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Smut:Restrained Blog Hop

Welcome to the SMUT: RESTRAINED Blog Hop! I'm so glad you stopped by. To tempt you into a little bondage, here's a snippet from  BITE MARK. Our heroine, Beatrice is intrigued by the vampire's sex-dungeon. Luckily for her, Aimery and Ryle are more than happy to show her around.

Aimery didn’t take much persuading and within a few minutes we were heading down a dark, windowless corridor toward a set of stone steps. 
I hesitated at the top. There were noises coming from behind the huge set of oak doors at the base. Cries, cracks and groans. A bubble of laughter and a snapping sound followed by a wail—I’d been right when I’d had visions of a sexual playground, then. 
“It is okay,” Aimery said, reaching for my hand. “The basement is all about pleasure. What you hear are calls of delight.” 
I looked into his face. The crimson lights overhead cast shadows over his perfect features and his eyes appeared as dark as clotting blood.
“You mean…?” It was okay to imagine it, but to find out it was real… That was just taking me a moment to get used to. 
“Yes,” Ryle said, “the basement is our sex playroom. Anything goes as long as it’s consensual.” 
“What, like orgies and stuff?” I felt like I was in a movie or something. The thought of entering one of these places, turned-on and with two gorgeous blokes, was off-the-scale hot and so far from my usual sexual experiences. But did I care? Hell no. It was about time I started living. 
“Yeah, and stuff,” Aimery said. He looked at Ryle. “I think perhaps we should take a private room, don’t you?” 
“Definitely,” Ryle said. 
“Why?” I asked. 
“Because we don’t want to draw attention to you, Beatrice. And when we make love to you we will not be able to hide the intense pleasure joining our bodies with yours gives us. I fear we may give the game away that your blood is the sweetest nectar the universe has ever produced.” 
“But we could show Bea around a little first, couldn’t we?” Ryle suggested. 
“Yes,” I said eagerly, “I’d like that.” 
Aimery nodded and opened the door. 
Immediately warmth seeped from the large, darkened room. The scent of log fires filled the air, though it was tinged with the aroma of sex, sweet sweat and arousal. 
We stepped in. Aimery held my hand. Ryle clicked the door shut behind us. 
It took a moment for my eyes to adjust properly, though I could make out several pale bodies in front of me, each one naked and completely engrossed in the act of sex. It was a group of three comfortably placed on a pile of velvet cushions, writhing and thrusting, groaning and gasping. 
The flickering light from a candle highlighted the woman’s face. She was on her hands and knees, sucking on guy’s cock while she was penetrated from behind by another man. Instantly I was turned on by the scene—my clit twitched and my pussy clenched. I watched fascinated as her body shunted back and forth, pressing her mouth around the guy’s cock as she was filled completely. She appeared oblivious to everything else, only conscious of the two men screwing her. Her eyes were shut and her groans were low and deep. 
I wanted to be her, feel what she was feeling, that absolute possession. The intense desire for it was like a wave crashing through me and I shuddered involuntarily. 
“You like what you see?” Ryle whispered. 
“Yes,” I said, almost on a pant. “I do.” 
“Good, because so do I.” 
I glanced at him. His eyes were wide and his lips held a slight sheen as though he’d just licked them. 
“This way,” Aimery said, tugging my hand. 
We walked past an enormous fireplace and a table littered with squat mugs and teapots into another section of the basement. Here a man stood on his tiptoes, his body stretched and his uplifted arms attached to a rope hanging from the ceiling. He was completely naked and his cock was thickly erect jutting from a dense patch of black pubic hair. I could see his skin was perfectly clear even in this dim light, almost translucent. 
“You want more?” a stern female voice asked. A woman holding a long whip moved around the shadows. She wore thigh-length black boots, barely-there knickers and a corset that jutted her wobbling breasts almost to her chin. 
“Yes, Mistress, more, please more,” the man begged. 
Suddenly the snapping sound I’d heard from outside the basement door rang around the stone walls. 
The man yelped then groaned as she brought the slim leather tail of the whip down on his buttocks. 
I gasped and watched her repeat the process on his back and the tops of his thighs. Each time he cried out then groaned, his body jerking, his cock bobbing. 
My buttocks tingled as I looked at his pale orbs taking the beating. I knew what sensual pain felt like now, thanks to Ryle. It was intense, mind-blowing, and it flew me high on adrenaline. 
Ryle stroked his hand over my bum, squeezing slightly and making the tender flesh there tingle all the more. “You liked how I made you feel earlier with my slaps?” 
“Yes. Very much.”
“Good. I’d like to do it again sometime.” 
“Yes,” I said. 
“You may come now,” the woman before us suddenly commanded. She strutted in a large arc to stand in front of her captive, held up her wrist and placed it over his mouth. 
“Come, I said come, slave.” She brought the whip around his back, slashing him twice over his shoulders and then on his arse. Each hit was deadly accurate. 
He lifted from the floor so he was barely on a single toe. His body shook and jerked, ropes of cum shot from his cock onto her shiny corset. But what captivated me the most was his face. He’d latched onto her wrist and was sucking greedily, his cheeks pulling in and out as he swallowed. A single trickle of blood leaked down her inner forearm to beyond the crook of her elbow. 
She tipped her head back, her pelvis rocking against nothing. It was as though she was orgasming without any external stimulation. Her mouth parted slackly and her breasts strained forward, the right one overspilling her clothing so her areola was visible. 
“Oh my God, is he the…?” I asked. 
“Yes,” Aimery said, “That is Luca; he is a submissive vampire. Luckily, fifteen years ago he met Henrietta, a professional Dominatrix who was working the streets of Rio, and they have been happy ever since.” 
“They look very happy,” I said, captivated by the intense moment the couple was sharing. 
“They are,” Aimery said. 
“Notice he doesn’t mark from the whip,” Ryle said. “His skin is too tough, but that is special leather, it’s weaved with silver.” 
“And silver causes him pain?” 
“Yes, the silver burns us the same way a slap stings your skin.” 
I turned to him. “So I could do that to you? Return the favor, so to speak.” 
Ryle narrowed his eyes and studied me. “If that’s what you desire.” 
“Would you desire it?” 
“If you wore a super-sexy outfit and let me drink from your radial artery as I came, then yes, I would be up for you exploring your Dominant side.” 
He gave me such a naughty grin that I couldn’t help but give him a quick kiss on the lips. I pulled back, amazed at myself, because I would have abhorred the suggestion days ago, but now it had my pussy weeping and my nipples straining against my prim blue blouse. 
“Mmm,” Ryle said. “Let’s not wait too long for that bit of fun.” 
“Beatrice,” Aimery said, catching my cheek in his palm and turning me to face him. “I think Denny is in the next section. Would you rather not see him making love?” 
My heart stuttered. See Denny having sex?
Oh fuck. 
I remembered how turned on I’d been watching him through the window getting a blowjob from Gaspare. Before I realized that it was Denny my body had hummed, and I couldn’t tear my attention away from them. 
“I don’t know,” I said truthfully. 
Aimery smiled gently. “The rules of the basement are if you are in the main arena then you are happy for anyone to see your pleasure. If Denny and Gaspare are not in a private room then it means he is happy for anyone, including you, to see him.” 
“Oh, well in that case.” Intense curiosity clawed at me. I’d never seen two men fucking before. “Yes, okay.” 
Aimery tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “You can watch for as long or as short a time as you want, and then we will go to a private room for our own fun.” He paused. “Because I am getting near combusting with my need for you again, Beatrice. I feel like you have bewitched me.” 
I pressed my hand over his and smiled. “I feel the same way.” 
We walked past yet another thick stone wall, which acted like a partition from the last couple. This set of stonework also had a blazing log fire with a high mantel and a tapestry hanging over it. 
Suddenly the shadows thickened—there were very few candles in this walled area, but I could make out Denny and Gaspare standing in the middle. 
The first thing I noticed about Denny was he wore a blindfold. It was thick over his eyes, touched halfway down his nose and was tied in a tight knot at his crown. 
A sense of relief swelled within me. Now he wouldn’t even know I was here. 
Gaspare was naked and his thickset, strong body reminded me of a Roman warrior. He just needed a shield and an armored mask. His cock was long and fat and tapped his navel. Despite the dim light I could make out a shiny dewdrop of cum in his slit. 
Denny wore white boxers that seemed to glow from the darkness. He was erect beneath them. I could tell by the way they strained forward. His skin shone with what looked like oil and I couldn’t help admire his new buff outline. His biceps were rounded, his shoulders taut balls of muscles and he even had a six-pack etched into his abdomen. 
Life here certainly suited my friend. 
Gaspare glanced at us. Smiled briefly then urged Denny to tip over a solid-looking table that had a plump cushion on the surface. 
Denny doubled eagerly, resting his cheek on his folded arms and tipping his arse into the air. There was a bottle of oil in Gaspare’s hand. He tipped a glob into his palm then rubbed it over Denny’s back, worshiping him, relishing every square inch of him. 
“Gaspare has been alone for many years,” Ryle said quietly. “It is wonderful to see him so happy.” 
I nodded but couldn’t reply. I was mesmerized by Gaspare’s loving hands, spreading and sliding the greasy oil over Denny’s sinewy torso. He left no section unslicked, his caresses gentle but firm, sensual and adoring. 
Eventually Gaspare placed the bottle on the floor, his cock bobbing as he stood, and slipped his fingertips into the waistband of Denny’s boxers. 
Excitement pinged inside me as he tugged them down, exposing the tense globes of Denny’s buttocks. 
“Just feel, my lover,” Gaspare said. “Let your senses drift until there is only touch left for you to enjoy. My touch.” 
“Yes, yes,” Denny said. He squirmed and widened his legs, the crack between his buttocks parting. 
I had a sudden pang of guilt that I was there, watching. 
“It’s okay,” Ryle said. “From what I hear they’ve been down here several times. They are very proud of their newfound love and enjoy sharing their union.” 
I swallowed tightly. Shifted from one foot to the other and then was grateful when Aimery slipped a hand around my waist and pulled me close. 
Gaspare’s hands were still glossy with oil and as he spread the shiny liquid over Denny’s buttocks, Denny moaned, tilted his head and arched his back as though inviting Gaspare to explore more intimately. 
Gaspare took the hint and trailed his fingers down Denny’s cleft. I couldn’t see clearly but I guessed when he’d touched Denny’s arsehole because Denny reached forward and grasped the edge of the table. A long, low sigh left his mouth. 
“That’s it, hold on,” Gaspare said, soothingly. He was working diligently now. Sliding back and forth into Denny with two or maybe three fingers. 
Denny groaned and his cock tapped the table.
Gaspare leaned forward and said something into Denny’s ear that I couldn’t catch. “Have you ever been fucked up the arse?” Ryle asked me in a whisper.
I shook my head.
“Would you like to be?” 
I didn’t answer. My anus was actually clenching as I watched Denny’s hole being finger-fucked. I had no idea what it would feel like to be touched there or how it would affect me emotionally to give that private part of myself over. 
“I want to fuck you there,” Ryle said. “One day, I want to fuck your arse and feed off your blood at the same time.” 
The thought of Ryle’s cock penetrating my darkest channel was suddenly wildly erotic. I trusted him to make it feel good because when he’d fed from me earlier, bloody hell, I hadn’t been sure if I was going to ever come down from that orgasm. “Yes,” I whispered. “Okay.” 
“And while I fuck your arse,” Ryle said. “Aimery can fuck your pussy. We’ll both feed; we’ll both fuck.” He pressed his mouth so close to my ear I could feel his lips moving as he spoke. “And you will love every damn minute of it, Bea, you will be in your own private heaven where only ecstasy exists. We will take you there. It’s only us now.” 
Aimery’s grip on me tightened and he held me up, which was just as well, because Gaspare was positioning his cock at Denny’s entrance. Seeing that, and hearing Ryle’s hot, dirty words, had tipped me into a lusty state of arousal. I was theirs and that suited me fine. 
And fuck. I want to fuck too. 
Gaspare suddenly forged in to full depth. 
“Ah, bloody hell, yeah,” Denny cried, snapping his head up and arching his back even farther. “That’s it, Gaspare, all of you.” 
Sì, all of me, you have all of me, my lover, for all of time.” Gaspare panted as he withdrew and slammed back in, his arse cheeks clenching as his lower abdomen crashed into Denny. 
Within seconds their pace was fast and furious. Gaspare throwing all of his considerable muscle and weight into fucking, and Denny writhing and shunting back for more. Their groans were loud and abandoned. The sound of their bodies slapping together echoed around the basement. 
Another couple came to stand with us and watch the show. The woman glanced at me then at Aimery and Ryle and raised her eyebrows as if approving. I wondered if she was a vampire or a mortal. She was beautiful with long blonde hair and pouty lips, but the man she was with was equally stunning, tall, dark and with a hawkish nose that made him appear strong and proud. 
“I think we’ve seen enough,” Ryle said as he ran his finger down my neck. “It’s time for our pleasure.” 
“Yes,” Aimery said, “we will use room five. I can see that it is vacant.” 
Aimery urged me forward and I was happy to go; my pussy was slick with want and arousal burned hotly in my veins. Fucking was the only thing that could happen next if I wanted to keep my sanity. 
I glanced over my shoulder for one last look at Denny and Gaspare. 
Gaspare was sinking his teeth into the base of Denny’s neck. From the bliss-soaked cry that hollered from Denny, I gathered it felt divine. 

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