Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Snogging on the Beach with Lily Harlem

Welcome to Sunday Snog, my favourite day of the week for a number of lovely reasons, none more lovely than a good old smooch.

And it's another lip lock this week from my feisty Misconduct hero and heroine, Dustin and Gina. (All Hot Ice books are perfectly enjoyable as standalone reads!) Gina is scared of the ocean but he's just persuaded her to go for a paddle, all went well until a fish slid past her leg…

Dustin pushed through the water as though it wasn’t there. I hung on to him limpet-style, and began to breathe again as the cold subsided from my ass and I saw the waves grow smaller.
But when we were out of the water completely, I became aware of how inappropriate it was that I was literally wrapped around his body and suctioned onto him worse than any octopus could.
He stopped with his hand still on my ass. “Is that better?”
“Yes, thanks.” I swallowed. Being pressed against him was not good for that once- only plan we had. His wet flesh was like rain-soaked concrete. His shoulders glistened, the seawater like morning dew. It didn’t help that I was only wearing a small bikini and that there was only the thinnest bit of fabric between my pussy and his stomach.
“You gonna let me go now?” he asked, one side of his mouth lifting in a smile. “Or are you planning on staying like this all day?”
“No, of course not.” I unhooked my ankles and slid down him.
But I didn’t step away or unlock my arms from around his neck. I couldn’t, he was holding me tight and up close against him.
His smile dropped. He shook his head a little. “I wouldn’t have let anything hurt you.”
“I know that.”
“Do you?” He frowned.
“Yes, you chased down that mugger yesterday.”
He nodded. “I guess I did.” He slid his hands up my back, cupped my cheeks and threaded his fingers into the hair around my ears.
I stared at the scar on his lip. Wondered what he was going to do next. Wondered what I was going to do next. Neither of us could do what I wanted to happen. That was against our rules. We’d set them out clearly enough the evening before. We’d got each other out of our system. That box was ticked.
“I wish you’d told me,” he said with a frown.
“About what?”
“About the financial problems the Vipers have and that was my contract issue, not that you hated my guts.”
“I don’t hate your guts.” I paused. “But what would it have changed if you’d known about the team’s money, or lack of money?”
He swallowed, his nostrils flared and then he lowered his head. “In New York, outside your hotel room.” He licked his lips, breathed out. “I would have understood, and when I just couldn’t fucking stop myself from kissing you, it would have been like this.”
He closed his eyes and touched his mouth to mine, holding my head secure as he gently, slowly, eased the tip of his tongue between my lips, sought my tongue and set up a sultry dance.
I released his neck, curled my hands around his forearms and felt as if I was floating. The stroke of his tongue was dreamy, the movement of his mouth was making my knees weak. I would never have thought a guy built like an ogre could kiss with such tenderness, such delicate attention to every tiny whispering touch of his lips.
When he eventually pulled back, I gasped for breath. The same way I had when he’d ravaged me.
He was breathing a little fast too.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “You can slap me now if you want.”
“I don’t want to slap you,” I managed. “And don’t apologize, just kiss me like that again.”
He smiled briefly and then did just that, capturing my lips in a kiss that was so much more than a meeting of mouths. It admitted that we couldn’t fight this desperate need for each other anymore. We’d surrendered to it. The white flag was waving even if just for the here-and-now on Honeysuckle Key. We had to be together, like two souls who’d been searching, two bodies, two halves. This was meant to be.
He spread the kiss from my mouth to my cheek, tipped my head and explored the patch of skin just below my right ear.
I shivered as desire wound through me. The way he held my face, as though he owned me, sent new darts of excitement whipping through my soul.
“I felt it the minute I saw you, sweet cheeks,” he murmured. “This attraction, this feeling of I-want-you, I-have-to-have-you, you-will-be-mine.”
“You weren’t even nice to me.” I slid my hands up his arms to his shoulders.
“Self-preservation. Who’s allowed to get the hots for their boss, huh? Who’s allowed to have visions of the woman who signs their paycheck naked, legs spread, pussy damp and breasts heaving?”
Oh God, is that what he’d been thinking in the locker room?
“It’s complicated,” I managed. “I’ll admit that.”
“Story of my life.” He extended my neck a little more and dropped honeyed kisses to my collarbone.
I ran my hand over his hair. It was sharp on the upstroke, smooth on the down.
“I joked around, teased you,” he said. “It’s worked in the past to get the girl, but not you, eh?” He untangled his fingers from my hair, stopped kissing me and traced the strap of my bikini top from where it rested on my shoulder down to the frill on the cup. “You’re a whole different kettle of fish.”
“Ick, don’t mention fish.”
He kind of smiled, but he seemed to be concentrating on the way the red dotty material covered my breasts rather than what I’d said. He dipped his finger beneath the cup and stroked my breast, not quite catching my nipple.
I inhaled deeply, wishing he’d touched me lower on my breast and caught that tight nub that was becoming greedy for attention.
“I want to adore you, all over. No rushing, just taking my time,” he said, his breath washing down on my chest. “Do all the things I’ve been thinking of doing and then some more I haven’t fantasized about yet, but know I will when we get started. I want to do it slow, so slow you’ll feel like time has stood still, and when I make you come, it will go on and on and on, forever. It will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.”

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