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Hot Ice Series Reviewed

Recently my Hot Ice series had been reviewed by Erotica For All. The reviews have been very favourable indeed - yes, I'm grinning - so I thought I'd share them here and pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly.

Hired Review

Hired is book one in the Hot Ice series by Lily Harlem, and let’s just say that as soon as I finished this one I immediately pulled the next one up on my Kindle!

It tells the story of Brooke Ambrose, a woman who is given an opportunity to earn one hundred thousand dollars just for spending a week on a paradise island with a famous hockey player. She’s reluctant at first, but when she thinks that she can use the money to get her through nursing school and launch her career, she decides to go for it. She’s not expected to talk to him if she doesn’t want to, or spend time with him. She’s just supposed to be there to make sure he doesn’t go off the rails. An easy job for plenty of money.

However, Logan Taylor isn’t just a hockey player – he’s also a gorgeous bad boy, and although he and Brooke don’t hit it off to start with, the ice between them eventually breaks. After they come to a truce, things quickly heat up between them and Brooke is left with her head in a mess. She wants Logan, but she’s a girl with morals and struggles with the reason she was on the island in the first place, and she must keep the secret, even if it will cost her her future.

Hired is a real page turner. We quickly get to know the female lead, who’s a nice girl just looking to get ahead in life. Very soon, Logan appears and the book begins to sizzle and steam. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that this is an erotic romance with a fascinating plot, plenty of twists and turns and some smokin’ hot sex. I’d definitely recommend this to fans of erotic romance – you don’t have to like sport, either, as the hockey element isn’t too overbearing.

Cross-Checked is the second book in the Hot Ice series. I started this one immediately after finishing book one, as I was already hooked. This book deals with Brick, another of the Orlando Vipers hockey team and Carly, an Olympic athlete. They meet as they’re volunteering for some charity work, and we quickly learn that Carly has had a crush on Brick for some time. She’s surprised to learn that he knows who she is, and that he’s interested in her.

Resisting his charms, Carly’s determined to keep him at arm’s length until she’s sure he’s not just after a quick fling. However, it’s not easy to keep Brick away, he’s sexy and persistent, and before long the two of them have given into their passions. What follows is a really fun romp with some kink, some laughs (of the good kind!), and a healthy dollop of romance. I was totally engaged with this novel from beginning to end, I just couldn’t stop reading. I loved the characters, their chemistry and their adventures, and as with the last book, this one made me immediately want to read the next one.

Overall, another brilliantly written erotic romance from Lily Harlem, one that I can heartily recommended.

Slap Shot is book three in Lily Harlem’s Hot Ice series. This time, we’re told the story of Rick “Ramrod” Lewis and event planner, Dana Wilcox. They meet at an event and are immediately drawn to one another. Unfortunately for Ramrod, Dana’s troubled past has made her swear off men for several years. He manages to talk her into a quickie – but then she runs away and refuses to speak to him again. However, the determined captain of the hockey team won’t let her brush off what happened between them, not without a damn good reason.

Dana doesn’t want to divulge her reasons – she’s worked incredibly hard to escape her past, and doesn’t particularly want to revisit it. However, Ramrod has wormed his way into her affections and persuades her to give him a chance. As is often the case, things don’t run smoothly, and the couple are subjected to more than one troubling issue before they’re allowed their happy ending.

This has been my favourite book of the series so far. I really like the character Rick/Ramrod, and the novel’s storyline. It’s intriguing, action-packed, erotic and romantic. I’m really looking forward to moving onto the next book in this excellent series.

Teamwork Review

Teamwork is book four in the Hot Ice series, and my favourite so far. It tells the story of Welsh nurse Fiona, who ends up treating hockey player Raven for injuries he got while playing. She knows nothing about the sport, but does know that Raven is possibly the surliest patient she’s ever had. The only saving grace is that his friend and teammate, Todd is sexy and much more pleasant. So pleasant, in fact, that he arranges for Fiona to go and work in Orlando for a few weeks in order to get Raven back to peak fitness. She jumps at the chance, especially since there’s a conference in Miami that she never thought she’d be able to get to. But because Orlando is much closer to Miami than Wales, she’s really getting a good deal.

Once in Orlando, Fiona’s delighted to go out on a date with Todd, and would be even more delighted to jump into bed with him. However, when Raven confuses matters by kissing her until her head spins, she wonders how she can possibly be attracted to both men, especially when they’re so different.

However, it soon becomes apparent that Raven and Todd work as efficiently off the ice as on, and when they set their minds to taking her to bed – at the same time, who is she to resist?

I gobbled Teamwork up in just a few very satisfying bites. I loved the change in setting at the beginning, and how the action was so seamless. The polar opposites of the two men really kept me interested, and when they got what they wanted – well, wow! These are amongst some of the hottest ménage scenes I’ve ever read – phew! I very much enjoyed the twists and turns and didn’t see them coming – my very favourite kind of book. I’m really looking forward to next instalment in this series. Hot stuff, Lily Harlem!

Wow, that's sure made me happy dance! Such kind words and it's thrilling to know that the stories and characters I had in my head worked so well when I put them down on the page.

Keep an eye out for High-Sticked, coming soon (m/m), and just so you know, I'm getting my head down on the 6th book right now which will be a return to m/f.

Thanks for reading.

Lily x

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