Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog! Here's a smooch from my hot new BDSM story AT HER HUSBAND'S COMMAND.

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In their cottage in the country, thirty-two-year-old submissive Melody and her dominant husband Ivor have the freedom to enjoy intimate gatherings with friends who share their particular interests. But when a new—and very beautiful—young woman makes her first appearance at one of their parties, Melody cannot help growing envious of the attention she receives.

As soon as Ivor learns of his wife’s reaction to this new woman’s presence, he makes it very clear to Melody that their bond is stronger than ever and there will never be room for anyone but her in his heart. But when she persists in letting her unfounded jealousy get the better of her, will Ivor follow through with his promise of a long, hard, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking?

Carefully he pulled her top up and over her breasts, slipped her arms from the thin straps and lifted it over her head. But he didn’t remove it completely. He left the neckline around her brow and the material fanning over her hair and onto the pillow.
“That reminds me of your veil,” he said, studying her.
“And that pleases you?”
“Very much.” He leaned in for a kiss. A long, seductive kiss that calmed her and reminded her of how much she loved him, not just for the awesome sex but for the kind, generous, and strong man that he was.
Eventually he lifted up. He gripped his cock and gave it a couple of firm strokes. “Do you remember what you said when you saw my cock that first time?”
She nodded. “Yes, Sir.”
“What was it?”
“That I didn’t think it would fit.” She gave a slightly embarrassed giggle as she recalled her naivety. “That was silly of me.”
He raised his eyebrows. “And does it feel like a silly thought now?”
Her giggle faded and she swallowed a bolt of nervousness. “No, Sir. It doesn’t.”
“But I will make it fit,” he said, sliding closer to her. “And I will make it good for you.” He caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples. “Do you trust me to?”
“Always, I always trust you. You’re my master.”
“No, don’t call me master, not now. I want to be Ivor, your new groom, the way I was that night.”
“Yes... Ivor, of course.”
He smiled as he took her nipple into his mouth. He sucked and teased, using his teeth to create small nips of pain that had Melody groaning and arching her back.
He pulled at her skirt, bunching it upwards around her waist. “I remember how you blushed,” he said, looking into her eyes. “When I did this for the first time.”
“Did what, Sir... Ivor?”
“This, my little virgin.” He shuffled lower, pushed her legs wide, then settled himself between her thighs.
Melody ran her hands into his hair and closed her eyes. She could indeed remember her embarrassment that first night when he’d kissed her there, brought her to the brink of orgasm with his tongue. She’d never imagined what it would be like to have a man’s face pressed against her pussy, hadn’t thought it would be part of their wedding night, but it had been, and it had been amazing.
Ivor stroked his tongue over her wet labia, then applied pressure to her clit.
Melody whimpered and tensed her stomach muscles. The plug in her arse shifted slightly, creating a thicker, fuller feeling deep inside of her.
He began to stroke her clit, building up the pressure. She needed to come so badly but wouldn’t unless he gave her permission to.
She was aware of him probing her pussy entrance then sliding a finger inside. It didn’t feel any different with the plug in, and his way was eased by her moisture.
“Oh, please, Ivor, more. I want to come.”
He lifted up and hovered over her. “You will... soon.”

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