Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sexy Rising ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS164

Welcome to MY SEXY SATURDAY. This week a snippet from my new paranormal novel TAKE ME.

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Megan’s weekend just took a dangerous, sexy turn…

What's not to love about a girl’s weekend in Dublin? Megan Sanders loves being out on the town and out on the pull with her mates, but unfortunately, she’s attracted the attentions of a man with downright murderous intentions.

Seth Martin knows vampire Samuel Bennington is evil, and only his pack of elite wolf shifters can protect Megan. That is, if they can convince her that she needs their help.

Soon Megan finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of fear and lust. She's being hunted for her blood, yes, but she's also crazy about the guy who has sworn to protect her. But which man will win? Will her blood sate Bennington's hunger, or will Seth remind her why it's good to be alive, and give her pleasure beyond anything she's known before?

“Need soaping up?” he asked, joining her and holding a small bottle of shampoo aloft.
“I think I just might.” She allowed the water to soak through her hair and turned her back to him.
He was close behind her, the tip of his cock grazing her skin. He slid his hands into her hair. Soon, the aroma of coconut and vanilla filled her nostrils as he tenderly and carefully worked the shampoo into a lather.
She sighed. It was heavenly. Her body relaxed and she leaned back against him.
Stroking her hair and rubbing her scalp, he began to let the water soak away the suds.
“That feels good,” she murmured.
“You feel good, next to me.” He slipped one hand around her body and held her tighter.
“Here.” She reached for a shower gel that sat on a small shelf. “I’m feeling dirty.”
He chuckled and held his hand out, palm up. “Perhaps I want to keep you dirty.”
She squirted a blob of the creamy liquid into his palm. “Maybe you should just finish what you started.”
He kissed her wet head. “Happy to oblige.”
Again she relaxed onto him as he used both hands to spread the gel over her body. He massaged her breasts, tweaked her nipples and smoothed it over her waist.
The water was bliss, his touch even more so. And his cock, so hard and thick, strained against the small of her back.
She had a sudden urge.
She turned within his arms, her soapy body sliding easily against his.
He looked mildly surprised. “What’s up, baby?”
“Nothing...well actually something is.” She took hold of his shaft. “Very up.”
“Ahh...yeah, that’s true.”
She grinned and gave his cock a few firm strokes. “Nice,” he said, his eyelids drooping.
“If you like that, you’ll like this a whole lot more.” She sank to her knees, folding them beneath herself.
“Baby.” His mouth hung slightly open, and he slotted his fingers into her hair.

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