Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog! This week has seen the release of Part Three of my MM serial Caught on Camera so here's a snippet.

Cade opened the door.
“Are you Jenson Taylor?” asked a man with a deep, heavy Texan accent.
“Yes, you must be Grayson,” Cade replied.
“Yep, that’d be me.”
Cade pulled the door open and Bret walked into the room. His eyes fell immediately on Reece, and the left side of his mouth squeezed up into his cheek in a lazy half-smile. “Howdy .”
“Hello,” Reece said, placing his hands on his hips and locking his knees. Fuck, the man was gorgeous. No wonder he was in movies. Tall, broad and with a chiseled face and angular features, he had that all-American look. His eyes were a soft sapphire blue and his lips were thin but sensual. He also seemed to ooze testosterone. There was something direct and outdoorsy about him, unstoppable and determined.
Reece let his gaze linger. The cowboy wore a black short-sleeved shirt, several buttons undone and tight on his biceps. He had on pale denims with interestingly large bulges around the groin area and they were overlain with soft brown chaps that had straps around his thighs and waist. On his feet he wore black boots that were a little scuffed. But it was the Stetson Reece liked the best—caramel colored with a black leather strip running around the base and a silver badge at the front. It really did make him look like he’d just walked in from the ranch after a day wrangling horses and chasing herds of cattle across the land.
Bret turned to Cade. “We spoke on the telephone about your Valentine’s treat for Timothy. You were quite detailed. Is it all still as we agreed?”
“Yes,” Cade said, shutting the door. “Timothy is looking forward to being adored by us both.”
“By mean fucked,” Bret said, again as per script.
“Yes, that’s right,” Cade said with a nod and a smile. “And I’ve got you cash, as agreed.”
Bret laughed in a super-confident way and carried on with the scripted dialog. “That’s what I like about you English boys...always so damn polite about money.” He walked up to Reece. “And let’s just say, I don’t think it’s going to be much of a hardship fucking this bit of ass.” He twitched his eyes. “You didn’t mention your man was hot, Jenson—just that he was desperate for a cowboy threesome.”
“Oh, yeah, he’s hot,” Cade said, deliberately adding a note of tension to his voice. “And he’s also mine.”
“Not for the next two hours. For the next two hours, he’s also mine,” Bret winked at Reece. “And I can’t wait to start earning my money.”
Reece inhaled deeply, drawing in Bret’s spicy aftershave. It was hard to believe the desire shining from Bret’s eyes wasn’t real. There was a glint of lust there and also a shard of anticipation.
Bret stepped away, tugged off his boots and tossed them aside. “We gonna get naked or what?” he asked, also removing his socks.
“Yeah, I guess,” Reece said.
“Hey, don’t look so worried,” Bret said, straightening and coming close to Reece again. “Your man has booked me to make this right for you because I’m the best. So just relax and enjoy.” He tipped Reece’s chin with the crook of his finger and kissed him.
Reece closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Bret’s thin, firm lips moving on his. He tasted of mint, as though he’d just brushed his teeth. He was being kissed by a pro. He could tell. Someone who did this for a living. It was a good feeling to be in the hands of someone competent and sure of themselves.
The kiss broke and Bret reached for Reece’s shirt. “Let’s see what we have to play with,” he said. He undid the buttons, slowly, then tugged it off.
Reece tensed his abs, aware of his side-on angle to the camera.
“Mmm, very nice,” Bret said, sliding his hand up Reece’s chest and tweaking his nipples. “Perfect, in fact.”
“He is,” Cade said, slotting in behind Reece. He curled his hands around Reece’s waist and also caressed his chest.
Reece was hemmed in by them and the heat of their bodies was warming his. Damn, his cock was stiffening. Bret was right—they should all just get naked as soon as possible.
Bret kissed him again, cradling the back of his neck as he did so.
Reece melted.
Cade ran his tongue over Reece’s shoulder, licking, kissing and giving small nips.
Reece wrapped his hands around Bret’s big biceps. They were solid and dense and his flesh was hot. Reece’s breaths quickened as arousal took over his thoughts and needs.
“Ah yeah, he’s gagging for it,” Bret said, pulling back. “You’ve got a real frisky one here, Jenson.”
“Yeah, I know,” Cade said, slipping his hands to Reece’s jeans. He popped open his top fly button. “He’s always up for it.”
“Show me,” Bret said, stepping back and folding his arms. “Show me how hot this has made your man.”
Cade undid Reece’s fly.

Caught on Camera is a five part serial. Part One is FREE from the publisher - Parts 1-3 available from all good ebook retailers. Part 4 and 5 due for release in February.

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  1. This is one incredibly hot story!! A ménage including a cowboy. Yeehaw!!

  2. Loving this series. Need to buy part 2 and 3 asap :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Karen and Lily :-)