Thursday 2 January 2014

Cold Hands, Warm Bottoms Blog Hop

Christmas is over, all the fun of welcoming in the New Year is done and to be honest the tinsel is getting dusty! So what better to warm us all up on a cold January weekend than a bit of hot-handed spanking fun with the Cold Hands, Warm Bottoms Blog Hop.

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My contribution to the hop is an excerpt taken from That Filthy Book, co-written with Natalie Dae (Harlem Dae) and currently on half price offer at Amazon UK and Amazon. I've chosen this snippet to share because Karen has decided that she'd like her husband, the gorgeous Jacob, to spank her with a long branch she's found outside. It's taken her a while to build up to this, and she's also had to face the thought of the cold. Why? Well she wants her spanking fun to take place in the copse at the end of their large garden and it's a nippy winter's day. They've been doing a lot of role play up to this point, him being dominant and her handing herself over to him, it picks up from the point where he's just come in from work and they've spent all day looking forward to their evening encounter.

“Outside,” he said in a husky, dangerous voice as he glanced at the darkening window. “Get outside where I can give you what a slutty tease deserves.”
He reached for my arm, and I stepped out of my trousers before he jerked me across the kitchen. His hold was rough and strong and sent a whole host of longing raging through my veins.
He flung open the door and marched out onto the bricked path that led to the patio area, then on towards the wilderness section of the garden.
The sensation of being naked, outdoors, for the first time was as exciting as it was illicit. It made me feel both vulnerable and empowered, a weird combination of emotions.
“Hurry,” Jacob said, stepping off the path onto the grass.
The damp, dewy blades gripped my bare feet like fingers, and the feel of soft, cold mud beneath my soles was mushy and alien. I took a few jogging steps to keep up with him. My breasts jigged, as did my thighs.
The still air was a vast void of cool darkness that I’d suddenly become immersed in. My skin responded with goosebumps, as I’d known it would, but I didn’t care, as I’d known I wouldn’t. The heat raging in me was like a furnace. Bright and burning, enough to heat even the most freezing of nights.
We reached the copse. Jacob’s big boots stomped over twigs, snapping them and shifting them out of his way. His breath was heavy; a slight fog misting from his mouth. Eventually, he stopped between the two trees that had been the centre of my sinful thoughts of late.
“You will only make a sound if I give you permission,” he said, positioning me between the two slim trunks. “If you make any other noises you will be punished even more than you’re already going to be.”
I swallowed tightly and nodded.
He grunted before reaching for my left wrist.
Allowing myself to be handled like a puppet, I stood stock still on crisp leaves and dank earth as he wrapped a thick rope around my forearm. It was scratchy and hard, not at all pliable. He looped it over the first branch so that my arm was held up high. He repeated the action with my right wrist, silently, efficiently; so that both my upper limbs were out- stretched in a high crucifix position.
He stepped away and I heard the scrape of his lighter as he lit the four fat church candles I’d stood on squat bricks earlier. Instantly, a warm, golden glow bathed the cold woodland floor and flickered up the front of my harnessed, naked body.
“Mmm,” he said, tugging his bottom lip with his teeth and studying me. “Perfect.”
I breathed in the mulchy, earthy scent enveloping me. My clit swelled, trying to peek from its hood, and my nipples strained forward, the chilly air a caress to my feverish, needy body.
“Now I can do whatever I want and you can’t do a thing about it.” He lowered his voice to a sexy, dangerous drawl and tipped his face to mine. “Not a single...fucking...thing.”
A shiver attacked my spine and jolted my stretched shoulder blades. He was so damn big standing before me in the shadows. Dressed in navy jeans and black sweater with his hair flopped messily forward, he looked menacing. Not the sort of man a woman would want to meet on a dark night.
He reached out and cupped my right breast, handling it not roughly but not quite gently either. He then watched his own movements carefully as he massaged and tweaked and tugged at my nipple.
Moisture grew in the deep well of my pussy. Hot and desperate need. I bowed towards him, wanting more than just my breasts to be fondled.
He stroked over my belly, dipping inquisitive fingers into the slit of my pussy. “Mmm, you’re hot and ready for it, whore, aren’t you?”
I pressed my lips in on themselves, remembering that I wasn’t to make a sound.
He laughed, a deep, guttural noise that echoed around the tall, black tree trunks and drifted into the woody canopy above. “Good girl.” He probed deeper and found my clit. “Keep nice and quiet.”
I suppressed a gasp as he applied just the right amount of pressure in a sweet little circle over my clit. I was so turned on, so desperate for his touch. Perhaps he was going to treat me to a quick orgasm to get the night started on a high note like I had for him?
Parting my legs further, I shifted my feet on the squidgy, twig-strewn ground. I squeezed my eyes shut and embraced being naked in the woods—tied up and at one with nature, at one with Jacob and all the devilish, depraved things I would let him do to me.
His breaths grew ragged on my cheek, and his body heat radiated onto my trembling skin as he continued to build me towards climax. I opened my eyes and looked into his face. Shadows sliced over his angular profile, the candles providing the only light now in our small, dark woodland hideaway.
He kept up his heavenly rotations—he knew just how I liked it. My heart thumped, my breaths were getting harder to keep quiet and controlled. I was ready to come. Come while I was strung up outside, naked, between two trees.
He removed his fingers.
I opened my mouth to protest. How could he? I was just about to climax.
He widened his eyes, as if daring me to speak.
Hastily, I shut my mouth again.
“Ah, poor little slut,” he said, cupping my chin with his damp fingertips. “Thought you were going to get some, didn’t you? Well, now you know what it’s like to be teased.”
Despite the cold, heat rose on my cheeks—angry, frustrated heat. I yanked at the well-knotted ropes and they tightened on my wrists. If I hadn’t been tied up I would have finished myself off. Two quick flicks was all it would take for a fast, sharp orgasm.
He stepped behind me and ran his flattened palm down the gutter of my spine. “So pretty,” he murmured. “So pretty and perfect and just waiting for it.”
As he slid his hand lower, I became aware that he was holding something else against my skin, something cool and plastic, pointed and moist.
“You have to take what I give you, whore, don’t you? And right now I want you to take this.”
It was the butt plug. Where the hell had he kept that hidden all day?
I rose onto my tiptoes as the narrow, lubed end traced down my cleft and poked at my puckered hole. Oh, God, I hadn’t expected any anal play tonight. I thought we were doing something else. I wasn’t psyched up for it, hadn’t thought about it enough.
He nipped the ball of my shoulder with his teeth as the first section eased into my dark opening. I could say the safe word, but that would mean stopping our game, which, of course, I didn’t want. So it seemed, again, I had no choice in the matter but to take it. Jacob could and would do to me whatever he wanted.
Willing myself to relax, because I’d taken the plug plenty of times now, I breathed in the sharp, pungent air and concentrated on my tight ring as it expanded.
The plug eased in some more and I shuddered at the carnal bite of pain that besieged me. I was so turned on my entire pelvis was humming for more, but this caused the muscles to grasp the plug in an entirely different way to when I was lying on my bed, relaxed and alone, inserting it.
“I’m going to fill your arse then spank you,” Jacob said into my ear, his hot breath instantly turning damp and cool. “Spank you, whip you, make you wish you weren’t such a fucking prick tease.”
I whimpered and hung my head low, the tendons in my neck stretched as my arsehole widened around the ever-increasing tapered length of the plug. He kept on pushing, on and on, paying no regard to my tightness until finally it popped into me, leaving just the wide arms poking at the underside of my buttocks.
“That’s it,” he said, almost soothingly. “That’s you full.”
Full was hardly the word. Stuffed, penetrated, out of control. They were the words that sprang to mind.
I’d become aware as I accommodated the plug that I was standing completely on my toes, like a ballerina. Glancing down through the flickering light, I saw my toenails had sunk into the ground. Dried leaves and jagged ends of twigs poked at the pale skin on the top of my feet and around my ankles. It was a sandpit of nature, the wood’s own carpet, claiming me, becoming part of me. I was becoming part of it.
Arching my head up to the sky, I stared at the stark winter treetops. The moon had come out to play too. Its shimmering light fractured through branches as it stared down at our naughty game.
“Argh!” I couldn’t help my shocked scream, and my whole body tensed. The wild, searing pain whipping over my buttocks was agony—tormented, frantic agony.
“Shh,” Jacob whispered as he ran the barkless branch over my tortured skin. “You’ll earn more strikes if you cry out.”
I sank my teeth into my bottom lip and willed my arse to release around its invasion. The involuntary clenching of my cheeks as he’d struck me had created a spasm around the plug, shoving it into the membrane separating my vagina and rectum. The sensation was both exquisite and tormenting. The more I clenched, the sweeter the internal pain.
“Brace,” he muttered.
Brace! That was the problem.
Another stinging slap connected. Its thin, mean line created a cross-section of burnt flesh over both my buttocks.
“Oh, yes,” he said, running his cool palm over my arse. “It’s raised and swollen already.”
I didn’t doubt if for a second.
“It’s a hot mark on cold flesh,” he said. “A sweet line of possession.”
No sooner had the pain retreated than another swinging slap rained down on my vulnerable skin. Owning me, blasting through me, releasing a huge shot of adrenaline into my system.
“Oh, God, Jacob,” I murmured.
“I didn’t say you could speak. Take it,” he said hotly. “Take it where you need it most.” My befuddled brain tried to make sense of his words. Take it where I needed it most?
He struck again, the very top of my thighs this time. Oh my God! The flames of pain shot to my clit. Scorching the swollen flesh and making it bob within its hood. As I jerked away from the torture, I also found myself shunting back for more. The agony was like an electric circuit to my cunt, filling it with fizzing fire and wild, pulsing blood.
“Let it go,” he said, thrashing my arse again and again.
“Ah, ah,” I panted, absorbing the heat that bloomed across my skin and settled deep in my pelvis. The pain was like another living, breathing part of me, and I began to feel floaty as endorphins were released into my system. The world dropped away; I was drifting on a sea of sensation.
A sudden gust of breeze lifted my hair from my shoulders, and I flung my head back, relaxed my knees and allowed the ropes to hold my weight. The wind rustled around the branches and whipped over the leaf-littered floor. To my left the trees darkened, and I guessed one of the candles had blown out.
Jacob smoothed his hands over my arse, as if caressing the pains he’d inflicted. My clit was engorged. Moisture had seeped from my pussy and dampened the inside of my legs. I needed him to touch me again. I needed him to touch my clit and fuck my cunt.
“Soon,” he said as if reading my hazy thoughts. “Soon.”
The branch he wielded swung down again, the cold air shifting out of its way just a fraction of a second before it hit.
I moaned long and low, no longer mustering the energy to remain completely silent.
He picked up the pace, striking me fast and hard—they weren’t pansy hits, they had real male muscle behind them and each lash bit like a snake. Before long they all blurred, each cruel sting meshing with the last until my arse was just one thrumming mass of pain.
A barrage of emotions overwhelmed me as I hung there, in the dark woods, my arse penetrated and being beaten by Jacob’s branch. I never would have thought I’d have this experience, but it was so liberating. Jacob inflicting this erotic pain had given me a whole new level of sensation. A whole new understanding of myself.
As suddenly as it started, the beating stopped.
I didn’t move, just allowed myself to be suspended by the ropes as I panted through the pain and listened to my pulse raging in my ears. My buttocks and the tops of my thighs were on fire, burning, and as the cold night stroked over them they sizzled and stung.
“Look at me.”
Jacob pinched my jaw between his fingers, and I opened my eyes. He was naked now, and the shadows from the candles flickered across his wide, defined chest. He reminded me in that instant of a Roman soldier, bronzed and sculpted. A thin layer of sweat shone in the hollow of his throat and over his top lip, and his fringe was jagged over his forehead.
I loved him like I knew I would never love anyone else.
He stooped and slotted his strong, corded forearms under my thighs, hoisting me into the air so that my spread pussy was directly over his cock. “You can speak now. Tell me what you want, bitch.”
“I-I want you to, oh, please, please just fuck me.” Winding my fingers around the ropes I could reach with my new elevated position, I jerked and tried to impale myself on him.
He grunted and allowed the first inch of his cock to push in. But he had me in a tight hold and I couldn’t drop down any further than he would allow.
“You gonna tease me again?” he asked harshly.
“Jacob, I... I...please, yes, yes. Whatever you want.” My pussy was contracting around nothing—I needed filling, now.
“Because whenever you want tying up and punishing, all you’ve got to do is tease me and you’ll get it.” He pressed his mouth to mine in a heated kiss. “And, just so you know, whenever I want to put that plug in your tight little arse and fuck your pussy, I will. You’re mine; I will do to you whatever the hell I want, whenever I want.”
His words were like an aphrodisiac and my arse clenched around the plug, stimulating me so much that an orgasm hovered. If only he would...
He thrust in, right to the hilt.
I cried out. My channel was so tight. With the plug in place his cock felt so much thicker, so much wider. The stab of pain was deliciously bad, and the sensation of being invaded and filled overwhelmed me so much that tears fell.
“Shh,” he soothed against my cheek. “Shh.”
But I didn’t want to be quiet or soothed. I felt wonderful, and no one would hear us. I wanted to shout and scream and let Jacob know how fantastic he made me feel. They were tears of joy. “Jacob, Jacob, please, oh God, yes, yes!” I shouted. My orgasm was so close. One more stroke.
He pulled me off his cock, then, using the ropes I was harnessed to, swung me back down on to him.
For an aching, eternal second I stiffened, my body waiting, suspended, knowing it was there, finally. “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” I panted, staring down at where we were joined. His dark pubic hair was mashed against my clit; his hips had reared upwards as he thrust as deep as possible into me.
“Fuck it, yes, yes,” he hissed.
He shoved me up and banged me down onto him again, the penetration bordering on violent.
“Argh!” I erupted in a rolling, hanging mass of ecstasy. My anus clenched around the plug and my pussy squeezed and milked his cock. My clit sent shockwaves of wanton bliss careering through me.
“Oh, fuck, that’s it,” he cried out, his voice now every bit as loud as mine and his head thrown back. “That is fucking it!” He came deep inside me, ramming my body down onto his over and over.
I split apart again, my body reeling in a million different directions in the cold, dark woods. It travelled from the tips of my fingers, frantic and bloodless, right to the ends of my filthy toes.
What on earth had we become?

As you can no doubt tell there is a lot going on with Karen and Jacob as they discover what it is they want from their sex life after ten years of marriage. But because underpinning all of their erotic adventures there is a very deep and profound love and unwavering respect, their exploits just get more and more exotic. What you've just read is from about half way through That Filthy Book, and believe me, there's so much more!

Blurb for That Filthy Book

Many years ago that filthy book imprinted itself in my erotic subconscious. Now it’s reared its head and is about to drag me along for the dirtiest ride of my life.

Out of sight, out of mind. Or so I thought, but it turns out an old, dog-eared book with contents so filthy and so depraved that I’d been forced to hide it after reading, has sank deeper into my erotic subconscious than I’d ever imagined. Luckily though, Jacob is up for exploring the new side of me that has risen to the surface after all these years.

In a whirlwind of wanton adventures that push us to the limits of our sexuality, we begin to re-discover what it once was that had us screaming with pleasure and how to accept that nothing will ever be the same again between us.


Fallen Angel Reviews - "This book is intense. I have never read such a hot, sexy, raw book. I loved it. The best part of this book is it isn't just a book about sex. It's a book about the exploration of a marriage and how easy it is to fall into a rut of behavior. It's about the lengths a couple is willing to go to, to keep their sex life fresh and their marriage happy. Most of all, it's about a happily married couple who are still in love and after 10 years, finding that love can grow deeper and richer. This book shows how rich and satisfying a fantasy sex life can be when shared with a patient and understanding partner. I don't think simple words can even do justice to what this book made me feel. As a happily married woman myself, I found myself nodding as I read about the uncertainties that plagued Karen. It's nice to know that I am not alone in these thoughts. I recommend that every woman read this book, because unless you experience it for yourself, I am not sure I can convey the emotion this book evokes. Read the book. You won't be disappointed."

Amazon Reader - "The thing I enjoyed about this story was how much they (Karen and Jacob) loved each other, a fact that the authors were able to get across clearly and with such realism throughout. I loved how they sought to add spark, but that they'd always loved each other and the revived sex life only added to that love. Reading their story, their journey, made me long for a love like that. Having someone willing to do the things you fantasize about because they care that much about you is wonderful. Enviable."

Ex Libris Reviews - "I discovered Lily Harlem thanks to her Hot Ice series, a steamy contemporary romance series about sexy hockey player heroes. But as those novels range between sensual and steamy the sheer hotness of That Filthy Book took me by surprise but with the flowing narrative and deeply developed characterizations I was swept up in the whirlwind that was the story, and it became one of my favourite reads of 2012!"

You can buy That Filthy Book and enjoy Karen and Jacob's erotic journey from Totally Bound, AmazonAmazon UK and all other good ebook retailers.

That Filthy Book is on Pinterest!

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  1. What a hot excerpt.
    I'm unsure what you mean about commenting on my favourite spanking story, - from the blog, or that I've ever read? I really couldn't choose a favourite as there are so many, but I suppose the most memorable has to be one of Cara Bristol's Rod and Cane Society, Unexpected Consequences, simply because it was the first spanking book I read.

  2. I am not sure what is my favorite.. I have read a lot and I have written a few.. I love BDSM and erotic stories in general..

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    Thanks that one got me going. Won't be able to concentrate all day!

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