Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Passionate Immunity by Elizabeth Lapthorne


The Agency is a series I've been enjoying, so today I'm thrilled to get my hands on a copy of the latest novel, Passionate Immunity. Here are the details...

Book three in The Agency Series

Kimberly Melmoth has always dreamed of having a grand adventure, her life filled with excitement, danger and passion. When an old friend invites her to assist in an investigation looking into a project headed by a corrupt agent, she leaps at the opportunity. Sorting through mountains of paperwork doesn’t mesh with her idea of being a spy,but the electric attraction she feels to her new partner, Tristan Walters certainly does.

The depth of the instant lust searing through his body takes Tristan completely by surprise. How can one petite woman with a head full of blonde curls overtake him so completely? Her grin can light up a room and her enthusiasm is infectious. His need to protect her at all costs is overwhelming, if only she’d listen to his words of caution!

As the case heats up, both between them and in the laboratory, what should have been a simple data review turns into something far deadlier. Tristan and Kimberly both realise that neither are immune when it comes to each other and the passion that burns between them.

These books are fine as stand alone reads, but if you want to indulge and start from the beginning, here are the first two titles.

If you want to enjoy the first two books in print, they are together in The Agency.

And coming soon...

Find out more about Elizabeth HERE.

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