Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a few from The Virgin, book #1 in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy. Zara has taken Victor to the sex den she works at in Soho, London and is treating him to a few spanks with a paddle as he watches a very unusual show from a private viewing room.

“Oh, God,” Victor groaned.
“That’s it,” I said, “come, come for me now and take all this pain with you.” But he didn’t come, he just kept on taking the slaps as The Harlequin stood, removed the costume and raised the snake in the air.
“She’s a fucking man!” Victor said, dropping his hands from the window and stepping backwards. “Jesus Christ, a man with tits like that. And what the hell just happened, he came with the snake around his cock, fucking hell, too bloody freaky...”
“Yeah, but look at your dick.” I chucked the paddle onto the chair, gripped his chin and harnessed his attention. “He turned you on. Did you ever think a spank and a bloke would get the great Victor Partridge just about coming all over the wall in a sex den?”
He gripped my wrists, hard, yanked them upwards, towards his chest. My whole body jerked into his, our chests colliding.
A wild, feral flash seared over his white-hot eyes as he forced me backwards, up against the wall, his movements swift and strong.
Finally, I could see what I’d been searching for.

Secondary characters are getting their own short stories, including The Harlequin - coming soon.

Newest Amazon review for The Virgin...

First you must be open minded about BDSM, then you must be able to read it in a solitary place because you are going to get hot and bothered. At first I didn't think I would like it, then I could not put it down. The tension holds for the entire book. 50 Shades is bogus next to this gem. You are going to be buying all the books in the series and looking for more from Lily Harlem and Miss Dae. I think you will like what you read. Just try not to read it on the bus.

Find out more about Sexy as Hell and read the free magazine on the Harlem Dae website.


  1. A snake, a girl and 2 men...sort of got lost in the moment. A snake? Wow! Is he watching through a window?

  2. Love this. No holds barred stuff always gets me going!

  3. Wow, ok, I really need to know what's going on!

  4. You have accomplished something... You have left me speechless. F/m, no wait 2 men, and one with great tits, and a snake. All I can saw is WOW

  5. I guess the girl/man with the snake captured Victor's attention but I think it's his trainer/dominant who's going to reap the results. She's seeing what she sought in his eyes now, but I suspect he's looking a bit feral and the tables may be turned very quickly. I feel like a voyeur, but I still can't turn away. No doubt that's a little how Victor felt as well. Wow.

  6. I can only smile because I've read this book. And yes, I too, was caught unaware at the Harlequin's revelation.
    Oh... there is so much more I'd like to say, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.
    But I will say, the scene above was one of my favorites in this book. And not because of the snake or the Harlequin.

  7. Wow. A lot is happening within a short span of time. I found myself rereading it to get the gist. It's well-written and unique.

  8. Whoa. THat was hotter than hell.

  9. That sure was a hot snippet. I hope we get to read the next eight lines next week :)

  10. Wow - definitely attention grabbing. I'm totally intrigued with this.

  11. This is crazy hot. I had to reread, and I will definitely have to buy the book, you have me hooked.

  12. Thank you all for commenting. This scene was great to write, Victor just let loose! And yes, ok, I'll put up the next 8 lines next Saturday :-)