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That Filthy Book Pinterest Page

I've had fun sourcing pictures for my Pinterest page dedicated to That Filthy Book. I have also included raunchy excerpts.

You can check it out here...

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Sunday Snog - Thief

This weeks snog comes from Thief - a full length novel available at Total-E-Bound as an e-book and in print.


Kat uses her female charm and womanly attributes to pinch elite cars for her unscrupulous boss, Carlos. But when John Taylor becomes her latest hit, Kat finds herself at the receiving end of a gentle, expert seduction by a man who’s not all he appears.

Despite their night of passion, Kat has no choice but to take John’s car—Carlos knows where she lives. What she doesn’t bargain on is so does John!

In a week of sex and danger, honesty and kink, the immoral couple become inextricably tangled in one another’s lives. Emotions and desires reach boiling point as they push each other to their limits in and out of the bedroom.

Can each handle the other and will they ever be able to trust one another enough to open their hearts?

Kat looked up. He wore a soft expression, but she could see hot flames of desire licking through his dark irises. He swept his tongue over his bottom lip and pushed a hand over his harshly cut hair. She wondered if there was a glimmer of uncertainty in his face, but it shot away before she had chance to examine it.

She stood, hesitated then walked towards him. It seemed she had to be the one to go to him; he wasn’t going to throw himself on her. It was sweet in a way. If they’d been two normal people about to get it together with no hidden agenda, it would have even have been romantic.

He smiled down at her when she stopped right in front of him. “I’m nice, Kat, really I am. It’s risky for a woman picking up a guy in a bar, but you’re okay with me... I promise.”

“I know.” She looked into the depths of his eyes.

“Good.” He hooked a finger beneath her chin and tilted her face to his. “Because it’s going to be a night to remember...just fun stuff, okay?” He bent his head and pressed his mouth against her lips. He tasted of whisky—oaks and barrels, heavy and mature. When he probed into her mouth, she felt like he was tentatively offering a part of himself.

She opened up. Gentle and exploring, he delved deeper. He was one hell of a kisser, and despite her normal aversion to tongue action, Kat found herself wanting more, wanting him to fill her mouth with his taste and his offerings.

He pulled back, slightly out of breath, and dropped his finger from her chin. “God, you’re delicious,” he said then leant back in. This time he wrapped his arms around her body, encased her in muscle and wedged her against his rock hard chest then set about devouring her mouth all over again.

Kat sent her hands between their bodies and tugged at the metal button of his fly. May as well get to it, get him satisfied and into a deep sleep so she could take her payment and keep Carlos happy.

“Hey, Pussy Cat, what’s the rush?” He reached down for her hands, gripped her wrists and pulled them up.

“I want you,” Kat murmured and pushed onto tiptoes to reach another kiss.

“I want you, too, but we’ve got all night.” He tipped his head to nuzzle her stretched neck. “I want to savour every tiny bit of your gorgeous body, enjoy having a woman in my bed for the first time in...well, a while. Then, after we’ve come together, we’re going to do it all over again.”

Kat felt a shiver sizzle to her nerve endings. She didn’t know if it was his tender little kisses or his deep, confident voice deciding how their night was going to be. But whatever it was, it had her buzzing in a way she never had before with a hit. 
Buzzing in a place which didn’t normally buzz except when she gave it attention herself.

“Turn around,” he whispered into her ear, his hands already placed on her shoulders and exerting gentle pressure.

Kat let her arms hang limply at her side and did as he asked. 

Her sleek mane of hair appeared over her right shoulder as he scooped it from her nape to gain access to the zip of her dress. 

She felt a tug, heard a quiet whiz and became aware of the material loosening around her ribs and hips. His hands came back up to the small straps on her shoulders, and he slid them off. The dress crumpled in a heap at her feet.

Kat looked down. She was wearing all black underwear, a good solid bra to support her double-Fs, a lacy thong, and fishnet hold ups. She’d had no intention of getting them on show. She’d worn them for her own pleasure, but now she was glad she was a girl who liked to be prepared, a girl who had a penchant for luxury undies.

“Step out,” he ordered from his crouched position by her ankles.

Obediently, she moved her three-inch heels and let him lift the dress from the floor. He straightened, stepped past her to the sofa and laid it over the arm as if it was the most delicate fabric he’d ever handled. He walked back over and stood directly behind her again.


She waited.

He was so close yet he wasn’t touching her. He didn’t utter a word. His body heat blasted her bare back and buttocks. The steady stream of his deep breaths washed over her neck and shoulders and tickled like a summer breeze.

She went to turn, wanting to see what expression was playing on his rugged features, but the second she started to twist, pressure was applied to her shoulders as he urged her to look at the doorway to the kitchen again—the kitchen where his keys lay on the counter, waiting for her.

“You have beautiful skin,” he said quietly. “It’s flawless—honey and silk.”

Kat was about to reply when a swarm of butterflies floated down her neck, kisses so delicate she had no choice but to flutter her eyes and mouth shut. She felt the increasing warmth from his body on her naked skin and his deeply male scent surrounded her like a soft cashmere blanket. An involuntary sigh trickled from her lips.

Fingertips lighter than fairy steps danced down the bones of her spine until they reached her bra strap. The temperature and pressure increased as he undid the small hooks. Kat felt the full weight of her breasts suddenly hang heavily down. He glided the straps down her arms and she heard it fall to the floor. She dropped her head. The flesh of her breasts looked translucent, veined under the direct beam of the overhead bulb. Her nipples were milk chocolate circles, every bump and wrinkle exposed as they peaked in the cool night air.

A dart of desire shot from her rib wall through the weighty flesh and collected in her nipples as she studied herself. John was back behind her, but she knew it was just looking at herself that was creating the hot circle of sensitivity—she was sure of it. It had nothing to do with him.

A stubbly chin scratched gently into her temple. “You okay?” he asked, looking down at her body from the same angle she was.


“Sure?” His hands slid round her waist, big fingers practically meeting over the gentle curve of her belly as his thumbs touched in the dip of her lower back. He rubbed his thumbs up and down, soothing, reassuring, and a well of tension dissolved in the hollow of her spine she hadn’t even known was there. She rested backwards onto him. He felt so solid and warm, a gentle giant. Okay, so she was going to steal from him soon, spectacularly, but there was no harm in revelling in the feeling of being looked after, cherished. It was a feeling that rarely came her way.

“I’m fine,” she whispered.

“Just fine?” He lifted a hand from her waist and let the thick knuckle of his thumb brush her left nipple, just once, very lightly.

Instantly the little branch of her areola shot out, straining for another touch, begging for it. The weight in her breasts doubled with an unfamiliar feeling of longing. She wanted him to touch the other nipple, wanted him to cover them both with his big hard hands. Every nerve in her chest was crying out for it.

“Better than fine...” she managed. She watched, fascinated, as he moved his hand to her right breast and slowly took the nipple between his thumb and index finger. Very gently, he rolled it to a tense point. The skin puckered and strained further into a slight twist.

She sucked in another deep breath. The response her body was having to his touch was electric, like nothing she’d ever felt before. This was no quick drunken grope; this was her body being worshipped, indulged. John’s delicate touch was making her knees weak and her stomach clench. She pressed back farther into him, glad of his support as he switched his attentions to her already excited left nipple.

She should just get out of the flat; these feelings were getting too intense. This wasn’t the plan. Why wasn’t he behaving like the other five hits she’d had to sleep with to get their cars? 
Then it had been ‘wham, bam, thank you, ma’am’—all over and done within minutes. A drunken post-coital sleep, and she’d been free to take whatever her light fingers desired.

She spun in his arms, an excuse to leave forming in her mouth. “I...I ought to...”

His dark brows knitted together.

“I...I...really should...should...” Kat frowned in frustration at her ineloquence; she never suffered from stuttering or a lack of excuses.

“What’s up?” he asked as he bent an arm over his shoulder, fisted his black T-shirt and scraped it over his head in one smooth movement. It landed on the floor by her bra, instantly forgotten, as were Kat’s excuses. The sight of his wide chest, carpeted with dark coils of hair which trailed to the loose waistband of his jeans had her thoughts of running fleeing to the hills.

Since her head only reached his chin, she was face to face with glorious maleness, and his musky, slightly salty scent hit her full on. She had a sudden, overwhelming desire to push her straining, hungry nipples into the scratchy hair of his chest. She was desperate to know what it would feel like.

“Relax,” he said, twining his fingers into her hair and cradling the back of her skull with his palm. “It’s all good, I promise.” 

Reviews for Thief

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

 is fast paced, contemporary erotic romance that combines a large dose of lust with a bit of  intrigue. John and Kat’s characters are very well developed and bring so much life into this story. John is clearly an Alpha male who has done so much good that you don't want to blame him for his current crimes. I wanted John to meet someone who would ease his loneliness and take his mind off his injury. Kat is a pistol! I loved her for her quick wit even though she was not using it wisely. When John and Kat come together the sexual sparks are off the chart. As John and Kat continue to find ways to stay safe, yet outwit each other, the story moves along at a nice pace. The sexual scenes border from gentle loving to hot, take no prisoners, steamy. I loved each and every sex scene. The secondary characters are few, which focused more of the story on John and Kat. I really enjoyed Thief and will miss the antics of John and Kat."

 Literary Nymphs

"Thief" is more than I expected it to be and the main characters’ antics towards each other never ceased to amaze me. This is a very good contemporary story of how two people with heavily burdened pasts can find mutual happiness and learn to trust each other, at the same time. This book by Ms. Harlem is the first for me, and she did a great job of spinning a tale of what can happen when you put together two personalities that clashed."

Miz Love Loves Books

If you like your characters to fall in love but battle with one another every step of the way, you’ll love Thief. A cool plot, great dialogue, funny moments, and lots of sexual tension. What more could you ask for?

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Mischief at Harper Collins

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Natalie Dae (Emmy Ellis) and I have been offered a contract for our next co-author at publishing giant Harper Collins. Our book will be part of their new digital first range called Mischief which is erotic romance and erotica.

Check Mischief out here there's free books on offer at the moment!!

Can't tell you much about our erotic novella yet other than it has a planned release date of December 2012 and this picture inspired it! 

Meet Liuz!

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Beautiful Obsession by Juniper Bell

Hot off the press is Beautiful Obsession by the awesome Juniper Bell. I completely adore all of Juniper's books and I am sure this one will be yet another fantastic addition to her impressive and seriously hot collection.


Jack Cartwright has put his wild sexual side firmly in the past so he can focus on his graduate studies. All he wants is to finish his thesis. But the appearance of three mysterious students in a neighboring suite throws his careful plans into chaos. Especially when he catches the three of them together…in bed.

Clare, Luc and Rob have a highly unusual relationship. Friends since childhood, the two boys rescued Clare from unimaginable horrors. They’ve been her protectors ever since, and something more. But Clare can’t stop thinking about the sexy, smoldering resident advisor down the hall, and what fierce urges might be hiding behind his controlled exterior.

Now Jack’s dark sexual needs threaten to derail his career as the irresistible threesome lures him into their secret erotic world. But when obsession takes hold, rules don’t stand a chance.

Reader Advisory: Contains m/m/f/m, anal play and other activities not usually associated with an Ivy League institution.


First glimpse

Adams House Dining Hall—Earlton University

A flash of clear gray shone in a sea of jeans and many shades of black—like the first wink of a star in a familiar night sky.Eyes. Gorgeous, mysterious eyes that sent a shaft of shocking lust straight to Jack’s groin. Squinting, he searched for those remarkable eyes again but the students had shifted position and that compelling moonbeam glance was gone.

Jack shook it off as a silly hallucination and joined the cafeteria line. He tuned out the din of “What’s your major? What’d you do over the summer?” chatter. Delving back into the question of Spartan law that had come up during a stubborn chapter of his thesis, he barely noticed what food the server handed him. It wasn’t until he scanned the crowded tables to find a seat that he saw her again. Her face came into sudden, stunning focus, like a camera snap-zooming on the most interesting image in the room.

Those eyes. Secretive, misty gray, one slightly more tilted than the other, as if an artist had deliberately included a flaw to distract from her oval-faced, Madonna-like perfection. Her hair was a dark spill down her back, with a careless pin holding it away from her face. She wore a white sleeveless blouse that revealed arms that were slim to the point of thinness. Her pale skin stood out among the students sunburned from their summer breaks. Her lips were far too full for her mouth, almost embarrassingly generous and erotic. One corner of her mouth curled inward, as if it had a scar. She sat close to the guy beside her and looked nervously around the dining hall with its arched windows and wall sconces. Her friend was big, brawny, walnut haired, silent. His fork looked as if it might break in his hand.

They must be new to Adams House. Sophomores or transfers from another house. Boyfriend and girlfriend, no doubt.

His cock surged. He fiddled with his tray as he ruthlessly willed away his erection. He’d gotten used to burying his sexual needs under research and grades and thesis chapters. His life was about graduate school now, not sex.

He forced himself to look away, spotted another graduate student waving him over, and brushed past the girl’s table. Damn if he was going to let a sexy student get to him. He knew better than that.

The Inane Scrawlings of Clare Gaston, AKA My Diary—September 15

Today Jack Cartwright walked past our table in the dining hall. I couldn’t take my eyes off his hands. I actually wanted to be the cafeteria tray. Ridiculous but true! His hands would be on me, then maybe on my hips, maybe on my thighs. I wouldn’t mind if he carried me naked through the dining hall and ate off my body. I’d want him to. That’s how crazy this is making me, has been since I first laid eyes on him.

J has the best hands I’ve ever seen. The palms themselves are broad and strong as a stonemason’s—that tray looked like a postage stamp, I swear. But the fingers look sensitive. I bet he knows just what he’s doing. I want to know what he knows. I want to feel what he knows on my body. Through osmosis. Which rhymes with neurosis. And diagnosis.

My epic saga class is paying off. I’m getting good at thinking up rhymes.

Diagnosis: obsession.

Wow, great stuff! If you want to find out more about Juniper then head over to her website.

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When One Is Not Enough

Please join me over at the menage blog where I am chatting about my trip to the London Book Fair last week.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lapiz Lazuli – The Leigh Clark Collection

From fetishistic and rough, to sapphic or sweet, this anthology of eight hand-picked dirty stories spans the whole erotica range.

If stories of frantic, sensual lovemaking excite you, Lapiz Lazuli is guaranteed to grab your attention. 

These short stories explore the sensual delights of sex; whether it is a quick romp in a hallway, the caress of a razorblade, the helpless sensation of rough sex or a furtive public holiday experience, arousing accounts and unabashed tales of kinky sex await!

Available from:


Lapiz Lazuli

The day’s first customers were a pair of forty-something women, sisters from the look of them, one heading for the airport after a visit—you can always tell out-of-towners by their clothes. I was still pinning on my ‘Caroline’ badge when they walked in. Nobody calls me Caroline but it’s company policy to have full names on badges—I’m Carrie to my friends, I made their skinny macchiatos and half-listened in to them as I continued setting the counter up for the commuter rush.

“It was lovely to see you,” said the one with the city clothes. “But it will be nice to have the place to ourselves again.”

Out-of-town sister scowled. “I didn’t realise I was such a bad guest.”

“Honey, you’re not. But tonight, me and Tom … well, we want our privacy.” Town-sister played with a chunky lapis lazuli and silver ring on a chain around her neck. She looked good for her age, and happy with it.

Out-of-town smiled. “After six years, are you two still romping?”

“Six years last month and still spending as much time in bed as out of it. Look what he gave me for our anniversary.” Town sister held out the ring.

“Very … pretty.”

I could tell out-of-town was as unimpressed as me. Cheap gift or what?

“The chain’s platinum,” said townie, looking smug. “But the ring … now that’s the best gift I’ve ever had.”

She so wanted her sister to ask why, and I so wanted to hear the answer, that I nearly asked her myself.

“Why?” said out-of-town.

“Well …” town-girl leaned over the table and I had to strain my ears to hear. “I wouldn’t tell anybody else this, but I’ve always told you everything … I like a little pain with my pleasure. Know what I mean?”

Out-of-town looked puzzled, but I knew what she meant, did I ever!

“You know!” Town-sister blushed. “A little slap, a little bite, something to push you over the edge into …” She put her hand on her chest, fingers splayed, and threw her head back, panting. It was a pretty good impression of orgasm I’ll admit – very When Harry Met Sally. Now her sister blushed and laughed.

Town sister continued, “Well Tom doesn’t like to hurt me, but he sure likes to make me happy, that kind of happy. So this ring, see, with all its bumps and lumps? Well when I wear it around my neck, Tom knows that the same evening I’m going to slide it onto his finger and he’s going to press it against my …” she paused and lowered her voice even more. “… my love button, when we make love.”

Love button! It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Did people still talk like that? But I looked at that ring, with its deep blue knobbly surface and imagined how cold it must be, and how hard, and my knees became so weak I had to hang on to the counter.

The sisters left, chatting and laughing, and the morning coffee addicts began to roll in, but I didn’t forget what I’d heard.

That weekend I took Doug shopping at the Flea Market.

“What are we doing here, Carrie?” he asked, looking at the stalls. But I’d already seen what I wanted on a table laden with semi-precious stones and costume jewellery. A big ring, with a greeny-grey, nubby, softly-contoured stone that the seller told me was moss agate. It fit Doug’s middle finger perfectly.

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Stockholm Surrender

I am thrilled to announce that Stockholm Surrender, the full length novel to accompany my FREE short story Stockholm Seduction, will be released at Ellora's Cave on the 9th of May.


My soul was in turmoil. Ty Winters had not only kidnapped me in Oz, my heartstoppingly gorgeous surfer had also stoked my darkest desires, bringing all my fantasies to the surface. So Oxford wasn’t going well. Until, that is, he creeped from the shadows—desperate, sexy, dangerous and wanting a piece of me, literally!

He teased me with a taste of his carnal skills, leaving me burning with frustration then forced to stand by as he fought for his beliefs using my lust-addled body as his most powerful weapon.

Oh, my kidnapper knew just how to get what he wanted, giving me just what I needed, while hiding our relationship from the British foreign minister and police. Because sometimes two people are meant to be, even in the most unconventional circumstances and twisted situations. We could fight the world, but we couldn’t fight our passion.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a steamy scene where Ty shares Penny with his best mate—lucky girl!


With my window letting in the sounds of the city, I spread my notes on my bed and tapped away on my netbook. The history of law was everyone’s most hated subject, but I knew the sooner I tackled it the better. Leaving it to the last minute would be crazy.
Eventually though, as darkness claimed the hall grounds and the lampposts flicked on, I decided to call it a day, or rather a night. I saved my work and flopped back on the bed. I would just stretch out for ten minutes before I got up to change and get ready for sleep.
But sleep wouldn’t wait, and before I knew it I felt myself drifting. Falling into a dark, dreamy world. My eyes were heavy, my breathing shallow. I let myself go—float into a world of thoughts and nothingness, white clouds and black sleep.
There was tightness over my mouth and pressure over the entire length of my body. Whatever it was had squeezed the air from my lungs and was pinning me to the bed. I opened my eyes, panicked.
“Shh!” Ty said, his eyes wide and his nose practically touching mine.
Hastily, I nodded. Oh my god. Was I dreaming or was Ty really here, lying on the bed with me?
He hesitated then lifted his gloved hand from my mouth just a fraction. “You are going to keep quiet, aren’t you?”
“Yes, of course,” I whispered.
This was no dream.
“Good, ’cause I don’t want that copper who’s stalking you to come crashing in.”
“He won’t. I promise.”
Ty lifted up, reached over and shut the window. With a snap, he drew the curtains then pulled off his gloves.
“Is that how you got in?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Really, up the tree, and…” Something was different. I realized what it was. “Why has the lamppost gone off?”
“I tripped it, didn’t want anyone seeing me breaking into the foreign minister’s daughter’s bedroom.” He grinned naughtily.
“And did they?”
“No, I shouldn’t think so, not at three in the morning.”
“Three?” I glanced at my bedside clock. Sure enough, it was three a.m.
He chuckled and lay back down next to me. “I guess you got carried away with your studies. I used to be like that.”
“Yeah, don’t look so shocked, I have a first in sports science.” He touched his finger to the bald patch of my scalp and a rush of heated desire poured through me. “I know all about the human body,” he whispered, “and exactly what it needs to stay healthy and happy and…satisfied.”
Unable to suppress a whimper of pure lust, I slid my hand over his shoulders and tugged him closer. “I wish you would damn well give me some of the satisfaction I need.”
“You’re always so demanding, and so…damn…horny.” He touched his lips to mine, soft and gentle, his tongue peeking into my mouth and past my teeth to tangle and turn and explore. “Oh Jesus, Penny, you drive me crazy,” he murmured. “You do know that, don’t you?”
“Good, because that’s how you make me feel.”
He stroked down the column of my neck, dipping his fingertip into the hollow of my throat and down my sternum. “I want you so bad,” he said, “but there is something we have to do before we can be together.”
“What?” What could he possibly need to do other than put on a damn condom? His erection was growing by the second against my hip. All I needed was for him to get inside me like he had before. Thrust and grind and do that thing to my clit he was so bloody good at. Just the thought of it had me shivering.
“Wait,” he said, reaching behind himself.
Suddenly a tight strip of tape slapped over my mouth. Gone was the luscious kissing of moments ago and in its place foul plastic stickiness.
“Mmmph!” I managed, trying to project massive indignation with my eyes.
“It won’t take long.”
I tried to reach for the tape, intent on pulling it off, but he had both my hands harnessed in just one of his.
“Sit.” He pulled me upright, tugging at my sweater. “We need this off.”
His breaths were rapid and hot on my face as he moved his hands quickly and efficiently, freeing my arms from the sweater before swiftly dragging it over my head.
“Ah fuck, white,” he said, staring at my pretty lace bra. It had delicate scallop details over the rise of my small, pert breasts and a tiny pale blue flower in the center between the cups. “White is my very favorite.” His voice was almost wistful.
“Mmmph!” I mumbled again. Why did I have this tape on? I said I wouldn’t shout for Roger. Why didn’t he believe me?
“Shh, shh, just for a minute, baby, just for a couple of minutes.” He stood, still holding my wrists tight, and nudged the straight-backed chair out from under my desk with his foot. “Up, come on, sit on here, quickly.” He glanced at the door.
As soon as I was on the chair he was behind me, wrapping what felt like cord around my wrists. I yanked but the binding was tight and attached me to the rungs.
“It’s okay,” he soothed by my ear, his breath warm and tickly. “It’s okay.” He slid his hand over my bare shoulder, tracing the strap of my bra right down to the cup.
I arched my spine, needing his touch so desperately. Ty in my fantasies would have his hands all over me by now. Ty in my fantasies would already be ravishing me until we were both desperately trying to muffle our screams and panting for breath.
But this wasn’t fantasy, this was real. Ty was really here, really tying me up again. And for god’s sake, why was this stuff on my mouth?
He poked his fingers into my bra and tweaked my nipple. I whimpered and fluttered my eyes shut. His caress sent sinful licks of wantonness raging though me.
“Damn it, Ty,” he muttered. “Think of James.” His body heat left me and the next thing I knew he was pulling off my jeans, exposing my tiny white thong. “Ah, fucking hell, what are you trying to do to me?” he groaned, wearing a very real expression of pain.
I couldn’t answer.
He reached back onto the bed for a small, brown leather rucksack. He delved into it and pulled out a newspaper and a camera.
“It’s yesterday’s,” he said. “But your father will still get the message.” He tilted his head and smirked lopsidedly. “The message that I can get to you whenever I want, wherever I want, bodyguard or no bodyguard.” Carefully he laid the newspaper on my lap. It was sort of folded up onto my belly so that the headline was visible. He took a step back and held up a small, silver digital camera. “I would say smile,” he said with a shrug, “but I guess it’s not appropriate.”
That was the goddamn understatement of the year. Dad was really going to flip at this one. Me in my underwear, gagged, tied to a chair in my room with Roger snoozing outside, just a few feet away. The shit was really going to hit the fan. Big-time.
I heard the camera click once then Ty was back next to me. He folded up the paper and shoved it along with the camera into his bag.
“Mmmph,” I said, shifting on the chair.
“I’m sorry, so sorry,” he said, bending over me and peeling off the tape. It tugged and stung as it pulled my skin. “Baby, I’m sorry, I just needed to do that.” He shoved the tape into his bag too.
“For fuck’s sake,” I hissed. “That stuff is foul and what the hell are you playing at?”
He stooped and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”
I allowed my mouth to become pliant and open, let him in to search and gently tease my tongue with his in slow, languid movements. He tasted divine, like fresh water, a hint of vanilla and turned-on man. As he kissed me reverently, indulgently, my irritation with him dissolved as though it were a spoonful of sugar in hot tea. This was what I’d been waiting for, this moment with Ty. The man I shouldn’t want but did. The man whose tenacity and loyalty I admired even though everyone else thought he was a brutish thug who should be hung, drawn and quartered.
“Ty,” I gasped. “Please, untie me.”
“Mmm, in a minute. I kinda like having you at my mercy.”
“I’ve noticed.”
He smiled, slow and sexy. “It gives me all kinds of dirty ideas.”

If you want to have some steamy fun with Penny and Ty right now the prologue is available as a short FREE story and will definitely get you in the mood...


I was having a fabulous extended gap year in Oz. Sun, sea, sand and seriously hot surfers rolling in on every wave. Mmm, what could possibly be better?

But then I was taken…taken against my will. Stolen like a prized object. I was tied up, held for ransom. I didn’t know if I would survive, if I would walk away alive. And then, to top it all off, I was tortured in the sweetest, most delicious, most sensual way imaginable.

That was when I realized my fun down under had only just begun.

Have a great day

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