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Masturbation Monday - The Harlequin

Welcome to Masturbation Monday, and wow what a prompt we have this week! It reminds me of one of the spin-off stories in the SEXY AS HELL trilogy, THE HARLEQUIN. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite...

Back Cover Information for Sexy as Hell

Sexy as Hell: an erotic trilogy that will submerge you into the black heart of a world of bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

Dare to take this twisting journey with Victor and you’ll learn the ropes with him, experience every carnal sensation and fall into a dark and dangerous love that grips like a fist and binds like a collar.

Get to know Zara, his sultry teacher, and you’ll gasp when she doles out her sinful instructions but then delight in the stunning results she not only demands but achieves. It seems Heaven and Hell are not so far apart when she holds the reins.

Victor has his layers peeled back, but when he does the same to try to get to his Vixen’s core, a revelation appears. Because Zara is a woman whose vast sexual experience is both her strength and her weakness; she can inflict pain and pleasure, make lusty demands and instruct, but she needs so much more, she needs…

Yes, the time has come to for her to admit to her needs and confess to the repairing her soul hungers for. A sea of memories, a lifetime of control requires an acknowledgement that will cut through her barriers, and there’s only one man up for the job—her virgin, her student, her newly trained monster, Victor Partridge.

A little about The Harlequin -  Marti, who features in The Harlequin, is a character in book #1 of the Sexy as Hell Trilogy. Because of his unusual lifestyle, flamboyant appearance and daring act at Eden Street, Marti really deserved his own book, not least because in part he was responsible for Victor (the hero in The Novice) finding his own inner beast and releasing his animalistic passion on a very delighted Zara.

Marti shares his life with Joel, the only man who has accepted Marti for exactly who he is—a guy with male and female parts. Although they are in love, they do like to dabble in threesomes from time to time. When Marti’s snake, Rio, becomes ill, a visit to the vet gives them more than just antibiotics for the snake…

Sheldon’s flat was typical bachelor pad, all black leather, muted green curtains, and boxy furniture. There was a picture of a lion bringing down a zebra above a glowing halogen fire mounted on the wall.
Joel shut the door of the living area, took my jacket, hung it on a hook, and then stood next to me as Sheldon opened a drinks cabinet.
“Brandy?” he asked.
“Perfect,” Joel said. “But a small one for me.” He shrugged. “Driving.”
I glanced at him, and we shared a look. We both hoped that driving wouldn’t be on the agenda for a while yet.
As the clink of the decanter touching the glasses rattled around the quiet room, I walked over to the low sofa and studied the contents of what appeared to be a small, square medical trolley on wheels. Spread out on a pale blue sheet were several long, thin instruments, a tube of KY, a syringe and some cream latex gloves.
“What’s this?” I went to pick up one of the stick things.
“Please, don’t touch.” Sheldon walked quickly over, three tumblers locked in his big hands, and gestured for me to take one.
“Why not?” I asked, pressing my hand between my breasts.
“They’re sterile. Here, take a drink.”
I did as he’d asked and let the heat of the brandy flood my tongue and throat.
Joel joined us and took a sip of his. 
The warmth of his body radiated onto my bare left arm.
“What are they?” I asked.
“Sounds,” Sheldon said. “These particular ones are Van Buren’s. My favourite sort. Though I am partial to the rosebud here.”
“Sounds?” I looked at Sheldon. “What do you do with them?”
“Lots of fun things that make me feel real good, Marti.” He dropped his gaze to my tits. “Maybe you should try them.”
“I think he’d like that,” Joel said, brushing my hair over my shoulder and letting his fingers skim my neck.
A tingle went over my skin. “You know what they are?”
“Yes, I’ve seen them used before.” Joel continued to stroke my neck, lower, and lower still onto the rise of my cleavage. “They can be very sensual.”
“You ever tried it, Joel?” Sheldon asked.
“A couple of times.”
“You never told me?” I said. “About sounds.”
He shrugged and brushed his lips over mine. “I guess I just always get distracted when you’re naked. Other things come to mind.”
“And I can’t blame you, Joel.” Sheldon rested his hand on my forearm. “Marti is damn beautiful.”
“He is,” Joel said. “In every way.”
A zip of pleasure washed up my back. After years of being told I was odd, weird, and ugly by my parents and other, small-minded people, having two hot guys adore me and lavish sweet words on me was delicious.
“So what are they for?” I managed. My breath was a little short, and my heart rate had picked up.
“They’re for stimulating the prostate via the urethra,” Sheldon said. “A bit of lube and down they go. It’s pretty fucking intense.”
“It’s pretty fucking awesome from what I remember,” Joel said, taking my drink and setting it down alongside his.
I peered around Sheldon’s shoulder at the sounds. “They go down your cock?”
“Yep, that’s exactly what they do.” Sheldon ran his hand up my arm and glanced at Joel.
Joel smiled at him and gave a small nod—permission to touch me granted.
Heat filled my stomach, and my cock pressed against my zipper. Fuck. This was too good. Joel was up for sharing me as much as I wanted to be shared. Praise to the Lord.
“I want to try it now,” I said. “If it feels so bloody good.”
Sheldon twitched his eyebrows. “Really?”
“Yeah, really. Joel, can I?”
“Of course, baby, if Sheldon is happy to do the honours. I’m a little out of practice.” 
He grinned, and I knew he wanted to watch Sheldon touching me, pleasuring me. He’d confessed in the past that he found it hot that I was his to give to another person, just for a while. That he knew I always came back to him even if I’d come until I’d passed out with someone else. It was always him I needed at the end of the day.
“I’m more than happy to show Joel the delights of sounding,” Sheldon said, raising his touch to my breasts and tracing the outline of my bra through my clothes. “I was expecting to play alone this evening, but now, well, this is just perfect.”
Joel moved behind me and tugged down the zipper on my dress. It was tight and didn’t fall away so he peeled it over my head and then set it aside.
Sheldon stepped back, scanned his gaze down my body, taking in my boots, stockings, black knickers and bra, and let out a slow whistle. “Jesus, you’re something else. Like every fantasy come true, tits and a cock.” He downed his drink then placed the empty glass on a side table.
“I’m glad you approve,” I said, jabbing one hand onto my waist and jutting my hip provocatively.
“Oh, I more than approve, I’m in fucking seventh heaven seeing you like this, and soon, you’ll be in heaven, too, once I get you coming with these sounds.”
“I like the idea of that.”
Joel released my bra, and it fell to the floor. My breasts were pert, and despite being large barely dipped at all. And they still smelt deliciously of Joel’s spunk.
“You can touch them,” Joel said to Sheldon. “They’re very sensitive, though, so be gentle.”
“Of course.”
Sheldon stepped up to me as Joel circled his hands around my body and supported my breasts in his palms. I leaned into him, my back on his chest, and ran my hand over Sheldon’s short, sharp hair as he bent to suckle on my right nipple.
“Oh, yes, that’s it,” I gasped. “Like that.”
His mouth was hot and wet, and he flicked and nibbled in a way that had my nipple erect and solid in seconds.
Through his jeans, Joel pushed his hard-on into the channel of my arse cheeks. I groaned and fluttered my eyes shut, my long, fake lashes tickling the tops of my cheeks. I’d gone from being worried sick about Rio to gagging for some steamy action all within the space of a couple of hours.
“I’m going to need him on the table, lying down,” Joel said. “It’s the right height.”
“Okay.” Joel stepped away, grabbed a cushion and quilted blanket from the sofa, and went to the long wooden table standing by the curtained window.
Sheldon straightened and pressed his damp lips to mine. I slid my hands over his shoulders, pulled him closer, and peeked my tongue into his mouth. Damn, the guy tasted as good as he smelt; rich coffee and dark chocolate.
“This should make it softer.” Joel shook the blanket over the table and set the cushion as a pillow. “Come here, baby, let’s get you settled.”
I pulled back from Sheldon and stared into his eyes. They were brimming with lust and sparkling with anticipation.
“Yes, let’s get this show on the road.” Sheldon threaded his fingers with mine and led me to the table. “But do you mind leaving on your stockings and boots, they’re so fucking sexy.”
“Your wish is my command,” I said.
“Such a good sub,” Joel said, kissing my cheek and then rolling down my knickers.
My cock sprung up to my navel, hard and eager, as he stooped to take my panties over one foot and then the other.
“Mmm, I’d normally work a first-timer on a soft cock but I don’t think that’s going to happen, is it?” Sheldon said.
“Not with you two drop-dead hunks in the room, no.” I fisted my dick and gave a few tugs. “You’ve got me hard enough to hammer nails.”
Sheldon laughed. “Okay, we’ll have to make do then.” He collected the trolley and set it by the end of the table.
Joel helped me climb on with my lower legs dangling over the end. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched Joel tickle his fingers over my nipples.
Sheldon snapped a glove onto his right hand. He looked bloody lovely standing between my legs in his white coat, black shirt, trousers and that glove. I’d never been into the whole medical thing, but right now it was pressing all my buttons. I had thoughts of his latex-covered finger spearing my arse hole and groaned.
“This is a sterile wipe,” he said. “For the tip of this pretty dick of yours.”
He held my cock in his ungloved hand, his big fingers wrapping tight around my erection and holding me firm.
I let out a sigh at the sight of it and the feel of him touching me for the first time.
 Carefully, he smoothed the cool, alcohol-smelling wad of cotton over my glans.
“This is going to be so hot to watch,” Joel said, pressing a kiss to my temple. “I’m as fucking hard as you are, baby.”

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