Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog, here's a few from my brand new HOT ICE novel RUSSIAN HEAT!

Tara disappeared through the curtain, heading for a discreet, small door between first and standard that led to a cramped but adequate space for lying down and grabbing some sleep. 
I turned to the window. The clouds had dispersed and the outline of Greenland was visible with startling clarity even though twilight was spreading fingers of orange red, and yellow over the horizon. Dragging in another deep breath, I stared at the ice crystals forming on the outside of the window. 
There was a noise behind me—the swish of the curtain and footsteps. 
I froze.
I could smell him again. His aftershave.
I spun around.
Vadmir was standing in the galley. His enormous shoulders almost spanning the gap between the stainless steel walls. 
“You’re not allowed back here,” I said, folding my arms and frowning. “The cockpit is just there and this is for staff only.” 
“I wanted to see you.” He tipped his head and raised his eyebrows. “Alone.”
He took a step toward me, hemming me into the tiny space at the end of the galley.
I took a step backward and felt the rim of the window press against my shoulders. “You can’’s against the rules.”
He came closer still, pressed his palm against the fuselage wall by my right ear and leaned down until our faces were close. “The thing is, Sammy, I’m famous for many things and one of them is breaking rules.” He gave a sinful grin. “But I thought you would have guessed that by now.”
“Vadmir,” I said, gulping in a breath. He used up all the space in the confined area, and it seemed all of the oxygen, too. “Please, I’m at work.” 
The evening light, seeping through the window, cast his face in shadow and beneath the rim of his hat his eyes had darkened to the color of the deepest part of the ocean. 
“Yeah,” he said, “I can see that and I like it.” He reached out and touched the outer side of his index finger to my cheek, stroked from my ear to my chin and back again. “I like it a lot.” 
His gentle caress sent a whole load of white-hot sensations bursting through my system. I gripped the preparation surface to my right for stability. My knees were shaky. 
“Sweet little sexy uniform,” he murmured, darting out his tongue and licking his lips. “It’s got me having all kinds of dirty thoughts about you while I’ve been sitting there, watching you, wondering...remembering.” 
“You shouldn’t be thinking that way,” I said as an insistent ache settled in my pelvis. He’d been having dirty thoughts about me. Remembering our time together. Well, yes, this was a sex-god hockey player I was dealing with, he was hardly reciting poetry in his head. “And you shouldn’t be watching me, either,” I managed. 
“What else is there for me to do?” he whispered, “But think about what’s beneath that damn tight skirt of yours and how willing you were to share it with me last night. Damn, we had fun, didn’t we?”
My heart stuttered. I couldn’t deny the fun part, but then he hadn’t said it as a question. He knew full well I’d had fun. “There’s plenty to do a movie, read, listen to music. I don’t know, think of something.” I glanced around him at the cockpit door. It was thankfully still shut. “What happened last night between us is over. It was just sex, nothing more. I thought you understood that.”
He moved his hand from my face to my waist and tugged me close, until my breasts pushed up against his chest and my legs touched his.
I clenched my fist against his shoulder in an attempt to keep him at a semi-safe distance but it was no good, his grip was firm, and beneath the material of his top he was as solid as I remembered. His possessive hold was also as pussy-dampening as my memories served me. 
“Just sex,” he whispered hotly against my cheek. “Yeah, it was just sex, but fuck me it was intense. You can’t deny that, Sammy.” He slipped his hand to the top curve of my butt and squeezed me closer still. “Intense for me and you.” 
A long hard wedge of flesh that I’d become acquainted with the night before lodged against my stomach. 
“I’m not denying it,” I gasped. “It was intense, yes, but it was just one night.” 
He touched his lips to my ear. His breaths were loud and warm and trickled over my scalp and down my neck. “One perfect night of ecstasy.” 
I shut my eyes and recalled the sound of him coming, of us coming together. For a moment I was back there, in the hotel room. We were hot, naked and writhing on the bed, as he’d just said, in ecstasy. I could still feel his thickly muscled arms and legs wrapped around me as his athletically-honed body drove us both to exquisite release. Fuck, his arms were around me now.
“Russian boy,” I whispered, releasing my grip on the counter and clinging to his biceps. 
I tipped back my head and breathed in his scent. I brushed my lips against his jawline, the stubble there was abrasive and sensual, and I allowed my weight to press against him. 
He was right. It had been perfect. We’d been so in tune, so well matched in the bedroom. Almost like we’d rehearsed everything even though we’d never met before. 
He let out a small moan as his cock ground against me through our clothes. 
Lust was pouring through my veins now. I could make out the girth and density of him. My chest was tight and my pussy trembling. I was sure there’d be a small damp patch on my knickers. Damn, as if I hadn’t got enough last night and here I was hungry for more. 
A sudden sharp click rattled around the galley. 
The cockpit door.
I opened my eyes and shoved at him. “Move!” 

"One night stands should be exactly that, one wild night. Somebody should tell the sexy Russian."

I love working for an airline and traveling the world—it’s everything I’d ever hoped and more. I work hard and play hard and if I can have some sexy time with a hot guy, why not? I’m a free agent.

When my one-night stand is a hunk of a hockey player with a smooth Russian accent and an even smoother way of sweet talking me into his bed, not once but several times over, things definitely get complicated for my heart. I have no intention of having it broken again.

But will he be able to make it up to me? Has he even returned from his homeland? And what the hell is going to happen when engine failure makes my life flash before my eyes? Only one way to find out, and that’s to hang on for the ride.

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