furious Prince Charming.

Just as well Cinderella’s eye is caught by a dashing Woodcutter more than willing to fill the gaps in her education which leaves Rapunzel to enjoy her own, more exotic kind of kink in Beast's private Turret Club room.

Rapunzel turned. Her eyes came level with the top of Beast's chest. The nipple clamps were heavy as they touched the wool of his jumper and the combination of hard and soft created a shudder of need that shivered right down to her thighs.
Beast unclipped the lead and dropped it to the floor. He smoothed his hands up her neck until he was cupping her jaw. His eyelids dropped and he looked at her mouth like he wanted to actually eat her. He swept the pad of his thumb over her parted lips and she felt them stretched to the side, then his head lowered and the gentle pressure of his soft mouth hit down on hers.
He continued to embrace her face as the tip of his tongue peeked into her mouth. She opened up and delighted in his oaked, whisky taste. His fingers slid over her ears and into her hair and he cradled the back of her skull with one big palm as he dropped the other hand to her back and squeezed her closer. His erection prodded her stomach and she let out an involuntary groan which he caught in his mouth and mixed with his own deep moan of want.
He turned up the heat, their teeth touched briefly and then his tongue swept right in, exploring, probing, dancing with hers. Her nipples tightened further, blood raged to her nerve endings as the metal work snagged on the fibres of his top. Her greedy hands drifted up the wide, bulbous muscles of his arms, onto his shoulders and then took a path down towards his erection. She needed him, she wanted him so badly. She couldn't wait another minute
'Hey.' He broke their kiss and grabbed her wrists again, fastening his fingers tight around her slender bones. 'Remember, I'm calling the shots around here, not you.'
'Yes, I know but ...' She jerked her hands, aiming for the button on his trousers. 'Let's just ...'
'No,' he said, stepping away. He narrowed his eyes and flattened his mouth. 'I can see you're in need of containing.' He pulled her, quite roughly, towards the black semi-circle of raised flooring, her wrists now captured in just one of his enormous hands. 'You really don't understand the meaning of the word submission, do you?'
'I ...'
'Shh ...' He jabbed a straightened finger against his lips. 'I don't want to have to gag you, Rapunzel. I've kinda developed a thing for your mouth.' He looked at her lips again, studying them intently. 'I think I could become quite obsessed with that part of your body.'
A spark of delight popped in her stomach – Beast obsessed with her, how perfect would that be.
But she didn't have time to dwell on that possibility, because he tugged her up onto the platform, positioned her beneath the handcuffs and raised her hands high above her head.
His eyes glittered down at her as the cool leather tightened on her wrists. The corner of his mouth twitched and then he exerted a gentle pressure on her shoulders until she turned to face the full-length mirror on the wall.
'How do you look?' he said pulling her hair into a tail at her nape and then twisting it into a tight rope which he secured at the end with a piece of black twine.
Rapunzel studied her reflection; long black boots, creamy thighs, the small black triangle of her thong settled at the juncture of her legs and an impossibly tight corset shining like a deep pool of water at midnight. Her heavy breasts were now dominated by gold clamps and she could just see the pale pink tip of each erect nipple through the metal work. Her face was flushed and needy; eyes heavy, cheeks red and lips swollen and moist from kissing. 'I look ...' she said, 'like I belong to you.'

I hope you enjoyed that snippet. Enchanted Submission was huge fun to write and is an incredibly naughty read. It's had some great reviews...

"What an amazing little novella. I have read A. N. Rocquelaure’s (pen name of Ann Rice) Sleeping Beauty trilogy and this seems to sum it up in its entirety into a short book. 

The writing is sumptuous, lavish, and erotic. The scenery and atmosphere of the story are almost poetic in their finery and extravagance. It grabs Disneyesque elements and gives them not only an adult but a kinky fetish twist, plunging straight into the dark and deviant heart of BDSM.

The characters are surprisingly rich and deep. The opening of the novella may deceive the reader into thinking this a facetious take on fairy tales. However, although nostalgic fragments of childhood fantasies are at times depicted, these maidens and princes are nothing at all like you remember.

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the innocent fairy tale names and the steamy and raunchy sex scenes. The kink element is red hot. Dungeons, restraints, thigh boots and punishment implements... you have to read it to believe it!

Buy this book today and sample this delicious sinful taste of wickedness!"

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Xcite Books

Have a fantastic Sunday

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Masks of a Tiger by Doris O'Connor


Neeve doesn't understand why any normal person would choose to wear a collar like a common house pet. So, the collaring ceremony of her best friend's sister-in-law is the last place she wants to be, even if the hot men watching her send her insides aflame.

Never one for missing the opportunity to teach a bratty sub manners, Grisha intends to show the fiery little redhead the error of her ways. He doesn't expect to see her drawn to the flame like the proverbial moth. When she hurts herself in ways that even a Dom of his experience finds hard to witness, he knows he needs to help her.

Will their sexual chemistry be enough to chase away their demons and burn away their masks? Or is the submission Grisha demands too much for Neeve to accept?

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The deep, animalistic growl erupting from his chest caused more of her juices to flood her pussy, and she hastily followed his order of, "Hang on to me, sweetheart. We need to take this to the dungeon."
The way he said the word dungeon sent a shiver down her body, as images of him in another dungeon filled her mind. The barely functioning rational side of her brain screamed at her what the fuck she was doing, but her body just wasn't listening. Being this close to him, the need to stay in his arms consumed her. Her empty pussy ached to be possessed by this man. The heat of his thick, rock hard cock burned her through his jeans, and when he placed her on the huge bed dominating one side of the room, she didn't want to lose the contact. He chuckled into her neck and licked the sensitive skin. The curiously rough texture of his tongue sent her nerve endings tingling, and she locked her ankles behind his butt, and ground her clit against him again. 
God, she was so close, so damn close, if only…
Her eyes flew open, and the world tilted when he disentangled himself from her in one easy move. Before she knew what happened he had her lying over his knees, her dress pulled up to her hips, thong pulled down to her knees pinning them together. One of his arms over her back held her down.
"Don't move, sweetheart, or this will hurt." She froze. Surely he wouldn't spank her? And why did the thought of that make more of her juices leak out of her? Why was she not screaming no, or red, or whatever the hell one screamed in such circumstances? Instead, she was in danger of staining his jeans with her arousal. 
"Don't you dare spank me. I'm not five years old!" Even to her own ears the protest sounded feeble, and Grisha swatted her ass several times in quick succession. The force behind those swats pushed her further into his lap, and tears sprang to her eyes. He massaged her ass cheeks, and the hot burn eased and spread in tingles of awareness. Her pussy clamped, and she felt the wetness on the top of her thighs.
"Bastard! You have no right, you … oh—What are you doing? Oh God, yes, don’t stop." 
Grisha's amused chuckle vibrated through her, as he trailed something cold and smooth along her slit repeatedly. He followed the object with his fingers, the heat of those digits burning a path of awareness along her labia. She jumped when he circled her clit, and he murmured his approval at her panted reaction. She tried to push herself against that hand, and she screamed in surprise when he pinched her clit.
"That's not the way this works, sweetheart. You'll come when I let you, not before, and not until you tell me the truth."
Again he traced her slit with the object, and Neeve bucked when it started vibrating. He pushed the toy slightly into her channel, and her cunt clamped around the barely there invasion, her internal muscles desperately trying to pull it in further to no avail. Grisha kept it there on the edge, driving her insane with the need to come. The orgasm hovered just out of her reach, and she groaned her frustration to the floor, pummeling his legs in the process.
Another swat to the ass was her reward. Her tender flesh stung and burned, the slight pain adding to the assault on her senses.
"So, what will it be, Neeve? Are you going to tell me the truth, or do I carry on with your punishment?"
"P-punishment?" Neeve panted the words as her body climbed again. "You call this punishment? Is that all you've got?"
Why she felt the need to goad him she couldn't say, but by God, her body might be betraying her, but that didn't mean that she would give in that easily.
"No, sweetheart, I call this torture, and I can keep this up for hours." She heard the smile in his voice, but there was an unmistakable edge of command in those words, and her stomach clenched in excitement.
"You're so fucking wet for me, and your ass is so pink—it’s a beautiful sight, sweetheart. So tell me if you’re not a sub, then why is your essence staining my jeans? Why is that sweet cunt of yours quivering and weeping? It's just waiting for my thick cock to fill you, isn't it?" 
He pushed the dildo all the way in, angling it until it hit her g-spot, and Neeve saw stars. He fucked her with merciless precision until she was a quivering mass of need and would have said anything to get off.
"Please, please … I need to come … please, Grisha."
The swat to her ass stung, and his voice could have cut glass.
"You will call me, Sir, sub. And you will answer my questions without evasion." He pushed the dildo all the way in and covered her slit with his hand, whilst the vibrations inside her increased to almost unbearable levels. He pushed one of his fingers into her anus, and Neeve screamed out loud. That felt way too good.
"Please, please, I will, please, just let me—" 
"Let you what my sweet, Neeve? Let you come? Do you need to come?" His husky words in her ear grounded her, as he molded his naked chest against her back and pulled her hair until she looked sideways and up into his eyes. Glittering, golden orbs of intensity they pulled her into his will, and she couldn’t have looked away if her life depended on it.
"Yes," she whispered, and he smiled.
"Then what do you call me?"
"Yes, Sir."
His brilliant answering smile of approval spread through her and left darts of heat along her skin.
"And you'll answer my questions?" he asked.
"Yes, Sir."
"Then come, sweetheart. Come for me now."


Author Bio

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.

She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

Find Doris on the web here:

Friday, 23 November 2012

Ex Libris

I've been invited to the very popular book review site Ex Libris, to chat about sporting heroes and how I get inspiration for dreaming them up!

Click on the hot hockey player below to read my post about winter sport adventures.

And while you are there, have a good snoop around, there are sooooo many prizes on offer at Ex Libris including a copy of my sexy soccer novel SCORED.

Okay, so I eat, sleep and breathe football and reporting the beautiful game is my dream career. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a major crush on the England captain, Lewis Tate. The bloke is sex on legs, hot with a capital H. Add in his awe-inspiring talent, his brooding good looks and what’s not to lust after?

So my excitement is sky-high as I set off with the official press team to cover England’s battle for the European Cup. But when a series of unfortunate, or as it turns out fortunate events, attracts Tate’s attention my way, who am I to say no?

Add in a misogynistic manager, an over-zealous colleague, two blue silk ties and some incredible ball-handling skills and it becomes clear the road to victory, for me, will be an intensely erotic journey. Determined to savor every moment, I hang onto my sanity as best I can while living the fantasy and wondering if it can ever become reality. Because once Lewis Tate has taken me to heaven and back, its clear no one else will ever compare.

Have a great day

Lily x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Birth of a Book

Check out my website for all the inside gossip on how the Seven Deadly Sins anthology was born on a napkin! - due out on 30th November 2012 this sinful book is beautifully illustrated by John LaChatte. Pre-order available.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Romance Reviews YES Party

Don't miss the party!! Today at the Romance Reviews you can enter to win a copy of TEAMWORK when it is released on 30th of November.

Click HERE to play, but don't forget you have to log in to see and answer the questions. There are heaps of prizes so what are you waiting for...

(Scroll down when you get there, it's a big page!)

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Proving Santa Exists by Victoria Blisse


When Jonathan transfers from the U.S to the Manchester branch of Computers Inc., Jenny is the first person to make him feel at home. Finding out about his bleak Christmases as a boy, she makes up her mind to involve him in all her English Christmas traditions.

Passion sparks between the two as they decorate the Christmas tree. Who would have thought such an innocent activity could become so sexually charged? Can Jenny succeed in seducing the hot American and also prove to him that Santa really does exist?

* Includes the Full Seasonal Recipes for meals & snacks mentioned in the story.

Hot Excerpt.

"How are you enjoying your Christmas so far?" I ask, the film credits fading into the background.
"It's been amazing," Jonathan enthuses as his eyes meet mine, then a serious shadow darkens their flame. "Christmas was never anything special when I was a kid. We never had a tree. The home said it cost too much and it was a fire hazard."
I tut and shake my head.
"The highlight was the Santa. We knew he wasn't real, just a man dressed as Santa. He'd bring each of us a toy. I got a little car one year. I still have it."
 "How come you knew it wasn't the real Father Christmas?"
"Because we knew there was no real Santa. They told us so all the time. They told us not to get our hopes up because Santa didn't exist and wouldn't bring us what we wanted on Christmas Eve."
“What?" I'm outraged. I feel my blood boiling with the harsh cruelty of it. "Santa does exist."
"You don't believe that, do you?" He shakes his head, his eyes wide.
 "Yes, yes I do." I nod my head emphatically. "Maybe not in the way a child does, but I heartily believe in the spirit of Father Christmas. I believe in the meaning behind the make-believe. My faith is in the giving, which is the true centre of the festive season—the heart of it all. It's all about making life better for other people and, through that, enhancing your own life. Santa definitely exists."
Suddenly, those lips are on mine again, and his arms wrap around me. I feel his cheek against my skin. I feel moisture there: the trail of a tear. I close my eyes and kiss back, giving. I give him the softest, gentlest kiss I can. I want him to feel cherished. My heart throbs in pain at the harshness he’s suffered in his life. I want to smooth over all those rough edges; I want him to see what I mean about Father Christmas existing.
 I pull him closer to me. My arms wrap tighter around him, and I stroke his back to offer comfort. Our lips, in contrast, are joined lustfully. With every small move, I feel my heart beat harder and faster. I become dizzy with the speed at which the blood is whizzing around my body, making every inch of me zing with the created friction and heat. His body presses me back against the sofa arm, twisting my own beneath him.
His lips leave mine and kiss a fizzing trail of pleasure down my neck to my collar bone. His hands rise from their position on my hips to slide under my loose-fitting red jumper and up higher to cup my breasts. The shock of his cool hands through the thin, lacy gauze is deliciously arousing. I groan my appreciation as his fingers dig into the cups and ease out the masses of abundant tit-flesh beneath. Pushing the wool of my jumper up with the tops of his wrists, his lips leave the soft flesh at the hollow of my neck.
Moments later, after my jumper is completely removed, their warm wetness encompasses my nipple, sending even more intense ripples of pleasure throughout my body. I feel him shift until he's on his knees in front of me. One of my legs is still on the floor, the other is crossed in front of my pubis. I slip a hand between our bodies, running it under his shirt, feeling that soft, supple skin that I've only just glimpsed before. I follow the soft trail of hair down from his belly button to the top of his jeans. I feel more than hear the moan he emits from around my nipple as I pop open the brass button, then slide down the zipper.
 I can't believe I am being so forward, but as he doesn't move to stop me, I yank his jeans and his boxers down to the middle of his thighs. My action emboldens him and he moves back, allowing me to spread my thighs around him. Jonathan strokes down to my legs and pulls up the full length of long, billowing skirt, his mouth still feasting on the white meat of my breasts. A hand of mine rubs through the wiry hair trailing down to his cock. When my flesh touches his, I melt. He's hard and hot and very willing.


Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City. 
She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

Find out more at her website  or follow and friend Victoria: 

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Seven Deadly Sins - an illustrated erotic anthology.

Earlier in the year some of you may remember that I attended Eroticon UK with a whole host of sex writers and bloggers. I had a wonderful time, not just attending the workshops but also in the evening having a really good natter and a glass of wine with other authorly types. You can read all about the fun I had HERE.

One of the many great things that happened that day was a new anthology was dreamed up. While sitting in the heart of Bristol, late at night, a very naughty collection of erotic stories was born. I was with Victoria Blisse, KD Grace and Lucy Felthouse and as the hours got smaller, and the wine bottle emptied, the topic moved to sinning (as is does!).

We started listing the seven deadly sins and before we knew it devilish tales were being slung around the table and I was scribbling on a napkin as we each claimed a misdemeanour to write about. A few quick texts/emails and the fabulous Rebecca Bond, Lexie Bay and Sarah Masters (aka Emmy Ellis) were on board too.

You can imagine how thrilled we were when Sweetmeat Press picked up the idea and offered to add their hot-as-hell illustrations to the book!! Chink chink, champagne all round!

Well, finally, here is the finished product. It is absolutely divine and will be widely available. I honestly can't remember having so much fun dreaming up and being part of an anothlogy - girls, you rock!!

Aphrodite Gets a Piece of the Action by K. D. Grace
A young voyeur finds himself faced with the almighty task of going global with Lust!

Caged by Rebecca Bond 
Greed pushes a policewoman straight to the top. But her quest for power uncovers more desire than she ever knew she had!

Glutton to Gourmet by Victoria Blisse
Anabel has never known when to say ‘when’. But the dashing Roman shows her that quality is just as delicious as quantity.

Green Eyed Monster by Lily Harlem
Penis Envy takes on a whole new meaning when Helen hatches a plan to use her own “cock” to its fullest extent!

An Indolent Seduction by Lexie Bay
When the demon of Sloth sets his sights on the angel Industria, apathy becomes dangerously alluring.

The Sweetest Revenge by Lucy Felthouse
Abigail’s crush on Mackenzie has made her do something stupid. Will Pride come before a fall…or cause them to fall in love?

Something Else by Sarah Masters
A man’s Wrath at the loss of his lover sets him on a vengeful path that leads him through a seedy and sexually charged underworld.

Why not indulge, it will make the perfect present for that special naughty someone in your life!!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Sweetmeats Press

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies

It's that time of year again when a hot body to snuggle up to in bed is especially welcome. Check out my wintery novel Cold Nights, Hot Bodies, set in the beautiful Cotswolds, UK and starring the delicious Shane Galloway! (More pictures of cover model Francis Cura on my dedicated Pinterest page.)


All my life I’ve been the quiet bookworm, the office mouse. It hasn’t bothered me. Immersing myself in erotic novels has kept me wriggling on the edge of my seat at work and firmly entrenched in my own fantasy world at night.

Though one thing is bothering me—my damn virginity. If only I could find a sexy bedroom expert to introduce me to the delights of having a lover. Someone handsome and charming, who can rival the hunky alpha males in my books. I have a very vivid, very well-fed imagination—he’ll have to keep up.

Then, one bitterly cold night, thanks to a devious, conniving, so-called friend, the perfect opportunity to rid myself of this pesky virginity problem comes along. Before I know it, the heroes in my novels have come alive in the person of Shane Galloway, who’s pleasuring me with every trick in the book and wheedling into my heart in the hottest ways possible.

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies has had some brilliant reviews...

Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews

This was a great book that really showed two characters that had amazing chemistry and how the author was able to tweak them in just a way as to make the story different from all the others on the market today. The story of Shane and Ashley was great, not only in that it was very believable but that the story flowed so well that it didn’t even feel like reading to me. When the final page came I was sad to see it end, but also anxious to see what other works Lily Harlem had up her sleeve. If you are looking for a cute read with lots of great sex and a HEA than this is the book for you! 

Miz Love Loves Books

What a great concept! Well-written and highly entertaining, Cold Nights, Hot Bodies is a fantastic read for an evening on the sofa—or in bed! Who knows, you might find yourself getting inspiration for your own sex life!


I have read a good number of Lily Harlem books, but this might be my favorite. Sure, the cover is worth the price of admission alone (although I suppose there's nothing preventing you from staring at him on Amazon all day long). But I digress. Lily Harlem's characters are always fun and the sex is always white-hot, but I would say she amped things up in this one. I could totally identify with Ashley's reluctance to come out of her shell and how much she was rewarded when she finally did. Shane is super sexy, but has a heart of gold. I liked him from his first appearance on the page. The story pulled me in and didn't let go as it became apparent that their connection was not only instantaneous and physical, but deeper and quite emotional. Both characters risk their heart and I loved them for it. The ending is wholly satisfying. You won't be disappointed!

Buy Links

Ellora's Cave

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Here are some pictures that inspired me as I wrote Cold Nights, Hot Bodies.

Have a great day, keep warm!

Lily x