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On this weekend, Polly and Lucan work the kinks into their relationship.

When Polly is caught in a compromising position with a toy and a hardcore video, she doesn’t think her husband will ever go near her again. She feels twisted, nothing like the sweet wife he married. Little does she know, she’s awakened a monster by prodding Lucan’s sexual beast and making him sit up and take notice.


But what about Lucan’s needs? He’s been so busy at work that things have gotten out of his grip to the point he can’t even remember his fantasies.

During a weekend of passion and turmoil, heat and pleasure, they vow to never drift apart again. Neither can imagine just how far they’ll go to please the other, or how well matched their particular variety of kinks are.

Here’s an excerpt taken from the first chapter…

With a flick of a switch she checked the battery. All was good and it seemed the device was as keen to start as she was.
She grabbed a bottle of cocoa butter moisturiser and sat with her legs astride the laptop. She then propped herself back on cushions with her knees bent. It was her preferred way to enjoy the show.
The laptop was waiting to go and she quickly and efficiently scrawled through her growing collection of porn favorites. This morning she’d planned on watching Daisy Does It Outside, but as the day had gone on she’d started to think about Butt Babes. She hadn’t watched it all the way through yet and was keen to see how the female lead took it up the ass.
She drew up the porn movie and clicked start. They were well thought out, these short films. Enough of a build up and introduction of characters for her to rub and play with herself, and get her juices flowing. Then, as the on-screen clothes started to fall off, she took hold of her vibrator and slid the smooth hard end over her clit.
She liked to tease herself, imagine it was a man’s fingers—Lucan’s fingers, flicking then retreating—building up the want and the need. It was so much sexier than a swift well-placed rub that hit the spot but lost its appeal because of its predictability.
“Oh yes, Troy, take me now, just do it,” the blonde bombshell gasped on the screen. “Fuck my ass. Put your big cock in my ass now.” She pulled her butt cheeks apart, showing off her puckered hole.
Polly slid her vibrator into her pussy, its way eased with moisturiser and her arousal. She could barely breathe, barely blink, as it stretched her tight muscles. God, she loved her vibrator.
She panted and curled forward, her attention glued on the screen as her body accepted the vibrator’s length. It felt so good as it invaded her, claimed her.
Damn, how did it feel for the woman in the movie? She was bent over, a large male hand skimming over her right buttock and, just in shot, a huge erect cock primed ready for entry. Her anus was breached by the man’s finger, pushing in knuckle deep.
The woman moaned, so did Polly as she flicked on the rabbit. It whirred and then swirled within her, massaging her intimate flesh. She held the little vibrating ears just out of reach of her clitoris, it wasn’t time for that yet.
She clenched her belly and her legs shook slightly. This was the scene she’d got to last time she’d played, but then the alarm on her iPhone had gone off, telling her it was time to pack up before Lucan came home.
Now, though, she could keep on watching, and watch she did. The smooth domed head of the on-screen cock was now butting up against the woman’s hole. He was still stroking her ass cheeks, though as he pushed in, that first tiny bit, he brought a hard slap down on her right buttock. She bucked forward. He gripped her hips.
Instantly a red handprint bloomed on her pale skin. “I’m gonna fuck your ass now, Cassandra,” the man said with a heavy, husky American accent. “You reckon you can take it?” He paused for a moment, then, “Now keep still, you know you want this.”
“Yes, yes, fuck my ass, fuck it now.”
He eased in some more, his cockhead stretching her ring of muscle.
She cried out. He groaned. The camera zoomed in so every tiny detail was captured for the viewer.
Polly was mesmerised, she was so turned on. God, did she really want that? To be slapped and butt fucked?
She guessed she did.
But right now the need for an orgasm was growing. She’d come once now, to take the edge of it, and then perhaps go online and order a butt plug. Something cock shaped so it would be realistic. She could take another day off to wait in and…
She bit on her bottom lip. The little rabbit ears were wicked and doing their job.
As the big on-screen cock set on a slow plunge into the porn star’s ass, Polly allowed her orgasm to build. It was so satisfying to know that she’d definitely come. That it wouldn’t be an unfulfilled promise. An event that never materialised. When she was in control, when she held the tools, she’d come as fast or slow, as hard or as softly as she wanted.
And right now she wanted it hard. Just like the woman on screen was getting it.
The cock had gone from view, her hole stretched around the girth. She was groaning as if she’d been transported to heaven.
Polly pulled the vibrator almost out then plunged it back in. Setting up the same fast rhythm as the man was, imagining his cock was inside her, fucking her, making her come. He wasn’t the sort to hide under the duvet, find one position and stick to it for life. This guy was a go-getter. A well-hung man of pleasure.
“Oh yes, yes…” Polly gasped. She was coming, it was there. A fountain of bliss waiting to overspill. The soft squelching sounds of the vibrator working her pussy filtered up to her ears. They mixed with the heavy masculine moans coming from her laptop.
The man struck the woman again, further pinking her buttocks.
Polly curled her toes, held her breath, and slammed the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Taking it much harder than Lucan would ever give it to her, much deeper too, and with an animalistic need for satisfaction.
She felt wanton, alive, like a woman in the prime of her sexual life.
She came—it was fast and furious and sent shockwaves through her pussy and to all of the nerve endings around her body. She stared at the screen, at the close up of the woman fingering her pussy as her ass was fucked. It was so sexy, so hot, so utterly spellbinding. Fantasies and longings rolled through Polly’s mind. She wanted to be that actress. To be taken like that, fucked and spanked.
On and on she came, extending her bliss until the spasms began to fade.
She blew out a breath, feeling dizzy, and allowed her legs to flop open, the vibrator lodged high and still buzzing.
Fumbling, she switched it off, then shut the laptop. She’d need a few minutes to recover, that had been intense. Everything she’d hoped it would be.
A lump of lead landed in her belly.
That one word.
That voice.
She looked up, and managed to focus on the doorway.
Lucan stood there, blue tie clenched in his hand, top button of his white shirt undone. He was staring at her with wide eyes and his mouth hung slack.
He didn’t move.
Neither did she.

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