Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek14

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! A super treat for you all today, not only 7 paragraphs from my erotic romance novel Scored, but the whole book for FREE. Yes, that's right FREE. For the next few days you can grab your copy of this steamy soccer novel from Amazon and it won't cost you a penny!

“Hey,” I shouted, elbowing my way further forward and breaking free of the crowd. “What about me? I haven’t asked my question.”
Lewis, Bryers and Fellows carried on walking. Fellows put his hand on the door handle and pushed it down.
“Hey, for crying out loud,” I bellowed. “I might be a female sports reporter but I still have as much right as all these guys to ask my question. What are you, a bunch of pig-headed sexists?” As I shouted out the last few words I was aware of the room becoming quiet.
No, more than quiet. Utterly silent.
Lewis stopped, turned and settled his piercing gaze directly on me. His brows hung low and his lips tightened.
My throat felt tight and my mouth dry. Had I really just called the captain of the England football team a sexist pig?
It seemed I had.

If you do grab a copy and enjoy Nicky and Lewis' steamy story please leave a review on Amazon and tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. At the end of Scored there are bonus chapters from my other novels plus all the details about the 5* BDSM Sexy as Hell Trilogy. Have a wonderful weekend and a sexy Saturday!


  1. What a moment! Hooked me - just downloaded it, TY!

  2. Opps. She really put her foot in her mouth LOL


  3. Absolutely fabulous snippet. I bet she's wishing she had bit her least for a moment...because I'm sure she can handle herself very well.

    Thanks for sharing.