Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday #SneakPeakSunday

Thanks for visiting my home on the world wide web. Sneak Peek's are always tempting fun and today is an enticing snippet from my erotic novella Dangerous to Know. There is nothing romantic about this book, it's about whore fantasy and the lengths one woman will go to in order to make her seedy cravings reality. Before you read any further you should be reminded that this book is on the extreme end of my erotic writing and is strictly for 18+

“You really want to be a whore?” he asked. His breath was hot and reeked of tobacco. “My whore?”
Both relief and excitement tumbled in my groin. He was going to play my game, thank God. I nodded up at him and he leaned against me, his chest just touching my excited nipples and his steely cock pressing into my hipbone. He was slightly out of breath—from our fast walk or sexual excitement?
Sliding his hands up and over the balls of my shoulders, he pressed and urged me down onto my knees. I sank obediently. I wasn’t proud of the huge glut of pleasure that surged through me at being forced into position to suck a stranger’s cock for money, but I couldn’t deny it. It was alive, real, a part of me. It was one of the most erotic things I’d ever done.
As my bare knees adjusted to the gritty, dirty pavement, he unzipped his pants, revealing snug red boxer briefs.
“I like it good and firm,” he said. “No teeth and make sure you swallow.” He pulled out his cock and jerked it forward. It was thick and wide, the domed head deeply colored and the shaft twisted with heavy, bulging veins.
My greedy mouth watered to taste him. I could smell him, musty, not fresh from the shower like my boyfriends had been when I’d sucked them off. No, he was raw male, meaty, overdosed on pheromones, and his cock had been nestled in those briefs all day. It was what I wanted—a whore didn’t deserve fresh dick. Sweaty, unconcerned cock was what whores were used to.

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