Sunday, 8 January 2017


Welcome to Sunday Snog. Now available on KINDLE UNLIMTED is my super sexy Formula One novel ACCELERATED PASSION

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When speed and seduction combine, sparks are sure to fly.

Some girls enjoy makeup, low-cut dresses, and bedding famous men. Not me. I’m happiest in my oily overalls, with my hands in an engine, chatting with the guys on my team about aerodynamics and wing position.

So when infamous Formula One champion, Dean Cudditch, comes into my life, I’m content to leave him to his lothario ways. Dean seems on top of the world when draped with adoring female fans, and I refuse to be another of the champ’s conquests.

However, as I get to know the real Dean Cudditch, I begin to see a softer side to him that makes him all the sexier. My resolve crumbles when he admits that it’s my mechanical mind and engineering know-how that turn him on. Before I know it, I’m racing down the fast lane of seduction, passion, and lust. One thing is for sure: when Dean is behind the wheel, it’s going to be one hot ride.

“Fuck, that’s awesome for a first run.”
“I know.” Frankie held up the stopwatch.
“Well done,” Jake said, smacking Dean on the shoulder.
Dean grinned and high-fived Enrique.
He shook a couple of hands thrust his way. What this meant for the rest of their time at Hockenheimring was worth its weight in gold.
“Fucking incredible,” Paul said.
Dean gave him a quick sharp hug. “Tell me about it.”
“Okay, I will.” Paul beamed. “All Frankie’s suggestions.”
Dean stilled and looked her way. “Really?”
“Si, really.” Enrique bounced on the spot. “She is awesome.”
“Well, I don’t know about that. I—”
Dean was suddenly in front of her. He clasped his hands over her cheeks, his gloves cool on her warm skin, and stared down at her. Next thing she knew, his lips had covered hers.
He pressed a hot hard kiss over her mouth.
She forgot to breathe.
She stared at his closed eyelids.
Her arms hung limply at her sides.
Dean Cudditch is kissing me.
After a moment, she came to her senses. She pushed him away and stepped back.
He was grinning, excitement, exhilaration, and passion shone in his eyes. “You might be a little Oz firecracker, babe, but, damn, you clearly know what you’re doing.”
“As it happens, yes.” 
Firecracker. Shit, she felt as though her whole body was about to combust. Who the hell did he think he was, kissing his lead mechanic in front of the team?
Damn, she wished he’d do it again.
Her mind spun. Her lips tingled. Her cheeks burned.
Enrique stared at her.
Dean was taking more slaps on the back as Paul spoke quickly about some of the changes they’d made.
Frankie took a step away and studied the watch again. She pretended to be fascinated by it in the hope no one would think she was ruffled, seriously ruffled, by the kiss Dean Cudditch had planted on her lips.
But he did that to all the girls, didn’t he?
Why would they take any notice?
Because, generally, the girls he kissed might get him going faster in bed, but not on the track. She was unique in that department.
“You okay, Frankie?” Enrique asked, frowning.
“Yeah, of course.” She shrugged.
“You want—?” 
“I want you to help get the car ready to go round again.” She used her firmest tone. “One result does not make consistency it just proves possibility.” She tucked the watch away and clapped. “Come on, chop, chop.”
“Si, senorita.” He nodded seriously and headed for his side of the car.
She followed suit and started a check on the air intake. She needed to stay away from Dean. He made her lose control. She forgot where she was and who she was with when he was there. He became her focus, a star she orbited around.


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