Sunday, 13 January 2013

Six Sentence Sunday #SundaySix

Anything for Him is a co-authored novel written by myself and Natalie Dae. Recently published by Mischief, an imprint of Harper Collins, this dark and gritty erotic story explores the power of obsession and submissive sexual fantasies.


I prefer to chase the news, not be the news. But when the delectable Liuz, with his uncannily accurate perception of my secret desires weaved his way into my life, it wasn’t long before I was in way too deep, submerged and intoxicated with a passion I was afraid was more than I could handle.

Or was it? Because although my heart was overwhelmed with feelings I had no resistance against, and while my deceitful body was consumed by a burning passion, I still had a plan. A plan I prayed would keep me afloat as I was pushed to the very edge of my limits, while the journey got tougher than even my wildest flights of fantasy could have imagined.

I claimed him and I felt that he was rightfully mine. My heart simply couldn’t beat without a permanent connection between our hearts, minds and bodies. Losing was not an option, not when my sanity depended on winning him.

Because I would, quite literally, do anything for him.

Here's the 6!!

I heard him move away, a shuffle of feet on floor, and as I caught my breath I imagined him standing with his back to the window, taking in the sight of me sprawled like this. I could see it for myself, my mind full of the image, and my sex spasmed with the thrill of it. Would he leave me here, waiting, anticipating his next move? Or would he untie me, take off the blindfold and allow me to look at him for what he thought was the first time? The not knowing was all part of the excitement – excitement that seemed to have no thought of stopping. It barrelled through me, adrenaline on wings, and I sucked in a deep breath in order to calm myself.

You can read the whole first chapter HERE

Review "I read this book in one sitting, devouring this story of desire and obsession." - USA TODAY - Kristina Wright

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