Friday, 25 February 2022

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A never before sale is happening right now. You can grab the first three novels in my popular hockey romance series HOT ICE for just 0.99.
Go, run, grab your copy from Amazon (US and UK only) and meet the Vipers, the bad boys of the ice who will keep you reading late into the night.

Then when you've finished, continue the adventures...

And the spin-off shorter stories...

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

COVER REVEAL - SUBMITTING TO THE VIKING WARRIOR Coming Soon! #Vikingromance #Viking #BDSM #spankingromance #alphamale


Beautiful cover designed by STUDIOENP

While you're waiting for this kinky historical romance to hit the shelves, why not read the sister book, MASTERED BY THE VIKING KING.

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

FERAL - Now Available From Your Favourite Store! #omegaverse #mpreg #gayromance #shifterromance #werewolf


You can now grab my super sexy M-Preg Omegaverse novella from a multitude of stores - previously just on Amazon - so dive right in and enjoy the howling and growling!


Russell Strand suspected something was off with his scent when neighborhood dogs hunted him down to sniff and lick him when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he went on to live a relatively normal childhood, though was always keen to avoid canines.

It isn’t until he’s set up on a blind date with the devilishly handsome Toby Blast, that he’s hit not just with Cupid’s arrow but a sense of belonging.

However, Toby proves to be domineering with a ravenous appetite for sex, and Russell soon realizes his lover is no ordinary man and can make him feel extraordinary things in the bedroom.

But then Russell discovers the truth, not just about his lover, but also himself.

As if being a shifter isn’t a surprise enough…there’s more.

Only fate will decide if the couple are meant to be, if Russell can carry on the pack’s lineage, and if Toby will ever sate his appetite.

Monday, 14 February 2022

Five Boyfriends. Five Novels. HALF PRICE #reverseharem #boxedset #whychoose #eroticromance #menageatrois #KU #valentinesday


As a special Valentine's Day treat from me to you THE CHALLENGE is currently half price on Amazon UK and US. (Also on KU)

So for less than five bucks you get five novels and five hot book boyfriends. What's not to love about that!

And then when you've finished the wild adventures of Olivia and her men, dive into THE BOYS - also on sale - a spin-off novel told entirely from the guys' point of view. You won't be disappointed when you get into their heads! (Also on KU)

Friday, 11 February 2022

VIP Reader Group - hang out with LILY HARLEM #readergroup #amreading #romance #sexyromance #ebook #facebook


If you love hanging out with authors and readers who enjoy super sexy romance then do join my VIP Reader Group, you'd be most welcome and I'm there most days chatting, giving away freebies and enjoying life.

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Hot Gay Romance DARK WARRIOR will blow your mind! New to #audible #audiobook #ebook #gayromance #eroticgayromance


If you love gay romance and you love audiobooks you will not be disappointed with the narration of DARK WARRIOR. So grab a copy and head to sultry Kenya where passions have to be kept hidden, lust a buried secret, until the dead of the night, that is, then anything can happen!

Monday, 7 February 2022

REDWOOD SHIFTERS #pnr #pnrromance #gblt #menage #gay #shifter #werewolf

Redwood Shifters is my paranormal steamy romance series (M/M, M/M/M and M/M/F)  presented by Pride Publishing. You can now buy the series in two handy boxed sets - enjoy!

Saturday, 5 February 2022

Saturday Spankings MASTER OF HER WORLD #scifiromance #BDSM #kinkyromance #spankingromance #romanceexcerpt #alphamale


Greetings Saturday Spankers, I hope you are well and 2022 is being kind to you thus far. A bit of a blast from the past today with a snippet from MASTER OF HER WORLD.

Imagine a planet where the women have to receive semen into their bodies three times a day in order to survive in the atmosphere? Well I did, and this is what happened...

“When your name came up in the register to come to Roun as a slave, did you have a
choice?” he asked. “Did your parents allow you to make the decision or was it forced upon you?” 
“No, it wasn’t forced upon me,” she said quickly, remembering the relief on their faces when she’d been picked. “Not at all. My parents are intelligent people and they love me dearly,
but they knew Roun was my only hope for a healthy and long life.”
“Even though you’d be a slave, bound to do the bidding of another for the rest of your
“It seems a small price to pay for the gift of your semen.”
“Would you not wish to take the synthetic semen? Live in a different way here on Roun?
There has been talk in some circles of that happening for Zoid women.” He shifted on the bed and it creaked.
She wondered if he was looking at her now, but kept her eyes closed, lost in her own little world and enjoying the deep timbre of her master’s voice.
“No. This is the life I chose. The synthetic stuff, it doesn’t make me feel the same way you do... and...”
“And... go on.”
“I’d be scared, Sir. How would I fit in here? I have nothing except the clothes I stand in. Like all women from Zoid I have little in the way of skills; concentrating with low blood oxygen levels wasn’t easy. Only the most privileged children on Zoid are given smog-free air to breathe when studying. Those expected to go on to be scientists and have ideas to save Zoid.” She sighed again. “But it’s beyond saving.”
“That’s without doubt.” He paused. “Look at me, slave.”
She opened her eyes.
He was sitting on the edge of the bed, fingers curled around the blanket, staring at her.
“So,” he said, his thick eyebrows pulled low, “you want to be here? With me?”
“Yes, Sir, very much. It’s my dream come true.”
“It is?” He raised his eyebrows.
“Yes. You’re a kind master, a handsome master with lots of strong semen. Your dome is
beautiful, the views, the birds, the suns. I feel very fortunate.”
He nodded slowly. “And you enjoy your medication?”
“Yes, Sir. If it pleases you, that is?”
“Of course it pleases me, medicating you is pleasurable for me; if it wasn’t, my cock
wouldn’t get hard for you.” 
“Oh, I didn’t know that.”
“You have a lot to learn.” 
“Yes, Sir.”
“And I will teach you in many ways.”
“Like the clamps, Sir.”
“Yes, and the flogger and my hand.” He held up his palm, the one he’d injured. “Come
She hesitated.
“Yes, Sir.” She quickly stood, clasping her hands before her.
“I wish to check the poppy balm has worked.” He flexed and unflexed his fingers as his
attention dipped to her breasts. “If not I will apply more so I’m healed by morning. Tomorrow I have much to do.”
“Yes, Sir.” She curled her toes on the hard floor. How was he going to test the health of his hand?
“Lay yourself over my knee.” He straightened and drew his legs together.
Briella stayed rooted to the spot. Did he really want her draped over his lap? Her breasts against his thighs, her belly squashed against his leg?
He tipped his head. “If you’re a good slave, I will allow you to ask me one question. I can see that many are swirling in that pretty head of yours.”
“Yes, Sir.” One question? She stepped up to him, then gingerly, not wanting to hurt him, settled face down on his lap.
“I won’t break,” he muttered, with a tinge of impatience. He pressed between her shoulders, pinning her to the bed, and dragged her hips so that she was flush with his body.
Gasping at the sudden swift movement, she gripped the covers and pressed her cheek onto the sheet.
“Ah, such a sweet ass,” he said, skimming his hand over both buttocks.
She was still tender from the flogger but she could easily tolerate him touching her there now.
“You pinked up quickly when I flogged you for the enforcers.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“But now I’m going to pink you up for me. To see if my hand copes with spanking you,
“Yes, Sir. As you wish.”
“I do wish.” He stroked up to her hairline then down her back to her thighs, then behind her knees. He tickled and caressed, the hard calluses on his palms scratching her slightly.
She writhed, enjoying his touch and the adoration he seemed to put into each movement. Suddenly it hit; one hard, resounding slap on her right buttock.
She cried out as the pain bloomed over her skin, then jerked, trying to get away from it.
The sting followed.
“No, keep still.” He gathered her hair in his free hand and tugged.
She stilled as her scalp complained. “Oh, Sir...”
“I wish to see my handprint come alive.”