Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturday Spankings - Hot Ice by Lily Harlem #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings - here's an extra long snippet from Slap Shot because Love Spanks is joining in the fun this week!

“Hello, Mae,” I said and started to step sideways.
Rick clamped his hand on my waist and held me tight in front of him. He was using me to screen what now felt like a full-blown hard-on. “Congratulations on your latest single,” I added.
Mae rubbed her hands in glee. “I know, it’s already in the top ten and it was only released last week.”
A naughty devil on my shoulder told me to wriggle against Rick, just a little, just to hear his sharp intake of breath and feel his body tense against mine. “The video is great, I saw it on MTV,” I said conversationally, acting for all the world like a cock primed for action wasn’t straining against me.
“You like the video?” Mae asked. “I was worried it was too raunchy for some of my fans.”
“Nothing wrong with raunchy.” I giggled and, as Mae’s attention was caught by someone onstage, I slipped a hand behind my back and through Rick’s shorts stroked my fingertips along the length of his cock.
His hold on my hip tightened and his fingers pressed into my flesh. “You’ll pay for that, wild thing,” he muttered hotly. “Big-time.”
“Mmm, I hope so,” I said, putting my empty glass on a passing waiter’s tray.
As the waiter paused, Rick put his half-drunk champagne down too.
“Right, that’s my cue. Enjoy the party, catch you both later,” Mae said over her shoulder as she walked off through the crowd.
As the first chord of Mae’s latest hit belted out, Rick released me, grabbed my hand and dragged me back into the house.
“Where are we going?” I asked, tottering along behind him.
“I’m going to show you what happens when you tease me in public.”
My heart rate tripled and my stomach somersaulted. He was walking with such purpose and the expression on his face was only comparable to the look he gave the net just before he drove the puck home in Tuesday’s game.
“But Rick, we can’t—”
We rounded a doorway and Rick crashed headlong into Brick who was dashing back outside.
“Hey,” Brick said, steadying himself. “Where are you going? You’ll miss Mae singing.”
“Won’t be long,” Rick muttered, pushing past him.
Brick ceased all movement, narrowed his eyes and studied Rick. “Ah, I get it, okay, well, in that case, second bedroom on the left has a lock on the door.”
Rick grunted a response and the next thing I knew I was trotting up the wide staircase behind him. As we reached the landing, Mae’s smooth, high-pitched voice flooded the house and the beat of her song became a drum pounding the walls and floors. “Rick,” I gasped as he threw open the second door we came to. “We can’t do this here, what about Brick, he knows—”
“Brick knows lots of stuff about me so he isn’t going to worry about us borrowing a bedroom.”
He tugged me inside the darkened room.
“But I—”
The door slammed shut, the lock clicked into place and Rick’s body pinned me against the wall. He stared down at me with a look of such carnal need and impatient desire that I couldn’t help but tremble at what I’d started downstairs.
“I need you,” he said, harnessing both my wrists, lifting them over my head and trapping them against the wall in just one of his hands.
“I need you too,” I gasped as my fingers flexed and unflexed in his tight grip.
He explored my waist and hips with his free hand, feeling me through the silky fabric of my dress. He squeezed my breasts a little roughly, enough to make me groan with part pleasure, part discomfort. I was getting wet for him, burning up for him.
“How does this thing come off?” he asked, sucking in hurried, rasping breaths and tugging at my dress.
“Zip, left side.”
He fingers fumbled and he found the slim catch for the zipper. With a quick yank it was down and my dress released and fell to the floor, bunching around my sandals and leaving me utterly naked and trapped against the wall.
“Fuck, you weren’t kidding about the no underwear thing,” he muttered.
Blood rushed to my face, my pussy and my breasts. Rick was so enormous, looming over me, owning me, taking me. The bass of the music was loud and thrummed through my ears but the sound of my own pulse racing was louder and faster.
Rick gave me a quick, hard kiss then his mouth traveled down my throat, nipping at the cords of my neck.
I groaned and squirmed, wanting more, wanting all of it. It was so exciting to be naked and pinned in place for his exploration.
He tightened his hand on my right breast, squeezing and lifting it to his mouth. He suckled and licked, drawing the nipple to a stiff point. My knees weakened and my back arched into him as my body sought more sensation. I needed to orgasm, I needed more of the strange pleasure-infused emotions that surrendering to Rick gave me, allowing him to do what he wanted, the bite of erotic pain and the push to try something new.
He stood back up and cupped my chin in his big palm. “You know what you’re going to get for teasing me, don’t you?” he asked with a wickedly smooth grin.
I shook my head. My chest was heaving, my pussy quivering.
His grin broadened. “A spank.”
Instantly heat flooded my buttocks. The skin actually tingled and tightened just at the word spank. “But...but what if someone hears?” I asked in a shaky but excited voice.
He let go of my chin and traced his fingertip downward, over my sternum, my belly and onto the slit of my pussy lips. “Over Mae’s racket, I don’t think so.” He smiled wider and dimples pitted his cheeks. “I take it you would like it hot and fast on your butt, then.”
Spank me, god, yes, please spank me again.
I didn’t have chance to answer with more than a brief nod because Rick scooped me up, took four ground-eating paces to the bed and sat at the edge with me over his knee. As the world turned upside down, my legs flailed and so did my arms, but he held me tight over his lap, my toes just touching the floor and my hands gripping the side of the bed.
“Such a pretty ass,” he said, smoothing his calloused hand over the soft round globes. “I adore your ass, Dana, so pretty and pale.” He adjusted his legs and I fell farther over him, my breasts hanging loose, my body molding neatly to his thighs. My bare butt was the highest point of me but despite the vulnerable position I felt safe, I knew what was coming, I knew how Rick could make me feel when he brought me to climax this way. I writhed, feeling impatient and also embarrassed by my agonizing arousal and my desperate need to feel his hand sparking pain into my flesh.
But he didn’t slap me. Instead he explored between my legs, his thick fingers sliding down the cleft in my buttocks, over my anus to my sopping pussy. I groaned and spread my legs wider. Opened my eyes and saw several loose tendrils of my updo brushing the carpet.
He spread my juices with his fingertip, sinking into my needy pussy then reaching to fret my clit. I groaned, praying for release from the ache sizzling in my pelvis.
I didn’t get relief. His finger trailed back up, rubbing at the smooth patch of skin between my entrance and my back hole, tenderly working it, gliding over it then finally resting over my tight rosebud.
Clenching at the intimate touch, I wriggled and fisted the sheets I could reach. “Rick,” I gasped.
“Shh,” he soothed. “Nothing unless you ask, baby.” He smoothed over the wrinkles of skin but didn’t penetrate me. Blood rushed to my head, fuddling my thoughts. But my overwhelming emotion was that of being horrified at the deliciousness of the memory of him touching me there before, probing my bottom at the moment of orgasm. It had been a wild ride of sensation, a split second of being completely owned and penetrated. Part of me wanted him to take the decision out of my hands, slip his digit into my forbidden entrance again. But part of me was too scared to take that step.
Out of nowhere came a slap. It landed sharply against my right butt cheek, surprising me with its force.
Instantly the hot bloom shot to my clit. I bit my bottom lip, not wanting to make any more noise than we were. Though Rick was right, the music was at night-club level. I groaned and whimpered as his rough hand smoothed over the pain, stroking where he’d just seared tender skin.
As suddenly as the first a second blow rained down, left cheek this time. Flames of heat scorched across my skin, melting through my flesh to my pussy and clit. The need to both clutch the pain and writhe from it was equal.
More slaps hit. Fast, stinging strokes that held controlled power. My pussy was weighted, engorged, my clit aching, begging for stimulation. I winced at each slap, yet thrust up my ass for the next. Begging for it. Needing it.
“Oh baby, that’s it,” Rick said in a gritty voice. “Absolutely fucking perfect.”

And if you're following my Hot Ice series, the next book Misconduct is out now - all these novels can be enjoyed as standalone reads, the team stays the same but each story follows a different sexy player on his journey of love and lust!


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