Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sexy Becomes Her ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS173

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week a snippet from my new sci-fi menage a trois novel RECKLESS - part of the PLANET ALPHA series of books but fine as a standalone read.

Back Cover Information

Aurora Zenith is battling to survive in poisonous London. Working at a docking station to Planet Alpha is not helping. Why? Because each day she witnesses lucky humans rocketing to a better life in the stars. With a surname last on the list to escape and a lung condition making her first on the list for death she’s getting desperate … and reckless.

Seeing an opportunity to stow away on sexy Captain Ciro’s shuttle to Alpha, Aurora acts first and thinks later. Trouble is, without a plan she’s flailing in space and lost on an alien world.

A string of rash decisions and a hasty retreat make for a perfect storm of danger, deceit, and lust. Will Aurora escape the evil Xyran who has her in his sights? Will Captain Ciro ever tear his attention from his gorgeous copilot and notice her? And what do the Alphans mean when they say a woman will complete them? 

The only thing to do is fly with them and see where she lands.

“They’ve chosen you to be their mate, it’s clear to see.” Pauletta shrugged as though the point was undisputable.
“Well Ciro and I ... we’ve certainly got something going on. But Luc, well I’m not sure if he’s interested in me. He’s given off a few signals, but not like Ciro.”
And he said I was strange.
“Not interested? Are you crazy?” Pauletta glanced over Aurora’s shoulder. “He’s coming now. Why don’t you just ask him?”
Aurora turned around.
“Ask me what?” Luc said striding forward. He set his attention on Aurora.
“I, er ... nothing.”
“It must be something.” He frowned
“She’s unsure if you want to mate with her, Luc,” Pauletta said with a cheeky smile.
Aurora shot her a glare. What the hell happened to women sticking together?
“I do not understand.” Luc put his hands on his hips. “Is this true, Aurora?”
“Well, I...”
“It obviously is.” He took hold of her wrist. “Excuse us, Pauletta, I have something I need to show this beautiful Earth woman.”
He tugged Aurora to the house.
Pauletta gave a delighted giggle.
“Luc, I—what are you doing?” Aurora asked
“You believe I do not desire you? That I do not want to mate with you?”
“Well I’m not sure. You’ve given off mixed signals. And you and Ciro are so close.”
“Of course we’re close. He’s my bondmate.” He placed his hand in the small of her back and ushered her indoors. “And we wish you to be our bondmate, too, the sooner the better.”
He kicked the door shut. The loud slam echoed around the room.
She looked up at him. His hair was wild, falling messily over
his horns. His golden eyes flashed and his brow was creased into a frown. He was breathing fast.


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