Saturday, 22 February 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week another 8 from the new Brit Babe Anthology, Sexy Just Walked Into Town which is  FREE! This steamy snippet is taken from End Result, a co-authored story I wrote with Lucy Felthouse, but be warned, adults only, it's filthy stuff…

“Ah, damn it, what the hell are you doing to me back there...?” His voice broke off.
I continued with my questing fingers, rubbing the silky skin between his balls and his arse and with each slide round just teasing his anus. His firm cheeks clenched but then he spread his legs and I had even better access to his most private place.
“Emma...” he gasped, tightening his hold on my hair. 
My scalp complained at the sting but I didn’t; I sent the sensation down my body, to my nipples, hard and tight, and then on to my clit, which was aching for stimulation. Feeling high and also daring, I settled my index finger over his arsehole and exerted a steady pressure in the very centre. My slow, gentle action was a stark contrast to the busy movements of my other hand on his balls and my mouth slurping on his cock.
“Fuck, did I tell you to do that...?” He suddenly stilled, completely. His cock bloated in my mouth and a tremble from his thighs shivered into me.



  1. This is a wonderful snippet. very sexy.

  2. You Brit Babes sure know how to do your men right. Since my first finger up the butt came from a lascivious older woman from Kadiff (Cardiff) the scene gave me reenactment shivers all the way on this side of the pond. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  3. Thanks for all the comments :-)

    Pete - so glad you got the shivers…