Monday 3 February 2014

Sports Romance Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sports Romance Blog Hop and a HUGE thanks to Cassandra Carr for sponsoring the hop!

Most people who are familiar with my writing will be aware that I have a real soft spot for sexy athletes. What with my Hot Ice series, Scored and Grand Slam I've covered hockey, football (soccer to you US folk) and tennis!

But what is it about sporty guys that gets us girls (and boys) going? Is it those short shorts and tight tops that show off all their roped muscles and golden flesh. Mmm…

To an extent, yes, but it’s more than that, really it is (see we're not that shallow!). To be the best-of-the-best these athletes are loaded with testosterone (I’m talking the natural stuff, nothing injected) and that makes them a wonderful treat for every sense. Plus they posses such supreme fitness and awe-inspiring stamina that it’s impossible not to think of their blessedly buff bodies between the sheets.

However, for me, as an author, it's the athletes' psych that really grabs my attention. Their unwavering competitive streak, single-minded focus and the thought of ‘if they’re that obsessed with being the best, of winning and scoring, when they're on the pitch, the stadium or the rink what the hell would they be like in bed?’ ‘Off the chart amazing,’ my inner voice shouts. ‘You’ll feel like you’ve won the damn Olympic gold medal in ecstasy’.

Talking of Olympics I’m looking forward to the action from Russia, none more so than the ice hockey. My latest release, out last week at Ellora's Cave is Misconduct, the 6th book following the Vipers hockey team and the women who tame them - also perfect as a standalone read.

I’ll confess I’ve never had wild, swing-from-the-chandelier-sex with a professional sportsman, but I do have a pretty damn vivid imagination! I live in the UK and our most famous sporting export of recent years is of course the delectable David Beckham!

And it was his modelling for Armani that gave me the idea for High-Sticked, the m/m novel in my Hot Ice series.

But we have a few other hotties in the UK which I thought I’d share. Why not? It’s cold outside and we have to keep warm somehow! This is boxer Joe Calzaghie, he’s Welsh (YAY!).

He is seriously hot and a seriously nice guy too. I was lucky enough to meet him once – swoon! – and I had to be picked up off the floor when my knees gave way. His voice is all deep and lilting, one side of his mouth twitches when he smiles and his eyes sparkle with a confident naughtiness. He’s like a great big vat of sin which would be so heavenly to jump into! Damn – missed my opportunity by becoming a boneless heap!

I should also mention Johnny Wilkinson, this guy scored the winning point for England in the Rugby World Cup Final despite having dislocated his shoulder minutes earlier in an evil tackle – ouch!! Now that is man on a mission, a man with unwavering self-control. Can you imagine…?

Of course there are supremely gorgeous and talented sportsmen the world over both in reality and in authors' imaginations. And as long as readers keep enjoying sexy athletes in books then I’ll keep on writing about them. If you leave a comment here telling me what your favourite sport is I'll give away a copy of Hired (book #1 Hot Ice) to one commentor drawn at random - please leave your email address.


PS - Love hockey romance? Check out the new Hockey Romance blog I'm part of, your one stop shop for sexy hockey player novels! And be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page too.

PPS - Raw Talent is worth a look, this new series promises lots of erotic adventures featuring sporty types both male and female.


  1. I love Hockey romances. Raw Talent looks interesting.

  2. Sexy men trying to hurt each other,... what's not to like.

  3. I love hockey, but only if my team (Los Angeles Kings) are playing, otherwise, I'd rather be reading a hockey romance!

  4. I must confess I think you have the most hottest covers I have ever seen on a book they are amazing! I loved Grand Slam and I am looking forward to reading more from you! Not a big fan of hockey but love looking at the hot hockey players. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the pick of David Beckham!

    1. Congrats to Amy who has won a copy of HIRED :-)

  5. Just hopping through to say 'Hi!' to the other blog hop authors!

  6. Vipers! Yes :)
    Hi Lily, I did mention on my blog that I was looking forward to popping over here and checking out some more sexy Viper blogging :)

  7. Basketball is my favorite followed by football and boxing, but it's hard to choose one.