Monday, 9 January 2017

Coming Soon from Harlem Dae - PALADIN

It's been a while since Natalie Dae and I wrote together, though last year we celebrated THAT FILTHY BOOK going mass market in the UK and were delighted to find it on shelves in our local bookstores.

(Please note, the ebook on Amazon has a different cover)

Now we've been back at it, and our new erotic romantic suspense, PALADIN is coming soon... 


Back Cover Information

What wouldn’t I do?

Indulged and spoiled, fed everything I’d ever craved on a silver spoon, I still was lacking. A need for more had grown in the hot house I’d been raised in. It was a thirst I couldn’t quench, a hunger that wouldn’t be satisfied.

Until he came along. Hardly a knight in shining armour, he left me greedier than ever before. Travelling the globe, sashaying my hips and showing off my wares as I went, I never could have guessed the danger that was stalking me. Or who was stalking me.

Until the only thing that had ever mattered to me was threatened, and then I had to sit up and smell the roses. Torn between a ghost and a man who was strangely immune to my charms, I found myself on the run.

Trouble was, I was galloping into the danger and not away from it. I had to—instinct had taken over. She was all that mattered. I couldn’t fail. I had to face my demons and hope the guardians who’d been sent to protect me were up to the job.

* * * *

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