Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWrWa #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week a snippet from Stockholm Surrender, a story about kidnap, lust and forbidden love.

Shit. Why hadn’t I screamed a few minutes ago when I’d had the chance? He was crazy. A madman. I should have known. Oh, why had I been having all these delusional fantasies about him coming back for me? I was a fool, a hopeless, romantic, sex-starved fool and now I was going to die for it.
A whimper of fear escaped my lips.
“Penny,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you. I just need a lock of your hair.”
My eyes were filling. “ hair?”
“Yes, if I was a real bad guy I would take a finger or a toe to send to your father, but a lock of hair will do.” He clenched his jaw and raised the knife. “Now keep the hell still.”

You can read the prologue to Stockholm Surrender, Stockholm Seduction for FREE. By popular reader request I wrote the full length novel to tell the rest of Penny and Ty's epic journey, titled Stockholm Surrender (because of Stockholm Syndrome and becoming infatuated with your hostage taker) and it's a clean sweep of 5* reviews on Amazon.

Here is the blurb...

My soul was in turmoil. Ty Winters had not only kidnapped me in Oz, my heartstoppingly gorgeous surfer had also stoked my darkest desires, bringing all my fantasies to the surface.
So Oxford wasn’t going well. Until, that is, he creeped from the shadows—desperate, sexy, dangerous and wanting a piece of me, literally!
He teased me with a taste of his carnal skills, leaving me burning with frustration then forced to stand by as he fought for his beliefs using my lust-addled body as his most powerful weapon.
Oh, my kidnapper knew just how to get what he wanted, giving me just what I needed, while hiding our relationship from the British foreign minister and police. Because sometimes two people are meant to be, even in the most unconventional circumstances and twisted situations. We could fight the world, but we couldn’t fight our passion.


  1. Such an interesting excerpt. I love this idea.

    1. Thanks Elaine, the dynamics between these two were really interesting to play around with :-)

  2. Lovely excerpt. You really get a feel for both the tension of the situation and the alluring pull between the characters.

  3. Such different feelings rolling off each of them. Very intriguing.

  4. Wow, the premise is sizzling and the excerpt was riveting - quite a combination!

  5. So tense! And not all in the bad way, LOL. Great job.

  6. Phew, that's a relief. The poor girl is scared out of her wits! Well written.