Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sexy in History ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS162

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. I love a couple with history and non more so when it's a dark, secretive history fuelled by passion. Here's a few from new erotic suspense STOCKHOLM SURRENDER.

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My soul was in turmoil. Ty Winters had not only kidnapped me in Oz, my heartstoppingly gorgeous surfer had also stoked my darkest desires, bringing all my fantasies to the surface. So Oxford wasn’t going well. Until, that is, he crept from the shadows—desperate, sexy, dangerous and wanting a piece of me, literally! 

He teased me with a taste of his carnal skills, leaving me burning with frustration then forced to stand by as he fought for his beliefs using my lust-addled body as his most powerful weapon. 

Oh, my kidnapper knew how to get what he wanted, giving me just what I needed, while hiding our relationship from the British foreign minister and police. Because sometimes two people are meant to be, even in the most unconventional circumstances and twisted situations. We could fight the world, but we couldn’t fight our passion. 

*please note, Stockholm Surrender was previously published with different cover art, the content remains the same*

“Ty, please.” I was frantic. Beads of sweat popped on my body, my whole pussy trembled and my engorged clit was throbbing. “Now, make me come now, I need it.”
“You know what I need?”
“Yes, yes, and I’ll give it to you. I’ll give you everything you need, right here, right now.”
He groaned and slipped his fingers from me. I suddenly felt hollow and empty. “No,” he said firmly. “You can’t give me what I want, not here.”
I refocused and looked into his face. “I can, please, untie me. I want to hold you, I want you in me.”
His voice lowered to a murmur. “And I want to bury my dick in your sweet pussy and feel you climax around me, cry out and writhe beneath me more than anything, I want it so bad, but...”
“But I want you to help me get James out first.” He stood straight and I couldn’t help but notice the strain of his erection against his jeans.
“I will, you know I will.”
“No, Penny, I’ll finish what I just started when I see some progress. When your father takes an interest in the case, a keen interest.”
I dropped my mouth open. “You cannot be serious.”
“I’m deadly serious. You need to buck up your act. Start using some of your powers as a foreign minister’s daughter to get this sorted.”
“But, but I thought...” My eyes began to fill with tears. I was being used. I felt sick.
He reached for my face. “Make no mistake about the depth of my need for you, baby, but I just can’t indulge in this hot but weird thing we’re doing while James is incarcerated. At least not while there’s no hope or progress.” He stroked his thumb beneath my lid and caught a drip of moisture. “Don’t cry. You know I hate it when you cry.”

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  1. Wonderful snippet, Lily! Thanks for sharing...