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Her Master's Collar by Sara Brookes +Contest!

Please welcome fellow Ellora's Cave author Sara Brookes to my blog today, take it away Sara...

Thanks Lily,

Her Master’s Collar is the first time I’ve tackled the May/December trope. Surprising when I consider the fact I’ve always liked older men. Even my husband is older than I am. Liking older men wasn’t something I actually became aware of until I’d gotten a little older (and maybe wiser? *g*). 

So when a friend proposed the idea of an older man/younger woman story – Roland Asher & Korene Braddock were conceived. Writing their relationship was harder than I expected. Mostly because Korene had years of built up animosity toward Roland. When your former Master just up and leaves without much of an explanation, the anger is warranted. Yet, she needed his help. Hiring him wasn’t easy for her, but she knew it was something that needed to be done in order to get the job completed efficiently and quickly. 

But the job isn’t all unicorns and rainbows for Roland either. He knows he screwed up by flatly avoiding Korene for the past ten years. He just didn’t expect his reaction to her to be just as powerful as it had once been.  Hey, a 43 year old man still has needs. 

Lots of them.


“You look well, Roland.”
He resigned himself to the inevitable. The years he’d spent doing his best to avoid her had finally ended. He pushed out of the chair, turning to the owner of the voice that slid through him as though he was surrounded by the fresh, sweet air on his mountain. The first glimpse of her stole his breath, reminding him of those initial adrenaline filled moments of a spacejump.
Her impeccably pressed navy suit had been tailored to fit her as if it were a second skin. The suit gave her a commanding air, signaling in this room that she was all tough business and headstrong authority. If he didn’t know her better, as intimately as he did, he’d be intimidated despite their eleven year age difference. 
Even though ten years had passed, she looked exactly the same. Perhaps even better. Damn. She had no right to look so gorgeous. So youthful and full of vigor.
So absofuckinglutely perfect.
She looked much the same as the last time he’d seen her, only more refined and ethereal. Reddish blonde hair framed her heart-shaped face before falling to her slender waist. Her light brown eyes drew him in, just as they’d always done, and made him yearn for a different time. His gaze fell on the small cleft in her chin he’d once loved to settle his thumb in while he spent hours kissing her. No, not kissing—worshipping. A pang tightened his gut as he remembered he’d once locked their bedroom door for an entire weekend. She’d spent most of those hours restrained in some fashion while he’d done his best to make her beg. Loudly. The sexually charged image of her coming undone against his tongue forced him to shake off the reflection of a past he’d rather forget.
“Being in charge suits you, Korene. It’s good to see you again.” Before she could say anything, he pushed on, determined to keep this meeting all about business. “Our contract requires your company to supply me with anything I need within reason. I don’t consider any of my requests to be extraordinary by any means. If you feel differently, maybe we should reconsider this partnership.”
Her head tilted as a familiar smile bowed those luscious lips she’d painted a neutral shade of pink. “Parkin may be an ass, but he will do as ordered. You’ll have your supplies and any other pertinent information you desire.”


The last thing Korene needs in her life is a former Master who abandoned her ten years ago. But when her employees are taken hostage on Mars, she’s forced to work with Roland whether she likes it or not. Sparks fly the moment the perfectly chiseled man saunters into her conference room; a sign their incredible chemistry is still just as potent.
Roland has a job to do, but he struggles with his unrelenting desire for the only woman he ever loved. Seeing the strong-willed Korene on her knees again is enough to shatter Roland’s willpower. And give him a raging hard-on.
Their distracting lust could flame out of control if they aren’t careful.

Warning: Fire up your thrusters to embark on a secret mission with a snarky submissive who knows the meaning of courtesy and her smoking hot former Marine Dom who isn’t afraid to wait one more day. The sexual chemistry between these two is so sinfully hot, it’ll melt the plastishield of your spacesuit helmet. Houston, we have a problem.

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Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter. The entire family is owned by two cats, Galahad and Loki, who graciously allow the family to cater to their every desire.

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