Monday, 7 September 2015

Masturbation Monday - Burning Rubber #MasturbationMonday

It's that time of the week again! Masturbation Monday. Here's a sexy snippet from my MC story Burning Rubber.

I’d tried conventional boyfriends, smart and with good jobs. They’d bored me stupid. I’d gone out with bad boys too, and more mechanics than I could count. None had held my attention for long. They all lacked that certain...something.
That something Gid had in buckets.
“Jesus...” I muttered, grabbing a meal-for-one from the refrigerator then shoving it into the microwave. “He’s just a bad boy blow-in with come-fuck-me eyes and ink that I’d like to explore with the tip of my tongue.” I jabbed five minutes onto the control pad and hit Start.
Were his arms the only part of him decorated or did he have more tattoos? On his chest? His belly, up those wide thighs of his?
I went into the living room and shut the curtains then did the same in Nan’s room, even though she wasn’t there to benefit. Habit, I guessed.
I wandered into my room, turned on the light, shut the curtains then shucked off my clothes. I pinned my hair up on top of my head and turned on the shower.
It always took several minutes of scrubbing to get the oil and grease from my hands, and today I had a particularly unattractive slick over my chin and cheek.
Great, just when I’d seen the cutest guy for months or like...ever.
I huffed and held my face to the stream of water. Who was I kidding? Cute was not a word to describe Gid, leader of the Wild Angels and a Harley-Davidson fanatic. He was rough, crude, rude and full of his own self-importance—he was most definitely not cute.
I lathered my breasts then between my legs. My pussy was moist. There was an ache at my entrance, a need, a want.
I slid my finger in, first one then two, and let the heel of my hand press against my clit. Fuck, it had been so long since I’d had cock—good hard cock to get off on.
Gid’s cock would likely be as big and hard as the rest of him. Probably tattooed too. Did he have a woman amongst those bikers? Several, I should think. Would he be a gentle lover or a take-what-he-needed man?
Where were all these thoughts coming from? It was like my brain wasn’t my own. But fuck it, it had been a while since I’d had any fantasy material. I gripped the side of the shower wall and began to fuck myself, as though my fingers were a short, stubby cock. My clit was swelling, peeking out of its hood and greedily absorbing the pressure of my hand.
Shutting my eyes, I enjoyed the build up to a self-administered orgasm. One that I knew was a sure thing and would be satisfying, if not earth-shattering.
Again Gid’s image hovered before me. My mind and body were determined to get off on the biker who’d rolled onto my forecourt and into my fantasies.
Fantasies were fine. Everyone had fantasies.
I upped the pace, buckled my knees and ignored the fact that my arm was starting to ache. Damn, I’d like to ride him, ride him on his bike. Sit astride it and let myself come all over the damn thing. Feel his huge rough hands on my breasts, his cock jabbing into me, and his mouth—his smart, sexy mouth—latching onto mine, his tongue probing deep.
“Ah, yeah.” I came. A delicious, juicy orgasm that was swift and efficient and sent trembles across my skin. I panted through it, not letting up on my ministrations and taking all the pleasure I could.
I hung my head low. My hair clung to my cheeks and fell in wet, curled tendrils toward the base of the shower. I stilled my hand but kept it nestled high so that my spasming pussy had something to grip onto.
Gid. Damn it. If just thinking about him when I was masturbating stole my breath and nearly took my legs from under me, what would he be like to fuck for real?
Well, I’d never know. I was a small town mechanic girl and he was so different from me he might as well be from another planet. It would never happen.

* * * *

Burning Rubber is available from the publisher, Amazon and all other good ebook retailers. It can also be found in the Wild Angels Anthology.

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  1. Really well written, very hot and erotic.

  2. it is going to be hotter than hell when they get together, if this is anything to go by!

  3. Wowza!!! You know I adore your work Lilyloo - it's Tabitha here - just can't get my ID to work.
    Love this post - gosh... now how to stand up gracefully and walk steadily out of the cafe... :)

  4. Nice! And, aw, why would it never happen? Well, I'm sure it must... :D

  5. Gawd, I adore a biker boy with tattoos. And making him the center of a masturbatory moment is hawt!

  6. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and for your sexxxxxxy comments :)