Friday, 9 January 2015

Caught on Camera Part 2 Out Today!

Out today from Totally Bound, Part Two in my Caught on Camera serial. If you missed Part One, go grab it, it's FREE.

Here's the low down on Part Two…

With a solution to his money worries and an end to the dry spell in his sex life, it’s time for Reece to step up to the stage and prove he’s the hot new star of the show.

After agreeing to play one of the leading roles in Slippery Slots, Reece now has to shed his inhibitions, as well as his clothes.

But it’s okay, because Cade, his hunky co-star, has a knack for remembering lines, working the role and is skilled at achieving the required positions.

Soon the champagne is flowing, the petals on the bed scattering and the action is heating up. It really is an idyllic scene, the perfect moment for lovers, even if there is a cameraman zooming in on all the juicy, erotic details.

With twists in the plot and desire playing the leading role, Reece revels in his new career and throws himself into the part.

But can he forget about the camera and take what he wants from Cade? Is he allowed to bend the rules, and oh my, will he ever survive the torment of Cade’s super-talented, super-star mouth that pushes him to the very brink of ecstasy?

Full serial listing HERE and if you want the gossip check out my interview.

Available from Totally Bound and all good ebook retailers - only 99c/99p.

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