Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Special Guest Reader - Ms Secret Submissive

Wow, am I excited about this! I've turned over a few days of the month of February to readers and asked them to post 'their' story about the relationship they have with erotic romance. I'm completely honoured and thrilled that the awesome Ms Secret Submissive has stopped by to tell us a little about her crush on vampires and THAT book! Take it away…

Hey Lily, thanks for having me. I love to read stories but now it's time to tell you mine…

I lead a pretty sheltered life growing up. My parents never talked to me about sex and god forbid I ever heard them go at it. That is just unheard of in my opinion. Who wants to hear they parents go at it like drunk monkeys? NASTY!!

I never talked about it with my friends I was just the definition of a good girl. I really don’t think my first kiss was until college. My sister always teased me saying I was gay and it really hurt my feelings.  You know what it wouldn’t have mattered if I was anyways. I just thought about this the other day and I can honestly say that I had never masturbated till after my first marriage was over and I was 26 years old. HOLY COW is that not crazy? I have missed out on a lot...

I am a little sad to say but Twilight is the reason I started reading. I just couldn’t get enough of the supernatural stories.  Then 50 Shades of Gray came and blew out my eyes and my mind.  Since then Erotica has been my go to read. When I read erotica my imagination just soars and I love it.  I can just picture everything I read.  It has even brought me out of my shell a little. Some times I just wish I could convince my husband to read some of the books I read.  I try to get my husband to experiment with me but he is not quite there yet. I am happy to say I did get to live out at least a scene or two.

There is just something about a threesome story with two men and one woman that gets me a little moist. Although there is one story by Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae called Good Cop, Bad Cop that scares the hell out of me (sorry ladies)! These two women are very imaginative with what a threesome can do.    

Being cherished by two men would be awesome like in The Glass Knot by Lily Harlem. 

Maybe just maybe one day I will convince him to read some erotica and he will see why I am always ready and willing when he comes home. I could be his sub to his Dom nature.  I think this is my new dream. On Valentines if he is home I am going to present him with a blind fold and a rope and see how he reacts.  This may be the best Valentines EVER!

                                           Secret Submissive

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  1. Oh what a wonderful post! So glad you have found erotic fiction :D It helps to feel that there's nothing odd about the amazing things your imagination brings up!
    On Valentines - get your hubby a little squiffy on good champagne and and read him one of Lily's famous bedtime stories... ;)
    Thank you for sharing x x x