Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Rookie Rules - Bonus Short Story

If you grab yourself a copy of my brand new HOT ICE novel RUSSIAN HEAT  you'll find a bonus short story at the end to wrap up Jackson and Melody's sexy one night stand.

Rookie Rules - back cover information

New hot-shot Viper player, Jackson Price, gave me one hell of a night to remember. He could play a woman's body the way he controlled a puck-with skill, precision and only one thing in mind, hitting that spot.

I thought that was it, once I'd peeled myself from the ceiling, that we'd never see each other again. But when my best friend announced she was marrying Jackson's best friend, and I was to be bridesmaid, I knew our paths would cross again.

Or would they? Perhaps I could spend the day avoiding him, resist his lingering gaze, sneak away before he stole my heart and soul...again. Hey, who am I kidding? He's not a top athlete because he gives up, and it seems, he has every intention of taking another shot, at me.


It wasn’t because I was worried the wedding wouldn’t go to plan. Or that Samantha and hot-shot defenseman for the Orlando Vipers, Vadmir Arefyev, wouldn’t be eternally happy together, they would be, they were a perfect match. No, it was because he would be there, standing at the head of the altar right next to the groom. He’d be all big and gorgeous in an Armani suit that Darya and I had collected the week before. I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope with seeing him after all this time. Awkward just wasn’t a big enough word. Soul-achingly cringeworthy went somewhere near it.
It had been over three months since I’d captured the eye of Jackson Price, rookie goaltender for the Vipers. He’d given me a seductive smile and then made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’d felt bad ditching Samantha, for a nanosecond, and then I’d had one of the best nights of my life.
Jackson had taken me back to his place and without delay we’d got straight down to business. We both knew what we wanted and boy, did we take it. He’d been like a stallion all night, endless stamina and a body that was made for being licked all over. And lick I had, and sucked and kissed and anything else he’d let me do, which as it turned out, was whatever I wanted.
My cheeks heated at the memory as the piped organ music pulled me into the moment. Faces were turning our way accompanied by gasps and oh’s of delight. Everyone was as wowed as me by Samantha’s bridal beauty.
The aisle was long and a flutter of petals, newly settling from behind Samantha’s voluminous dress, floated around my high heels as I moved. I stared at the back of the bride’s head, studying the intricate lace on her veil. Then I looked at the petals, at my bouquet. I looked everywhere except straight ahead. The groom and his best man were not my concern. I was only interested in Samantha, she was my responsibility.
Eventually the aisle ran out and Samantha turned to Darya and handed over her flowers.
Still I stared straight ahead. A fat church candle, the flame shivering in a draft, held my attention.
“Harmony,” Samantha said, a slight frown creasing her brow.
“Yes,” I said, a smile automatically forming on my lips.
Must not look to the right.
He was there. I could see his massive outline and sense his overwhelming presence. I stepped forward and carefully, still holding my flowers, lifted Samantha’s veil over her head. Cautiously, as though it was the most important job in the world, I then smoothed it flat and neat so that it hung just tickling her tanned shoulders. My hands were trembling but I hoped anyone who noticed would put it down to the nerves of my vital veil job and not Jackson’s proximity.
I started to turn away, but like a magnet my eyes were drawn to him.
He was staring straight at me. Eyes darker than sin and a mouth that was made for kissing…and more.
My stomach rolled and my heart sped up. For a split second it was like we were the only people in the church. Everyone else faded into the background.
Jackson Price was as gorgeous and as dangerous as I remembered him to be. His black hair was freshly cut, and his mouth held a cocky half-grin. How could he look so chilled, so unruffled when I felt as though my skin was on fire and my nerves were jangling?
He dropped his gaze down my body and one side of his mouth curled a little more.
Oh fuck!
Was he remembering me naked? Naked and on my hands and knees with him driving into me, fucking me hard and fast? Or was he thinking about how he’d wrapped my legs around his shoulders and feasted on my pussy until I’d cried out with the exhaustion of multiple orgasms.
“We are gathered here today…”


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